Madison Valley house damaged by gunfire

Police are investigating after bullets crashed through a house’s walls in a bout of gunfire in Madison Valley early Thursday morning.

Police rushed to the area near 28th and Mercer after reports of several shots fired just before 1 AM. One caller reported bullet holes in his walls including one shot that lodged a slug in his bed frame. There were no reported injuries.

Police were searching the area for a car seen speeding away following the shooting. A vehicle parked near the house was also reportedly damaged.

Police said the resident at the house who reported the shooting didn’t know why the house would have been targeted.

There were no arrests.

Blotter | Pike/Pine New Year’s Eve ‘red baseball cap’ assault reported

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  • Broadway burglar: A calm and cool thief made off with $2,700 in cash in a surprisingly easy heist at a 500 block Broadway E establishment last Saturday. Police were called to the location listed as a restaurant in the report to investigate the just before 6 PM ripoff. According to the report, the suspected thief walked in and asked if they had any televisions he could watch. When an employee broke the bad news about no screens at the establishment, the man said it wasn’t a problem and he was waiting to meet someone. Then he headed for the office and restaurant’s safe:screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-11-28-22-amSPD is investigating.
  • What kind of hat was it? Police investigated a reported New Year’s Eve assault at 11th and Pike involving a victim possibly targeted because of his “red baseball cap.” The victim told police he was standing outside his residence watching a “protest” when he was attacked by unknown assailants:
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Driver taken into custody by SWAT after car-ramming rampage in First Hill parking garage

A driver on a peculiar rampage was taken into custody by a Seattle Police SWAT unit early Monday morning but not before smashing into cars and engaging in a three hour standoff with police inside a Swedish First Hill parking garage.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, a large white truck was reported driving erratically around 12:30 AM near Boren and Cherry before smashing its way into the garage near Marion and Boren on First Hill. Inside, the driver in the reported stolen vehicle smashed into parked cars and traveled levels of the parking structure for nearly an hour before striking a SPD spike strip and bringing the vehicle to a stop still inside the garage. Continue reading

Find my stolen iCar? Seattle Police use app to recover ripped-off auto

Police recovered a reported stolen vehicle with an assist from Cupertino Monday morning.

In an incident that unfolded on Capitol Hill around 11:15 AM Monday, a law enforcement officer following the car with the victim as his passenger alerted the East Precinct that they had tracked the stolen 2006 Chrysler on I-5 to Capitol Hill.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, the car was taken from a postal carrier who was using the vehicle to deliver packages Monday morning when it was stolen somewhere off Hill. Apparently unbeknownst to the car thief, along with the packages in the car, the victim’s iPhone was also onboard.

Using the phone’s tracking app, the officer and the victim were able to track the car to Harvard and Pine where East Precinct officers arrived and stopped the vehicle. We’re working to confirm any arrests. The vehicle was recovered at the scene.

UPDATE 1/3/2017: SPD has posted a brief on the incident and confirms that two people were arrested and booked for investigation of auto theft:

Officer Uses iPhone App to Locate Stolen Car, Suspects Arrested


Despite apps and promo codes, big December for DUI stops around East Precinct

December DUI incidents reported around the East Precinct (Source:

December DUI incidents reported around the East Precinct (Source:

Early Friday morning between midnight and 3 AM, East Precinct officers made three DUI stops including one just before last call in the heart of the entertainment district at Harvard and Pike.

The stops come in a busier than usual month for impaired driver calls for police across Capitol Hill and the Central District even as impaired drivers have more and more options to be passengers.

This New Year’s Eve, the City of Seattle has again teamed up with Uber for a promotion giving users discounted rides — open the Uber app, tap Promotions, enter promo code SAFESTART2017, and “request an uberPOOL ride on New Year’s Eve and the $10 discount will automatically apply,” Uber writes. But the ride service and its brethren don’t seem to have made a dent in East Precinct DUI enforcement this holiday season.

According to Seattle Police’s publicly available reporting, East patrols have responded to 39 DUI incidents so far this December. Over the past six years, officers have usually made around 20 stops in the same period. Of those 39 stops, about half ended in an arrest including a tech venture capital partner busted just before A AM on December 28th near 27th and Madison and the unfortunate health worker nailed not once but twice this month — once on the 7th and again on the 13th.

Uber’s and others like Lyft’s impact on drunk driving statistics have been used by the companies to push for expansion of the services. Nationally, the drunk driving rate has fallen to a new low, the Washington Post reported Friday. The numbers show that Americans are reporting that, yes indeed, they are driving impaired less often. That may be the case. But the SPD data from Capitol Hill and the East Precinct shows there is still plenty of dangerous drunk driving going on despite the apps and promo codes.

No injuries reported as police investigate more gunfire at Midtown Center

Police were investigating another incident of gunfire Wednesday night in the Midtown Center shopping center. There were no reported injuries or arrests.

Witnesses and 911 callers near 23rd and Union reported multiple shots fired just before 10:45 PM. Police searched the area but found no victims. According to East Precinct radio reports, a shell casing was found near the center’s 99 Cents store and bullet damage was reported in at least one nearby building.

Witnesses told police a vehicle believed to have been involved in the shooting was seen speeding away from the scene. Continue reading

Attorney General sues Capitol Hill photographer Matt Hickey over porn scam

For a decade, former Capitol Hill resident Matt Hickey allegedly used online personas and fake websites to lure women to take nude photos and have sex with him under the guise that they were auditioning for a porn company.

