Creatura House grand opening

Friday, December 15, 2017 - 12:00 am – Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 11:59 pm all-day
Creatura House
705 E Pike Street SEATTLE WA
Creatura House grand opening @ Creatura House

From the owners of the legendary Roq La Rue gallery comes a new boutique devoted to fine art and home decor !
Creatura House opens Dec 15th!
Please join us for an opening night party on Dec 15th 6-8pm
Coffee and Donuts and Cute Dog/Pet Contest Saturday Dec 16th 11-6pm
We are pleased to announce the grand opening of gallery/decor boutique Creatura House. Started by former founder of Roq La Rue Gallery Kirsten Anderson and business partner Mark Long, Creatura House will featuring a small gallery featuring rotating shows as well as shop focused on home decor and design. Creatura House will focus on work that is inspired by Strange Natural History, the Dark Fantastical, Opulently Botanical, Crystalline Witchyness, Punk Chic, and Wild Beauty.

In addition, Creatura House will be donating part proceeds to Creatura Wildlife Projects, a 501(c)3 non profit started by Kirsten Anderson that is currently doing work in Kenya to help endangered wildlife.

Our first art show is by Montreal painter Peter Ferguson. His meticulously painted, darkly humorous narratives evoke early 20th century small town Americana (or Canadiana as the case may be). Combining the fantasy of the great ages of exploration with a distinctly paranormal bent, Ferguson’s work hovers along the lines of fantasy without ever fully teetering into full scale camp, and his work retains an air of both wonder and occasional melancholy.

Our shop will feature art, decor, and objects of desire by Electric Coffin, Scott Musgrove, Adam Wallacavage, Jonquil and Mr Black, Ben Beres, Justin Beckman, and Debra Baxter to name a few.
Some of the things we will have will be tentacles chandeliers, tiny lamps carried by ghost mice, raw crystal necklaces, flocked totemic “trophies”, faux black and gold taxidermy, zebra print rugs, Bowls that look like lunar surfaces, day globe mexican embroidered pillows, silver skulls, biographies of Nick Cave and David Bowie, coffee table books by historic nature photographers, tropical orchids, and a life sized golden rhinestone covered cougar.

On Friday December 15th we will be open 6-8pm for our grand opening night party. Adults only please!
Our hours will be Wens – Sundays 11-6pm daily.

Saturday Dec 16th from 11 am- 6pm we are offering donuts and coffee for shoppers plus a contest for cute dogs (or any pet!) We will hosting voting on our Instagram and the winner will receive a life size mouse lamp by Italian brand Seletti!
705 E Pike Street

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