Capitol Hill Community Council | Change and homelessness


The newly invigorated Capitol Hill Community Council officers wanted to take a different approach to our summer programming. This month, we’re asking you to help us raise money to provide much needed items for the people experiencing homelessness in our community. We’re also inviting local homelessness experts and service providers to present critical information, ways we can help, advocacy efforts, and the work still needed from a grassroots level to adequately address homelessness in our neighborhood and city. DONATE HERE

On July 30th, the Capitol Hill Community Council will use the money raised to pay for the supplies and items most requested by area homeless shelters/service providers. At the July 30th meeting, we’ll put together packs to give to the people most in need while listening to guests from DESC, YouthCare, Mary’s Place, Urban Rest Stop, and Chief Seattle Club.

Capitol Hill Community Council July Meeting
Thursday, July 30th — 6:30 PM — Cal Anderson Shelterhouse

A community is not a monument to individual preferences. It is a collective and living organism.

When I was 5 years old I remember attending my cousin/godfather’s high school graduation on the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana. Watching him walk across that stage into a world unknown scared me, causing me to cry as I couldn’t reconcile the fear and sadness of change.

At such a young age, it was difficult to physically imagine what life would look like for him, for his relationship with his parents, or for our relationship; his graduation felt more like a funeral.

I often reflect on that memory and my feelings about change. Change is intimidating because it challenges the ego in its affirmation of our mortality; they don’t have funerals for change. We find comfort in the idea that in death, though we no longer are physically part of community, our story might live on after we’re gone. We hope that the way we made people feel, the joyful memories created, and our service to each other – components of what it takes to create a legend — might be applied to us. Continue reading

Capitol Pill | Help in the neighborhood

(Image: Karyn Schwartz)

(Image: Karyn Schwartz)

We’ve asked Karyn Schwartz, owner of the Sugarpill apothecary on E Pine, to contribute to CHS about health and Hill living on a semi-regular basis. If you’re an expert and want to share with the community in a recurring CHS column, we’d like to hear from you.

I had to ask for help this week.

Not the little kind that happens as a matter of every day — but the big kind that is so hard to ask for, because it means that people will see that you are struggling, maybe even failing at something, and that you can’t actually fix it all on your own. Continue reading

CHS Pics | This week in Capitol Hill pictures

// can't catch me // seattle

The CHS Flickr Pool contains more than 27,000 photographs -— most of Capitol Hill images, many glorious, some technically amazing. The pool is a mix of contributions from Capitol Hill — and nearby — shutterbugs. Interested in being part of it? If we like your photo and it helps us tell the story, we may feature it on CHS so please include your name and/or a link to your website so we can properly credit you. Interested in working as a paid CHS contributor for scheduled assignments? Drop us a line –- our roster is full for general assignments but pitch us on an idea.


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Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: Day One Open Thread



The 19th year for the Capitol Hill Block Party music festival began Friday with clouds and a breeze — and only a hint of July showers in the first time in recent memory that the event has faced a serious threat of rain.

National Weather Service forecasters are predicting the chance for rain to top out with a 50% mark on Friday night, Saturday facing a 30 to 40% chance of showers, and Sunday lining up for a 60% chance.

Excellent rain hat

Excellent rain hat

No umbrellas allowed at CHBP, so pack a poncho or grab the Stranger’s pull-out section and fashion a rain hat.

Meanwhile, we’ve been told that one component of this year’s re-emphasized local art integration won’t be happening as planned. We’re sorry to inform you that this giant inflatable cowboy will not appear at Block Party after all due to “installation issues.”

Again in 2015, CHS will update open thread posts through the weekend on the people making Block Party happen, the crowds, and the community around the festival.

As usual, don’t bring a car. 12th Ave will also closed to parking this year and parking will also be affected on Broadway, E Union, and E Pine.

Gots a view #chbp #capitolhillblockparty

A video posted by Matthew Callis (@matthewcallis) on

One trend we’re noticing right off the bat — more views from above like this. All of the new apartment buildings in the area remain under construction but the workers in the offices in the new Chophouse Row development have already contributed some new angles on social media at this year’s Block Party.

For more on this year’s festival, check out Capitol Hill Block Party a little more Capitol Hill as festival turns 19.

You can also follow @jseattle for updates. Let us know if you see anything — or anybody — interesting, too. You can email us or call/txt (206) 399-5959 for the *really* interesting stuff to let us know what you’re seeing. Or hearing. Continue reading

12th Ave communal development residents plan Rooftop Farm to showcase urban agriculture

original_ground-breakingThe neighbors of 12th Ave’s Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing where each resident is an equal member of the company that owns the project are watching their building rise on the street where ground was broken on their communal development last fall.

As construction reaches the fourth floor, the group is launching a crowdfunding campaign to create a rooftop garden for the project as a community exhibition of hyperlocal farming involving Seattle Central Community College’s Sustainable Agriculture program:

Through outreach and partnership, it is our goal to use this farm to benefit our surrounding community as much as possible. We expect the programs we set up to evolve and expand as the farm becomes more established. In our first year the farm will be managed by volunteers and interns from Seattle Central Community College’s Sustainable Agriculture program. We plan to lead free monthly tours for the public, and education workshops for children. We also plan to have an outreach stand at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market in order to share our project with the larger community. We will sell a portion of our organic produce to neighboring restaurant, Lark, in order to cover the cost of operating year-round. We will also donate produce to neighboring food banks or meal programs. We will establish and nourish partnerships with other interested restaurants and organization in our community.

