Blotter | Cops find big bag of pot at Volunteer Park robbery scene, groper arrest at Capitol Hill Block Party

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  • Volunteer Park robbery: Police investigating a reported armed robbery inside Volunteer Park found there was more to the story as they looked for evidence Thursday night. In the incident reported just before 9:30 PM, police found the victim covered in blood and reporting he was beaten, hit with pepper spray, and robbed by a male and a female:Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.15.56 AMThe duo was last seen riding BMX-style bicycles toward Broadway. The man reported he believed he had been stabbed. Seattle Fire was called to the scene to treat his wounds. As police searched the area near the reservoir for evidence, one officer found a large bag full of marijuana. The pot was returned to the victim, according to police radio dispatches. There were no immediate arrests.
  • Broadway knife threat: A tense incident involving police drawing their guns on a man believed to be mentally ill and armed with butcher knife near Broadway and Pike Saturday night played out as Capitol Hill Block Party crowds danced nearby:
    Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.44.40 AMPolice say the incident began after the suspect had entered a nearby store and asked to borrow a stapler before becoming agitated and leaving the business. He returned and became even more agitated, throwing marijuana at workers inside the store who called police. The suspect then returned a third time and stood outside the shop with the large butcher knife, yelling “This if for you!,” witnesses told police. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident after the brief standoff. The suspect was taken to King County Jail to be booked for investigation of harassment. Police also designated the suspect as “object to release” due to his “apparent mental illness.” Continue reading

Blotter | SPD investigating attack on transgender woman in Cal Anderson

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  • Cal Anderson transgender attack: A man who punched a transgender woman in Cal Anderson Park Thursday afternoon was able to elude police following the 4 PM assault. But SPD says officers took the suspect into custody later Thursday night:

    Officers arrested a 28 year-old man Thursday evening after he attacked a transgender woman at Cal Anderson Park.

    Police  responded to an assault call at the park just before 4 PM, where they learned the suspect had harassed a transgender woman, before throwing a cup of ice water at her and punching her in the head. The suspect also assaulted a witness, who had tried to intervene.

    Officers spoke with the victims but couldn’t find the suspect, who had fled the scene.

    Two hours after the incident in the park, Seattle police responded to another report of disturbance in the 1400 block of Boylston. Officers soon discovered the suspect in the Boylston incident was the same man they’d been looking for in the Cal Anderson assault.

    Police say the 28-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into King County Jail for assault. SPD says it will continue to investigate the incident as a possible hate crime.

  • Hit and run and run: Police were searching for both the victim and the vehicle in a Broadway/Pike hit and run late Thursday night at Broadway and Pine. According to police radio, the victim was also a suspect — the male was reportedly fleeing with a stolen backpack when he was struck. The theft suspect ran from the scene eastbound on Pine with a serious laceration to his head while the car sped away to the west. There were no arrests.


Life sentence in 2009 murder of East Precinct officer

The man convicted of murdering veteran East Precinct officer Timothy Brenton and shooting a Seattle Police rookie in a 2009 Halloween attack has been sentenced to life in prison.

46-year-old Christopher Monfort was spared the death penalty but faces a life behind bars without the possibility of parole for murdering a law enforcement officer. Jurors deliberated for less than an hour on the decision.  Continue reading

Blotter | Theft from Pike/Broadway street beer vendor leads to broken bottle fight

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  • Street beer robbery: SPD investigated an “armed robbery” early last Sunday morning involving a broken bottle brawl over the theft of a couple brews from a beer peddling street entrepreneur. It happened, naturally, at Broadway and Pike. According to the SPD report on the incident, a male who showed up at a local hospital with a cut to his wrist told police he was out partying on Capitol Hill around 1:45 AM when he saw the thief apparently stealing the beer from the street sales clerk. “You need to put that back,” the victim told police he said before the fight broke out. Here’s the account from the beer salesman:Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.58.55 PMThe victim told police he was “definitely” inebriated at the time of the incident. There were no arrests.
  • Broadway beer beating: Speaking of Broadway and Pike, police were looking for a suspect who apparently beat a man and knocked out two of his front teeth in a rage after being rejected in his attempt to purchase beer at the Shell station just after 2 AM on July 16th: Continue reading

Only two of Seattle’s 85 pot tickets handed out in East Precinct

Seattle Police issued 85 tickets for public marijuana use in the second half of 2014 — but only two in the East Precinct including Capitol Hill and the Central District. Meanwhile, males and blacks were disproportionately cited for public pot violations.

