Blotter | Union F-bomb-L-Word pepper spray attack, QFC ‘serial’ wine shoplifter, Garfield threat

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  • 16/Union pepper spray attack: Police investigated a reported assault at 16th and Union in which the victim said he was pepper sprayed after saying “fuck you lesbians” to a group of three women during an altercation in the street. According to the SPD report on the just before 10 PM Friday, October 12th incident, the victim told police he and his partner were escorting their intoxicated neighbor home when they heard the three women “hollering as if they were having fun.” The victim told police his group joined in, upsetting the trio of women who yelled at the men as they passed. At this point, the victim told police he dropped the f bomb and the L word. As one of the women approached him, the victim told police he began swinging his arms to keep her away from him. The assailant then sprayed the victim in the face with pepper spray. The victim rushed home, showered, and then called 911, he told police. He also told the officer he didn’t believe he had been assaulted because of bias, only a misunderstanding. There were no arrests. Continue reading

What’s inside Seattle’s tentative deal with its police union

Mayor Jenny Durkan and city officials say the new proposed contract with its more than 1,300 Seattle Police personnel sets the department fully on a path of reform including:

  • Full implementation of body worn cameras by front line officers;
  • Management improvements in transfers and performance evaluations;
  • Improvements and clarity for the 180 timeline for investigations of police complaints;
  • Civilianization of OPA supervisor positions and a HR leadership role in SPD; 
  • Office of the Inspector General provided full and unfettered access to fulfill duties under the accountability; and 
  • The Guild will withdraw several pending Unfair Labor Practice claims.

The mayor sent the proposed six-year, 96-page contract (PDF) with Seattle Police Officers’ Guild to the Seattle City Council for approval Monday. CHS reported in September on the union’s approval of the deal that includes solid raises while also tying further reforms to the package. Continue reading

Blotter | E Madison IHOP hold-up, MLK/Jackson shootout, SPD’s ‘society’ crimes jump

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  • IHOP robbery: Police were called to the E Madison IHOP late Friday night after a man claiming to be armed robbed the restaurant and fled. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, the suspect entered the restaurant around 11:30 PM and approached the cashier with a hand in his pocket and claiming to be armed. The bandit grabbed cash from the register and fled on foot. He was described only as an older black male in his 40s, heavyset and around 5’11”, wearing a white pullover coat, grey and blue beanie, black pants, and black shoes, and was “possibly high or intoxicated.” Police searched the area but there were no immediate arrests. Continue reading

U.S. Marshals: Operation Triple Beam Jet City clears 72 ‘violent offenders’ off Seattle streets

This operation came with its own Flickr set (Image: U.S. Marshals)

A U.S. Marshals-led task force made up of multiple federal, state and local law enforcement agencies including Seattle Police and the King County Sheriff cracked down on gangs across the region from July through October but officials can’t say if the interdictions and arrests will help bring justice after a wave of gun violence and the September murder of a Central District man with gang ties.

Operation Triple Beam Jet City is the latest in an ongoing federal effort to curb the illegal drug trade and gang violence on a regional basis in areas across the country. Officials said another Triple Beam operation — a triple beam is the type of scale you might remember from science class and reportedly is popular with drug dealers — just cleared more than 500 drug dealers, gang members, and sex offenders off the streets in the state of Mississippi, garnering praise from U.S. Attorney General and Southerner Jeff Sessions.

Around “Jet City,” the fed-led operation wrapped up with the arrest of 263 fugitives, 149 of whom were gang members or associates, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. A U.S. Marshals deputy said the agency could not provide the names of people arrested in the effort “as some individuals may not be in custody anymore.” Of the arrests, 108 “violent offenders” — 72 with gang ties — were taken into custody in Seattle. Continue reading

SFD handles small fire intentionally set inside 10th Ave apartment building

Firefighters quickly handled a small blaze investigators say was intentionally set Tuesday night inside the seven-story Alder Flats building.

