Uncle Ike’s is for sale. Kind of.

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

“Everybody keeps bugging us, so we decided to throw out a number,” owner Ian Eisenberg told CHS Tuesday about a report that he is teaming up to put the two largest marijuana retailers in the state on the market. The price tag for a combined Uncle Ike’s-Main Street Marijuana Washington pot empire stretching from Seattle to the ‘Couv?

$50 million.

It is hard to tell just how seriously to take the asking price from Eisenberg. His two shops are the highest grossing in Seattle with sales of nearly $1.4 million in December while the Main Street chain’s three locations clocked in with more than $2.2 million during the happy holiday period. But there also might be some politicking going on. Continue reading

Dia de los Muertos: Sur 16 closed on 15th Ave E — UPDATE: Reopening… soon

While 15th Ave E celebrates the return of one longtime business and the debut of a significant new one, a restaurant that struggled to catch on in the commercial village has closed its doors.

The windows at Sur 16 have been papered over and a sign went up this week thanking patrons and telling them to watch for “possible new openings or locations” for the restaurant its rookie owners hoped would celebrate the harmonies between flavors of the Old World and the New World.

UPDATE 10/31/2016: We haven’t heard from Sur 16’s owners directly but a comment posted over the weekend said the restaurants is going to “remodel” and “be back soon.”

UPDATE x2: We heard from owners Dalzell and Martos about the situation and we have good news to report for fans of the restaurant. Things have been worked out for an overhaul of the restaurant space and the couple is working on a revamp of the business and a menu. There is not yet a timeline for reopening but the restaurant is, indeed, ready to rise from the dead. Happy Halloween. In the meantime, the kitchen remains open if you’d like to order catering via sur16.com.

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Born of a much-loved Capitol Hill grocery, Rainbow Natural Remedies marks 20 years of business on 15th Ave E

For those trying to cure a cold or reduce stress Rainbow Natural Remedies’ 20th-anniversary celebration might be their cup of tea. This weekend, owners Ross and Patricia Kling are giving Rainbow patrons free samples, demonstrations, readings and raffles.

While this might be the Rainbow Natural Remedies 20th birthday, its history stretches back even further to when the Klings first opened Rainbow Grocery in the 1980s, making it one of Seattle’s first natural food markets.

In 1996, the couple was presented with the opportunity to do more.

“At that time customers were coming in and asking our grocery stockers important health questions,” Ross Kling said. “And the stockers didn’t have the knowledge and the pace of the grocery store was such that it wasn’t conducive to having that kind of conversation.” Continue reading

Seattle Arts and Lectures moves to 15th Ave E, plans to stay forever (and ever)

Literary-focused nonprofit Seattle Arts and Lectures has made Capitol Hill its home base. The organization migrated from its previous office in Georgetown to a new spot on 15th Ave E where architecture firm Board and Vellum was housed until its move earlier this summer.

“We’re so grateful to be here and be part of such a vibrant art community and such a vibrant neighborhood.” director Ruth Dickey said. Dickey said that though the move came because SAL’s landlord in Georgetown wanted the space, the organization is ecstatic about its new neighborhood. “We hope to stay forever.” Continue reading

First look: 15th Ave E’s Bar Vacilando

A completely overhauled 15th Ave E restaurant and bar began a new journey last week as Bar Vacilando made its debut.

The new Capitol Hill venue from the Black Bottle family of food and drink takes over after a long period of emptiness for the space formerly home to 22 Doors. Co-owner Chris Linker told CHS earlier this month his intention for Bar Vacilando at 15th and Harrison was not to open a fancy restaurant, but a bar with really nice food. “We want people to feel like they can disarm … let time slow down a little bit,” he told us. “It’s more of an analog restaurant than a hyper-digital restaurant.” Continue reading

Eco-first (but also vegan), Drizzle + Shine opens on Capitol Hill

White inside the newly opened Drizzle + Shine (Image: CHS)

White inside the newly opened Drizzle + Shine (Image: CHS)

Drizzle + Shine - 2 of 2Jean White has been vegan for years. Her new Capitol Hill eco boutique has been vegan for all of one day.

Drizzle + Shine opened Wednesday in a commercial space along 15th Ave E on the Group Health Capitol Hill campus.

“I’ve been vegan for 16 years,” White tells CHS. “I extended that to my clothing.”

The new store sells clothing and accessories from undies to sunglasses to shoes — for men and women and everybody. Items stocked at Drizzle + Shine are animal-free and the goods are either fair trade, organic, local, USA-made, recycled — or all of the above.

“The environmental aspect is the central goal,” White says.

The shop is an outgrowth of a style blog White maintained and while she also has created Drizzle + Shine as an online retail presence with drizzleandshine.com, she believed it was important to create a space where people can see and feel the products in person.

“My experience is it’s really hard to find a place to look at these labels,” she said.

Finding goods for the shelves hasn’t been difficult. White says brick and mortar stores like hers are so rare that manufacturers are eager to have a real-world location to make their creations available.

As for 15th Ave E, the space has sputtered along as a cafe in recent years with the eclectic Abodegas exiting the property in JanuaryInsomniax Cafe also shut after fading in the space. Meanwhile, salon A New You has been doing its thing next door with plenty of regulars for years. White, who used to live on the Hill, said she has been happy to see so many people walking by as she has been busy setting up the shop this week. “I want to be where the people are,” she said. She hopes the hundreds of Group Health employees will also present a built-in customer base.

