Miskell pleads not guilty in Broadway apartment stabbing attack

Branden Miskell, the 30-year-old Capitol Hill man arrested after police were able to stop a bloody attack on his boyfriend in their Broadway apartment just before midnight January 11th, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder Tuesday morning.

Police say the suspect admitted he was trying to kill his boyfriend after ingesting a large amount of cannabis before the horrific attack. Continue reading

With reform of police shooting inquests underway, King County will provide lawyers to families

More progress? I-940 to provide more and better training to police and to increase accountability around police shootings is also moving forward.

Dow Constantine has named two more members to the King County Inquest Review Committee and the King County Council has voted to provide public attorneys to the families of police shooting victims.

The new appointments were named Monday and join a committee convened to reform  the county’s inquest process. Inquests in the county remain suspended pending a review period.

DeVitta Briscoe is the founder of the McCaney Project, a grass-roots organization that aims to promote awareness and find solutions to the escalating problem of gun-violence among youth. She lost her son, Donald McCaney, to gang violence in 2010, and her brother Che’ Taylor, who was fatally shot by Seattle police in 2016.
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Blotter | Violent 23rd/Pike street robbery, Harvard Market stairs assault, Neumos fire alarm

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  • Robbery and assault: Police are looking for the suspect in a Saturday night, January 6th incident in which a woman said she was followed, attacked, and threatened with sexual assault in an armed robbery reported at 23rd and E Pike. The woman said she was walking home from work just before 9 PM when she noticed she was being followed:
    The victim told police the attack quickly escalated: Continue reading

SPD boundary change carves off a few blocks of the International District from East Precinct

To provide better coverage of public safety needs in the International District and the neighborhoods part of the East Precinct including Capitol Hill, SPD is adjusting its boundaries starting Wednesday:

On January 24, 2018, Seattle Police Department is deploying a new beat map that adjusts existing boundaries in the West Precinct and East Precinct. This change will affect beats G1, G3, K2 and K3, and was made following a review of the deployment map at the recommendation of the Chinatown-International District Public Safety Task Force. Their June 2016 report featured nineteen recommendations, including the movement of the Little Saigon area of the CID neighborhood from the East Police Precinct into the West Precinct. This geographical change will provide better tracking of patterns of crime, improve communication and coordination between CID and the City of Seattle, and reunite the historical neighborhood.

“Beat realignments are a common practice for law enforcement agencies throughout the country, allowing police departments to account for city growth, population density changes, and public safety challenges,” the department says. Continue reading

Hickey sentenced in porn scam sex assaults

Matt Hickey will spend most of the next three years behind bars.

The 41-year-old was sentenced Friday afternoon to 34 months in jail following his plea deal late last year to avoid trial. Hickey admitted guilt to one count of indecent liberties and three counts of assault with intent to commit indecent liberties. He had faced four separate counts of second degree rape. Prosecutors were looking for the maximum 30-month sentence. King County Jude Mary E. Roberts tacked on four more. Hickey has been jailed for more than a year awaiting trial.

Hickey, a former Capitol Hill regular, was arrested in Las Vegas in late 2016 after prosecutors and police said the Seattle writer and photographer had sexually assaulted incapacitated victims including preying on a woman he met in a Capitol Hill bar.

Prosecutors says Hickey’s assaults had been going on for years:

Women assaulted by Hickey read victim impact statements before Friday’s sentencing. The Stranger’s Sydney Brownstone, whose investigation of the fake porn “auditions” is credited with bringing Hickey to justice, reported here on the sentencing hearing.

Man charged with attempted murder in Broadway apartment stabbing attack on boyfriend

The man in a drug-induced frenzy who police say they had to tackle as he tried to strangle and stab his boyfriend to death inside a Broadway apartment last Thursday night has been charged with attempted murder and assault, according to prosecutors.

Branden Miskell, 30, was arrested after police were able to stop the bloody attack just before midnight on January 11th. Police say the suspect admitted he was trying to kill his boyfriend.

