Threat clears Capitol Hill Station construction site

Workers filled the street as they were cleared from the construction site Tuesday morning (Images: CHS)

Seattle Police and King County’s Metro Police were searching the area and construction workers were sent home for the day after a bomb scare Tuesday morning at the mixed-use development construction site surrounding Capitol Hill Station.

A county spokesperson tells CHS that the Broadway light rail facility was also being searched and checked out clear. The facility appeared to remain in operation throughout the morning. Continue reading

Mayor starts 2020 budget push with more money for retaining police, and more funding for Community Service Officers

Budget season is returning to Seattle City Hall and Mayor Jenny Durkan is again starting with what has been at the core of her plans for city revenue — public safety and police.

Tuesday, the mayor announced a proposal “to invest $1.6 million” to “strengthen recruitment, speed up hiring, and improve retention of officers” at the Seattle Police Department.

“As Seattle grows, we must make sure we are recruiting, hiring and retaining the most experienced officers who can provide public safety and are committed to lasting reform,” the mayor said in a statement on the budget initiative. “That’s how we can build the best and most effective community policing department in America.” Continue reading

911 | SFD quickly knocks down fire as Sunday brunchtime blaze clears Coastal Kitchen

Thanks to Tim Durkan for sharing photos from the scene

(Image: Tim Durkan)

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  • Coastal Kitchen fire: Seattle Fire was quick to the rescue and Coastal Kitchen barely skipped a beat in its Sunday brunch service after a noontime fire brought a huge response but did little damage to the 15th Ave E restaurant. SFD was called to the 400 block at straight up noon to the report of light smoke coming from the back of the restaurant. Arriving crews found a fire burning and threatening the building’s roof but the flames were quickly knocked down as patrons from the cleared restaurant looked on from 15th Ave. There were no reported injuries and damage was mostly limited to the exterior of the building. Coastal was reported reopened and serving after about an hour of downtime. Seattle Police closed 15th Ave E to traffic during the response. The Seattle Fire Marshal was called to the scene to investigate and found that “a propane meat smoker located on the exterior back porch” ignited grease in the smoker catch basin and set off the fire. Damage was estimated to be $20,000.

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Friday morning SWAT standoff locks down Melrose — UPDATE

Seattle Police and a SWAT team set off flash bombs and closed down city streets around the Denny Terrace Apartments Friday morning in an apparent standoff with a suspect believed to be in a unit inside the Seattle Housing Authority building.

We’re waiting for more information from SPD about what precipitated the standoff but residents in the area report hearing at least three loud bangs earlier this morning. As of 8:30 AM, Melrose was closed to traffic and pedestrians between Denny and John.

(Image: Bellevue Police Department)

The suspect was reportedly armed according to SPD radio dispatches. UPDATE 8:35 AM: According to police radio updates, the suspect has been found dead inside the unit. Seattle Fire has been called to the 9th floor apartment to respond to the reported death. The scene is still active so please wait for the official all clear from Seattle Police.

UPDATE 12:40 PM: The suspect found dead in the incident was identified in Seattle Police radio updates as Adam Anthony Gua. The 28-year-old had been the subject of a Bellevue Police bulletin issued Thursday calling Gua “a dangerous armed car prowl suspect.”

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911 | Repeat shoplift suspect busted after pulling knife in Pike/Pine shirt heist

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  • E Pike armed robbery arrest: A Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap helped land an armed shoplifting suspect in jail after a Tuesday afternoon ripoff at E Pike men’s boutique Sharply. According to the SPD report on the armed robbery arrest, two men entered the 500-block E Pike store and a worker recognized one of the duo from a previous shoplifting incident. One of the suspects said he was shopping for his nephew’s birthday and was taking pictures of the store while the other male went to the front of the store. According to the report, the two men left separately and the employee noticed “the bag the suspect 1 was carrying looked more full” than before. The employee checked a rack near where the suspect had been standing and found five shirts had been taken. The employee rushed out of the store and found the two men walking away from the scene together. According to the report, the suspects began to run but the employee was able to chase them down on Summit where he said he told them he only wanted the shirts back. As the situation became heated, police say one of the men pulled out a three-inch knife and threatened the employee until he backed off. Police were called and were able to locate one of the suspects at Boren and Pike thanks to his LA Dodgers hat. The suspect was also found to have multiple warrants including harassment, property destruction, and assault. He also provided a false name to officers. He was arrested and booked into jail for investigation of armed robbery. There were no reported injuries. The second suspect was not located. The value of the stolen shirts was $220. They were apparently not recovered. Continue reading

