911 | E Pine dog attack, Capitol Hill dumpster fires, Broadway jogging assault

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  • E Pine dog attack: Police and Seattle Animal Control responded after a terrible dog attack Friday evening at the bus stop at 11th and Pine. A CHS reader posted her account of the attack — and her brave action to stop it — to the CHS Facebook Group in hopes of learning more about the fate fo the dog that was attacked:
    I was headed home from work on Friday, and walked to the bus stop on Pine and 11th (th) to head home as per usual. I saw a disabled man and his “service dog” black German Shepherd (?). They proceeded to sit under the bus stop covered place. A girl and her friend were walking by with a little Daschund and the “service” dog went crazy and attacked the daschund.
    The account posted to the group describes the woman grabbing the attacking dog by the muzzle to stop the assault. The incident happened around 5:30 PM and Seattle Police and animal control were called the scene. Police transported the victim dog and owners to a nearby clinic for treatment. If you know more about the fate of the injured dog in the incident, drop us a line at chs@capitolhillseattle.com.
  • Dumpster fires: The Seattle Fire Marshal and Seattle Police are investigating after two garbage bins were set on fire on the same block of Bellevue Ave E early Monday morning. Seattle Fire was called to the first incident at 5:10 AM to a report of a dumpster on fire in a carport in an alley at Bellevue and Harrison. As firefighters quickly brought that blaze under control, multiple 911 callers reported a second blaze 10 minutes later on the same block behind the New Carroll building. That fire was also contained before it could spread. Investigators were called to the scenes to collect evidence. There were no reported injuries.
  • Broadway attack: According to a Seattle University security bulletin, police were called to the area around Broadway and Roy Sunday morning after a person related to the school was tackled and assaulted while jogging. According to the bulletin, the incident happened on the street around 10:45 AM Sunday when an “unknown male suspect who knocked the community member down. The suspect was described as wearing “multiple layers of dark baggy clothing and a dark-colored beanie.” The school says the incident was reported to the Seattle Police Department for investigation. There were no reported serious injuries at the scene and no immediate arrests.
  • E Thomas excited delirium: Seattle Fire struggled with a man suffering an apparent excited delirium incident at the bus stop at 19th and E Thomas Friday night. SFD responded to the call around 6:20 PM to a report of a male in his 20s down at the Metro stop. Arriving fire units struggled briefly with the patient and SPD was called to the scene. The incident was quickly brought under control with no further struggle or injuries and the man was transported for treatment, according to radio dispatches.

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