CHS Pics | Record March hotness in Cal Anderson Park

Tuesday brought the warmest March day ever recorded in Seattle. Wednesday — the first official day of spring — tied the mark and then some.

CHS stopped by Cal Anderson Park where hotness abounds when the temperature rises on Capitol Hill. The neighborhood’s central park — even with it busy with construction — did not disappoint during this week’s unusual March heat wave. Check out those ice cream cones.

The National Weather Service says the records go back to 1894, by the way.

It was only a month ago when the Hill was encased in crusty Snowbruary snow and ice. We’ll call this Marrrr-that’s-hot-ch. Temperatures should dip back closer to normal as we head into the weekend and next week with showers also in the forecast.

Who knows what lies ahead. No offense to Governor Inslee but it would be a bummer if this summer is so terrible with heat and wildfire that it boosts his presidential chances. With the blast of March heat, the state’s February-boosted snowpack is already looking troubled.

For now, enjoy the sunshine and those enjoying the sunshine in Cal Anderson.


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9 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Record March hotness in Cal Anderson Park

  1. One has to wonder if this had been a woman in a bikini would people be outraged. I mean, is objectifying this guy any more appropriate. It’s kind of gross and beneath this publication and community. Or at least I thought it was.

    • I don’t know any guy that looks like that, that minds being objectified. And men who work out to look like that don’t do it so nobody will look at them. Men don’t suffer the lack of respect that some women do when objectified, so they usually don’t care. Besides, I’ll bet the photographer asked him before photographing.

      As for beneath this publication– seriously? You’ve been reading here for a long time, haven’t you?

  2. Looks like the guy is wearing Doc Marten 2976 Chelsea boots. Makes me want to go shoe shopping, but then nearly everything makes me want to go shoe shopping. A pity Doc Martens rarely fit my feet.

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