Reminder: Capitol Hill Homelessness Forum Thursday night

Representatives from the City of Seattle and organizations focused on homelessness will be part of a panel Thursday night at the Broadway Performance Hall:

Capitol Hill Homelessness Forum

The Capitol Hill Homelessness Forum is being organized by the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce to explore “what is being done” and “how you can help” when it comes to homelessness, shelter, and services.

Panelists will include Christina Korpi, resource coordinator with the city’s Unsheltered Crisis Response Team, Sgt. Wesley Phillips, police sergeant with the city’s Navigation Team, and Brenda Frazier, supervisor of the REACH Outreach program.

CHS reported earlier this week that REACH was selected by a Seattle Human Services Department panel for the contract to provide homelessness outreach services on Broadway.

Organizers of Thursday night’s forum say they plan to include a “person who has experienced homelessness” on the panel.


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One thought on “Reminder: Capitol Hill Homelessness Forum Thursday night

  1. Homelessness is a very complicated issue. It isn’t as easy as just getting someone a home. There is rehabilitation, mental health, and the moment the homeless person decides to get a home. I wish it was an easy and straightforward. Unfortunately any one persons experience will not encompass the issue of homelessness and it is a difficult issue to understand and “fix”. Wealthy don’t want to spend money on the “vagrants”, normal people feel helpless in the onslaught of extreme volume of homelessness, and current government culture is very focused on “me” and not focused on “we”. It’s a no win situation right now.

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