911 | Owner stops armed First Hill car prowler, I-5 gun false alarm, Cal Anderson right-wing rally draws smaller than expected turnout

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  • First Hill car prowl robbery: Police are investigating a First Hill car prowl as an armed robbery after the perpetrator was caught in the act Sunday night by the vehicle’s owner and dropped his gun in the ensuing struggle:
    Shortly after 5:00 pm on Sunday, East Precinct officers responded to the 1000 block of Spring Street for the reported robbery. The owners of the vehicle stated that they saw the suspect inside their parked car, removing items from it. A struggle ensued, with the suspect actively fighting to hold on to the stolen property. Nearby security officers heard the commotion and rushed over to assist. During the struggle, a 9mm handgun fell from the suspect’s waistband to the ground. The security officers were able to detain the suspect until officers arrived. Officers arrested the suspect. A check of the suspect’s name showed that he is a convicted felon, and thereby prohibited from possessing a handgun. A check of the gun showed that it was reported as stolen.
    Police say the 25-year-old suspect is a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing the handgun that reportedly dropped from his waistband during a struggle over items ripped off from the vehicle. “A check of the gun showed that it was reported as stolen,” police write. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for investigation of robbery, felony gun charges, and possession of a stolen firearm. Continue reading

Suspect in custody after reported knife attack at MLK/Union Grocery Outlet

Police took a suspect into custody minutes after an employee at MLK and Union’s Grocery Outlet was reportedly slashed in the face with a knife in an assault just before 1:30 PM

Police were called to the scene Friday afternoon to a report that a clerk had been cut on the face by a suspect who attempted to flee but was being held down by multiple people, according to East Precinct radio.

Details of this report have not yet been confirmed with SPD or Seattle Fire.

Seattle Fire was called to the scene to treat the victim’s injuries. UPDATE: SFD reports the clerk’s injuries as “minor.”


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SPD releases video plea for witnesses to March murder in Cal Anderson to ID shooter

A scene from SPD’s video on the March 2019 murder

Seattle Police have taken the unusual step of producing a video plea for witnesses to the March shooting death of a 21-year-old in Cal Anderson Park to come forward and help detectives solve the case.

“We know Hakeem was murdered in front of numerous witnesses, many of whom claim to be his close friends,” the narrator in the two-minute video says. “We also know that the suspect did not leave the park alone and that his identity is known to multiple people present that night.” Continue reading

One injured in another bout of gunfire at 29th and Alder — UPDATE

Monday night gunfire at a Central District corner with a history of shootouts and gang activity including a shots fired incident Friday afternoon sent a 27-year-old man to the hospital in stable condition but with serious injuries, a Seattle Fire spokesman said.

Seattle Police were called to an address at the corner of 29th and Alder just after 6:30 PM Monday to a report of gunfire and a vehicle speeding from the scene. Continue reading

911 | Broadway pepper spray melee, residential burglary spike, and how you can help improve police reporting in Seattle

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  • Police reports: You may have noticed CHS has been running fewer crime round-ups this summer. In the beginning days of the site, we used to go to the East Precinct lobby to dig through paper versions of the latest crime reports. In recent years, access has been much improved with services like Tweets by Beat and Online Reports making SPD’s work as transparent as possible. After some Seattle Department of Information Technology work, the services became unavailable starting in May. Last week, Tweets by Beat came back online. Yay! But the system for giving access to SPD’s incident reports remains offline. Unfortunately, SPD long ago phased out the paper and later CD-ROM process for accessing reports meaning the only way to get the information is to ask for it on a case by case basis from a busy Public Information team or submit a public disclosure requests that takes weeks at best. Let the Seattle DoIT folks know (email) you appreciate the return of Tweets by Beat and would also like to see online access to reports restored ASAP! You can also let them know on Twitter @SeattleITDept. Thanks!
  • Broadway pepper spray melee: A 19-year-old woman was taken into custody for assaulting multiple people with pepper spray in a roaming street melee that made its way down Broadway last Thursday night. According to the SPD report on the incident, the fight started near Broadway and Harrison around 8 PM when a man was confronted over a possible theft from a nearby shop. A fight disturbance involving multiple people was reported as police tried to track down the participants along Broadway. Seattle Fire and police were eventually called to the Kimchi Bistro in the 200 block of Broadway E where two people were reported suffering from exposure to pepper spray. The male from the original fight and a woman were located nearby at 10th and Republican. Police identified the woman as the perp in the pepper spray attack and took her into custody. She was booked for investigation of assault. There were no additional arrests and no other significant reported injuries. Continue reading