Fight with woman tearing apart store brings big police response to Broadway

A struggle with a woman suffering a possible mental crisis brought a massive police response and left a Broadway store trashed Tuesday night in the heart of the Capitol Hill business strip.

According to East Precinct radio, police were called to the 500 block of Broadway E around 7:45 PM Tuesday as callers reported a woman running and assaulting a man on the street.

The first officer arrived to find the woman stripped of her clothing and tearing apart the shelves of the block’s GNC nutrition and vitamin store. The officer reported she was in a fight with the woman and a “help the officer” call went out to precincts across the city sending a rush of multiple police and emergency vehicles to the scene.

The woman was subdued by police and continued to struggle after she was in custody. Seattle Fire was called to the scene to assist police with the possible “excited delirium” incident.

The woman was reported to be alert and conscious and was transported to Harborview for treatment. There were no significant injuries reported by responding officers.


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8 thoughts on “Fight with woman tearing apart store brings big police response to Broadway

  1. Who amongst us hasn’t ripped off their clothes and trashed a retail outlet?

    I’m sure one of the fine, progressive citizens of Seattle will take this troubled soul into their home to help rehabilitate her after such a terrible incident.

    • Well, in your fever-dream, right-wing police state, maybe she should’ve been shot on sight? Or is that reserved for minorities?

  2. Vivace closes for the evening for their annual holiday party and this is what happens right across the street—a caffeine withdrawal-fueled freak out.