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Metrix Create:Space celebrates five years of DIY tech on the Hill

"Soldering is easy" (Image: Metrix)

“Soldering is easy” (Image: Metrix)

(Image: Metrix)

(Image: Metrix)

Most of the year you can walk the north end of Broadway barely hearing a peep from Metrix Create:Space – a DIY haven for robotic tinkering — outside of the occasional churning of machines and project chatter but last Friday  the business celebrated its fifth anniversary of being with a rambunctious crowd of makers, geeks and the people who love them filling the subterranean space.

Illuminated with green laser tubes — and free booze — the crowd included Boeing and Google employees, the DIY techs, students and a couple of noobs.

“I’ve met a lot of really great people… seeing them through a portion of their life, being a part of that is the most rewarding thing,” owner Matt Westervelt said. Over the past five years he’s seen a shift from clientele simply exploring, to those utilizing the space as a work station while at the same time promoting exploration and learning. Continue reading

Where to watch World Cup 2014 on Capitol Hill

Autobattery as Brazil kicked off its play as host of the 2014 World Cup. More pictures here (Image: CHS)

Auto Battery as Brazil kicked off its play as host of the 2014 World Cup. More pictures here (Image: CHS)

World-Cup-2014-GREEN-webUnlike 2010 when games in South Africa dragged Seattle soccer fans from their beds and turned the matches into affairs of breakfast and mimosas, World Cup 2014 will feature a more beer-friendly schedule. Good luck getting any work done.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the Capitol Hill area highlights from bars and restaurants making plans to show the matches and cater to soccer crowds. If you know of something we missed, add a note in the comments.

Matches begin Thursday, June 12th with host Brazil taking on Croatia at 1P 12th Ave Standard Time. Team USA gets its start on Monday, June 16th against Ghana at 3 PM. The full schedule is here. And, remember, please don’t fix matches.

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Capitol Hill World Cup 2014 Highlights

  • Café Presse: The business is ready, and has a full calendar of games to run through the entire cup. Drink specials are on for every match with Vin Expresse Pricing during French matches and after hours happy hour pricing during USA games. The first of which will have its own event:

Fete de Coupe de Monde:  Join us for a Special Kick off Party during the first Team USA  match of the 2014 World Cup. Continue reading

Student-powered KSUB aims to be first 24/7 station serving Hill, Hollow Earth making progress in the CD


In-Studio performance at KSUB (Image: KSUB with permission to CHS)

534702_108968455931745_679882417_nNestled under the concrete of the Seattle University campus, the student-run radio station KSUB is about to expand its presence to a radio wavelength covering most of Capitol Hill

A low powered FM license issued recently by the Federal Communications Commission will allow KSUB volunteers to turn their focus towards adding new equipment, raising funds, as well as grabbing permits to get the operation running.

“We don’t know when the station will become operational. Probably a year,” said KSUB advisor and mathematics instructor John Carter. KSUB will look to add new in-studio equipment to buoy the frequency created by a radio tower and transmitter slated for the SU campus. Continue reading

East Precinct commander takes on community concerns — Central District violence, area auto theft

SPD assists a man who had fallen and passed out along Broadway during a CHS "ride along" with an East Precinct officer Saturday night, May 24. CHS will use the experience to -- hopefully -- bring you even more accurate coverage of policing in the neighborhood

SPD assists a man who had fallen and passed out along Broadway during a CHS “ride along” with an East Precinct officer Saturday night, May 24. CHS will use the experience to — hopefully — bring you even more accurate coverage of policing in the neighborhood.

Last week at the May meeting of the East Precinct Advisory Council, newly nominated Chief of Police Kathleen O’Toole wasn’t commander Capt. Pierre Davis’s main topic of conversation. Nor were the latest series of shakeups in SPD brass. Instead, the community focused meeting took aim at car theft while explaining the background of 911 call centers and airing feedback from community members about recent criticism of the precinct’s investigations of recent Central District violence.

“I know our homicide detectives are doing a diligent job,” said Capt. Davis said about criticism that police aren’t doing enough to find the perpetrators of recent gun violence in the Central District. Davis also refuted the contention that the detective did not conduct extensive door to door interviews following a recent shooting. Continue reading

All Pilgrims plans mystical labyrinth, improved connection to Broadway

Today, All Pilgrims is fenced-off from Broadway (Images: CHS)

Today, All Pilgrims is fenced-off from Broadway (Images: CHS)

IMG_4778What years ago was shrouded in a thicket of blackberry brambles may soon again yield fruit for Broadway’s All Pilgrims in the form of a labyrinth as well as a landscaped, more accessible front lawn and plans to fill the moat-like embankment that separates the 1906-built house of worship from the bustling street it calls home. Still in a conceptual phase, the church’s plan needs designs and funding.

