Jury finds Broadway Grill hacker guilty in massive credit card theft case

Screen-Shot-2014-07-07-at-11.21.24-AMThe son of a Russian lawmaker was found guilty Thursday of an international computer hacking and identity theft scheme that included stealing credit card numbers in 2010 from the now-shuttered Broadway Grill on Capitol Hill.

A federal jury in Seattle found Roman Seleznev guilty on 38 of 40 counts, including computer hacking, wire fraud, and identity theft. He faces up to 34 years in prison when he’s sentenced in December.

According to a 2011 indictment, Seleznev’s hack of the Broadway Grill point of sale system resulted in at least $1.7 million in losses to banks and credit card companies. The DOJ also alleged Seleznev operated a global “carder” system to aid hacking and the sale of credit and bank card data. Investigators said Seleznev was linked to data breaches at Mad Pizza locations in the area, and a breach at Grand Central Baking.

In total, prosecutors said Seleznev pilfered $170 million through his international hacking operation. Continue reading

Police arrest two, seize handgun after Broadway robberies, pistol whipping

SPD says it captured two robbery suspects armed “with a handgun and a backpack full of narcotics” early Tuesday morning after two robberies along Broadway near Cal Anderson Park:

vgveOfficers Jamison Maehler and Christopher Couet were walking a foot patrol near Broadway and East Howell Street just before 5 AM when they heard a man shouting for police. Officers raced to the man’s aid, and learned two suspects had offered him drugs and then tried to rob him at gunpoint.

The victim pointed out the two suspects, who were walking south on Broadway.

Officers Maehler and Couet chased after the suspects, who split up and took off in different directions. Police were able to chase down and arrest both men, who are 20 and 22 years old.

Police discovered the 20-year-old was carrying a pistol, along with a backpack containing 8 grams cocaine, 7 grams heroin, 8 grams of heroin and a variety of pills, marijuana and a small scale. He is also convicted felon unable to legally possess firearms.

As officers were investigating at the scene, police received another report that the same two suspects had robbed another man in the same area a short time earlier.

Police booked both suspects into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

Seattle Fire also responded to the 400 block of Broadway E to treat one robbery victim who was pistol whipped in the head, according to radio dispatches.

Deemed a flight risk, Peaches McFly taken into custody on Capitol Hill

Busted (Image: peachmcfly via Instagram)

Busted (Image: peachmcfly via Instagram)

Free-range Central Seattle cockatoo Peaches McFly has an Instagram account. Now Peaches also has an arrest record.

Monday night, SPD took the bird into custody after a series of sightings across Capitol Hill: Continue reading

Police search for possible hit-and-run driver after man found seriously injured in Capitol Hill parking garage

Police are searching for a driver who may have hit and seriously injured a man found late Thursday night “at the bottom of a parking garage ramp” on Summit between Pike and Pine:

Detectives Investigating Possible Hit and Run Injury to Pedestrian on Capitol Hill
Traffic Collision Investigation Squad (TCIS) detectives are investigating a possible hit and run collision that left a man with life-threatening injuries overnight on Capitol Hill.

On August 18th, shortly after 11:00 pm, a man was found at the bottom of a parking garage ramp in the 1500 block of Summit Avenue. Officers believe the man was been struck and drug by a vehicle. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate any witnesses.

Seattle Fire Department Medics arrived and transported the man to Harborview Medical Center with life threatening injuries.

TCIS detectives responded to the scene and are investigating what lead up to the man’s injuries.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact Det. Aaron Parker at (206) 233-0059

Police and Seattle Fire were first called to the scene around 11:05 PM for what was believed to be a man who had been assaulted inside the parking garage of The Summit building.

If you have information to assist SPD with the investigation, call (206) 233-0059 to speak with detectives.

UPDATE 8/22/2016 10:15 AM: Police say the man’s condition has improved and his injuries are no longer considered life-threatening. Detectives continue to investigate the case.

Driver sentenced to seven years for deadly First Hill crash

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.18.56 PMThe driver in a March collision on First Hill that killed 61-year-old Gibrel Mohammed has been sentenced to seven years after pleading guilty to the crime.

