Police investigate E Pike beating following Orlando benefit show as anti-trans hate crime

Police are investigating the reported beating of a person leaving a Capitol Hill benefit for Orlando Wednesday night as as a hate crime.

Friends and supporters have donated more than $10,000 to help support Michael Volz during recovery from injuries in Wednesday night’s reported anti-trans beating at 11th and Pike:

Dear community, It is with a heavy heart, deep sadness, and great rage, that I let you know our dear friend Michael M Volz was assaulted last night on capitol hill. Michael, myself, and a group of friends attended the fundraiser to benefit the pulse massacre last night at Neumos. Michael left a little bit before everyone to walk to their car and get ready for work in the morning. As Michael was walking to their car, they past the rose, and were approached by a white man in an orange sweatshirt with scruffy brown hair. The man said to Michael, Happy Pride, and began to assault Michael. As he, was punching and choking Michael, he said, “show me your tits you tranny cunt” Michael some how made it back to their house. Michael contacted myself and their friend Sharon. Sharon drove Michael to the hospital and I met them at the Emergency Room. Currently, michael is home. They have some stitches, abrasions, and a lot of bruising. We will need food and people willing to spend time with Michael over the weekend. Currently, we have care situated until early tomorrow afternoon. If you are available to bring food or company please contact us!

Michael wanted me to attach pictures because this is what transphobia looks like. pictures in comments.

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According to Seattle Police, officers responded to a vehicle carrying the victim to investigate the incident around 2:15 AM Thursday morning. Police records show the beating was reported to have happened around 11:30 PM Wednesday night near 11th and E Pike following the Let Your Love Shine: A Queer Benefit For Orlando at Neumos.

UPDATE 4:45 PM: At a Friday afternoon media conference in Cal Anderson before the start of the 2016 Trans* Pride rally and march, Volz, who was still showing wounds from the attack, was accompanied by around 100 supporters and said the attack is part of “a climate of hate” against trans people.

“This is not an isolated incident, this is something that happens to our community frequently and we’re not going to take it anymore,” Volz said.

Volz said they were encouraged by all the people who have offered support.

“It is what great sadness and anger, quite frankly, that I have to stand here,” said SPD Deputy Chief Carmen Best.

Volz was joined by trans activist Danni Askini,founder of the Gender Justice League, who called on people to reject anti-trans bills in the state.

“All of us are in shock and fearful,” Askini said.

“Part of our efforts to do things like Trans Pride Seattle is to create community and solidarity so that people do not feel isolated,” Askini said.

Best said police have not identified a suspect and there is no known video from nearby businesses showing the incident.

Despite the number of Safe Spaces near the location of the attack, Best said it was not a reflection that the LGBTQ safety program was not working.


UPDATE 12:40 PM: Police announced Friday afternoon that the FBI is assisting the investigation of the crime and provided new details of the attack: Continue reading

Man shot during police response at 20th/Dearborn

(With images and reporting by Alex Garland)

(With images and reporting by Alex Garland)

A man reportedly carrying two knives was shot in a police response Sunday afternoon near 20th and Dearborn in the Central District just west of Judkins Park.

Police reported a subject approaching an officer in the area of 20th and Dearborn just after 1:45 PM and then reported shots fired and a man down at the scene.

Police cordoned of the area and have summoned a union representative to East Precinct, a move typically part of the procedure around officer-involved shootings.

Police were called to the scene minutes earlier to a report of a suicidal male armed with a knife.

UPDATE 5:10 PM: SPD has posted a preliminary report on the shooting:

Earlier this afternoon at around 1:44 p.m., East Precinct patrol officers responded to the 1900 block of S Dearborn to a report of a suicidal man chasing his partner with a kitchen chopping knife out in front of their home.

Officers arrived just three minutes later and contacted the victim. The suspect was no longer there.

