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Bill dancing into the Century Ballroom for Hillary Clinton campaign fundraiser

While Bernie Sanders Democratic Partied at the Comet, 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is sending Bill to a classier Pike/Pine joint.

Ex-president Bill Clinton will be on Capitol Hill Thursday at a $500 and up fundraiser held at 10th and Pine’s Century Ballroom:

Please join us for a Reception in support of Hillary for America featuring special guest President Bill Clinton Thursday, December 3, 2015 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Century Ballroom Seattle, Washington

“No public events have been announced and a Clinton campaign spokesman said the event would be closed to the media,” the Seattle Times reports. A $250 “young professional” rate is also available for the Century Ballroom event.

In his August fundraising visit to the Comet, Sanders spoke on themes of economic equity and social responsibility. “This income and wealth inequality is grotesque, it is immoral, it is unsustainable,” Sanders said.

Century and owner Hallie Kuperman represent the only arts-related group to remain in the Odd Fellows building as it transitioned to retail and office space in the late 2000s. In 2012, we spoke to Kuperman about the 15-year anniversary of her ballroom. It’s not clear if Clinton will include a saxophone performance in his Century Ballroom visit but one can hope.

Your post-Thanksgiving 2015 Capitol Hill briefing

Thanks to a CHS reader for this picture of QFC's new Harvard Market hours

Thanks to a CHS reader for this picture of QFC’s new Harvard Market hours

Here is the news you may have missed during the holiday week.

Broadway/Pike shooting investigation: No arrests have been announced in the Sunday, November 22nd shooting that hit four victims and injured a fifth in the middle of Pike/Pine nightlife crowds outside the Harvard Market QFC. Police were looking for a silver sedan used in the drive-by that was caught on video. Seattle Fire said none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries but one woman who was shot posted to Facebook saying that a bullet and glass entered her chest.

Mayor Ed Murray and East Precinct commander Capt. Paul McDonagh talked to community representative and members of the neighborhood chamber of commerce about the shootings, the emphasis patrols, ongoing gun violence across Central Seattle, and new tools coming to Capitol Hill in 2016 to free more time for cops to focus on policing while moving more drug and mental health issues toward services and programs. Continue reading

Black Lives Matter protest mixes with tree lighting celebration in downtown Seattle

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Thousands of revelers including Black Lives Matter protesters and celebrants enjoying the lighting of downtown Christmas tree filled the area around Westlake Friday in what appears to be a new Seattle Black Friday tradition.

In 2014, at the height of protests about the Michael Brown case and Ferguson, Missouri, a large group of demonstrators disrupted the lighting ceremony, marched through Westlake Mall, and eventually clashed with police who fought to push the group to disperse up Capitol Hill.

IMG_3089IMG_3852In 2015, the protest was a much more controlled affair with Seattle Police responding with large contingents of officers to move the demonstrators around downtown streets and to the edges of the tree lighting ceremony’s festivities. The groups were able to enter the downtown Macy’s and a Forever 21 store but were stopped by police and mall security from entering Westlake or Pacific Place in significant numbers.

2015 also brought a grand finale of sorts for the protest as a fleet of balloons carrying protest messages accompanied the tree ceremony’s fireworks.

Protest crowd estimates varied from around 200 to 400 though the afternoon and evening demonstrations. Police said there were four arrests:

Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators took to the streets and protested peacefully.

However, officers did respond to isolated skirmishes outside of Westlake Center and Pacific Place, resulting in minor property damage and the arrest of four people. In one case, a bicycle officer dislocated his shoulder when people in the crowd interfered with an arrest outside of Pacific Place. The officer was transported to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.


Where to get your Capitol Hill Christmas tree: 26 years at the Dunshee House


IMG_1567 IMG_1573The Seattle Area Support Groups and Community Center is ready to leave 17th Ave behind and make a move into new offices on 15th Ave E. But after 26 years, one Capitol Hill tradition centered around the Dunshee House is around for at least one more holiday season.

Friday, SASG’s annual tree lot opened for its 26th season. You can buy trees, wreaths, and garlands that benefit the nonprofit dedicated to building communities around HIV issues and other recovery assistance like addiction.

