CHS Community Post | Fathia Atallah, Chanteuse – Founder of Centre Francais passed away

Fathia_AtallahwebYou probably saw or talked to Fathia Atallah. She was full of life and an ambassador from French language and songs.

Fathia Atallah was a gifted composer, guitarist and Jazz Vocalist from Toulouse, France. She performed in Europe for more than a decade with her groups Fathal Jazz and Les Couleurs de la Voix.

Fathia moved to the Pacific Northwest United States in 1998 and settled in Seattle, WA. She founded and directed Le Centre Francais Artistique et Culturel de Seattle from 1998 to 2003. She produced the musical French Cabaret revue on Broadway,

She enthusiastically performed in both French and English for a wide variety of Seattle audiences. During this time, she met her beloved late husband, Gerald X Diamond. Committed to helping others, they volunteered and gave back to the city and people they loved so much. For many years, they sang and entertained in seniors citizen centers such as the Swedish Senior Center and brought people together through the harmony they shared.. Consciously leaving a lighter footprint on the land, they were often seen on their bicycles on Capitol Hill and Wallingford.

Please visit her website for Memorial details.

Hill Wonk | Community — and curiosity — reason enough to vote

We’ve asked Zachary Pullin, Vice President of the Capitol Hill Community Council, to contribute to CHS about community civics and politics on a semi-regular basis. If you’re an expert and want to share with the community in a recurring CHS column, we’d like to hear from you. This is his first post for CHS.

550190_10151496017543696_1846920479_nIn the August 2014 primary, roughly 29% of registered voters in our legislative district actually voted. It troubles me that a majority of people — especially registered voters — apparently have no motivation to vote.

As an enrolled member of the Chippewa Cree tribe of Rocky Boy, Montana, I’m only the second generation with the right to vote. In 1924, Native peoples were granted citizenship, but in many states — including Washington — keeping Native people from voting persisted. Barriers to voting included: culture tests, unreachable polling places, and registrars unwilling to accept voter registration of Native peoples. In our state, the phrase “Indians not taxed,” in Article 1 of the Constitution, justified the exclusion of Native peoples from voting until the Supreme Court ruled that all Native people could vote, in 1948.

When we don’t appreciate the power of our vote, the history of voting, and the impact voting has on real people and neighbors in our community, only 29% of us turn out to vote. Continue reading

CHS Community Post | 8 Limbs Yoga Celebrate 18 Years with Nomination for The Woman Small Business of The Year Award

500-east-pike-Greenus1Capitol Hill’s own Anne Phyfe Palmer of 8 Limbs Yoga is of the finalists nominated for King County’s Woman Small Business of The year Award. Palmer and her business is recognized for “outstanding business achievement and exemplifies the significant contributions made by woman-owned businesses in King County.”

Awarded on October 18, Palmer shares her thoughts on the prestigious award. “It was incredibly validating,” said Palmer. “To be recognized for the work that we’ve done to be more than just a yoga studio, but to be an exemplary business not just for our students but for our team members as well.”

While many factors contributed to the hard earned nomination, non-so crucial as “our commitment to providing a great experience for our employees this past decade,” shared Palmer. “By making a difference in the business as an employer by keeping our team members one of our top priorities have kept us on the forefront of outstanding business practices.”

Palmer conceptualized 8 Limbs Yoga when she first saw the location in the Greenus Building on “old Auto Row” in 1996. “This space has been key for us,” said Palmer. “The space was previously a tuxedo repair room (I think) and from the moment I saw it I knew it would make an amazing yoga studio. The building has so much old character and charm as well as an abundance of natural light. Creatively, this space made my business possible, the location felt right – not too in the city and not too far away.”

To help create the space, Hunters Capital, a multi-faceted boutique Real Estate Company remodeled the interior and preserved the historic façade and motif of the original 1916 building. “Hunter’s Capital really improved the space, remodeled the whole interior and bathrooms, all without interrupting my growing business,” said Palmer. “They could have kicked us out like other tenants when they bought the building in 2013, but they worked hard to build a space for us rather than finding a new tenant to fill the space.”

