Capitol Hill Community Post | Coastal Kitchen Serves Breakfast for Dinner Thurs Dec 20th!

Do you LOVE Coastal Kitchen brunch and ever wish you could have it for DINNER?



One Night Only!

Thursday, December 20th 3pm – 10pm

FULL Breakfast + Lunch = BRUNCH menu for Dinner!

(normal dinner menu will not be avail on this night)

Not enough daylight?

Too little time for breakfast?

We just couldn’t let that happen.

It’s our third annual….


Breakfast for Dinner!

Thursday, December 20th

Coastal Kitchen will serve our
(Breakfast + Lunch = BRUNCH) Menu for Dinner!

“Don’t Judge Me Happy Hour” and the “Every Day Happy Hour”
will be served 3pm-6pm & 9pm-close

$6 Bloody Mary’s
$6 Mimosas
$6 Bellinis
$6 Irish Coffees
$6 Segura Viudas Sparkling Wine
$20 Segura Viudas Sparkling Rose Brut BOTTLE!
$7 Cosmos
$7 Whiskey Sours
$8 Rye Manhattans
$8 Martinis
$1.50 Fresh Shucked Oysters

Reservations are accepted, but not required.
(206) 322-1145 or via OpenTable

Thank You to @KFClovesyou on Instagram for the image

Capitol Hill Community Post | NW Film Forum – Nocturnal Emissions: The People Under the Stairs

Thu Mar 21: 7.30pm
Wes Craven, US, 1991, 1h 42m

One of director Wes Craven’s most unusual and subversively funny films delivers the thrills and gore one comes to expect from the director of A Nightmare on Elm Street, while also offering a scathing satire of conservatism, gentrification, inequality, and unchecked greed – in other words, a film possibly even more relevant today than when it was released in 1991. When 13-year-old Poindexter “Fool” Williams (Brandon Adams) and a criminal-minded neighbor (Ving Rhames) break into the sprawling suburban mansion of a pair of heartless slumlords (Twin Peaks stars Wendy Robie and Everett McGill serving up wonderfully over-the-top performances), they uncover a labyrinth of twisted, terrifying secrets – including a basement filled with cannibalistic children!

Our Mistress of the Macabre Isabella Price will kick the screening off with a frightful and stimulating live performance, and we’ll help you experience the delicious taste of human flesh with free gummy body part candy!

Capitol Hill Community Post | Art Plan Discussion for the AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway

From Michael Louella Community Engagement Project Manager / defeatHIV

You are invited to a special session meant to give people living with HIV the chance to look over and comment on the plans for an AIDS memorial to be built in Seattle, and to talk with the artist who has been commissioned to organize it all.

The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway will use public art to create a physical place for remembrance and reflection; utilize technology to share stories about the epidemic and the diverse community responses to the crisis; and provide a call to action to end HIV/AIDS, stigma, and discrimination.

And it is important to us in this process to hear especially from the people living with HIV.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 19th from 12  to 2PM.
It will be held in ACTU Conference Room, which is located on the 2nd Floor of the West Clinic atHarborview (down the hall from Madison Clinic). Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Seattle 911 center receives GPS location boost to help locate mobile callers

From the Seattle Police Department

The Seattle Police 911 Center has added some new capabilities.

While cellular telephones have offered our society with convenience and portability, they have surrendered a key benefit that is ordinary to landline technology: precise location services when calling 911.

That is, up until now.

RapidSOS, enabled late last month at no additional cost through the existing Rave 911 Suite interface, provides pinpoint location services to our 911 Center. Previous iterations of cell phone GPS provided latitude and longitude, but locations were generalized and lacked verticality, something common in our urban city. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Lost dog: Whiskey — UPDATE: Found!

From Urban Animal

This dog has been missing since 9:15am Monday and was last confirmed seen at 18th and John. Her name is whiskey and she is very skittish, she’s 3 years old and likely does not have a collar on. If anyone has seen her they can call Urban Animal at 206-329-5337.

UPDATE 12/13/18: Urban Animal reports Whiskey is found!

HURRAY!!! We are happy to report that Whiskey has been found!!! 🎉🎉🎉She is fine and happy to be home! Thank you all for help! Xo”

Capitol Hill Community Post | My day at City Hall

By Zoe Schurman

My name is Zoe Schurman, and I’m a 7th grader at Washington Middle School. Wednesday (November 14th), I went to a Seattle City Council meeting, wanting to learn about what was going on in our city. I got a real education in how government works – and how it’s not working for most of us.

I got involved in this fall’s city budget debate because I’m part of Zero Hour Seattle – part of a worldwide movement of young people fighting for climate justice. We advocate for things like free and accessible mass transit, zero-emission school buses, an end of fossil fuel dependency, and a stop to the youth jail. Like many people, I see that climate and other issues are all inter-connected. For example, if people can’t afford to live in Seattle because of the high cost of living, then they have to commute further to work and school – burning fossil fuels in the process. I came to see that here in Seattle, we need to build a lot more affordable housing in the city.   Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Gang unit and massive investments in housing, homeless services, and transportation headline budget

From the King County Council

The King County Council unanimously adopts the 2019-2020 county budget, a plan that includes funding to restore the Sheriff’s gang unit, $100 million for affordable housing projects, and $230 million to combat homelessness.

Today’s passage comes after nearly two months of deliberation and review of the proposal delivered from the County Executive in September. Totaling $11.7 billion dollars, the budget is headlined by an array of key measures: Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Yellow Scooter helmet stolen!

I live in the 300 block of Melrose Avenue and Thomas. Sunday night 11/04/2018 Someone broke into my gated area and busted open up my seat and stole my bright yellow Diesel helmet. The Seattle Police think someone most likely watched me come home and see it go into the seat. If you see a bright yellow helmet please call me asap at 206-853-3593 or call the Seattle Police.

Capitol Hill Community Post | Seattle chefs create organization to fund human rights issues

From +togetherSEATTLE

The Seattle restaurant community is a tightknit one—whether passing along the name of a great line cook or favorite farmer, jumping in to be an extra pair of hands at an auction dinner, or rallying around a friend going through a hard time—there’s something special about being a part of the hospitality industry in Seattle. And it’s that sense of community that chef Ericka Burke experienced when she texted a few of her friends in late June.

“I was sitting in my office reading one devastating article after another,” said Ericka Burke, chef/owner of Volunteer Park Cafe. “I was overrun with outrage and sadness at the cruel and inhuman treatment of immigrant families. I was sick to my stomach and had to do something, so I reached out to some of my chef friends. I didn’t have a plan. I just said, “we need to do something, anything to help these families that are being torn apart.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | No on Prop. 1

From Melissa Westbrook, Seattle Schools Community Forum blog

I urge a no vote to the City of Seattle’s 2018 Families, Education, Preschool and Promise levy. This levy is a radical change from previous ones. With the larger property tax increase already enacted by the Legislature to fulfill the McCleary decision, I question the combination of a dollar increase and an expansion of the Families and Education levy.

And, Seattle Public Schools has its own two levy renewals in February 2019 and I believe that with those four large property taxes, there might be voter fatigue.

The new F&E levy will cost the median Seattle homeowner $248 each year, up from $136 a year under the two present levies Continue reading