Chase Washatko, 27, was sentenced last week after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide in a collision caught on video by an ambulance also involved in the crash. Police said Washatko had been spotted driving erratically and passing traffic in 12th Ave’s two-way turn lane before the 12:15 AM collision. A SPD officer turned to begin pursuing the suspect with lights flashing when the crash occurred a few blocks away:Screen-Shot-2016-03-21-at-2.46.53-PM

As part of their plea, Washatko’s attorneys asked for a sentencing range of up to seven years given the defendant’s remorse and lack of a felony criminal record. Judge John Erlick agreed that the seven-year sentence was appropriate.

Police say Washatko said he had been drinking at 13 Coins on Denny and had gotten lost trying to drive to his mother’s home in Gig Harbor. Police say his blood alcohol level tested at 0.20% following the crash — well above the state’s 0.08% threshold.

The 61-year-old Mohammed worked at Ballard High School as a custodian.

Harvard Market will work with SPD to keep parking lot free of troublesome weekend crowds


The entrance to Harvard Market’s troublesome parking lot (Image: CHS)

The owners of a Capitol Hill parking lot at the center of a string of recent shootings have agreed to restrict access to the property and work with police to keep the Harvard Market shopping center clear of late night weekend crowds, the neighborhood’s chamber of commerce announced Monday.

According to the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce announcement, Harvard Market ownership will be “enforcing a parking lot closure” on Friday and Saturday nights:

Working in close partnership, the property owners and Seattle Police Department will be enforcing a parking lot closure on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 10:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. to any person without a valid residential permit. In addition, no trespassing rules and towing regulations will be enforced between these times.

Continue reading

Blotter | E Pine skateboard hold-up, 15th Ave coworking burglary

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • UPDATE Malden mugging: A reader shares this account of a Friday, August 12th street robbery we were looking into but hadn’t yet tracked down the details of. We’ll follow up with SPD to see what we can learn about the arrest.
    Neighbors:  I was walking home from work around 6:20 on Friday on Malden – three blocks south of Roy.  A man robbed and assaulted me, pushing me into a light pole, giving me a black eye and multiple cuts and bruises.  He stole my purse – which is why he knocked me down. My daughter and her husband tracked him via “find my iPhone” to the northern part of the city.  He was arrested but my purse and contents were not found.
    I’m writing you to be especially alert – particularly if no one else is on the street (this was on a sunny warm day in broad daylight.) 
    The people who helped me said there have been recent increased incidents of car prowls. 
    I was not using my phone.  It was zipped up in my purse.  I was just walking. The police said there have been other  purse grabs recently in the area. 
    It happened very quickly. Please be mindful and take care. 
  • Skateboard hold-up reported: Police were investigating a reported armed robbery early Monday morning after an incident at Boylston and Pine. According to SPD radio dispatches, a male victim called police around 2 AM to report he had been held up by a group of four who threatened him with a skateboard and a knife. Police found a group matching the description of the victim’s report and took one person into custody.
  • Coworking rip-off: A felony-level burglary at a 15th Ave E coworking space is being investigated after the business said a group that had rented the space above Ada’s Technical Books may have been responsible for the rip-off of iPads and electronics: Continue reading

SPD emphasis patrol arrests one, seizes handgun 

Following a string of gun violence including a shooting in which a woman survived being hit in the chest last weekend in the parking lot above Broadway and Pike, SPD said its emphasis  patrols helped stop another incident early Saturday morning. There was one arrest:

Arrest, Gun Recovered During Emphasis Patrol on Capitol Hill

Officers arrested a man for weapons violation and recovered a handgun following a disturbance early this morning on Capitol Hill.

