‘Erotic memoir’ writer hopes for silver lining after brass handcuff jewelry ripped off in 15th Ave E burglary

A scene from @arielmstallings Instagram story on the incident

East Precinct cops haven’t tracked down the bad guys yet but they might have a better idea of what to give their loved ones for Valentine’s Day this year.

A weekend break-in at a 15th Ave E coworking space left the office ransacked and the burglar enriched with laptops, tablets, checkbooks, and, the author and artist behind the project tells CHS, about 80 pieces of jewelry being prepared for shipping.

The break-in at The Office above Ada’s Technical Books included several pieces of unique jewelry created to accompany a new book, Pros before Bros, an “erotic memoir” and “true story about sex work and grabbing your own healing by the balls” by Seattle writer Ariel Meadow Stallings.

Stallings tipped CHS off to the frustrating heist but said there might be a silver lining to the boost of the hand-stamped, raw brass jewelry.

“The cops came this afternoon to check things out, and as you might imagine, they were extreeeemely amused by the retail product that had been stolen,” she said.

Of special interest to police quite possibly was a special feature of the purloined pendants — they convert into handcuffs. “Well officer you see they convert to handcuffs if you just unclasp the neck clasps from each other and attach them instead to the raw brass chain…” Stallings wrote about her amusing conversation with officers in her Instagram post on the incident.

She says she also gave the responding officers a public demonstration of the jewelry.

No arrests were reported.


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