The Illuminated Moon: An AstroSalon with Stephanie Gailing

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 7:00 pm @ 7:00 PM – 8:45 PM
The Cloud Room
1424 11th Ave

While we all want to feel safe and secure, nourished and nurtured, what constitutes this feeling for each of us is distinct.

Better understanding the astrological Moon—both its placement in our birth chart as well as its shifting invitation throughout time—can help us embrace a deeper connection to the root of our lives. Through connecting to the Moon, we can more consciously recognize our needs, be aware of our subconscious longings, and take better care of ourselves.

In this limited-attendance AstroSalon, we’ll explore Lady Luna and how she informs our life. You’ll discover:

  • Your Personal Moon: where it lives in your birth chart and what this reflects about how you nurture yourself
  • Your Lunar Calendar: the times of the year when you can more gain greater awareness into what you need
  • The Monthly Lunar Cycle: and how working with it can help you feel in greater flow
  • This Year’s Eclipses: and the awareness that they are inspiring for us collectively and you personally
  • And more…

Each participant will receive a personalized handout that details insights on their Moon placement, the 2109 dates of their lunar returns, and what the Eclipses may inspire for them.

Join us for this beautiful exploration, in which we’ll gain greater insight into our emotional needs, so as to live life with a more expanded sense of nourishment.

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