911 | E Pine dog attack, Capitol Hill dumpster fires, Broadway jogging assault

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  • E Pine dog attack: Police and Seattle Animal Control responded after a terrible dog attack Friday evening at the bus stop at 11th and Pine. A CHS reader posted her account of the attack — and her brave action to stop it — to the CHS Facebook Group in hopes of learning more about the fate fo the dog that was attacked:
    I was headed home from work on Friday, and walked to the bus stop on Pine and 11th (th) to head home as per usual. I saw a disabled man and his “service dog” black German Shepherd (?). They proceeded to sit under the bus stop covered place. A girl and her friend were walking by with a little Daschund and the “service” dog went crazy and attacked the daschund. Continue reading

So, what happened to the Capitol Hill snowball road rage driver?

In the middle of all the snow, video of a Capitol Hill road rage incident involving snowballs and an irate driver spread across social media and got plenty of play on local TV.

Police responded to the corner of Bellevue and Thomas just before 7 PM Sunday, February 10th to a fight underway at Thomas Street Park after a driver in a jeep reportedly attempted to run people down. Video of the incident shows the 27-year-old driver crash to a stop and the snow dust-up that followed over snowballs reportedly tossed in the melee. There were no reported serious injuries. Continue reading

Central District’s Union Market held up at gunpoint in Tuesday morning robbery

Police were searching for a suspect seen fleeing on foot through the icy slush after a Tuesday morning armed robbery at the Central District’s Union Market.

The just before 9:30 AM hold-up of the corner market involved a suspect seen pointing a handgun as he grabbed cash from the register of the corner store at 21st and Union. Continue reading

Blotter | Drugs, gun recovered in crash after police pursuit starting in Capitol Hill parking lot

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  • Chase and crash: Seattle Police have posted details of an early Saturday morning bust after a rollover crash that began with a pursuit on Capitol Hill. According to SPD, officers spotted two men in a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot near Union and Summit around 2 AM. Police say the suspects quickly backed their red Ford Explorer out of the lot and sped away from police, running red lights as they went, before crashing only minutes later on Boren near Virginia. Arriving officers found the car on its side with two occupants inside, alert and conscious, and not seriously injured — along with a handgun and three plastic bags containing suspected methamphetamine on the pavement near the vehicle’s open sunroof. Police say the gun’s serial number appeared to have been filed off. The vehicle’s passenger had a DUI warrant and was in possession of a backpack containing 200 pills of Xanax, some of which, the man said, had been pressed into pieces of candy, according to the report. The driver was arrested for reckless driving and told police they would potentially find his fingerprints on the gun because “he had seen the gun on the ground outside the car, not wanted police to think it was his, and had thrown it further into the street,” police said. The man, who is a felon, is unable to legally possess firearms. Both men were booked into King County Jail. Continue reading

$15K vs. ‘unreasonable special interest policies’ — Seattle considers hiring bonus to attract new cops

Facing competition from departments across the country, Seattle might begin offering hiring bonuses up to $15,000 to attract new police officers.

“We have a responsibility to ensure we can hire and retain the best police officers in the country while continuing the important work of reform,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said about the proposal. “Our officers have already shown they can meet the challenge of delivering on reform, and we need to support them. I look forward to Council supporting this plan so that under Chief Best’s leadership we can continue to advance public safety and build the best community-based police department in America.” Continue reading

Blotter | Convicted Capitol Hill rapist charged in second attack

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  • UPDATE — 23rd/Cherry shootout: A shootout near the ARCO AM/PM at 23rd and Cherry shattered a bus stop Wednesday night around 7 PM. Police were called to the area after reports of vehicles and people on foot fleeing the area. Arriving units found no victims but a heavily damaged bus shelter. 23rd Ave southbound was closed briefly during the response as police collected evidence at the scene.
  • Convicted rapist charged in second attack: A man convicted in a Capitol Hill rape five years ago has been charged in another 2014 sexual attack after a DNA match with a previously untested rape kit, the Seattle Times reports. Kirose Hailu, now 27, was charged along with an accomplice in the February 2014 attack on a woman on Capitol Hill in what authorities said was a string of robberies and assaults targeting women. When prosecutors filed the second degree rape charges in 2014, both men were already in King County Jail awaiting trial on identity theft charges. The two were accused of working together to steal a woman’s wallet outside a Capitol Hill gas station in October that year. According to police, the victim in the Capitol Hill rape and her boyfriend had been drinking at a friend’s house on February 27th, 2014 before heading to R Place where the woman became separated from her group. Hailu is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence for the conviction. His accomplice Wolid Mohammed was also convicted. The Seattle Times reports the new charges stem from an attack on a now-34-year-old woman, “who was struggling with a heroin addiction when she was raped by a stranger on Oct. 22, 2014.”

Continue reading

Sunday afternoon driveby rattles Central District — UPDATE

Neighbors and families are wondering when city officials will speak up and do more about ongoing incidents of gun violence after a driveby shooting rattled nerves and sent kids scrambling Sunday during a soccer game at Garfield High School and as many took part in MLK Day weekend events and activities in the area.

Teams and parents fled the field as 911 callers reported a round of gunshots from a car speeding away on 23rd Ave just south of the high school around noon Sunday. There were no reported injuries but responding officers found shell casings across a block of Alder between 24th and 23rd Ave. Continue reading

CHS Blotter in Review: 2018 in smooth criminals, bumbling crooks, and ace cop work

Only days into the new year, one of the more depressing crimes of 2018 added a new twist. The stickup man in a probably not armed robbery of the mostly empty tip jar from a Broadway frozen yogurt shop in December returned to the scene of the crime the night of Wednesday, January 2nd, handed over $10, and walked out, according to East Precinct radio. CHS already looked at the most important Capitol Hill stories of 2018 here. Let’s not step further into 2019 without remembering the year that was in smooth criminals, bumbling crooks, and ace cop work.

24-year-old South Seattle man victim in Capitol Hill deadly shooting — UPDATE


Family has identified the man who died in Friday night’s shooting in a shopping center parking lot above Broadway and Pike as 24-year-old Jafar Mack

The South Seattle man was shot and killed in the Harvard Market parking lot just before midnight.

Police received reports of a fight disturbance and an armed male in the parking lot and rushed to the area where they found Mack and a chaotic scene with possible suspects fleeing amid witnesses to the bloodshed in front of the shopping center’s Bartell’s. Continue reading

Police search for suspects after deadly shooting in parking lot above Broadway and Pike — UPDATE

Police were searching for possible suspects after a shooting that left one person dead at the Harvard Market parking lot late Friday night above Broadway and Pike.

Officers were called to the area just after 11:30 PM to a report of shots fired in the area.and a male suspect with a gun seen in front of Bartell’s. Continue reading