The statistics were discussed in a Monday morning City Council briefing with Chief Kathleen O’Toole as the department continues to study the public safety impact from I-502’s legalization of retail marijuana. The trends match the first half of 2014 when it was revealed that one downtown bicycle officer had written nearly 80% of Seattle’s pot citations.

The numbers area also important for advocates seeking to create new venues for people to consume marijuana. CHS has reported on the renter’s paradox under I-502 in which apartment dwellers may have nowhere to go to smoke pot due to lease restrictions.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.52.10 AM

Of the 85 tickets issued from July through December 2014, only two were handed out in the East Precinct — 94% of Seattle’s citations were handed out downtown.

The citation totals do not, however, include SPD traffic stops and contacts for suspected marijuana use. An SPD dispatch dataset shows five different marijuana related incidents handled in the East Precinct in the past week, each of them in the Pike/Pine core or near Cal Anderson, three initiated by a “suspicious stop” by the officer. None of the five, by the way, resulted in a citation.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.10.31 AM


Here are the other breakdowns for the 2014 dataset including the racial component showing 27% of citations were issued to African Americans.

The dataset also reveals one additional aspect of enforcing public marijuana consumption laws — only 9.4% of the 2014 tickets have been paid.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.52.04 AM

‘Take back the neighborhood’ — Officials plan response to Central District gun violence — UPDATE

A wave of shootings and street crime will bring city and police officials to the Central District’s Powell Barnett Park Thursday night for a community meeting to “take back the neighborhood” and “stop the violence.”

Mayor Ed Murray and SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole are expected to attend the gathering planned for 6 PM in the south end of the park along Alder.

UPDATE: The mayor and chief will also be part of a media conference “to address gun violence” Thursday morning at 14th Ave’s First AME Church:

Mayor Murray, Chief O’Toole, and faith leaders from across Seattle come together this morning to speak to gun violence, its impacts and the community’s response.

UPDATE 12:00 PM: Thursday’s media conference inside the First AME Church at 14th and Pine began and ended with a prayer in a session that brought together black leaders from Seattle’s spiritual and business communities with city officials.

IMG_6106“If you can’t get it right in Martin Luther King County, you not gonna get it right in any place in the nation,” activist and community leader Charlie James said.

Mayor Murray and Chief O’Toole said police will only be part of the solution.

“Policing is part of the answer,” Murray said. “Better policing is part of the answer.”

“But that’s not going to be good enough.”

But there is apparently more to do on the policing side. The officials announced that SPD has begun the process to reassess the use of surveillance camera technology as an avenue to reduce street violence in Seattle.

Chief O’Toole said that community and business groups in the Central District and International District have asked for the technology.

“We are open and we are looking at it,” Murray said. Continue reading

Blotter | SPD warns of Capitol Hill parking garage burglary surge

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  • Burglary spike: Capitol Hill burglary reports are off the charts and SPD officials are pointing to a surge in parking garage break-ins. According to SPD data compiled by CHS, May and June of this year saw a close to 8% rise in reported burglaries across the East Precinct — but a surge in July has pushed concerns higher along with the crime trend. At its recent pace, July was on track for nearly 100 reported break-ins — the highest total we’ve tallied in the last two years:
    Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.22.47 AM

    July projected (Source:

    Community outreach efforts from the department are warning apartment and condo dwellers around Capitol Hill and First Hill to beware car prowlers:Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.48.07 PMYou can see where the burglaries have been concentrated. Here’s a “heat map” of reports around the East Precinct since May 1st:

    UPDATE: SPD just posted this video showing security imagery of an East Precinct garage burglary suspect who targets bikes:

