Channeling the spirit of E Aloha and the legendary Surrogate Hostess, Macrina now open on Capitol Hill

Macrina Bakery and Cafe is celebrating 25 years of business in Seattle with the opening of its fifth cafe Thursday morning.

The new Macrina at 19th and Aloha is hoped to channel the spirit of the Surrogate Hostess that used to be housed in the 1925-built building overhauled by contractors over the past five months. That Capitol Hill legend was known for its communal tables — and warm cinnamon rolls.

New legends are set to be made at the new bakery with exposed beams and a sleek white and grey palette. Continue reading

After mystery summer disappearance, Capitol Hill mystery soda machine mysteriously resurfaces

Now it can be revealed. Capitol Hill’s mystery pop machine is alive and well and apparently sightseeing. And in a sure sign of the impending Capitol Hill apocalypse, it now has PR representation.

The viral soda dispenser  — yum! — missing for months from in front of the Broadway Locksmith resurfaced unexpectedly Monday morning on social media, revealing its temporary location to be near the Space Needle. The pop machine has also apparently hired a graphic design team. Continue reading

Another Capitol Hill sale means the (happy) end of The Saint on E Olive Way

Everything is for sale. After a decade on E Olive Way, The Saint has shuttered after a sale of the restaurant to new owners.

“I feel really good passing the baton to them,” Saint owner Quentin Ertel tells CHS. “They are good people. They’re local, they’re super cool, I would classify them as solid old school Capitol Hill folk.”

Ertel said he plans to let the new owners tell their own story about what is coming next for the wedge-shaped space along E Olive Way that used to be a Wing Dome before becoming the home for tacos and “tequila salvation.” Continue reading

12th Ave-born, Rhein Haus now open in the ‘Bavarian village’ of Leavenworth

(Image: Rich Fox)

You can now experience a little bit of South Capitol Hill German heritage nestled among the Alps of Washington.

Rhein Haus, the German beer hall and bowling concept born on 12th Ave in the winter of 2013, is now open in Leavenworth. Continue reading

Kurt Farm Shop’s ice cream man staying, for now, in ‘the center of ice cream for the city’

(Image: Kurt Farm Shop)

Kurt Timmermeister turned the proceeds from his sale of the legendary Septieme into his now-legendary Kurtwood Farm on Vashon Island.

Now Timmermeister is considering the sale of his latest Capitol Hill creation but he tells CHS not to worry about Kurt Farm Shop’s ice creamy goodness going anywhere anytime soon.

“I have had a great summer at the Farm Shop with such a long, hot summer that continues,” Timmermeister tells CHS. “Although I did mention it to someone, I have no plans to sell at this time. The neighborhood has become the center of ice cream for the city and I am loving being a part of it.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | What it looks like when Capitol Hill’s ‘6th best bar in the world’ holds a yard sale

He missed Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day 2018 by a week but bartender and Canon owner Jamie Boudreau had plenty of interest in his 12th Ave yard sale Sunday.

Sunday’s sale — promoted via social media and some classic utility pole flyers — was also a sort of anniversary celebration Canon opened on 12th Ave in August of 2011. “My goal was when I first moved to Seattle was to go to any bar, order a sazerac, and not have people look at me funny. I think we’re there,” Boudreau told CHS about his goals for the bar when we spoke with him a few years back. Continue reading

Capitol Hill’s Cascina Spinasse celebrates 10 years on 14th Ave

Spinasse’s egg pasta with butter and sage (Image: Spinasse)

August marks a decade of perfect pasta and carefully curated wine inspired by northwest Italy on Capitol Hill’s 14th Ave.

Cascina Spinasse turned ten this month and it celebrated with a party full of longtime customers. “Most of our regulars came over and showered us in love and support,” Spinasse’s general manager Angela Lopez said. “We’ve been on cloud nine for a few days now. It feels great.”

Piedmont is a region in northwestern Italy bordered by France to the west and Switzerland to the northeast. Not only is it an extremely mountainous place — it’s surrounded on three sides by the Alps — much of it is covered by rolling hills and vast plains. The menu at Spinasse, along with its list of wines, is derived largely from the history, traditions and culinary arts of the Piedmontese region.

“We’re lumped into a general Italian category, but really we drill down into the style of a specific place,” Lopez said.

Spinasse was born small but with a passion for amazing pasta. It was half the size at its start but received outsized praise — and produced plenty of food and drink drama.
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Dingfelder’s dream of a Capitol Hill Jewish deli ready for smaller start on E Pine

Like most dreams, the arrival of an “Old World” Jewish deli on Capitol Hill might not play out exactly as you might expect.

Dingfelder’s Delicatessen, a Seattle coming soon food+drink venture so hyped that Seattle Eater has already done two posts this summer about it being almost ready to open, is, well, almost ready to open.

“Probably the end of next week,” Stephanie Hemsworth told CHS last week as the already busy kitchen at 14th and Pine was preparing for a tasting party to put its first available menu offerings to the test. “We had our door made, the POS is arriving, and we’re doing taste testing tonight.” Continue reading

Cinnaholic set to join carnival of Pike/Pine food and drink

(Image: Cinnaholic)

As much as Capitol Hill likes to eat up chains and franchises and spit them out, the businesses have changed to be smaller, nimbler, and — sometimes — more local. A new business lined up to join the carnival of food and drink in Pike/Pine will put the recipe to the test.

“I wanted the help of the franchise,” Maysaa Abouhamze tells CHS. “Being a mom and having other businesses, I just wanted that support.” Continue reading

While Capitol Hill waits for Dingfelder’s, Loxsmith brings one-of-a-kind bagels to Montana Bar pop-up

There are four things that make Matthew Segal’s bagels special: wild yeast, high gluten flour, fermentation and a sodium hydroxide lye boil. Other places have some of the elements, sure, Segal said, but the combination of all four is why Loxsmith Bagels sold out on the first day it started selling its creations from a daytime popup inside E Olive Way bar Montana,

“I’m the bagel guy. I do everything. I roll ‘em. I cure all the salmon. I cut all the veggies. I make all the bagels,” Segal said. “There’s really nowhere to get a bagel like what I make.”

Slated for a month of Saturdays at Montana, Loxsmith returns for its limited pop-up series this weekend:


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