The tree lot is located at 303 17th Ave E and open from 9 AM to 9 PM daily through December 23rd. You can learn more here.

CHS Pics | In this time of sharing — and getting some work done — check out the Capitol Hill Tool Library


CapitolHillToolLibrary_0230Happy holiday. CHS is going to quiet down for a bit over Thanksgiving but we’re still around. Please feel free to ping us via email, @jseattle, or call/txt (206) 399-5959 if something comes up. Or if you just want to have a nice (brief :)) chat. We’re pretty much always working at least a little bit. Which means we’re pretty much also always on holiday — at least a little bit.

Speaking of bits, manual labor, and breaking news — fix it! — CHS stopped by the neighborhood’s very own Capitol Hill Tool Library last weekend to check out a work party to put the array of donated saws, hammers, wrenches, and more in order and prepare the new lending facility in the Summit Building at 420 E Pike.

The Sustainable Capitol Hill project is volunteer and donation driven:

Don’t know what a tool library is? Imagine borrowing a food dehydrator, a ladder, a fishing rod, much like you would borrow a book from SPL. Imagine learning how to fix your broken toaster, building a worm bin, preserving your summer bounty. Enjoy a local community of knowledgeable fixers, tool lending, and workshops at the new Capitol Hill Tool Library.

To join, you can donate equipment or your time or both. You can view a roster of available implements of construction here. Contact the group for the logistics of checkout. Ideas for what to build with all this DIY goodness? How about some “tiny houses?” Here are some more organizations and groups you can lend a hand to this winter.



First Hill Streetcar Safety Day planned to help keep tracks safe as SDOT works on line’s parking problem

First Hill Streetcar - Trainset Test Run

Streetcar-11-15As Seattle Department of Transportation officials are preparing the First Hill Streetcar for the start of service, they are also ramping up the process of educating people who are living, going to school, and working around the 2.5-mile Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square route about how the system works — and, importantly, how to be safe around the tracks and trolleys. They are also working to address a major hindrance to efficient service — an ongoing spate of poorly parked cars and trucks that have repeatedly caused the trains to come to a halt during testing in recent weeks.

Next week, SDOT will host a “First Hill Streetcar Safety Day” to help make sure the line gets off to the safest start possible as the streets along the line mix with streetcar, motor vehicle, and pedestrian traffic:

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will host a “First Hill Streetcar Safety Day” on Thursday, December 3 from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. at three station locations.

The Safety Day will feature Metro streetcar operators onboard stationary streetcars at the Broadway & Denny, 14th & Washington, and Occidental & Jackson stations. The public is invited to come aboard to check out the new streetcars, ask questions about how they work and learn streetcar safety tips. Continue reading

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the new Charlie’s


The old Charlie’s (Image: CHS)

33fc02_654fdf1b50f7495e965cdad0329db76fCharlie’s — the legendary Broadway restaurant space poised to transcend ownership and continue a new lease on life — will have a few more weeks to enjoy its rest following longtime owner Ken Bauer’s June retirement after one last Pride weekend. The new owners tell CHS the new Charlie’s won’t make its planned Friday-after-Thanksgiving opening.

The new ownership from the Lodge Sports Grille family of restaurants says it will need around two more weeks to get the rehabilitation and upgrades of the old Capitol Hill restaurant complete and make sure service is up to the necessary Charlie’s standards. Don’t chuckle, old timers.

When it reopens in December, the space will have all the same old stuff but cleaned-up, we’re told. The menu will be pared back and overhauled, however — new co-owner Kelli Kreiter said part of the reason for the changes is they couldn’t get some of the old recipes. Bauer and management did have an agreement over continuing the Charlie’s name but Kreiter said she couldn’t discuss if there was any financial implications to the deal. Bauer helped open Charlie’s in 1976, taking it over in 2000 after the restaurant’s namesake owner passed away. As an end to his lease agreement approached five years ago, Bauer told CHS he started looking to sell but found no buyers. The Lodge Sports Grille deal to lease the space followed.