She also believes in Drizzle + Shine beyond its retail goals.

“I wouldn’t have just gone into retail to open any store,” she said.

Drizzle + Shine is located at 102 15th Ave E and planned to be open Monday though Saturday 11-7 and Sundays 12-5. Sunday, the store will hold a grand opening party with prizes and snacks. You can learn more at drizzleandshine.com.

With potrepreneurs making plans, 15th Ave E worries about longtime merchants being pushed out

It’s reefer madness on 15th Ave E where, if nothing else, paranoia about the demand for commercial space for I-502 retail floats thick.

It’s not just smoke. Entrepreneur and real estate investor Ian Eisenberg has confirmed with CHS his plans to convert the former veterinary clinic he purchased at 15th and Republican into a marijuana shop. CHS reported on the $1.5 million purchase in February as the CHS advertiser and Uncle Ike’s owner snatched the property out from under another prospective I-502 retailer.

But judging by the volume of emails, text messages, and phone calls CHS has received from worried neighbors and customers, the other side of 15th and Republican is also being lined up for some major changes with many rumors of another retail marijuana operation being planned in the storefronts currently home to Angel’s Shoe Repair and the Postal Plus post office. Continue reading

Five streateries coming to Capitol Hill (Plus, the new Sugar Plum parklet)

A Central District parklet along E Union opened last year between 23rd and MLK (Image: CHS)

A Central District parklet along E Union opened last year between 23rd and MLK (Image: CHS)

Five of Seattle’s first dozen nine new “streateries” will be located on Capitol Hill. The hybrid combining the parklet concept with traditional sidewalk patios will create small seating and deck areas for customers in the section of the streetside typically reserved for parking. When the sponsoring businesses aren’t open, the streateries are intended to serve as public park space.

Here’s the roster of Capitol Hill locations announced Monday by the Seattle Department of Transportation:

  • Montana (conversion) — E Olive Way
  • Comet and Lost Lake (conversion) — 10th/Pike
  • Mamnoon — Melrose
  • Bottleneck Lounge — E Madison
  • New project from Comet/Lost Lake partners in former Kingfish Cafe space — 19th Ave E

Two of the five represent a conversion from permitted parklets at the locations into the new format that allows for businesses to operate the spaces as sidewalk cafes exclusively for their patrons during business hours — though the Comet/Lost Lake parklet was never implemented.

In addition to securing approval from neighboring businesses, the streatery hosts are also on the hook for paying for the displaced revenue from removed on-street parking –$3,000 per space, per year. In the case of Montana, site of the city’s first parklet that took up all of 1.5 on-street parking spaces, the E Olive Way bar is on the hook for $4,500 per year  doesn’t owe a damn thing because there’s no paid parking (yet) on E Olive Way. Dave Meinert and the guys at the Comet? They’ll owe around $6,000 per year, apparently. (Updated at 7 PM)

Montana owner Rachel Marshall tells CHS she doesn’t know about the timing for the conversion of her space on E Olive Way saying that working things out with the state liquor board will be her next step — along with writing that check to the City of Seattle.

Meanwhile, the city also announced that 15th Ave E will get a new “old school” parklet in front of the under construction Sugar Plum. The announcement, below, also teases a First Hill location for a new parklet — we’re asking for specifics on where that is planned to be located. UPDATE: SDOT says the press release is incorrect — the location being referred to is not on First Hill but in the Denny Triangle area, instead. Continue reading

Capitol Hill food+drink | Remedy Teas: under ‘new’ ownership

Irish, left, and Glenn (Images: CHS)

Irish, left, and Glenn (Images: Jeanny Rhee for CHS)

By Jeanny Rhee — UW News Lab/Special for CHS

With thousands of coffee pros arriving in Seattle this week for the Specialty Coffee Association of America 2015 expo, leave it to CHS to tell you about Capitol Hill tea.

Remedy Teas is now under the ownership of Christopher Glenn and Rich Irish, who have grand plans for continuing and expanding the tea house with health and sustainability in mind.

And, by “now,” we mean “as of last August.” Glenn and Irish said they weren’t in a hurry to make a big deal about the change.

“Some people will blast big signs of new ownership because they’re trying to change the business’ perception to customers,” Irish said. “Remedy Teas is a very solid brand in the community and we didn’t want to broadcast it.” Continue reading

Rudy’s Barbershop opening on 15th Ave E

(Image: Rudy's)

(Image: Rudy’s)

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

A familiar Capitol Hill-headquartered barbershop chain is expanding its stylish empire this summer into a 15th Ave E space with deep roots in the hair business. CHS has learned that Rudy’s Barbershop has signed a lease to open a new location at 15th and E Republican.

The 15th Ave shop will be the 10th Rudy’s location in Seattle, and the first to open in the same neighborhood as an existing shop. The E Pine Rudy’s first opened its doors in 1993.

“We just thought we could use more business up there,” Rudy’s spokesperson Alyssa Dykgraas told CHS. “It’s far enough away that it’s not going to take away customers from our other Capitol Hill shop.” Continue reading