While officers were speaking to the victim, the suspect returned, armed with two kitchen knives, and confronted the officers. Continue reading

Blotter | Denny Way overpass pepper spray, Broadway booze boost, hubcap burglar

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  • Pepper spraying at Denny Overpass: Four victims were reported pepper sprayed under the Denny Way overpass at 5:10 PM on Sunday, June 12. SPD responded to a call about “an unknown male who was described as average height, olive skin, shaved head and tattoos around his head” assaulting the group under the overpass; the assailant is reported to have said “Thanks for getting me jumped” prior to pepper spraying the victims. SPD arrived on the scene and advised victims on caring for their injuries:

Denny overpass Continue reading

Blotter | Man dies in I-5 overpass OD

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  • Pine/Minor OD: A man died Wednesday night after apparently overdosing on heroin under the I-5 overpass below Minor and Pine. Seattle Fire units were called to the scene around 7:18 PM to a report that a male victim was suffering a drug overdose in an area used by homeless people to camp. According to Seattle Fire radio, the man had already been given two doses of naloxone by a person at the scene by the time medics arrived. Police were called to the scene to escort SFD personnel into the area. Efforts to revive the man continued for nearly 30 minutes. Police were investigating the incident and the King County Medical Examiner will investigate the cause of death.

  • UPDATE — 24/Spring OD death: Police and medical officials were investigating following the reported overdose death of a man Thursday in a lot being used as a homeless encampment at 24th and Spring. Police and Seattle Fire were called to the scene around 12:20 PM to a report of a man suffering a drug overdose. Units arrived to find the man unconscious but breathing. Seattle Fire began CPR to attempt to revive the victim but were not successful. The King County Medical Examiner was at the scene Thursday afternoon to investigate.
  • Tuesday night collisions: Police investigated two crashes on busy Capitol Hill streets Tuesday night in a 20 minute period before midnight — one of which sent a pedestrian struck by a driver at Pine and Broadway to the hospital with serious injuries. In the first incident reported around 11:25 PM, a pedestrian was struck by a driver while crossing the street at Broadway and Pine. SPD was unable to provide more information on the collision but Seattle Fire reports the victim was rushed to the emergency room for treatment of what were believed to be serious injuries. 20 minutes later at Denny and Melrose, a driver collided with a bike rider. Fortunately for the bicyclist, the injuries reported in the second crash were not serious. Police are investigating both incidents. If you have more information about either crash, let us know.
  • Sex assault allegations: The Seattle Police Department says that detectives are “actively investigating” allegations that a Seattle photographer, journalist, and Capitol Hill regular tricked women into having sex with him with promises and offers of work in the porn industry. The Stranger reports that multiple women said they took part in photo shoots and sexual activity in “a hoax orchestrated by Matt, the photographer women were asked to ‘audition’ with in Seattle.” The Stranger identified the photographer as Matt Hickey. Hickey has not been charged with any crimes and declined to speak with The Stranger about the allegations.

Where did deadly cocaine in Capitol Hill overdoses come from?

The Seattle Police Department is winding down the investigation of two women who died on Capitol Hill after snorting chemical-laced cocaine, but a search for the source of the drugs could expand if similar overdoses continue.

Sara Valenzuela, 36, and Maria Paschell, 49, were found dead inside a Capitol Hill apartment on May 30th. According to police, evidence indicated the women had been dead for about two days and had snorted cocaine before they died.

While the cause of the deaths remains pending toxicology reports, King County Public Health issued a warning that cocaine found in the apartment may have been laced with acetylfentanyl — a chemical that is five times stronger than heroin and stronger than prescription fentanyl. Continue reading

Police investigate 27th Ave shooting — UPDATE

A male victim was reported at Swedish Cherry Hill hospital and police were collecting spent shell casings and documenting bullet holes in vehicles on 27th Ave near Spring following a bout of gunfire Saturday night around 10:30 PM.

Multiple people in the area reported hearing the gunfire and police sped to 27th Ave to investigate the shots. Minutes later, a male victim was reported at the nearby Swedish Cherry Hill medical facility.

We do not yet have information about the condition of the male victim and all details at this point are not confirmed with SPD or Seattle Fire. UPDATE 6/5/2015 4:30 PM: SPD has posted a brief on the shooting confirming our report and asking for anybody with details to call detectives at 206-233-5000:

Homicide detectives are investigating after a man was dropped off at a hospital with a gunshot wound Saturday night.

Witnesses called 911 at 10:25 PM Saturday after hearing multiple shots fired near 27 Ave. and E. Spring St.

Officers arrived and found multiple shell casings and bullet damaged houses and cars in the area.  Swedish Cherry Hill called 911  advising officers a man had been dropped off with a gunshot wound.  Doctors there  stabilized the victim before he was taken to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment.