“It’s one of the only green spaces on Broadway… we see that as an asset to the community and we’d like to present it as such to be a welcoming space,” said Pastor Greg Turk. Around back, All Pilgrims intends to better utilize an empty to plot to create a a labyrinth. “Right now it’s a pile of dirt,” Turk said. “We know we can do a better job with that landscape.” Visit First Hill’s First Baptist if you’re in need of a wander through the maze in the meantime.

The church already has a city permit lined up and plans to complete the entirety of the work in one phase. A preliminary $100,000 budget has been attached to the project but Turk said the scope of transformation for the church’s land is still being worked out.

Continue reading

Capitol Hill gelato shop unveils Seattle-Italian library

1511412_679396415453828_183891982803946539_nFranco Tesorieri, the Honory Consul of Italy to Seattle, is helping to craft a narrative promoting his home country’s culture with a story that takes place on Capitol Hill. A library of Italian texts has been unveiled on the shelves of D’Ambrosio Gelato’s 12th Ave location.

Biblioteca Italiana Seattle (BIS) is a collective of volunteers, who brought the books together and formed in early 2014 with the hopes of providing the Italian-American community in Seattle (and anyone interested in learning about it) a place to pick up the most complete selection of Italian literature in the area.

Owner of the gelato chain, Marco D’Ambrosio, gave the group access to his shelves on Capitol Hill which now carry the weight of over 500 books. D’Ambrosio was speaking with his a good friend Tesorieri when the idea took shape.

“He mentioned that it would have been nice to start an Italian cultural center in the city,” D’Ambrosio told CHS. He immediately after bestowed part of his Capitol Hill location, for free, to BIS. Continue reading

Broadcast Coffee expands north from CD, Capitol Hill roots

72164_313259285465826_904570578_nWith Starbucks adding its heft to the roast your own coffee culture of Capitol Hill, a smaller player has quietly begun roasting beans off the Hill in Interbay and is opening a new northern outpost this weekend in the far flung and exotic Roosevelt neighborhood.

Broadcast Coffee owner Barry Faught inaugurated his new roasting operation a few months ago. The roasting plant facet of the expanding Broadcast operation was located in the more industrial Interbay area to save time on permits that would have been applied to a Capitol Hill location, Faught said.  “I just wanted to have more control over the coffee I serve,” he said. Continue reading

Capitol Hill fabric store Stitches celebrates ten years on E Pike

IMG_2009IMG_1994A week knitted together with discounts, prizes and treats hits Capitol Hill thread shop Stitches April, 30 as it celebrates its ten year anniversary on E Pike. Owner Amy Ellsworth is looking forward to adding another decade on the Hill.

“I’m excited to see people… and say hi and thank you,” she said. From April 30 – May 6, the store will serve up snacks from local businesses and conclude each day with a raffle for classes and gift certificates – when you buy something you’re entered – as well as 20% off anything for the week.

Ellsworth has been selling fabrics and related crafting tools since 2004 on Capitol Hill, and like many Seattle start-ups, her story started at a local tech giant. Continue reading

Inside the lines of Capitol Hill’s monthly coloring book


(Images: The Bomb Promise)

Coloring Book Valentine's Day Edition (Image: The Bomb Collective)

Valentine’s Day edition coloring book (Image: The Bomb Promise)

A Capitol Hill arts collective came together during the summer of 2012 with the intention of many a local creative: Get exposure. The group of graphic scribblers known as The Bomb Promise has pulled together the work of local artists in a rather unconventional way through the monthly release of coloring books sprinkled through some of Capitol Hill’s hotspots for adults and kids alike. Please, color inside the lines.

“We are all artists/illustrators either by profession or hobby and found it difficult to market ourselves in the competitive art scene,” said collective member, Alysia Mojica. “Our solution was to put out a coloring book featuring our illustrations.”

The Bomb Promise has unveiled 20 editions monthly since July, 2012 (missing only one month due to extenuating circumstances) with Mojica putting in work outside of her art to get the issues pressed. Continue reading

Capitol Hill artist paints an apocalyptic background for new Lola comic book series

An excerpt from Lola (Images: Siya Oum with permission to CHS)

An excerpt from Lola (Images: Siya Oum with permission to CHS)

A post-apocalyptic narrative created by Siya Oum hit the racks of Phoenix Comics Wednesday as part of the Capitol Hill-based artist’s first national comic book release. Oum painstakingly forged the tale dubbed Lola out of her Capitol Hill abode through a mostly solo coloring, designing, and writing process.

LOLA-01a-Reg-Siya-OUM“I’ve already written 18 issues,” said Oum. The Wednesday unveiling of Lola, Volume I — that includes six issues — follows the heroine as she navigates the United States after a nuclear disaster and investigates what started it all. The comic was colored in a traditional manner that takes twice as long, she said. The artist plans to release more volumes on a monthly basis, and is getting support for national distribution.

Lola’s release comes courtesy of California-based Aspen Comics. The apocalyptic storyline paints a bleak future for the planet’s environment while creating the legend of Lola and fleshing out the heroine. “It’s a more personal story,” Oum said.

