Capitol Hill Community Post | Just another soul pushed off the hill

I am not writing to gather sympathy, only to express and reach out, it finally happend to me. I have lived on Capitol Hill since 1986. Lived behind Shop-Rite and next to the bakery on 14th and Pine. After graduating from Cornish College, which used to be on this hill I got my first job at The Ritz Cafe. Once I found 15th, I found my home. It was slower, safer, and more of a community than the hustle bustle of Broadway. But I loved Broadway and became a member of the BIA and worked with merchants to improve our district. I found solace in The Pilgrim’s Congressional Church where they proclaimed ‘ God Loves Everyone ” and found acceptance.I was in the arts and my family did not support me. The Hill became my family in a sense. Now thirty years later I am single and struggling to pay almost two thousand dollars a month for rent. I have searched for months and what I can pay will only afford me a studio. Never before have I seen such an obscene rise in rents. So one by one, nameless, faceless, lonely people are being thrown out of their homes. The Amazonian young somethings have come to our town and pushed us out