Capitol Hill Community Post | How to help Lowell Elementary

From Colleen Kimsey

You’d imagine that now, as the dust from the brouhaha surrounding the McCleary Decision
around how education is funded in Washington State has begun settling, there would be a baseline of adequate funding for our schools. When we walk past the big brick building on Mercer street, I think many of us picture a school that matches its exterior: sort of august and privileged, or at the very least, the kind of place that can afford to provide its teachers with enough Expo markers to teach. But as the recent expose by KOUW revealed, even wealthy Capitol Hill struggles to support Lowell Elementary in everything from adequately funding teacher’s basic needs, to keeping students safe throughout the school day day, to retaining quality teachers in a stressful teaching environment. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Waiting for the Santa train at Holiday in the Park

The Conservatory’s Holiday Express train always delivers

Volunteer Park Trust’s annual celebration of the holidays provided some seasons greetings warmth on a frosty Thursday night in Seattle. Now in its sixth year, the community group’s Holiday in the Park event again featured pathways lit with luminarias and plenty of caroling thanks to community sponsors. The trust continues its work on projects large and small across the park including new efforts to create safety fencing around the lily ponds and a lighting overhaul. This year, it can also celebrate the last steps before construction can finally begin on a $54 million overhaul of the park’s Seattle Asian Art Museum, a project VPT has supported.

Looking for more holiday spirit around the Hill including Santa appearances and the return of the Punk Rock Flea Market? Check out the Happy Hilladays section of the CHS Calendar, below: Continue reading

Seattle tenant rights rally, pop-up renters clinic to greet landlord trade show

Tenant rights, labor, and housing advocate groups are planning a day of protests and education to counterbalance the presence of landlords from around the state at an industry trade show at the convention center downtown Tuesday.

The Rally for Tenant Rights will start around 11 AM at Westlake Center. Organizers say State Representative Nicole Macri, and City Council members Kshama Sawant and Teresa Mosqueda are scheduled to attend: Continue reading

Happy Hilladays 2017 | Holiday in Volunteer Park, March of the Mistletomosexuals, Bad Santa, Black Santa, Conservatory Santa, more

December kind of snuck up on us, But it’s time. Get jolly. Right now. This weekend, Santa — Bad Santa, if you like, or Black Santa, too — is already here. The Baby Doll Tree is out and shining on E Pike. And don’t think you can try to avoid him this weekend and get away with it. Santa will be back next weekend — Conservatory Santa, anyone? — too.

So, age your eggnog, and polish your candy canes. There are pop-ups — Black Owl Market this weekend, for example, latkeh cook-offs, a Julfest, and parties galore: 2017 Holiday in the Park will again bring hundreds of luminarias to Volunteer Park on December 7th and The Seventh Annual March of the Mistletomosexuals is coming December 16th. While you’re at it, don’t forget to Shop the Hill.

You’ll find all of these and more on the CHS Calendar. Happy Hilladays! Continue reading

Heads-up parents, Seattle school bus drivers to hold ‘one-day’ strike Wednesday

(Image: Teamsters Local 174)

More than 400 school bus drivers from Teamsters Local 174 will hold a one-day strike Wednesday, November 29th as they try to pound out a new contract with First Student, the company that provides yellow bus service to Seattle Public Schools. The union says the heads-up is intended to give families time to make other plans for their kids to get to and from schools Wednesday:

The Unfair Labor Practice strike will protest First Student’s unilateral change and implementation of an inferior medical plan for its employees – an illegal action under the National Labor Relations Act, as healthcare is the subject of negotiations and cannot be changed without bargaining with the employees’ Union. Teamsters Local 174 does not typically announce strikes in advance; however, in this case, the Union and its members wished to give Seattle parents adequate notice to make arrangements for their children. Bus service should resume on Thursday, November 30; however, a longer strike can be called at any time if a deal is not reached.

While many public schools in Seattle function as “neighborhood schools” where kids live within walking distance, many of the district’s special programs for students are based at specific schools across the city. On Wednesday, those kids will need to find another way to get to school.

The Teamsters are asking for support at picket lines planned at First Student bus yards

Parents of children in the Seattle School District who ride the bus to school are encouraged to make alternate transportation arrangements, as bus service throughout the School District will be impacted. For anyone who would like to show support to the striking drivers, there will be active picket lines outside of First Student bus yards in Lake City and South Park.

First Student – South Park Bus Lot:
8249 5th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98108

First Student – Lake City Bus Lot:
13525 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125

‘Fundamental shift’ in Seattle’s approach to homelessness — Here’s how $34M will be put to use

As the smoke clears from Seattle’s 2018 budget process, officials are able to more clearly spell out where some of the critical elements of the city’s spending will be headed in the coming year. Monday, Mayor Tim Burgess marked his final full day in office before turning over the reins to Jenny Durkan on Tuesday with an announcement detailing $34 million in planned spending for homelessness services in 2018:

Today, Mayor Tim Burgess stood with community partners to announce $34 million in funding awards for homeless services. The Human Services Department (HSD) will fund 30 agencies, who submitted proposals in a competitive process, in 98 high-performing programs to help people move into permanent housing (See Funding Awards Attachment). The awarded agencies propose to move more than twice as many people into permanent housing in 2018 than in the previous year, thereby ending their homelessness. Further, the awards focus on addressing the specific needs of African American/Black and Native American/Alaska Native peoples, who experience homelessness at five times and seven times their representation in the overall population, respectively.

“By moving people from living on the street to permanent homes, we provide them a springboard to better opportunities and a more stable life,” Burgess said. Burgess called the funding plan a “fundamental shift in the city government’s approach to homelessness.”

“We are focused on the only result that ends homelessness: housing. We are holding our providers accountable to that same result,” he said. Continue reading

Blotter | Broadway parking garage shootout update, cop cars stuck in Cal Anderson, Boylston trash fire

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • Cal Anderson incident: Reader Edwin Howard shared these pictures taken Sunday night in Cal Anderson after responding SPD officers got stuck in the mud in the park. Just before 7 PM, police responded to a reported fight disturbance involving people possibly armed with a knife and a golf club. Police arrived before the incident got out of hand but their cars didn’t come through so well. A tow truck arrived to remove the vehicles.
  • Broadway parking garage shootout update: The Sunday, November 19th shootout inside a Broadway parking garage that sent one man to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm started earlier in the night as a “rolling disturbance” at a Pike/Pine club, according to the SPD report on the incident:
    Police also identified a man wearing a puffy orange jacket as one of the shooters in the chaotic incident: Continue reading

CHS History | Optimism birth, Volunteer Park coyote, bad news at Harvard Exit

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:


95 Slide throwing one last party Saturday bringing decades of nightlife at Harvard and Pike to close

‘Seattle Women March Against Hate’ Saturday across Capitol Hill — UPDATE

City People’s has plan to stay in Madison Valley through 2017

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