Police release video of Capitol Hill kidnapping attempt

Seattle Police have released security video from the February 2nd kidnapping attempt in which a man tried to force a woman into a truck in the 1600 block of Bellevue:

SPD’s update describes the late Tuesday, February 2nd attack:

Detectives are releasing a surveillance video that captured last Tuesday’s assault. The grainy video shows the suspect pull up curbside just as the victim walks into frame. The suspect can be seen reaching into the cab before lunging at the victim. The victim quickly breaks free and the suspect retreats to the truck before speeding off.

Detectives are asking anyone with information in this case to please call (206) 684-5767.

Police released the first information on the attack Wednesday more than a week after the attempted abduction.

The 29-year-old woman told police she was walking near Bellevue and E Pine on February 2nd around 11:30 PM when a man driving in a dark blue pickup truck pulled alongside her, grabbed her arms, and told her to get in his car. When others noticed the woman screaming, the suspect drove off. The victim was unharmed.

According to the police report on the incident, the shaken victim said she had never seen the man before, describing the suspect to police as an older white male, around 5’10”, and wearing a dark beanie:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.01.28 PM

The investigation has focused on the blue truck used in the attack. A witness described the truck to police as a dark blue 2000 Chevy Silverado extended cab pickup truck, with tinted windows.

If you have information that could help the investigation, call 911 or (206) 684-5767.

Blotter | SPD investigating attempted kidnapping of a woman on Capitol Hill

Stock Photo provided by SPD.

Stock photo provided by SPD.

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  • Kidnapping attempt reported: Seattle police detectives are searching for a man who allegedly tried to kidnap a woman last week by forcing her into his truck.The 29-year-old woman told police she was walking near Bellevue and E Pine on February 2nd around 11:30 PM when a man driving in a dark blue pickup truck pulled alongside her, grabbed her arms, and told her to get in his car. When others noticed the woman screaming, the suspect drove off.The victim was unharmed. After working the case for a week, detectives are now turning to the public for help. SPD released the following details on the suspect:

    The woman described the suspect as a white male in his 40’s, 5’08”-5’10”, medium build, wearing a dark beanie or wool cap. The victim believed the suspect may had a cigarette in his mouth at the time of the incident.

    A witness described the truck as a dark blue 2000 Chevy Silverado extended cab pickup truck, with tinted windows.

    If you have any information in this or similar cases please call Detective Michelle Gallegos at (206)684-5767.

  • Laundromat knife arrest: SPD has posted details of a situation CHS reported on via Twitter Tuesday afternoon that briefly closed down 12th Ave:
    Officers arrested a man Tuesday afternoon for narcotics and weapons charges after his erratic behavior caught the attention of a laundromat attendant. A laundromat employee called police to the 1800 block of 12 Ave when a man walked into the business and began yelling at himself. The upset man then pulled out a knife and waving it around. The employee took this opportunity to step outside, but as he did so a customer walked in the other entrance. That man, seeing the scene unfolding before him, reversed course and slowly backed out of the establishment. The two men called 911 while keeping any other people from entering the business. Officers quickly arrived and talked to the man, calming him down before placing him under arrest. Officers searched the man and found 2.4 grams of methamphetamine and a knife with a cereal box top sheath. Officers also found a second knife on a window ledge measuring a foot in length. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for narcotics,weapons, and menacing charges. Continue reading

Homeless outreach counselors start Capitol Hill patrols with East Precinct officers

Downtown isn't so far from Capitol Hill

Downtown, where MID patrols began, isn’t so far from Capitol Hill (Image: CHS)


As Mayor Ed Murray seeks more local, state, and federal funding to address the growing crisis, one successful homelessness outreach program has made its way to Capitol Hill.

Outreach counselors from the Metropolitan Improvement District have begun joining East Precinct officers on morning patrols. Cal Anderson is a regular part of the beat. It’s part of a long term strategy to do the hard work of confronting chronic homelessness: Counselors learn who sleeps on the street by name, what issues they face, and slowly, try to find ways to help.