Homicide/Assault detectives responded to the scene and are now investigating the case. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call 206-233-5000.

The SPD CSI unit was dispatched to the scene on 27th Ave.

Blotter | Two found dead in apparent double overdose inside 12th Ave apartment

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  • Dead women found: A pair of Seattle Police officers made an awful discovery Wednesday night when they found two women dead of apparent drug overdoses inside a Capitol Hill apartment. According to the SPD report on the incident, police were called to the 12th Ave residence Wednesday afternoon but the officers didn’t arrive until just before 8 PM to check out why one of the women wasn’t responding to a family member’s phone calls. The officers arrived to find the door to the unit unlocked and a rancid smell in the hallway. Inside, police found a horrible scene:
    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.38.38 PMPolice say the residence was “clean and organized” and reported that there were no signs of forced entry or any indication of a physical struggle inside the apartment. “No notes were located in the apartment indicating that the death was a suicide,” the SPD report concludes. Homicide detectives documented the scene and the King County Medical Examiner was investigating the deaths. Initial findings indicated the women had been dead for about two days. A small dog found inside the apartment was taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter. UPDATE: King County Health officials have issued a warning regarding cocaine “contaminated with acetylfentanyl”:

    This week, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted autopsies on two women who apparently died from cocaine that may have been contaminated with acetylfentanyl. These findings are preliminary, but Public Health officials are concerned enough to issue a public alert about the overdose danger even before the confirmatory tests are conducted.

    “Cocaine users need to be aware that acetylfentanyl-laced cocaine can kill quickly when snorted or injected. There is no way to know whether cocaine is laced with acetylfentanyl, so the best prevention is to avoid use of cocaine altogether,” said Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health – Seattle & King County.

    The last known acetylfentanyl death in King County was in 2015. Acetylfentanyl is not the same as the more commonly known fentanyl. Acetylfentanyl is 5 times or more stronger than heroin and stronger than prescription fentanyl. Acetylfentanyl is not prescribed but is synthesized in clandestine laboratories. The opioid antaganost naloxone (Narcan) can help to reverse an overdose from acetylfentanyl, but higher doses may be needed compared to heroin.

    The two people who died inhaled (snorted) and did not inject the cocaine. Health officials suspect that the two women were exposed to the same batch of drug and that these deaths do not represent two separate incidents. No additional information about the two deaths is available. Health officials are trying to learn where the drug may have been acquired and if other drugs may have played a role. Public Health will release more information as it is uncovered.

    UPDATE 6/6/2016 11:15 AM: The Seattle Times reports the Medical Examiner has identified the women who died as Sara Valenzuela, 36, and Maria Paschell, 49. The Times say the investigation reveals the women died May 30 but the cause and manner of their deaths remain pending toxicology reports. The apartment where the women died was Valenzuela’s residence, according to the Times.

  • Baton robbery: A man was beaten and robbed of his backpack early Friday morning on E Olive Way. According to East Precinct radio, the male victim was attacked in the 1700 block of E Olive Way around 2:30 AM by a man wielding a baton-type weapon. Police searched for the suspect but could not locate the attacker described as a white male in his 30s, around 5’9″ with a mustache and wearing a beanie, a dark blue hoodie, and jeans. He was last seen headed westbound on E Olive Way. Seattle Fire was called to the scene to treat the victim. SPD is investigating.

Gunshot detection tech deployment being lined up for Central District

(Image: ShotSpotter)

(Image: ShotSpotter)

Already monitored by cameras from federal law enforcement agencies, the Central District could soon also be outfitted with technology designed to pinpoint gunfire and alert police to gun violence. Mayor Ed Murray Thursday announced his proposal for a test of gunshot detection technology in the city in “neighborhoods most impacted by gun violence, including the Central District and Rainier Valley.”

“We have seen gunshot locators work effectively in other cities,” Murray said in a statement. “We will work with our neighborhoods to gauge their interest in participating in the pilot project, as we protect the privacy of all residents.”

The mayor’s office will send legislation to the City Council to enable the pilot. A federal grant will pay for the project. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been lobbying cities across the country to deploy the system which uses microphones and sometimes cameras to collect sound and a computer system to pinpoint its location and alert police.