The Rooftop Farm will serve the building’s residents but they are hoping with community support to make the project into a larger vision. “As one of Seattle’s fastest-growing and most densely populated neighborhoods, Capitol Hill provides a unique opportunity for us to grow together through urban farming expansion, awareness and education,” they write. “The intent of our farm in the city is to educate local children, and the general public, about the benefits of hyper-local food production, to demonstrate what a successful year-round organic rooftop farm looks like, and to act as a catalyst for the creation of a Capitol Hill food network—one which will connect neighbors, local restaurants, and local organizations around local food production.”

The goal is $10,000. As of Friday morning, nearly $4,000 has been raised.

You can learn more and give on The Rooftop Farm Barnraiser page.

On the List | Outdoor Trek, Strictly Seattle, Bat ‘n’ Rouge + Jockstraps & Glitter, Farmers Market

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Boldly go where 30,000+ music festival attendees aren’t? If you don’t plan on attending the 2015 Capitol Hill Block Party, here are a few things to keep you entertained around the neighborhood this weekend.

11693851_914152795297748_7707401283067435341_n-400x152The 2015 edition of Outdoor Trek lands again at the Central District’s Blanche Lavizzo Park this weekend:

Outdoor Trek is an episode of The Original Series of Star Trek adapted for the stage and performed live in Seattle’s Blanche Lavizzo Park. This year’s episode is “Amok Time” (yes, the one where Spock goes into heat). Starting July 18, the play runs every Saturday at 7pm and every Sunday at 2pm and ends August 9. Pre-shows start and hour before the show and food trucks will be at every event. Outdoor Trek features a live band, genderbending casting, and a DIY aesthetic that makes Star Trek’s optimistic future feel close to home.


strictly-400x257Velocity Dance brings Strictly Seattle to the Broadway Performance Hall:

Strictly Seattle is a complete immersion to the Seattle dance scene. Five adult programs inspire beginning through professional level dancers with rigorous physical and compositional training in a challenging and invigorating environment.

Participants develop a new work in collaboration with Zoe Scofield, Pat Graney, Kate Wallich (Professional Advanced), or KT Niehoff (Advanced Session – Dance Film Track), Shannon Stewart or Anna Conner (Intermediate), Kaitlin McCarthy or Bryon Carr (Beginning).

Meanwhile, Bobby Morris Playfield at Cal Anderson host two days of LGBTQ sports fundraisers with Jockstraps & Glitter kickball pitting Quake Rugby vs. the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Abbey of St. Joan on Saturday and Seattle Bat ‘n’ Rouge lining up the traditional softball battle of Drag Queens and Dykes on Sunday.

Across the street, “existential transgender wild western” Sidewinders continues at Hugo House, the BadWill Market presents a special CHBP edition just outside the gates at the Rhino Room, and the good folks at the Broadway Farmers Market want to remind you that they’ll be open Sunday during the big party and that eating your veggies and fresh fruit is a good way to stay healthy during a three-day music fest.

For more events on and around the Hill or to add your own, check out the CHS Calendar. Continue reading

CHS Community Post | Help Me Find My Missing Daughter

laci.2Hello everyone!

My daughter went missing on Tuesday July 21st, 2015. She was last seen with me at my office at 10 am. She left my office to go hang out at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill. A friend of hers texted her at 1 pm. She replied, but then did not answer his subsequent texts. I texted her at 7:45 pm to find out how close she was to being home and did not get a response. I called her at 9:00 pm and the phone rang several times, as though it were powered on, but not being answered. When it went to voicemail I hung up and called right back, that and each subsequent call has gone directly to voicemail as though the phone is now powered off.

My daughter is 15 years old. Her name is Telesia Tupou-Smith, but she sometimes goes by Vince, Vincent or Laci. She is 4’10” and about 110 pounds. She has Red/Pink hair on one half of her head and black hair on the other half, parted down the middle Harley Quinn style. She was last seen wearing a light green plaid skirt in a school girl esque style which was about 3 inches above the knee, a black t-shirt with a jeweled cross on the front and the back cut up and criscrossed in that semi-backless style. She was wearing black combat boots and a purple beanie.

It is very out of character for my daughter to not contact me or come home, so I’m worried that something has happened to her. If you have seen her or have any information about her, please contact the Seattle Police Department, West Precinct at (206)684-8917. Her case number is 2015-250723. You can find my facebook post by searching for Erika Smith-Fihaki.

Please help me bring my daughter home safe and sound!laci.1laci.3

CHS Pics | This week in Capitol Hill pictures

Seattle Demo Project: We Are the GhostsThe CHS Flickr Pool contains more than 27,000 photographs -— most of Capitol Hill images, many glorious, some technically amazing. The pool is a mix of contributions from Capitol Hill — and nearby — shutterbugs. Interested in being part of it? If we like your photo and it helps us tell the story, we may feature it on CHS so please include your name and/or a link to your website so we can properly credit you. Interested in working as a paid CHS contributor for scheduled assignments? Drop us a line –- our roster is full for general assignments but pitch us on an idea. Continue reading

It’s time to sign up for Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day 2015 — Sunday, August 9th

IMG_7992-600x400-600x400Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day 2015 is Sunday, August 9th — it’s time to add your sale to the roster.

You can sign up at or at the bottom of this post.

Again in 2015, CHS and the Cal Anderson Park Alliance are teaming up to host the Garage Sale Day Community Lot inside Cal Anderson Park.

Get your junk treasures together and sign up for the community sale (the $20 deposit goes to support the event and CAPA) or add your own yard or apartment or parking strip or dry cleaners parking lot ASAP!

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