Pho Huy adds new corner to mix of Capitol Hill’s four basic food groups

Coffee on every block is a given. Pizza on every block, nearly achieved. Thai has an outpost in each and every Capitol Hill neighborhood. Pho is obviously an opportunity for growth across the Hill.

Pho Huy is now open bringing steamy Vietnamese noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi, hot pot, and vermicelli to the elevation of 15th Ave at E Madison in the Broadcast Apartments building.
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Zeeks Capitol Hill adds pizza to 19th Ave E’s growing food+drink menu

If you’re looking for your 19th Ave E dad, we might know where he’s been hanging out

Families on Capitol Hill’s quieter eastern slopes have already become accustomed to beating a path to 19th and Mercer for Whidbey Island-style tacos and Macklesmore-style cookies. The intersection will now have even more foot, scooter, and stroller traffic — the first Zeeks Pizza on Capitol Hill is now open.

Debuting Monday with an afternoon of free slices, the company said the new joint has been ready to go but held up from a planned opening in late 2018 due to a few paperwork issues with the new mixed-use building it calls home, The Shea.

The company said it has long coveted a presence on Capitol Hill. The 19th Ave E location is being opened by Sean Murray, a franchise owner who lives in the neighborhood only a few blocks away. With a new pizza restaurant only blocks away from two elementary schools, a Hebrew academy, a middle school, and Holy Names, he has probably made a wise investment.  Continue reading

‘Erotic memoir’ writer hopes for silver lining after brass handcuff jewelry ripped off in 15th Ave E burglary

A scene from @arielmstallings Instagram story on the incident

East Precinct cops haven’t tracked down the bad guys yet but they might have a better idea of what to give their loved ones for Valentine’s Day this year.

A weekend break-in at a 15th Ave E coworking space left the office ransacked and the burglar enriched with laptops, tablets, checkbooks, and, the author and artist behind the project tells CHS, about 80 pieces of jewelry being prepared for shipping.

The break-in at The Office above Ada’s Technical Books included several pieces of unique jewelry created to accompany a new book, Pros before Bros, an “erotic memoir” and “true story about sex work and grabbing your own healing by the balls” by Seattle writer Ariel Meadow Stallings. Continue reading

12+ Capitol Hill bars and restaurants to look forward to in 2019

(Image: Blade and Timber)

Dig Bar, coming this year to the corner of Harvard and Pike

After a year of mergers and acquisitions in Capitol Hill food and drink, there will still be some new territory gained in 2019 as a few long awaited projects finally come together and a couple surprises materialize. Below, we count down the bars and restaurants around Capitol Hill you can look forward to visiting for the first time in 2019.

  • Dig Bar: KEXP isn’t about top 40 or really any kind of lists beyond playlists but Dig Bar tops our charts for 2019. Morning DJ favorite John Richards and his wife Amy Richards are part of the all-star ownership behind this link-up with Steven Severin of Neumos and Leigh Sims to create a new hangout as part of the new construction at Pike and Harvard. “It’s going to be so dope,” Severin says.
  • Zeeks Capitol Hill: The latest outpost of the local Zeeks chain is ready to make its debut in new construction on 19th Ave E January 14th. We’re told that Zeeks has long coveted a presence on Capitol Hill and that the 19th Ave E location is being opened by Sean Murray, a franchise owner with a strong connection to this part of the neighborhood.
  • Homegrown at Metier: It’s not exactly new but sandwich chain Homegrown has announced it will link up with E Union’s Metier in a 2019 transformation of the cycling gear and training facility’s cafe. Watch for the changeover and expect fresh suds from the company’s Metier Brewing. Continue reading

I drank this on Capitol Hill: Cafe Pettirosso’s Chill Pill

Roxy is a newer addition to 11th Ave’s Pettirosso. Working as a bartender since June, they are already adding drinks to the menu. While new to Pettirosso, Roxy has plenty of Hill experience — at First Hill’s Hideout and Vito’s.

