Sweatshirt bandit holds up Broadway bank — UPDATE

Seattle Police filled the streets around the 200 block of Broadway Wednesday afternoon after a reported hold-up at the nearby Bank of America.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police were looking for a suspect last seen leaving the bank headed north on Broadway described only as a white male in his late 60s, wearing a white Nike hat, and, despite temperatures above 90F, a grey sweatshirt, and unknown color pants at the time of the robbery.

The suspect reportedly handed over a note demanding money before fleeing the bank just before 4:30 PM. We do no know how much if any cash he made off with.

Police were continuing to search the area but there were no immediate arrests.

All details in this report are preliminary and have not yet been confirmed with SPD.

UPDATE: Police say one witness say the suspect is homeless and has been seen panhandling near the Convention Center. Police say the suspect made off with around $500 in the heist.

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