Power to the Polls: Anniversary of the Womxn’s March on Seattle/Seattle Women’s March 2.0 – 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 10:00 am @ 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Cal Anderson Park
Cal Anderson Park
Seattle WA
Be the Change Network
Power to the Polls: Anniversary of the Womxn's March on Seattle/Seattle Women's March 2.0 - 2018 @ Cal Anderson Park

UPDATE: On January 20th and 21st, 2018, come together with your friends, neighbors, children and allies to recommit to another year of resistance and support. Together we will pledge our allegiance to the collective liberation of ALL of our communities.

Last year, the Womxn’s March on Seattle made history, bringing 175,000 loud and engaged people to the streets. Then, in November of the same year, we saw record low voter turnout in Washington State. Just 37% of eligible voters participated in the 2017 elections.

2018 is a pivotal year for midterm elections. We have the opportunity to support and elect record numbers of womxn and POC to our state and national governments. We must all get engaged and stay engaged. As the launch event for the 2018 collective Women’s March agenda, we are proud to present POWER TO THE POLLS by the Women’s March on Washington. In Seattle, March to the Polls will kickoff WOMXN ACT ON SEATTLE, the anniversary weekend from the Womxn’s March on Seattle.

Womxn Act on Seattle will include a series of trainings, lectures, panels, film screenings, food drives and more at hubs around the city all day long. The March to the Polls is also the starting point for one of the state’s largest single-day regional voter registration and mobilization effort in history, led by Seattle Indivisible and Indivisible Eastside in partnership with Seattle Womxn Marching Forward. The Womxn Act on Seattle/Indivisible voter registration effortwill target districts with low-registration numbers to engage impacted communities and harness our collective energy to elect candidates that reflect our values. Womxn Act on Seattle reflects our commitment to collaborate with community partners and organizations to elect more womxn and people of color to office.

Please join the Seattle Womxn Marching Forward Facebook group or go toseattlewomxnmarchingforward.org to stay up-to-date about the anniversary weekend programming! See you there!

If you want to volunteer for events on either day, let us know heredocs.google.com/forms/d/13FjzdBf_qICqunKCqiY51AFs0xRYpSkaKE6Ujo91Nwc/edit

If you are an organization or business that wants attend or host events on either day, let us know here

Read the Women’s March Unity Principles here:womensmarch.com/mission

UPDATE: To mark the first anniversary of the Seattle Women’s march, the organizations currently planning separate marches on January 20 are collaborating to create one event in Seattle. The march will start at Cal Anderson Park at 10am and will include programs featuring speakers from a broad range of organizations and communities.


It’s time to make history again!

Grab your hats and join us for a day of resistance and collective empowerment as we stand together to celebrate feminism and prepare for the coming year of activism.

On January 21st 2017, approximately 673 sister marches took place around the world including gatherings on all seven continents. With over three million participants in cities from DC to Seattle, the Women’s March is believed to be the largest protest in US history. This truly historic event marked the rise of the Resistance that millions of us have joined to oppose 45 and the destructive policies of those that seek to marginalize women, people of color and our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community.

We hope you will join us as we stand united for women’s rights and an end to the policies of discrimination that are so much a part of Trump’s agenda. We have much work to do but there is growing optimism in our movement that we can drive Trump out of office and take back the House and Senate seats we need in 2018 to right the legislative wrongs done by Trump and his allies in Congress. The coming year is a critical time and it is vital that we build community and work together to achieve these key objectives.

Like last year, this will be an all-inclusive, peaceful and family-friendly event. Help us make sure it includes people from every segment of the region including the LGBTQ community, Muslims and people of color that have been targeted by Trump and his neo-fascist followers.

We’d like to get started on Facebook by sharing stories about last year’s march and photos that show how the march impacted you and your loved ones. We also want to encourage people to discuss the #MeToo movement and what we can do in the next year to more effectively support women who are the victims of sexual harassment and assault.

We will continue to post here about pre-march events and opportunities to volunteer with our organizers. So, please check back often and be sure to share this with your friends and help us make the 2018 march even bigger than last year!

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