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Police search Capitol Hill Station after another Broadway robbery

Thanks to a reader for information and a picture from the scene

Thanks to a reader for information and a picture from the scene

Police focused their search Tuesday night on the nearby Capitol Hill Station after a man held up the drugstore across the street in the second reported armed robbery of its type on the block in the past week.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, the suspect was wearing a ski mask as he walked into the Broadway Rite Aid around 8:30 PM and handed employees a note demanding cash and threatening that he was carrying a Glock pistol in his pocket. The man reportedly apologized as he fled the store carrying a bag full of money. No weapon was seen. There were no reported injuries. Continue reading

Uncle Ike’s is for sale. Kind of.

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

“Everybody keeps bugging us, so we decided to throw out a number,” owner Ian Eisenberg told CHS Tuesday about a report that he is teaming up to put the two largest marijuana retailers in the state on the market. The price tag for a combined Uncle Ike’s-Main Street Marijuana Washington pot empire stretching from Seattle to the ‘Couv?

$50 million.

It is hard to tell just how seriously to take the asking price from Eisenberg. His two shops are the highest grossing in Seattle with sales of nearly $1.4 million in December while the Main Street chain’s three locations clocked in with more than $2.2 million during the happy holiday period. But there also might be some politicking going on. Continue reading

American Apparel closures set to leave another space on Broadway empty

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

There is about to be another empty commercial space on Broadway but this time the economic forces that are driving the closure extend well beyond Capitol Hill.

The American Apparel store at Broadway and John will be one of 110 stores across the country as well as its Los Angeles headquarters set to be shut down after the financially troubled retailer that was once valued at more than $1 billion was acquired in a bankruptcy sale earlier this month for $88 million.

“Founder Dov Charney charted a maverick path when he moved a nascent American Apparel to Los Angeles in 1997 and began manufacturing its cotton basics in the region,” the LA Times writes. “The company’s colorful garments and provocative advertising quickly caught on with young fashionistas.” But what followed was debt and, eventually, bankruptcy that left the dwindling chain unable to recover. Continue reading

In protest of ‘actions that demean our history and our heroes,’ Rep. Jayapal won’t attend Trump inauguration

Her office may have been offering constituents free tickets to the big show but newly sworn-in 7th District Rep. Pramila Jayapal will not be attending the inauguration of Donald Trump Friday in Washington D.C.

“When I announced last week that I would not be attending the inauguration, I did not undertake the decision lightly,” Jayapal writes in a statement sent to media about the decision. “I had hoped in the days following the election that we would see a President-elect who broke from his campaign rhetoric and worked to unite the American people.”

Continue reading

The plan for the Womxn’s March on Seattle and Capitol Hill Inauguration Week protests, rallies, and parties

The Womxn’s March on Seattle will travel from the Central District’s Judkins Park to the Seattle Center on Saturday, January 21st to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump, organizers have announced. It will be part of a week of demonstrations and protests large and small, and “actions” meaningful and just for fun.

While the start and end points hadn’t been announced, Seattle’s big weekend march has been in the works for weeks and thousands have said they plan to attend in solidarity with large marches planned in Washington D.C. and in cities across the country. In Seattle, organizers say the “Womxn’s” spelling is meant “to promote intersectionality in our movement” and “takes into account the impact of discrimination based not only on gender but also race, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, faith, class, disability, and other backgrounds.”

Womxn’s March on Seattle

The Saturday march is being planned as a silent protest. “Marchers will rely on large numbers and powerful signage to speak more loudly than any individuals ever could,” organizers say.

Seattle women, womxn, and those who love them have been preparing with sign making and pussyhat knitting.

CHS also found many at work preparing this past weekend at a town hall organized by District 3 representative Kshama Sawant as she raises support for the planned Socialist Alternative-backed protest starting at Westlake Friday night. “We don’t have a moment to waste in getting organized against Trump’s racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, anti-lgbtq rhetoric, proposals, and cabinet members,” Sawant’s rallying cry reads. Continue reading

Capitol Hill real estate moguls step in with $20k push for group backing Lid I-5 study, $10M+ Pine-Boren lid

The Lid I-5 campaign announced it has secured $20,000 in contributions thanks to two Capitol Hill real estate investors to help its push for a plan that could cover the interstate “in the city center and other neighborhoods.” The group says there is also growing momentum in City Hall behind its idea for a “short term” “proof-of-concept” lid project at Pine and Boren.

Michael Malone of Capitol Hill developer Hunters Capital promised a $10,000 donation to the group if it could raise another 10 grand to match. Lid I-5 announced Joe Nabbefeld, broker at Windermere Capitol Hill, stepped up with the contribution. The funding raised the group’s total raised to more than $30,000 in 2016. Continue reading

Mayor kills Seattle’s public bike share

By the end of March, Seattle will no longer have a public bike share system. Mayor Ed Murray announced Friday night the city will take $3 million set aside to replace its struggling Pronto system and instead put the money to work making bicycling and pedestrian improvements across Seattle. The $4.4 million budget required to start the system in 2014 and the $1.4 million approved last March to keep the system afloat? Poof.

“This shift in funding priorities allows us to make critical bicycle and pedestrian improvements — especially for students walking and biking to school,” Murray said in a statement. “While I remain optimistic about the future of bike share in Seattle, today we are focusing on a set of existing projects that will help build a safe, world-class bicycle and pedestrian network.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Pets | Cow at Rudy’s


Cherise Vance and her dog Cow were on their way to work at Rudy’s on 15th when CHS was fortunate enough to meet them. Cow, who is just nine months old, has been coming with Cherise to Rudy’s for the past five months. A Jack Russell/cattle dog mix, Cow was rescued from Seattle Humane Society, an experience Cherise highly recommends. “Adopt, don’t shop,” she tells us.


We ask photographer Alex Garland to follow marchers in the rain and do crazy things like trying to make yet another picture of yet another huge apartment building look interesting. We thought we’d ask him to do something a little more fun. Capitol Hill Pets is a semi-regular look at our furry, fuzzy, feathered, and finned friends found out and about on Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill food+drink | A look inside Cook Weaver

We have told you a bit about the new food+drink life playing out inside Capitol Hill’s classic Loveless Building but we haven’t shown you what Cook Weaver looks like yet. Here are a few scenes from inside.

Cook Weaver from Nile Klein and chef Zac Reynolds opened in December with the promise of a comfortable dinner party for you and your neighbors.  “The type of food and cocktails are at home in fine dining,” Klein said, “But we want it to feel like a dinner party with friends.” Continue reading

Madison Valley house damaged by gunfire

Police are investigating after bullets crashed through a house’s walls in a bout of gunfire in Madison Valley early Thursday morning.

Police rushed to the area near 28th and Mercer after reports of several shots fired just before 1 AM. One caller reported bullet holes in his walls including one shot that lodged a slug in his bed frame. There were no reported injuries.

Police were searching the area for a car seen speeding away following the shooting. A vehicle parked near the house was also reportedly damaged.

Police said the resident at the house who reported the shooting didn’t know why the house would have been targeted.

There were no arrests.

Amazon grocery? Maybe — A Capitol Hill Kyoto-style ramen joint? Tentenyu

Snuggled around the corner next to what just might be a new Amazon grocery store on Capitol Hill will soon be what is definitely another new ramen joint coming to Capitol Hill.

The company with the “exclusive license agreement” with a Japanese ramen legend is bringing Tentenyu’s Kyoto-style tori paitan ramen to Capitol Hill on Belmont Ave inside the preservation-boosted, sparkly-blue above old Mercedes dealership-brick AVA Capitol Hill development.

Here is the expansion pitch: Continue reading