Last week, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a consumer protection lawsuit against Hickey in King County Superior Court. The complaint accuses Hickey of multiple violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act and the Commercial Electronic Mail Act.

“This is one of the most egregious scams I’ve seen as Attorney General,” Ferguson said. “Beyond the monetary damage his victims suffered pursuing the defendant’s fictional job opportunities, they endured emotional trauma and unconscionable loss of privacy through his deception.” Continue reading

Youth jail protest comes to Mayor Murray’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood

Ed Murray’s North Capitol Hill home Tuesday night was the target for a group of protesters calling for the mayor and City Hall to stop construction of the county’s planned upgraded Children and Family Justice Center on 12th Ave.

A group of around 50 protesters lined 10th Ave E near E Boston near the mayor’s home to call for a last-ditch effort to reject what is expected to be approval of city construction permits for the facility, a decision the protesters say is slated for Thursday:

No New Youth Jail Action Alert
Call the Mayor, County Executive, and City Council Today!
**Mayor Murray, Dow Constantine, the City of Seattle, and King County intend to give our children and families a new children jail for the holidays.**
On December 22nd the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection will release its decision about whether it will grant permits to King County to build a new children’s jail in Seattle.

Wednesday night, protesters chanted for no new youth jail and reminded the mayor they know where he lives. “We’re here outside of Mayor Murray’s house to let him know that we’re not going away, we are paying attention, and he can’t do something like allow his city government to pass this permit right before the holidays,” protest organizer Bana Abera said. “Obviously, we are paying attention.”

“We want to let him know that we are vigilant. And especially with him being up for reelection, we are going to make sure that he knows, if he doesn’t stop this jail, this will be the main issue of his campaign.”

Earlier this week, Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine were targeted by protesters at the announcement designating Washington as a “hate free state.” Continue reading

Blotter | SPD releases video of not-so-slick thieves using van to rip off quick mart ATMs

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-2-54-54-pmSee something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • ATM bandits: SPD has released video that shows how thieves have targeted convenience store ATMs around the East Precinct including a November 26th break-in in Eastlake and a December 2nd heist (PDF) in Madison Valley. Police are hoping the public might help in identifying the thieves. In addition to providing a kind of how-to in not very efficient looking ATM thievery, the videos also prove you don’t have to be a criminal genius to get away with this kind of ripoff… for a while at least. Call 911 if you can help detectives bust these guys before the break up another neighborhood quick mart.

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Man hit in leg in Pine parking lot shooting

A man was shot in the leg and the shooter sped away in a black Dodge Charger as a lower Pike/Pine parking lot was again the scene of gun violence early Sunday morning.

Police sped to the area around the Parking lot at Pine just below Melrose across from the Baltic Room just before 2:45 AM to a report of gunfire. They found one victim struck in the leg after what was reported to be a single shot. One shell casing was reported found on the ground. Continue reading

Blotter | 10th Ave E gunpoint robbery, shootout at 23rd/Union

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  • 10th Ave E hold-up: A group of possibly three suspects reportedly held up a female victim at gunpoint as she walked along 10th Ave E waiting for a bus early Monday morning. According to East Precinct radio dispatches on the incident, the victim was robbed by a suspect armed with a silver pistol just after 2 AM along 10th Ave E near Galer where the victim was walking when she was approached by the group. The victim then walked to a nearby residence to call police but by then nearly 20 minutes had passed and the suspects were nowhere to be found. SPD is investigating the hold-up as an armed robbery.
  • Thanks to neighbor Alex Crick for the picture from the police response Friday night

    Thanks to neighbor Alex Crick for the picture from the police response Friday night

    23rd/Union gunfire: A scary scene unfolded around the busy corner of 23rd and Union Saturday night around 5 PM as multiple witnesses reported seeing a gunfight break out between a male shooter on foot and at least one other vehicle speeding away from the area around the Midtown Center parking lot. A large contingent of police arrived in the area and teamed up before approaching the scene where some witnesses reported more than 20 shots were fired. Nobody was reported hit by the gunfire and no suspects could be located when police arrived. Shell casings from at least two guns were found at the scene and multiple businesses in the are sustained damage from flying bullets, a SPD spokesperson tells CHS. The spokesperson said the department’s gang unit is investigating.

How Seattle Police dealt with officer who slammed mentally ill woman to ground on First Hill

Mike O’Dell and Sara Goff contributed to this report

On the morning of December 28, 2014, at about 4 AM, Seattle police officer Daniel Erickson responded to a call from Swedish hospital on First Hill. It was still dark outside, the air, chilly.

Mental health patient Wendlyn Phillips, 57 years old at the time, was reported to have kicked at the medical staff and was now lying in the driveway.

Erickson would need to draw on his 40 hours of federally-mandated crisis intervention training — training specially designed to help him handle erratic individuals who might be suffering from addiction or mental illness without hurting them.

But Phillips was hurt in the encounter, her face bruised and bloodied. She was accused of assaulting the officer and charged.

Documents obtained through public records requests show how the investigation of what happened two years ago on First Hill was handled using new SPD systems. They offer a window into Department of Justice-driven reforms: The use of the Force Investigation Team (FIT) and Force Review Board (FRB) — two teams of officers and commanders who operate behind closed doors — to review controversial incidents like this one and hold officers accountable.

Erickson arrived on the scene in his patrol SUV. The video comes from his dashcam and the hospital’s surveillance camera. It contains disturbing scenes. Continue reading