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Inside the Uncle Ike’s lawsuit: the case, the secret partners… and the parklet

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.53.34 AMDetails of the lawsuit brought by Mount Calvary Christian Center against 23rd and Union pot retailer Uncle Ike’s, the state liquor board and the City of Seattle reveal the Central District church’s strategy and shine light onto the business dealings behind Seattle’s second I-502 retail marijuana shop.

Last week, CHS reported on early word of the lawsuit brought against the retailer after less than a month of (very good) business at the corner. In filings with the King County Superior Court, lawyers for Mount Calvary claim that Ike’s proximity to its Joshua Generation Teen Center should have disqualified the I-502 retail application from Ian Eisenberg and his business partners to open at 23rd and Union: Continue reading

Capitol Hill is undead — Gathering to remember long-gone goth hangout Aurafice


Aurafice in 2006 (Image: Joe Mabel)

Seattle in Memory, a project from a long ago CHS contributor, will host a Day of the Dead gathering Saturday night to remember the dearly departed “goth coffee shop” Aurafice:

A vigil for our beloved goth coffee shop. On the Day of the Dead, before you party, remember our long lost cafe. We encourage you to bring your memories to share, and any mementos you’d like to leave in tribute.

Portland-based Stumptown took over the former Aurafice space in 2007.

Saturday’s planned gathering starts at 8 PM. Wear black.


Likely a few Pike/Pine phones in the pile as SPD raid of South Seattle convenience store turns up trove of stolen items

(Image: SPD)

(Image: SPD)

As one major Capitol Hill theft case comes to a close after years of investigation and legal proceedings, SPD also announced a smaller bust that might also connect with criminal activity in Pike/Pine.

Thursday, detectives raided a South Seattle convenience store and seized “boxes and boxes of suspected stolen cellphones, laptops and cameras”

Along with the more than 250 smartphones and hundreds of cameras, computers, watches and instruments found in the store – a number of which Robbery Detectives have already tied to crimes in Rainier Beach – detectives also found $13,000 in cash, boxes of untaxed cigarettes illegally imported from Vietnam, and cabinets filled with bags of Khat (a plant leaf stimulant classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule-1 controlled substance).

Detectives believe the items are connected to a surge of robberies in South Seattle this summer. But it’s also likely that items ripped off around the city made its way to the store. Continue reading

WANTED: SPD needs your help nailing Broadway sex toy bandit

Screen-Shot-2014-10-23-at-10.31.31-AM-141x300 (1)More than a month after his devious act, SPD detectives remain hot on the tail of the Broadway sex toy bandit — and are looking for your help putting the man behind the crime in a pair of non-GGG handcuffs. SPD posted this picture Monday of the thief they say stole more than $400 worth of stockings, lubricants and other personal items in a late September heist at Broadway sex emporium Castle Megastore:

SPD detectives are still in search of a man who fled a Capitol Hill adult emporium last month with $400 worth of stockings, lubricants and other personal items, and now police need your help identifying him. Detectives have a pic of the bawdy bandit, but don’t yet know his name. If you do, please call our detectives in the East Precinct Burglary/Theft Unit at (206) 684-5733.

CHS reported details of the heist here:

Just before 10:20 PM Saturday, SPD units were called to Broadway’s Castle Megastore after a man reportedly ran from the retailer carrying an armload of expensive sex toys. The man was last seen jumping into his white Chevy parked at the curb in front of the store and speeding off northbound with employees in pursuit.


CHS Pics | Hilloween 2014 sploshes through Cal Anderson onto Broadway


(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Before the winds came, a deluge of October rains turned the Cal Anderson setting for Capitol Hill’s annual “urban carnival” of Halloween fun into a bit of an old-timey mud pit Saturday. But the Hilloween kids — especially those who incorporated galoshes into their Elsa and astronaut costumes — didn’t mind too much. Meanwhile, we also found a few brave, wind-blown lost souls wandering 15th Ave E for some pre-funkish costume action.

Pictures from this year’s Hilloween and the 15th Ave E costume crawl are below. You’ll also find more here on the CHS Facebook page.


Inside the Hilloween tent (Image: CHS)


Continue reading

Three to hospital as suspected DUI driver involved in ‘high speed’ Broadway crash — UPDATE

A suspected DUI driver who reportedly wrestled her car keys back from concerned witnesses after colliding with a pole and a tree was involved in a second multiple car crash just minutes later on Broadway that seriously injured three people early Sunday morning just after 2 AM. UPDATE: CHS has obtained the initial SPD report on the incident that includes details of the female DUI suspect taking her keys from an arriving officer and speeding out of a parking garage before colliding with an SUV at Broadway and James. The details from the report are below. Continue reading

Windy October night leaves 3,000 without power around Capitol Hill

"Wind storm knocks over tree on Capitol Hill Cal Anderson Park, Man stripped bare and climbs." (Image: @timdurkan via Twitter)

“Wind storm knocks over tree on Capitol Hill Cal Anderson Park, Man stripped bare and climbs.” (Image: @timdurkan via Twitter)

B01-Se4IcAAjBVjAn October windstorm knocked out power to around 3,000 customers in a northern swath of Capitol Hill near Volunteer Park Saturday night.

The outages were part of a series of service disruptions around the city leaving more than 20,000 without power.


The largest outage surrounding the park was reportedly caused by a downed branch or tree. A smaller outage knocking about 600 out had a reported restoration time of after 11 PM. City Light estimated a midnight or later restoration for the larger outage.

The outages followed an increase in the night’s gusts around 8 PM. Winds on the 520 bridge measured above 60 MPH.

