How would you redesign the Neighbours Alley?

The alley between Broadway and Harvard Ave — the Neighbours Alley

As Capitol Hill becomes an even more crowded and busy place, the neighborhood is finding ways to put more of its space to use.

The alley connecting Pike to Pine just west of Broadway is set for a transformation hoped to enhance the neighborhood and surrounding streets. Tuesday night, you can help start work on redesigning the Neighbours Alley:

Neighbours Alley Workshop


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The process to create “a new design and activation strategy” for the alley will begin in with the workshop to begin shaping the plan. Led by the Capitol Hill Eco District and its parent Capitol Hill Housing, the effort is being funded by a portion of $1.2 million in City of Seattle funding awarded earlier this year. The funding will be used to support a design consultant and the community design process.

“Capitol Hill Housing is working together with local business and property owners, and the broader community to develop a vision alley running from E Pike Street to E Pine Street between Broadway and Harvard Ave,” organizers write. “We would like your input on what elements you think are key to transforming the alley into a space that is memorable and inviting.”

“The alley could be a great public space with a bit of love,” Joel Sisolak of the Capitol Hill Eco District said earlier this year.

If you cannot make Tuesday night’s workshop, you can also provide feedback here via the Neighbours Alley Design Survey.

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16 thoughts on “How would you redesign the Neighbours Alley?

  1. This is a very interesting effort and I’m excited to see where this goes. However, the survey is way too long. Survey fatigue is a real thing! I’ve spent 10-15 minutes on the survey already and I still have 10 questions left.

  2. Alley ways in Europe are vibrate little places for hole in the wall shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. Not stinking, rat infested dumps.
    We need to redesign how trash is picked up in U.S. cities (should be every day, using smaller trash trucks, then the cans will be smaller, taking up less room in separate locations). This will free up more spaces for alternative uses, where people can gather for more social activity.

    • Your vision sounds nice, but is not realistic. The businesses along that alley, except for Neighbors, have their entrances on Broadway, so there is no way to create new little businesses which would front on the alley. Also, do you really think people would gather in an alley for “social activity”?

    • I would have thought that the businesses did have their garbage picked up every day. Certainly when I lived behind a couple of restaurants elsewhere on Capitol Hill, I was woken up early each morning by the garbage truck backing up to pick up their garbage.

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