As part of their purpose of being, Hunter’s Capital aims to preserve and rejuvenate historic properties as well as the Pike Pine neighborhood through balanced growth and locally and culturally relevant tenants. “Hunter’s seems to do so well putting a mix of business and people in each building,” proclaimed Palmer. “Their use of mix spaces is good for the block, good for the neighborhood, and ultimately good for the city. There is more of a presence of diversity and we need that.”

With more mixed-use spaces in development on Capitol Hill and beyond from the likes of Hunter’s Capital, Seattleites can expect to see a huge growth in diversity and thriving locally owned businesses. In the case of 8 Limbs Yoga, mixed-use spaces are a crucial component in rejuvenating historic neighborhoods and provide a key space for commerce, community and culture.Anne-Phyfe-Palmer-Headshot1

Capitol Pill | Sirens

We’ve asked Karyn Schwartz, owner of the Sugarpill apothecary on E Pine, to contribute to CHS about health and Hill living on a semi-regular basis. If you’re an expert and want to share with the community in a recurring CHS column, we’d like to hear from you. This is her second post for CHS.

At least a handful of times every day, emergency vehicles race past the front door of the shop. I’m always fascinated by the different ways people respond to the noise and the implied tragedy of the sirens as they screech by. Some put their hands over their ears and hold their breath while others hardly even seem to notice; some keep talking to me like nothing is happening and as if I can hear what they are saying, while others look like they are in actual pain from distress. Not infrequently, people tell me of times in their lives when sirens have meant something very specific to them, and the memories and the feelings they still bring up are as varied as the people sharing them. Continue reading

Mayor Nickels: Time for ‘common sense’ steps on gun control


The former mayor is all in on I-594. Here’s his current Facebook profile photo

Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels posted the essay below via Facebook earlier this week before Friday’s tragic school shooting in Marysville. In it, he invoked the memory of the “Capitol Hill massacre” in a call for the State of Washington to do much, much more to control guns:

On the morning of March 25 a few years ago, I stood outside of a house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood just a block from the newspaper route I had as a kid. A gunman had just taken the lives of six innocent young men and women and then killed himself.
It was a senseless and shocking act of violence in the heart of my community. Like the others who gathered at the scene that morning, I felt grief, disbelief and anger. As mayor of the state’s largest city, I asked myself a question: “what could we have done to prevent this tragedy?”

Every week seems to bring fresh examples that beg this difficult question, from the horrific school shootings to a young man senselessly shot dead during an argument at a Rainer Valley intersection.

The rest of his essay and call for improving the state’s gun control is below.

We asked the former mayor — who grew up on Capitol Hill — if he was worried that calls for greater control as the state prepares to vote on I-594 could lead to greater backlash from the pro-gun community and groups aligning to defeat I-594 and support the limits proposed in I-591.

“The Washington State Legislature has failed to take any meaningful action to protect our children and seniors from guns getting into the hands of felons and persons who are mentally disturbed,” Nickels writes. “Sadly this has largely been due to the opposition of the Democratic Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp.” Continue reading

CHS Community Post | Capitol Hill writer Litsa Dremousis’ upcoming book ‘Altitude Sickness’

downloadThe physical and emotional consequences of climbing are explored in a very personal way in a powerful new eBook essay by Seattle writer Litsa Dremousis. Altitude Sickness. It’s the first book in Portland indie press Future Tense Books new Instant Future eBook series, and with climbing deaths in both the Northwest and internationally making the news, it’s an important addition to the conversation about the social responsibilities and emotional consequences of climbing-related tragedies.

When a some-time lover and full-time friend dies in a climbing accident, Dremousis is left to deal with the aftermath—the loss of a soul-mate, the apartment filled with little ambushes in the form of objects from the relationship, and the difficult task of understanding what it was that made this person she loved repeatedly risk his life. And she’s also left to wonder how to feel.