Police at the scene said it appeared that Miskell was exhibiting signs of excited delirium, a condition of extreme agitation and physical aggression usually associated with heavy drug use. According to the charges, Miskell told police he had consumed “marijuana chocolate” prior to the attack: Continue reading

Police investigate Broadway apartment stabbing — UPDATE

A man was reported stabbed multiple times in the chest and another was in custody in an attack inside a Broadway apartment Thursday night.

Police and Seattle Fire responded to the Lyric building just before midnight Thursday. East Precinct radio reports described one victim with multiple stab wounds. Another person in the third-floor apartment was in custody but required medical attention for possible excited delirium, according to radio reports.

Police arrived in time to stop the violent attack and help keep the 29-year-old from bleeding to death: Continue reading

After findings of bias and improper use of force, Seattle Police move into final phase of federal reform

The first phase in the five-year Department of Justice-mandated overhaul of the Seattle Police Department is complete. Wednesday, U.S. District Judge James Robart granted the City of Seattle’s motion that its police department is in “full and effective compliance” with reforms ordered after findings of biased policing and improper use of force.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan who led the U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle at the time of the consent decree said Wednesday that SPD still has more work to do. “It has been a long process, and I want to make very clear that the work needs to continue,” she said.

The mayor’s statement on the judge’s ruling included some of the data collected during the reform process:

The monitor took two years and studied all of the uses of force in the Seattle Police Department to determine whether there was full and effective compliance. In that two-year period, as the court indicated, there were 760,000 incidents to which Seattle police officers were dispatched – 760,000 incidents in a two-year period. Really important: less than one percent ended up in any force at all being used: .5%. And of those, 80% of them were the lowest level of force, what’s called type 1, which means there may be transient pain but no serious injury. Importantly, we did not even keep track of when that type of force was used before there was a consent decree. That was one of the requirements of the consent decree. Only 39 incidences were using the most—more serious levels of force.

An eight-month DOJ investigation of Seattle policing released in winter 2011 revealed troubling findings about the department’s use of force. Justice filed a consent decree and negotiated a plan with SPD to overhaul the department. SPD’s overhaul included a DOJ-approved use of force policy.

The next phase under the consent decree agreement calls for a two-year review period after which Seattle’s police department could be free from federal monitoring.

Durkan, meanwhile, is beginning her search for a new police chief after Kathleen O’Toole stepped down to start the new year. Carmen Best, the city’s first black woman to fill the post, currently serves as interim police chief.

Blotter | Man says beaten in Comet assault for objecting to Trump ‘faggot’ slur

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  • Comet assault: A man told police he was beaten at the Comet Monday night in an altercation with a group of patrons who were yelling “‘faggot’ at the television when President Donald Trump was being shown.” SPD’s bias division is reviewing the case. According to the SPD report on the incident, the victim told police he was paying his tab at the Comet around 7 PM when he decided to intervene and tell the yelling group that using that word “in a public place out loud was not appropriate and that they should stop.” “The primary suspect then turned around and punched V/1 in the face with a closed fist. The five other suspects listed above then jumped on V/1, forcing him to the ground,” the report notes. The melee continued out of the bar and onto the sidewalk where the group of six continued to beat and chase the two victim and his acquaintance. Police say the Comet bartender could not provide many details but confirmed one patron “had been kicked out of the bar and was causing a disturbance with other customers but he did not see a fight or anyone being assaulted.” SPD reports that injuries suffered by the victims in the attack were minor. A friend of the victim who reported the incident to CHS tells said his friend suffered a broken nose and a concussion. SPD is investigating. Continue reading

Suspected Broadway shoplifter chooses wrong getaway vehicle: the First Hill Streetcar

The First Hill Streetcar is slowwww (Image: CHS)

As far as getaway cars go, we can’t recommend it.

A Capitol Hill shoplifting suspect chose pretty much the slowest possible way to flee from police Monday afternoon on a rainy and busy Broadway.

According to SPD, officers were called to the Walgreens at Broadway and Pine just before 4:20 PM Monday to a report a woman had left the store with merchandise she had not paid for.

As officers arrived, police say the suspect jumped aboard the southbound First Hill Streetcar near its Pike and Broadway stop. Continue reading