Kreiter said the new ownership loved the quirkiness of the longtime Broadway watering hole and wanted to bring “new light” to the space without changing the nature of the restaurant. She also said she is aware of concerns about higher prices and that she and the new owners hope to keep Charlie’s an affordable, “fair” place to hang out and enjoy a meal or a drink.

You can stay tuned to charliesonbroadway.com for updates on a new opening date.

Pride 2015, Capitol Hill Seattle

Pride 2015, Capitol Hill Seattle

Here is why news is wrong about SPD’s Capitol Hill patrols

Seattle Police gang detectives believed they were circling in on suspects involved in Sunday morning’s drive-by shooting at Pike and Broadway as the investigation continued Tuesday but reports of increased patrols in the neighborhood in response to the incident are not accurate.

“In response to the shooting, police plan to increase nighttime foot patrols in the area,” the Seattle Times reported. Other media outlets have followed.

But a SPD spokesperson tells CHS that no actual increase in the number of patrol officers is hitting the streets in response to the shooting — ongoing weekend emphasis patrols started earlier this year to curb nightlife-related crime, however, will continue.

“We increased the number of officers on foot beats earlier this year and have kept them in place because we know they’re important,” a SPD spokesperson said in a statement.

Continue reading

No need for Broadway nostalgia — Tiny TNT Espresso back in business

Rock is ready to pour you a tall one (Images: CHS)

Rock is ready to pour you a tall one (Images: CHS)

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? No, really, should they? Not on Broadway where we seem to be ending 2015 with some nostalgia-erasing revivals.

TNT Espresso, the tiny, 80-square-foot coffee stand in the teriyaki restaurant parking lot at Broadway and Harrison, was back in business this chilly Monday morning, serving up hot tea and milky pours from a new owner happy to be able to keep Capitol Hill’s last* drive-thru coffee shack alive — even after CHS already wrote its obituary.

Rock Sielaff said he decided to purchase the business from longtime friend Monica Anaya and return to the Hill from Chicago after a short adventure away from his longtime stomping grounds.

Continue reading

As investigation continues, mayor, East Precinct commander address Broadway/Pike shootings

Mayor Murray and Capt. McDonagh spoke with QFC employees Sunday night (Image: CHS)

Mayor Murray and Capt. McDonagh spoke with QFC employees Sunday night (Image: CHS)

A still from the video appears to have captured images of the assailant's vehicle heading south on Broadway (Image via KIRO video clip)

A still from the video appears to have captured images of the assailant’s vehicle heading south on Broadway (Image via KIRO video clip)

Mayor Ed Murray and East Precinct commander Capt. Paul McDonagh stood at the corner of Broadway and Pike Sunday night just feet from where one of five victims injured in a drive-by shooting fell early that morning.

The officials said they believe the neighborhood remains vibrant and relatively safe as a police department “in transition” works to solve the crime and quell a rise in gun violence in Seattle.

Meanwhile, KIRO has posted a video from what appears to be a private vehicle’s dashcam that shows the graphic shooting scene that unfolded early Sunday morning.

The car used in the attack made a slow turn onto Broadway from E Pike as a string of at least a dozen shots began and people in a group standing on the corner in front of the grocery store flailed and fell to the pavement. Four people were shot in the chaos and one was injured so badly by the exploding glass of a shattered QFC door that medics first believed the woman had been shot multiple times in the chest. Seattle Fire said the five victims in the shooting suffered minor injuries — but concern remained high in the neighborhood.

“We do see an increase in gun violence in this city and cities around America,” Murray said Sunday night to a group of business and community leaders including representatives from the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and the Capitol Hill Community Council. “It’s concerning to us.” Murray told the group the situation “has all of our attention.”

Capt. McDonagh said gang detectives continue to investigate leads in the case following the 1 AM shootings and injuries near the Harvard Market shopping center and busy parking lots used by many nightlife revelers. Plywood covered the broken QFC door but a hole employees say was caused by a wayward bullet remained unpatched inside the market Sunday night. The precinct commander said he could not share any updates on the case but the mayor said he expected to hear more about what transpired at Broadway and Pike soon. Police were looking for information about the silver sedan where the gunfire came from that was reported to have immediately fled the scene following the shooting. Continue reading