“One of the things I love is that Litsa is such a personable writer. The story is funny because she’s funny. It’s heartbreaking because she is heartbroken. And it has this angry core, because she’s angry,” says series editor Matthew Simmons. “The anger is passion. The passion comes out of the fact that she misses someone, and that’s where readers can connect. We all miss someone, and we’re all, even if it’s somewhere deep down inside, pissed off about it.”

Altitude Sickness will be available through Amazon’s Kindle store, Future Tense Books at Instant Future’s dedicated site,, and from the author’s site Biographical information and author photos will also be available from

About Litsa Dremousis: Litsa Dremousis’ essay “After the Fire” was selected as one of the “Most Notable Essays of 2011″ by Best American Essays 2012. She’s a Contributing Editor at the literary site The Weeklings, which partners with Salon. Her work appears in The Believer, Esquire, Jezebel, McSweeney’s, Men’s Health Monkeybicycle, MSN, New York Magazine, Nerve, Paste, Poets & Writers, Salon, Slate, The Weeklings, on NPR, KUOW, and additional venues. She has interviewed Sherman Alexie, The Black Keys, Death Cab for Cutie, Ron Jeremy, Janelle Monae, Alanis Morissette, Kelly Rowland, Wanda Sykes, Rufus Wainwright, and several dozen others. Twitter @LitsaDremousis.

About Future Tense Books: Future Tense Books is a micropress started by Kevin Sampsell in Spokane, Washington in 1990 and has been based in Portland, Oregon since 1992. They’ve published many acclaimed chapbooks and paperbacks by authors such as Richard Meltzer, Mike Topp, Zoe Trope, Elizabeth Ellen, Susannah Breslin, Chloe Caldwell, Gary Lutz, Sarah Grace McCandless, Jamie Iredell, Aaron Gilbreath, Myriam Gurba, Shane Allison, Chelsea Martin, Jemiah Jefferson, Jay Ponteri, May-Lan Tan, Chelsea Hodson, and Wendy C. Ortiz.

CHS Community Post | Empower Yourself! Free Self-Defense workshop for Women and Girls age 12 and up

FTFThe Fight the Fear Campaign is offering a free self-defense workshop for women and girls age 12 and up.  Join us for an empowering workshop covering awareness, assertive communication, de-escalation, and fighting skills. Saturday, Nov. 1st, from 3-5pm at Seattle Kajukenbo, 1408 22nd Ave.  Get more info and  pre-register by email to  Check us out at


CHS Community Post | Counterfeit 20s circulating

20We were just advised from our bank of a counterfeit $20 that appeared in our night drop. This $20 appears lighter in weight than a normal $20 bill. It’s also a bit crinkly. Most of the details are consistent with a “REAL” $20; however, the little number 20 in the right hand corner is just plain dark green; whereas in a real $20 it will change colors based on the angle of the bill. You can also see in this picture that this bill “failed” the counterfeit pen test; however, I have learned that advanced counterfeiters can make bills that appear to pass the counterfeit pen test.

Just wanted to let folks know to be on the lookout.

CHS Community Post | Seattle Pride Announces First Official ‘Pride Guide’ Publication for 2015

For the first time in the forty-one year history Seattle Pride produces definitive guide to Pride festivities

 Seattle, Wash., October 14, 2014 – Today, Seattle Pride announces the production of the first official “Pride Guide,” Seattle’s definitive and trusted resource guide for all Pride festivities. This is the first publication of its kind in Seattle Pride’s longstanding forty-one year history.  As a result of a dynamic partnership with Encore Media Group, City Arts and Northwest Polite Society, Seattle Pride plans to expand the reach of the Seattle Pride message.

The Official Pride Guide will be a glossy magazine that is targeted to local and visiting individuals of the LGBT community as well as readers of City Arts Magazine. With content provided by Seattle Pride and printing, production, and advertising done by Encore Media Group, the 2015 Pride Guide is sure to inform and excite Seattle Pride fans and newcomers alike.

“One of the major focuses of the Seattle Pride Guide is to drive editorial content with contributions from nonprofits and influential individuals with stories that both engage our audience and offer insight and structure for ongoing community involvement,” said Seattle Pride President Eric Bennett.