“It’s really a relationship model,” said MID vice president Dave Willard.

Outreach workers often start with offering people socks or blankets to open up a conversation, Willard said. They can also provide city and regional bus tickets, motel vouchers, connections to homeless shelters, and other social services.

The effort follows promises made in the wake of a shooting at Broadway and Pike in November to bring more services to Pike/Pine to help free up East Precinct officers who have found themselves on the front lines of Seattle’s homelessness crisis.

There are currently two outreach workers assigned to Capitol Hill and a third drug abuse and mental health counselor on the way. Willard said the program is on the search for an empty storefront or small office space in the neighborhood. “Just a place to meet with people out of the rain … a table, a couple chairs, maybe a coffee pot,” he said. You can email Willard with any ideas.

Continue reading

SPD says three teens arrested in Seattle’s ‘Jungle’ murders

Police took three teenagers into custody Monday night for last week’s fatal shooting in The Jungle area below I-5 known for homeless encampments and drug use.

Police arrested the three — age 13, 16 and 17 — “in connection with last week’s fatal shooting at a homeless encampment in the Beacon Hill greenbelt,” SPD announced in a brief update on the case. Officers took the suspects into custody on Monday just after 5 PM on 4th Ave S near an I-90 onramp. Continue reading

Blotter | Police investigating after two nights of Cal Anderson gunpoint hold-ups

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  • Gunpoint robberies reported: Seattle Police investigated two armed hold-ups around Cal Anderson Park over the weekend. Saturday night, officers surrounded the park after one unsuccessful gunpoint robbery but were not able to track the suspect down. The victim told police he was approached by the male suspect around 9:30 PM near the pumphouse end of the park’s reflection pool but refused the man’s demands even though he was armed with what appeared to be a black, semiautomatic handgun. Police searched the area but could find no trace of the suspect described as a black male in his 20s, around 5’8″, wearing black pants and a black hoodie with the hood cinched tightly over his face. Meanwhile, police were called to another reported armed robbery in the park just before 8 PM Friday. We don’t have any details yet in that incident but we’re told police believe the crimes were committed by the same person.
  • UPDATE — Pot cookie DUI: SPD has posted details of another incident we were looking into from the weekend. Not mentioned in the report — the gun involved was reported to be a .223 Short Barreled Rifle, according to East Precinct radio:
    Police arrested a man Saturday evening on Capitol Hill after his expired license plates caught the attention of officers, who soon discovered he was driving while high on marijuana cookies while transporting a felon and an illegally stowed firearm in his car.East precinct Anti-Crime Team officers were on patrol Saturday night when they spotted an SUV with expired plates driving near 10th Avenue and East Pike St.  Officers Matt Blackburn and Brian Sunderland, and Sgt Ben Morrison stopped the SUV and began speaking with the driver. Continue reading

Police investigating Friday morning gunfire at 23rd and Union

(Image: SPD)

(Image: SPD)

Police closed off the parking lot at the Midtown Center Friday morning after reports of gunfire in the shopping strip near 23rd and Union.

There were no reports of injuries and it’s not yet known if any buildings or vehicles in the area were damaged, a SPD spokesperson tells CHS. Police and the SPD’s gang unit were collecting evidence at the scene.

The reports of up to seven shots came in just before 11 AM. Witnesses described a vehicle believed to be involved in the shooting that left the scene. Police were searching for the car — we don’t have a description of the vehicle.

There were no immediate reports of arrests.

The sales process for the Midtown Center land is coming to a culmination as buyers have emerged to develop the block-long property.