The mayor’s office outlined Seattle’s ongoing going violence:

Since the beginning of the year, 144 incidents of shots fired have been reported in Seattle. Five people have been killed and another 24 have been injured. Of the 69 people who have been assaulted by someone with a firearm, more than half of all victims are under the age of 30 and are African American.

During that same period in 2015, 154 incidents of shots fired were reported, resulting in two deaths and 27 injuries.

Officials say the Rainier Valley, the Central District and in South Park are the areas where most shots have been concentrated. “Shots are most frequently reported in the evening hours on Fridays and Saturdays,” according to the announcement.

The microphones — and possibly cameras — will join surveillance cameras installed around the Central District in response to past gun violence and drug crimes in the area. Last summer, federal agents confirmed to CHS that they had quietly installed surveillance cameras along 23rd Ave in the CD. In a July community meeting, Murray said the city was still in the process of “looking at” deploying advanced surveillance cameras and also promised that, unlike past use of cameras in Seattle, the process to deploy the technology would be fully public. Speaking before ATF representatives, Murray and SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole were both apparently unaware of the agency’s camera plan at the time.

The deployment of the gunshot detection technology appears to be off to a more public start with debate set to follow as the legislation moves to the City Council. Some have criticized the systems for their privacy issues, some for their poor results.

Meanwhile, closer coordination with federal agencies has paid off for SPD. Chief O’Toole said last summer that the FBI and ATF formed a new partnership with the department. O’Toole said the Puget Sound Regional Crime Gun Taskforce –- a partnership between Seattle Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Washington State Patrol crime lab — improved Seattle’s ability to analyze crime scenes.

Where the proposed detection technology will be installed probably won’t be determined for months but it is unlikely we’ll see it on Capitol Hill. Following last November’s drive-by shooting at Broadway and Pike, officials said that the detection technology wasn’t effective in noisy city environments like Capitol Hill.

Blotter | Security stops Broadway shoplifter beating

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  • Broadway shoplifter beating: Police were called to a “convenience store” in the 1500 block of Broadway late Friday night to a report of an attack on a shoplifter. According to the SPD report on the incident, witnesses said the shopkeeper had gone after the shoplifter for trying to steal a bottle of wine around 11:30 PM Friday.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.00.45 PMThe alleged thief didn’t hang around for the alleged beating — or police. He was nowhere to be found. According to report, security guards in the area stopped the beating and took away the shopkeep’s bat. “I informed  XXXX assaulting someone with a baseball bat is a felony and should another similar event be reported he would be arrested,” the reporting officer writes.
  • Hate crime investigation: A man arrested after discharging a cloud of “bear spray” into a crowded crosswalk at Broadway and Pine last Thursday morning is facing possible hate crime charges in an allegedly racially-based attack. According to the police report on the just before 8 AM incident, the suspect, who is white, was reported to have “rapped” about the black male victim’s sister before threatening him with the pepper spray. Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.13.28 PM Continue reading

Two charged in Friday the 13th armed robbery at Pike/Boylston

The two men arrested following a reported gunpoint theft of a bottle of vodka from a man walking on the street at Pike and Boylston early on Friday the 13th have been charged with first degree robbery.

Cordero Duckworth, 27, and Anthoney Moss, 29, have each been charged in the crime and are now being held on $250,000 bail.

Police say the men are being investigated “for ties to other recent crimes” after officers found “they were carrying a gun, a ski mask and gloves” during the Friday the 13th incident involving a bottle of Cinna-Sugar Twist vodka.

The victim told police he had just been kicked out of his girlfriend’s house and was trying to sort out what to do next. His first move? Buying a bottle of flavored vodka. Things got worse when he encountered two men who police say were Duckworth and Moss:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.48.55 PM

Police tracked down Duckworth and Moss nearby and found Moss was carrying a holstered 9mm pistol. The victim identified both as the men who had held him up. Police say they found a bottle of Cinna-Sugar Twist (inaccurately identified as “Brown Sugar” in the police report above) in Duckworth’s backpack. Duckworth told police the victim offered to sell him the vodka and mushrooms and that he had only purchased the booze. He couldn’t explain how the victim knew Moss was packing a pistol. Police say Moss claimed not to have been involved and to only have known Duckworth as “O.”

According to prosecutors, Moss does not have any prior felony convictions. Duckworth was convicted for second degree manslaughter in 2007 and a drug charge in 2014.