Exhibition: Germany Street Fronts

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 1:00 pm @ 1:00 PM – Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - 7:00 pm @ 7:00 PM
Goethe Pop Up Seattle, Chophouse Row
1424 11th Ave
Seattle WA
Goethe Pop Up Seattle

Stop by the Goethe Pop Up, take a look at a variety of grand cities, historic towns, and quaint villages from every corner of Germany, and learn more about their architectural heritage. The exhibition is open from 1-7pm, Monday through Friday.

Long before the advent of photography, panoramas existed in painting as a means of generating an immersive experience of spaces. Many longed to capture a broad view of vistas and to create cityscapes that show details in meaningful ways. Photographers started making panoramas by photographing the skyline of a city in a series of images which were then placed next to each other, cut and stitched together manually, to compose one single image. The invention of panoramic cameras revolutionized panoramic photography. These wide-angled cameras captured a panoramic scene of 180 degrees in one single shot. With that, they changed the views and contexts of many famous places. Today, digital imaging and photo editing software is capable of “stitching” multiple images together to create one seamless appearance. One such project utilizing this technique is Leipzig-based Panorama Streetline.

In June, Goethe Pop Up Seattle welcomes the exhibition “Germany Street Fronts” to its space in the Chophouse Row. The exhibition poses the question: what defines German cities? These panoramas of façades expand the notions of traditional architecture photography and broaden our view of old towns, market squares, shopping streets, and riversides from over 40 cities in Germany. They also give insights into constant developments and construction waves of cities with various architectural styles, such as Fachwerk, Gründerzeit, and Modernism.

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ABOUT THE GOETHE POP UP SEATTLE Located in Capitol Hill’s iconic Chophouse Row building, the Goethe Pop Up Seattle is here to celebrate the Year of German-American Friendship with you. From October 2018 through November 2019 we will host and support a variety of cultural events such as art exhibits, film screenings, lectures, and panel discussions to promote cultural exchange. We strive to create an innovative international program to give you the opportunity to experience outstanding works by acclaimed artists and speakers related to Germany. The events will take place at the Goethe Pop Up Seattle and around town in collaboration with local community partners. Come join us and discover how Germany and the U.S. can be Wunderbar Together!
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