New Bobabucha Cafe brings together boba and, yes, kombucha at 15th and Pine

The Pike Place Tea with Grass Jelly at Bobabucha (Image: Bobabucha)

As spring turns into summer, the teen blocks of E Pine have added some new Pacific-flavored food and drink options including a new sibling to Poke Bar and a new hybrid cafe specializing in the wonders of both kombucha and boba.

Bobabucha Cafe opened Memorial Day weekend on the corner of 15th and Pine in the storefront formerly inhabited by Honor Coffee.

“We want this place to be somewhere people can come hang out. Boba and kombucha have been around for a while, but people have recently started to catch onto them, so Bobabucha is dedicated to both drinks,” Matthew Chaw, son of cafe owner, Linda Chaw, said. Continue reading

Inside the Capitol Hill Urban Float, ‘the largest float pod center in North America’

Urban Float is Capitol Hill’s new flotation therapy spa, a place to let your mind wander to its outer limits while bobbing in salt water. It is located in the street level of the wedge-shaped building at the intersection of Madison, Union, and 12th, across the street from the Ferrari dealership, a suitably luxe, modern facility for this upscale iteration of the time-honored practice of soaking and thinking. With six locations from Houston to Vancouver, the Capitol Hill location is five-year-old Urban Float’s new flagship and, they say, “the largest float pod center in North America” at 4,000 square feet.

“Floating has been around for more than 40 years, but as this form of therapy has become more popular among elite athletes and celebrities, the concept has ultimately reached urban professionals, students, parents – really anyone in need of a break from the daily stresses of the fast-paced, digital world,” Urban Float co-founder Joe Beaudry said in the announcement of the new Capitol Hill location.

Urban Float has both corporate-owned stores and franchise locations. The Capitol Hill location is owned and operated by the Bellevue-based company.

After filling out a release form on an iPad, visitors are asked to pick the soundtrack to accompany the beginning and end of their float. CHS chose “Waves and Birds,” and the attendant helpfully suggested we might prefer “Waves and Birds in the Distance.” Continue reading

Worker dies in fall at Seattle U dorm construction site

State labor officials are investigating the death of a 23-year-old ironworker who suffered a fatal fall in late December from atop Seattle University’s dorm and office project near Madison and 12th Ave.

Raymond Estores is reported to have fallen down an elevator shaft in the Saturday, December 30th morning incident from near the top of the 10-story Vi Hilbert Hall project under construction along E Madison. Seattle Police and Seattle Fire were called to the scene just after 9 AM. Continue reading

Seattle U’s new campus store now open at 12th and Madison

Seattle University’s overhaul of its campus at the corner where 12th meets Madison has a newly opened component — the school’s new bookstore, carved out of the first floor of the storage facility building at the intersection, is now open for business. Continue reading

50-unit small-apartment development lines up for 12th and John as microhousing regulation debate nears end

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.31.34 PM12th and John is destined to be the next place Capitol Hill grows big and small. Wednesday night, the plan for a four-story, 50-unit microhousing-style apartment building will take its first turn in front of the East Design Review Board. Meanwhile, legislation intended to better shape its brethren developments is expect to move forward after months of negotiating and argument as the City Council prepares to pass new rules to legislate aPodment-style construction.

Here is how hyperactive Capitol Hill, Central District, and Eastlake developer and architect Bradley Kouri firm b9 describes its planned 121 12th Ave E project:

The proposed development will extend the desirable aspects of Capitol Hill while introducing housing density to one of Seattle’s most characteristic neighborhoods. The structure will provide approximately 50 units. The structure will be built to the maximum height allowed (44 ft.) with a partially below-grade story…

Continue reading