While on emphasis patrol early Saturday morning in the parking lots in the 1400 block of Broadway, East Precinct Anti-Crime Team, bike and patrol officers observed three men in a disturbance across the street in another parking lot on Harvard Avenue East. The three men appeared to be getting ready to fight next to a parked Acura. The doors of the Acura were open and officers could see a handgun lying on the backseat. The three suspects were detained, identified, and questioned about the gun. One of the men was a convicted felon, and thus prohibited from possessing a gun. After further investigation he was arrested for the weapons violation. The other men were identified and released. The Acura was impounded pending a search warrant. Gang Unit detectives will handle the follow up investigation.

Seattle Police and business and community representatives have discussed measures to address ongoing issues with late night gatherings, violence, and drug activity in the area’s parking lots including closing some of the lots during overnight hours.

‘Last call’ shootings heighten Capitol Hill nightlife safety concerns

Police investigate E Denny gunpoint robbery

East Precinct has seen fewer robberies -- so far -- this summer across the CD and Capitol Hill

East Precinct has seen fewer robberies — so far — this summer across the CD and Capitol Hill

Seattle Police were searching for the suspects in a gunpoint robbery reported early Wednesday morning near Summit and E Denny Way as concerns about hold-ups and muggings are on the rise despite a quieter summer than last year on Capitol Hill.

According to East Precinct radio reports, police were looking for a trio of suspects who fled after a hold-up around 1:30 AM Wednesday. The three were described by witnesses as black males in their late teens or early 20s who fled the area on foot as police arrived. The victims told police that the males were carrying what appeared to be a small, semi-automatic style handgun. Continue reading

Capitol Hill bars take precautions amid reports of drugged drinks

Bar Sue is now offering date rape drug detector strips. (Image: Bar Sue via Facebook)

Bar Sue is now offering date rape drug detector strips. (Image: Bar Sue via Facebook)

Bar Sue owner Ian Carey first became concerned about an uptick in drugged drinks on Capitol Hill when he himself was drugged a few months ago at a neighborhood bar. When a Bar Sue patron reported being drugged last month, Carey decided to start offering free “date rape drug detector” tests.

“For now I am just providing free tests and posting signs that they are available to my patrons, in hopes it will potentially deter predators in my bar,” he said.

Now other bars are following suit. Chop Suey owner Brianna Rettig told CHS she has already put the order in for the strips that test for GHB, a common date rape drug. “They’re very easy and pretty brilliant. You just do a straw test on the tab and it’ll tell you whether or not there’s GHB inside the drink,” Rettig said.

Rettig said she has held multiple meetings with Chop Suey’s security and bar staff about looking out for suspicious behavior and signs of over intoxication. Nightlife owner Steven Severin said he has not heard reports of drugged drinks at Neumos, Moe Bar, or Barboza, but hopes increased attention on the issue will scare off any would-be predators.  Continue reading

Police say man charged in E John shooting was angry over backpack theft

The 29-year-old charged for shooting a man in the shoulder on E John last Thursday morning said he was angered over a stolen backpack, according to court documents and the police report on the incident.

Randy Parker, who prosecutors say is homeless and had been out of jail for only two months after a residential burglary conviction, has been charged with first degree assault in the shooting which left the victim with a collapsed lung and broken arm. Parker also faces a weapons charge because his felony conviction prohibits him from being in possession of a firearm. Continue reading

‘Last call’ shootings heighten Capitol Hill nightlife safety concerns

(Image: Tim Durkan with permission to CHS)

Police gather on E Union early Saturday morning after a woman was shot in the Harvard Market parking lot (Image: Tim Durkan with permission to CHS)

Four Capitol Hill shootings in four weeks have put new attention on nightlife safety in the bar and club packed neighborhood. Three of the four incidents have occurred on Saturdays around 2 AM near Broadway and Pike, when nightlife crowds typically swell in the area after “last call.” In the latest gun violence this weekend, a woman in her 20s was shot in the chest and is lucky to be alive.

This summer, Seattle Police once again rolled out a nightlife “emphasis patrol” program in the neighborhood, which brings more officers into Pike/Pine’s streets to help manage the crowds. Sierra Hansen, executive director of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, said the speed of the response to Saturday’s shooting was a good indication that the emphasis patrols are working.

Shooting incidents in the East Precinct are roughly even compared to this time last year. Continue reading