Blotter | 911 response time stats, Broadway mugging, E Madison burglary

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • 911 response times: SPD presented a report (PDF) to the City Council Wednesday morning showing its numbers on response times to 911 calls across the city. According to the dataset, it takes East Precinct officers one more minute on average to respond to the highest priority 911 calls than it did in 2010. In that time, the call volume for the high priority calls in East Precinct has swelled by 37%.Presentation (added 1-26-16)_avg Presentation (added 1-26-16)_total Continue reading

Two killed, three injured in ‘Jungle’ shooting

The wooded greenbelt below the confluence of I-90 and I-5 was the scene of a deadly shooting Tuesday night that killed two and sent three more to the hospital.

UPDATE (2/1/16): Seattle Police arrested three teenage suspects — ages 13, 16, 17 — six days after the incident. Officers took the suspects into custody on Monday just after 5 PM on 4th Ave S near an I-90 onramp.

Original Report: Police searched the area known as The Jungle where many homeless encampments are located. There were no arrests:

Detectives continue to investigate tonight’s shooting and believe the five victims were specifically targeted.

Two men were killed in the incident and one woman remains in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center. One man and a woman are also in serious condition.

Police are asking anyone with any information about the case to call SPD’s Violent Crimes tip line at (206) 233-5000.

Tuesday’s killings came amid debate over chronic areas of illegal camping in Seattle and on a night when Mayor Ed Murray was scheduled to broadcast a live address on homelessness in the city. Seattle is slated to spend more than $47 million on homelessness in 2016.

The greenbelt area and state property around I-5 is heavily used by campers throughout the city — including below Capitol Hill and the downtown convention center and on the south end of the East Precinct around Yesler Terrace. In March 2015, a homeless woman was shot to death in the greenbelt area below Yesler Terrace. Though sometimes described in nightmarish terms by law enforcement, the areas can be places of shelter and safety for some. The persistent use of these areas has lead some to call for more resources to make the camps safer and better deal with the trash and human waste.

In September, CHS reported that SPD was ready to begin enforcing no trespassing on state land along I-5 without the presence of a state official under a new agreement with WSDOT.


911 bombarded with Capitol Hill calls after more middle-of-the-night fireworks

In the grand scheme of things, finding out those booms in the night are fireworks and not gunfire could bring a sense of relief. But after another night of sleep-shattering booms on Capitol Hill, we’ve heard from a lot of you with questions about what, exactly, is happening with all of the pyrotechnical activity going on around the neighborhood.

We don’t know either. But we do know the CHS inbox and Twitter feed blew up with reports of loud explosions again Tuesday morning. According to East Precinct radio (listen above), 911 calls “spiked” to more than 20 reports of the overnight explosions. Here is one of the emails we received:

Have you heard anything about the loud explosions/fireworks early this morning around the block of Harvard/Boylston and mercer/Roy? There were a series of probably a dozen between 2am and 3am. It wasn’t the first I’ve heard them in the area around that time, but definitely the most extreme.  Not fun waking up to a game of “gunshots or fireworks?” Curious, irritated, concerned and very tired.

Another reader sent in these photos showing debris and smoke before police checked things out on Broadway overnight: Continue reading

Two in custody after shootout in Pratt Park

Two people were taken into custody and fortunately there were no injuries after gunfire in Pratt Park just around 7 PM Monday night.

Calls flooded 911 some with the dispatcher reporting the sound of gunfire in the background just after 7 PM as residents and passersby in the area reported the situation to police. One witness described two groups of people moving through the park and shooting at each other, according to East Precinct radio dispatches.

There were no reported injuries.

Seattle Police arriving on the scene took two people into custody, according to the department but no further details were available. According to police radio, handguns that showed signs of being recently fired were recovered. Police continued to collect evidence and look for information following the incident including at a nearby E Yesler building where a fresh bullet hole was found in an apartment’s window.

UPDATE: SPD has posted its report on the incident and confirmed one arrest:

Police caught a 21-year-old convicted felon and recovered a stolen pistol last night after officers responded to reports of gunfire at a Central District park.

Witnesses called police around 7 PM last night and reported two groups of men were firing guns at one another in Pratt Park, near 19th Avenue South and South Main Street.  No one was injured in the incident. Continue reading