When Roxy isn’t developing new cocktails, they work as an artist, both as a costume designer, and, recently, as a woodworker. Continue reading

A story of bibimbap bulgogi, Oma Bap’s bowls set to join new Hugo House

Kimchi fried rice (Image: Oma Bap)

There are a lot of stories at the new mixed-use version of Capitol Hill’s Hugo House literary center — six, to be exact — but the tale behind the building’s coming new restaurant is more of a legend of logistics than a romance of food and the written word.

“Contemporary fast casual Korean” concern Oma Bap is expanding to 11th Ave and will take the restaurant suite adjacent the street level, 10,000 square-foot literary center across from Cal Anderson Park. Continue reading

By the Pound financial troubles extend off Hill as sibling bar and restaurant evicted in West Seattle

The trouble doesn’t stop on Capitol Hill for the family of businesses around the financially troubled and shuttered E Olive Way speakeasy By the Pound.

Partners and companies related to the shuttered bar concept evicted late last year over thousands of unpaid rent are also named in lawsuits related to West Seattle ventures Vine & Spoon and Alchemy which were also evicted over claims of unpaid rent to end the year. West Seattle Blog reports they “spoke briefly at the end of last week with an ownership representative who said they had a new investor who would assist them in reopening, and they promised to call us back to talk more about their plans.” Continue reading

Happy 2019 — There is now seating at Dingfelder’s Delicatessen

You have to admire the way one of the best stories in Capitol Hill food and drink in 2018 has played out… all the way into 2019.

Dingfelder’s Delicatessen, now riding a solid 12 months of hype, has grown into the old commercial kitchen building it took over at 14th and Pine so gradually, that, yes, we’re giving it a headline for finally adding seating. Continue reading

CHS Year in Review 2018 | Mergers and acquisitions — the year in Capitol Hill food+drink

Proud new owner Andre Sayre was all smiles in 2018 after buying his neighborhood hangout Sun Liquor and changing only one thing — the name. Stop by Sol Liquor and say goodbye to 2018.

There was a symmetry to 2018 in food and drink on Capitol Hill. The year began with the chilly January morning opening of Westman’s Bagels and Coffee taking over a puny E Madison counter space home to a string of walk-up ventures along E Madison over the years. 2018 comes to a close with another chilly morning opening after a deal to take over a decade old E Olive Way tequila bar resulted in the Eastern European and Jewish daytime fare of Dacha Diner. The two projects share a bit of cultural heritage. And both were representative of many of the CHS stories in food and drink around Capitol Hill with sales and acquisitions, small spaces and counter walk-ups — not new mixed-use construction, and first-time buildouts.

The year was also highlighted by a new generation of first-time restaurant and bar owners. For Andre Sayre, above, the Capitol Hill neighbor bought his favorite neighborhood bar.

Maybe this is what the maturation of the area’s food and drink economy looks like as new development is pushed to areas like the Central District. Maybe it is just a lull before the next storm of activity. Below, here is CHS’s look at the year in Capitol Hill food+drink. Continue reading

‘This is comfort food’ — Dacha Diner now open on E Olive Way — UPDATE: First look

UPDATE: Tora Hennessey, Tom Siegel, and Joe Heffernan welcomed their first customers to Dacha Diner on a busy Wednesday. Lots of pictures from our debut day visit to Dacha, below.

Dacha Diner, a new daytime spot specializing in Eastern European and Jewish foods like kinishes, borscht, matzo ball soup, latkes, and vareniki, was served its first customers Wednesday morning.

After a few delays typical to opening a new joint in Seattle, the team behind the new E Olive Way restaurant announced the opening over the holidays. “Rule of thumb, new restaurants take a month to settle into a stride and the first week is always the most hectic (I’m sure you will see it in our tired faces),” the announcement reads. “Please be patient while we work out any kinks. That said, we would love to see your faces.” Continue reading