Already with a deep catalog of comics to her name – she’s lost track of just how many – Oum tells CHS that all of her sequential arts have been created on the Hill – and inspired “big time” by the community. “All of it [started here].” Before launching her career on the Hill, Oum had to relocate from some warmer surroundings before digging into her new profession. Continue reading

Box-shaped, pedal-powered deliveries putting Broadway bikeway to work

IMG_9790A new bicycle-powered cargo service started whizzing around the Hill, Tuesday, April 1, as Dan Kohler launched his new business, Freewheel, with a focus on sustainable delivery, and the budding entrepreneur already has some local businesses on board. After his first day of work last week, Kohler spoke with CHS about Freewheel’s plans for eco-delivery conquest, and why he chose Capitol Hill for his business headquarters.

Freewheel was started by Kohler, and his friends Thomas Bates and Zach Silk, with the mission of providing a carbon free delivery option for businesses within a 4-5 mile radius of Capitol Hill and downtown. This zone is flexible will adjust as demand emerges, Kohler said. The decision to set up shop at 10th and Union was partially inspired by the new Broadway bikeway that will help the budding company traverse the Hill.

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‘Mo-Wave Festival ready for second round on Capitol Hill

Team Dresch at 'Mo-Wave 2013 (Image: CHS)

Team Dresch at ‘Mo-Wave 2013 (Image: CHS)

The second queer powered ‘Mo-Wave Festival is coming to Capitol Hill for five days of art, interpretive works and music of the LGBTQ community through over 20 artists and performers, as well as some new surprises to keep things fresh.

“There’s been a lot of growing pains,” said organizer and performer Seth Garrison. “We’ve upped our game.” Looking to build on the success of the first Mo-Wave Festival in 2013, this year’s event will showcase three national headliners to kick out the queer jams: ChristeeneJustin Vivian Bond and Zebra Katz. However, it’s Capitol Hill musicians who will boast the largest presence at the festival. Continue reading

Capitol Hill hosts Seattle Deaf Film Festival

A scene from Lake Windfall, "a portrait of interactions between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people" --  in a post-apocalyptic setting.

A scene from Lake Windfall, “a portrait of interactions between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people” — in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Capitol Hill’s Northwest Film Forum continues to make a home for festivals involving filmmakers and subject matters of all types. Next week, Seattle Deaf Film Festival brings its three-day roster of 36 productions showcasing the works of the deaf filmmaking community to Capitol Hill for the first time following its 2013 debut. Reels run April 4-6.

“SDFF started from a core group full of signing people who were passionate about cinema and wanted to set up a film festival celebrating its own culture and language,” said Patty Liang, the festival’s director. The festival is powered by community group Deaf Spotlight who plan to launch the weekend with an opening night reception April 4 at Velocity — $10 or free for weekend ticket holders; 8 to 11 PM. The productions being shown at the festival will offer many genres and styles for viewers to pick from and explore.

“The films were made by, and for the Deaf community. We have a wonderful committee who screened all 70 films and narrowed down to 36 films in different genres: animation, comedy/musical, documentary, drama, and suspense/thriller,” she said. The selection of Capitol Hill for the second SDFF was influenced by the community, and Liang hopes to keep it here. Continue reading

Seattle tax district would support parks and community centers

Following a recommendation to fund a $270 million  maintenance backlog to city parks, Mayor Ed Murray is backing a new tax to foot the bill.

Earlier this month, Murray announced his proposal to establish a metropolitan parks taxing district that would soon go before the City Council, and, if passed, require voter approval. The measure would raise $54 million annually through a property tax to repair and upkeep Seattle parks, community centers, and destinations like Woodland Park Zoo and the waterfront aquarium

The mayor’s plan also aims to keep community centers open longer, fund facility upgrades, and potentially acquire more community centers, according to an outline of the proposal. The measure would additionally, “expand programming for seniors, people with disabilities and underserved populations,” as well as the development of fourteen new parks, and “provide funding for an urban parks partnership model to promote creative collaborations in downtown to activate parks with a focus on safety.” Continue reading

Few complaints as details of Starbucks coffee roasting project on Capitol Hill aired

Roasting room concept image

Roasting room concept image

Last week’s community hearing on the air quality impacts for the planned Starbucks roasting facility at the base of Capitol Hill turned into a round table conversation as few residents attended. Still, some light was shed on the potential effects of installing another coffee roaster on Pike – according to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) reps, it would be the largest on Capitol Hill — and details were revealed on the steps Starbucks will have to take before a permit is granted by the agency. Meanwhile, there is still time to comment on the plans.

The Starbucks application for the permit in the former art supply store and Volvo dealership at Melrose and Pine indicates that work will soon start in earnest at the site. “Current plans are to begin demolition and mobilization activities in March 2014 and to start up the new operations in August 2014. In order to meet project timelines, Starbucks is seeking the Notice of Approval from PSCAA by the end of April 2014,” the Starbucks application reads. The coffee giant is currently working with a consultant in order to pass the air quality examinations that will focus primarily on their coffee roasting machines. Continue reading