The apartment building is on the same block where two 118-year-old homes used as apartments and a 1905-built duplex are slated to be demolished to make way for a new 111-unit apartment complex. Design review for the project is slated for Wednesday night.

Seattle Fire tells CHS the fire reported at the 220 10th Ave building just after 8 PM Tuesday did almost no damage and there were no injuries. Radio reports indicated papers inside a hallway had been set on fire. SFD says it investigated the fire and provided information to Seattle Police. Officers were called to the scene but there were no immediate arrests.

Where, when, and why Capitol Hill calls 911

We’re #2!

Residents and businesses around Broadway and Pike/Pine have produced the second highest number of 911 calls so far in 2018 but a huge bulk of the calls on Capitol Hill and across the city involve traffic issues and disturbances involving noise or fighting, according to a newly available dataset from the Seattle Police Department.

SPD’s new online dashboard tracking the number of 911 calls it receives comes after years of complaints that the department’s focus on completed crime reports obscured the true levels of crime and safety issues in Seattle neighborhoods: Continue reading

Blotter | Man reports robbery after scooter rammed off road on E John

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  • 19th/John scooter ramming robbery: The victim in an early morning robbery told police he was riding his motor scooter home after work when he was rammed off the road and held up Tuesday near 19th and John. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police were called to the area just after 2:30 AM. The victim said he had left work on 16th Ave E and was riding home when the driver of a large, dark-colored sedan rammed his scooter off the road where he was robbed. There were few details about the suspect’s description or the vehicle which was last seen headed north on 19th Ave E. SPD is investigating the incident as an armed robbery.
  • Car-keying vandal: Police are looking for a man believed to be responsible for ongoing vandalism of cars along Broadway E between Prospect and Highland. A neighbor sent CHS security video he believes shows the vandal keying car in a string of vandalism that began early this month: Continue reading

Blotter | No injuries in smoky E Mercer garage fire

(Image: Seattle Fire)

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  • E Mercer fire: Seattle Fire responded to a smoky blaze overnight in the 1000-block of E Mercer and found what was described as a “derelict” detached garage in flames and an adjacent garage structure threatened by the spreading fire. First reported just before 4 AM Monday, the fire took arriving crews about 30 minutes to knock out. The house and property are lined up for demolition to make way for six new townhomes from developer Sensa Homes. Arriving fire crews were told that people might be living in the garage structures but nobody was found and there were no reported injuries. Seattle Fire investigated what started the fire but was not able to determine a cause. Damage was estimated at $50,000. Seattle Fire was also dispatched to a Broadway apartment building to a reported fire around 4:15 AM but it turned out residents were smelling smoke from E Mercer. Continue reading

In response to Central District gun violence, Seattle mayor pledges $7M to youth safety

Central District residents and activists calling on City Hall to do more than flood the neighborhood with police got a preview of a small part of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s new budget proposal over the weekend.

The mayor Friday responded to criticism of the SPD-focused plan to quell gun violence following a wave of shootings and a murder on 25th Ave S with a letter outlining her plan reportedly “doubling” investments in Seattle youth safety programs with some $7 million in spending lined up for the Human Services Department. Continue reading

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild says yes to new deal

Seattle Police officers have voted to approve a new contract, the Seattle Times reports:

The Seattle Police Officers’ Guild (SPOG) has overwhelmingly voted to ratify a collective-bargaining contract with the city that includes long-delayed pay raises while imposing sweeping accountability reforms. The outcome of mail balloting was announced Thursday by the guild, which represents more than 1,300 officers and sergeants. Guild President Kevin Stuckey said in a news release that 1,013 of 1,059 returned ballots voted to accept the contract offer.

The contract now moves to the Seattle City Council which must approve the deal.

The union representing the department’s more than 1,300 personnel reached a compromise deal in August with the city on a new contract that will give officers solid raises while also tying further reforms to the package.

Part of the deal is expected to include an agreement on the “civilianization” of the department’s Office of Police Accountability. The boost in salary, meanwhile, will be retroactive to 2015 meaning officers will receive back pay covering the last three and a half years they have been without a contract.