No injuries but large police response after gunfire at 21st and Union

Thanks to Aubin Spitzer for the pictures from the scene (Image: Aubin Spitzer — Sparks Film Studios)

Another bout of gunfire left shell casings and bullet holes Wednesday night near 21st and Union.

There were no reported injuries and damage reports were limited to vehicles parked in the area in the incident first reported to police just after 8 PM Wednesday. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, callers reported around 10 shots along with two vehicles possibly involved in the incident and a possibly involved male fleeing the area on foot. Police describe the incident as shots fired from a moving vehicle.

Police closed the street in the area as officers looked for shell casings in the gutter, on sidewalks, and in the parking lot near the corner’s busy taco truck as customers and neighbors looked on. Police were also seen knocking on doors of residences in the area. The Seattle gang unit was called to the scene.

Wednesday night’s gun play comes in the wake of a shooting only a few blocks away near 15th and Union on Labor Day afternoon when a bystander at a bus stop was hit in the leg in the crossfire of a gang-related shootout.

The gunfire incidents are part of a wave of continued gun violence in the area that spiked in August in a string of shootings and drivebys. Police officials have said the violence stems from a resurgence in personal disputes and tensions between gangs in the Central District and South Seattle.


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13 thoughts on “No injuries but large police response after gunfire at 21st and Union

      • Gentrification: “The process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.” Although not stated implicitly, this process includes the displacement of those who must not be middle-class. NIMBYism isn’t about solving problems, it’s about pushing problems out of view. Nothing in HG’s remarks indicates any desire to engage with the community. Again, that’s what’s wrong with gentrification.

    • Explain to me how, Sluggo? You could so-called “gentrify” this entire neighborhood or any neighborhood and it wouldn’t stop anyone from South Seattle or Rainier Valley or Burien or Renton, or Federal Way, or anywhere, from driving around this (or any) neighborhood, shooting at each other. Gentrification won’t rid any neighborhood of drive-bys. Capitol Hill is about as gentried as you can get and it still happens there all the time.

    • Normally I kinda hate new development, but I gotta say:

      touché my friend.

      Nobody needs to worry though, surely these black youth are properly and safely storing their firearms as required by the City Council and Mayor Durkin. And we have Garfield ball players taking a knee, so that should immediately put a halt to black on black violence.

  1. There is something seriously wrong when people think that gang violence should be an acceptable feature of a neighborhood because it keeps housing prices down…

    and yeah.. when was the last time Capitol Hill had an actual drive by… (2015?) there has been gun violence (mostly centered around the QFC), true, but nothing like what we’ve been seeing around here recently. This is what – the 5th or 6th incident in a few weeks.

  2. This is already kind of a product of gentrification. The drug dealers have moved from 23rd to 21st due to them building the huge apartment complexes there. Now you seem them parked all the time in front of the union market and abandoned shell station. They really need to do something with that Shell station or it’s going to get 10 times worse once they tear down the post office/liquor store/earls on the corner of 23rd and Union.

    • Um, as someone who lives on 21st right by Union Market and the old gas station I can tell you that it is NOT an active drug dealing scene. When I moved there a decade ago, yes, I saw drug deals outside all the time, ritght out in the open. Today? No. This isn’t about drugs anyhow, this is about gang violence – retaliation, responses to individuals being released from prison, personal vendettas, getting “even”. Now, if we could get the “Spare Change” guy with the Bud Ice to stop hanging out around there, I wouldn’t complain. But he’s not out doing drivebys.