More than just a glossy magazine, the Seattle Pride Guide’s offerings will go beyond simple event listings and will delve deeper into what unites us all in the greater LGBT community.

“Seattle Pride looks forward to working with Encore Media Group to create a guide that will reflect everyone in our diverse community,” Bennett added. “This guide is a way for us to tell the stories of our community and amplify voices that need to be heard.”

“Want to get involved with Pride but aren’t sure how? Want to know about the latest trends in Seattle and how you might be able to contribute? Want to support the businesses and organizations that support you? Pick up the Seattle Pride Guide,” said Sarah Toce, Seattle Pride Director of Communications.

You can expect the Official Seattle Pride Guide to run from June 1 to June 29.

Seattle Pride is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, WA, whose purpose is to create unity, honor diversity, and achieve equal human rights throughout our region and the world. Seattle Pride is focused on informing and educating the community on LGBT issues through community outreach and produced events, including the annual Seattle Pride Parade, Pride Idol, Pride Brunch and the Seattle Pride Picnic.

Seattle Pride website:

Seattle Pride Facebook:

Contact at Seattle Pride: Sarah Toce, Director of Communications,




About Encore Media Group

Encore Media Group is a locally-based publishing services and custom publications. Our portfolio includes City Arts magazine and Encore Arts Programs, which serve over twenty-three arts groups in the Seattle and SF/Bay area including Seattle Men’s/Women’s Chorus, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Opera, and Seattle Symphony.

 Encore Media group also provides custom publishing services for clients such as the Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle Art Dealers Association, Bellevue Downtown Association, and Seattle Reign.


About City Arts

City Arts is a magazine dedicated to creative life in the Seattle area. Online and in print, we visit with artists on stage and in their studios to give our readers a birds-eye view of our region’s creative character

Unlike any other publication nationwide, City Arts combines the sophistication of a glossy magazine with the accessibility of a free alternative weekly. Through our focus on creative life, we are strengthening local culture and growing arts audiences.


About Northwest Polite Society

Northwest Polite Society is an experiential and guerilla marketing agency that specializes in creating locally relevant and credible community connections.  Founded in 2012 by Chuck Zimmerman and Tina Meadows, Northwest Polite Society offers marketing, website design, public relations, social media, graphic design, promotional services and event production. Located on Capitol Hill, Seattle, Northwest Polite Society continues the tradition of strong cultural presence in the Northwest.

For more information:


CHS Community Post | Blue Chthulu Smacks Hack Tracts

HD-coverCapitol Hill novelist Ron Dakron has published a fifth novel – Hello Devilfish!, a Manglish-spiced, first-person (or first-fish) account of a giant blue Japanese movie monster (kaiju) stingray’s attack on contemporary Tokyo and his tragic morph into human form.

Ron has written on Capitol Hill in various locales – most now razed for new condos. He now lives in a fab old edifice on Capitol Hill that shouldn’t be demolished anytime soon. “I hope not,” Ron adds, “the local crows depend on the Lorna Doones I toss them.”

CHS Community Post | Seattle Restaurant Week is back in Capitol Hill

Credit-Lindsey-WassonSeattle Restaurant Week (SRW) is back for a 10 day dining celebration, Oct.19-23 and Oct. 26-30 (Sunday-Thursday), offering three-course dinners for $30 and two-course lunches for $15. As the broadest reaching dining promotion in the area, covering King County, many of the restaurants are in Capitol Hill, including:


    • Anchovies & Olives


    • Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar


    • Corretto


    • Crush


    • Kaisho


    • La Spiga


    • Lark


    • Le Zinc


    • Liam’s


    • Manhatten


    • Marjorie


    • Monsoon


    • Poppy


    • Restaurant Zoe




    • Skillet Diner


    • Tango Restaurant


    • The Tin Table



Chefs will feature seasonal favorites such as pumpkin, apples, squash and foraged mushrooms. There are options for everyone, vegan to gluten free, and every occasion such as date night, family night out with the kids, or dining in large groups.

For more information go to