Around 8:04 PM, wires were reported down on 20th Ave E. Continue reading

Mayor Nickels: Time for ‘common sense’ steps on gun control


The former mayor is all in on I-594. Here’s his current Facebook profile photo

Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels posted the essay below via Facebook earlier this week before Friday’s tragic school shooting in Marysville. In it, he invoked the memory of the “Capitol Hill massacre” in a call for the State of Washington to do much, much more to control guns:

On the morning of March 25 a few years ago, I stood outside of a house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood just a block from the newspaper route I had as a kid. A gunman had just taken the lives of six innocent young men and women and then killed himself.
It was a senseless and shocking act of violence in the heart of my community. Like the others who gathered at the scene that morning, I felt grief, disbelief and anger. As mayor of the state’s largest city, I asked myself a question: “what could we have done to prevent this tragedy?”

Every week seems to bring fresh examples that beg this difficult question, from the horrific school shootings to a young man senselessly shot dead during an argument at a Rainer Valley intersection.

The rest of his essay and call for improving the state’s gun control is below.

We asked the former mayor — who grew up on Capitol Hill — if he was worried that calls for greater control as the state prepares to vote on I-594 could lead to greater backlash from the pro-gun community and groups aligning to defeat I-594 and support the limits proposed in I-591.

“The Washington State Legislature has failed to take any meaningful action to protect our children and seniors from guns getting into the hands of felons and persons who are mentally disturbed,” Nickels writes. “Sadly this has largely been due to the opposition of the Democratic Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | This week in Capitol Hill pictures

The CHS Flickr Pool contains more than 18,000 19,000 20,000 21,000  22,000 23,000 photographs -— most of Capitol Hill images, many glorious, some technically amazing. The pool is a mix of contributions from Capitol Hill — and nearby — shutterbugs. Interested in being part of it? If we like your photo and it helps us tell the story, we may feature it on CHS so please include your name and/or a link to your website so we can properly credit you. Interested in working as a paid CHS contributor for scheduled assignments? Drop us a line –- our roster is full for general assignments but pitch us on an idea.

Continue reading

CHS Pics | A Capitol Hill fall tradition, Weavers’ Guild sale at St. Mark’s

Annette Mentzer and friend spin hand-carded wool (Images: CHS)

Annette Mentzer and friend spin hand-carded wool (Images: CHS)

A longtime part of fall of Capitol Hill, the Seattle Weaver’s Guild has returned to St. Mark’s this weekend for its annual sale that is equal parts opportunity to get your holiday shopping done early and opportunity to learn.

“You can learn a lot from a book but its nothing like being mentored by a wise woman,” weaver Marilyn Romatka told CHS. Creating pieces of woven art since 2007, Romatka worked Thursday on broken twill with tencel on a tabletop loom.

Kris Leet has been weaving since 1971. Her patterns go back even further with the oldest textile bands made in her medieval style dating back to 600-800 BC.

Judith Noble is also a guild longtimer. She says monthly study groups help guild members learn new techniques and improve their work. It also seems like a good way to make a few crafty friends. Continue reading

Church sues to shut down marijuana shop at 23rd/Union, change way Seattle zones pot

Pastor Witherspoon assists Mt Zion's Reverend Samuel B. McKinney with the bullhorn at a rally against Uncle Ike's in October (Image: CHS)

Pastor Witherspoon assists Mt Zion’s Reverend Samuel B. McKinney with the bullhorn at a rally against Uncle Ike’s in October (Image: CHS)

Opening weekend at Uncle Ike's (Image: CHS)

Opening weekend at Uncle Ike’s (Image: CHS)

The Central District church that turned to prayer and protest when it suddenly found itself neighboring Seattle’s second I-502 marijuana retailer is taking its case to close Uncle Ike’s to an even higher power — King County Superior Court.

The Seattle Times reports that Mount Calvary Christian Center is suing to shut Uncle Ike’s down:

The suit alleges that Uncle Ike’s was allowed to open despite being about 250 feet from a teen recreation center. It says the city and state did not perform due diligence in allowing Uncle Ike’s to open.

The church and community center ask the court to revoke Uncle Ike’s license and direct the city of Seattle to set up measures that would require it to let communities weigh in before potential marijuana stores are approved.

The Times reports Mount Calvary’s Pastor Reggie Witherspoon told the paper that Uncle Ike’s owner Ian Eisenberg needs to take the “community’s concerns” more seriously.

Ike’s, the WSLCB and the City of Seattle are all reportedly named in the lawsuit which has not yet been filed. Continue reading

A look at the Capitol Hill numbers from the first week of Seattle’s bike share

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.14.45 PM

Source: Pronto/Image: CHS

Some 500 rides per day were taken on Seattle’s new Pronto bike share with about 42% of those traveling around Capitol Hill in the system’s first week of operations, the nonprofit’s director Holly Houser tells CHS. CHS got a look at the data and found out where around Capitol Hill people rode the most in Week 1. We also took a tour of our own to visit each of the dozen new Pronto stations around Capitol Hill and First Hill.

One Capitol Hill station ranked among the top five busiest in the first week. Here are the city’s top 5 busiest Pronto stations: 3rd & Pike, Harrison & Broadway, Pier 69, REI Flagship Store, Occidental Park. The second most popular Hill station at 11th and Pine near Cal Anderson Park came in 6th. Continue reading

Blotter | ‘Persons of interest’ caught on camera in $2k Capitol Hill apartment burglary

The "persons of interest" in an October 16th daytime apartment burglary on 19th Ave E (Image: Q13Fox.com)

The “persons of interest” in an October 16th daytime apartment burglary on 19th Ave E (Image: Q13Fox.com)

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • 19th/Mercer burglary: Thieves made off with nearly $2,000 in stolen goods in a burglary of an apartment inside the 19th and Mercer building last Thursday. The SPD report on the daytime break-in is below. A local TV station posted this picture of the alleged burglars caught by a security camera.Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 2.38.03 PM Continue reading