  • Hungry burglar: This account of a North Capitol Hill break-in has the Stranger speculating about an “open window” burglary surge. We think it’s more a reminder of just how random some break-ins can be: Continue reading

Blotter | SPD searching for Capitol Hill robbery suspect — Plus, gunfire at Dick’s

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  • Robbery suspect search: Seattle Police say they are looking for Garrett Shipley as a suspect in two armed robberies in the city including a July 3rd hold-up on Capitol Hill:
    Detectives are looking for leads as they search for a man who robbed two people at gunpoint on July 3rd in the Capitol Hill and Fremont neighborhoods. Police believe Garrett Shipley approached his victims, claimed he was having an emergency and needed to borrow their cellphones. When the victims handed over their phones, Shipley fled in a grey 2002 Dodge Stratus. If you know where detectives can find Shipley, please call (206) 684-5535.
    In the July 3rd robbery, the hold-up went down just after 11 PM in the 1200 block of Boylston as the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle with plates registered to Shipley. The car was last seen leaving the area headed west on Union. 20 minutes later, police say the same suspect pulled a similar hold-up on Fremont Ave N. Shipley has not been charged in the crimes.

  • Dick’s gunfire: We are still gathering details on a shooting incident late Friday night that briefly sent the nightlife crowds on Broadway scattering. According to witness accounts and SPD radio dispatches, police rushed to the area just before 10:30 PM following reports of a dispute involving gunfire near the busy fast food joint. There were no injuries reported. Police were in the area collecting evidence and looking for a suspect described as a black male in his late teens, around 5’9″, wearing blue jeans with “saggy shorts” underneath and an orange hoodie, and armed with a small silver revolver. Some witnesses reported that the shooter fled the area in a white SUV. There were no immediate arrests.

    UPDATE: SPD’s report on the incident includes two witness descriptions of the scene:Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.06.54 AMAccording to the report, police searching the area were unable to find any shell casings which could indicate the weapon was a revolver-style pistol. Police are looking for surveillance video from the area.

Car with mom and kids peppered by bullets after 4th of July wrong turn near I-90

Seattle Police are investigating a July 4th shooting incident near 25th and Massachusetts that left a Mercer Island mother and three teens shaken and their car peppered with bullet holes.

The incident was described in a post this week in the popular Madrona Moms group.

Hi MM – I want to make you aware of additional shooting that occurred in the neighborhood.

A friend was driving my son and her two boys after the fireworks show Saturday night. She was headed towards eastbound I90 and stopped briefly on Massachusetts near Colman park, calling a friend that had been following her who had missed a turn. As she was providing the friend directions, someone from a group of people celebrating the 4th across the street starting shooting at her car. This was completely unprovoked.

She immediately drove away, but five bullets hit her car. Three of the bullets penetrated the driver’s side door, shattering the window and created an outline around the driver. There is another bullet hole near the headrest in the rear seat. If any one of the bullets would have been six inches closer it would have hit her or one of our boys.

According the SPD report on the incident, after the shooting, the driver sped through the streets and onto I-90 where the driver’s side window fell out as she crossed the bridge. In the panic, a teenage male in the car said he had been shot in the shoulder. The driver pulled to the side and called 911. Continue reading

Blotter | Rock, paper, scissors robbery, doggy door burglary

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  • Rock, paper, scissors robbery: Police arrested a suspect with bottles of wine in his pants after an altercation outside the Harvard Market QFC:Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.03.53 PMA search of the suspect turned up two bottles of wine the suspect was seen walking out of QFC with without paying, plus two credit cards and a check belonging to other people, two cell phones, and “several SIM cards” in his wallet.
  • Doggy door burglary: Police investigating a July 2nd daytime burglary in the 2300 block of Federal Ave E found that the thief used a special tool to gain access and steal jewelry from the residence:Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.52.06 PMPolice collected possible fingerprints and took the tool into evidence.
  • Flower shop burglary: A burglar nailed a 15th Ave E florist for around $1,000 in cash after making off with the business’s small safe in an overnight July 2nd break-in. Police found a pane of glass had been removed to gain entry to the shop in the 300 block of 15th Ave E. Continue reading