How would you redesign the Neighbours Alley?

The alley between Broadway and Harvard Ave — the Neighbours Alley

As Capitol Hill becomes an even more crowded and busy place, the neighborhood is finding ways to put more of its space to use.

The alley connecting Pike to Pine just west of Broadway is set for a transformation hoped to enhance the neighborhood and surrounding streets. Tuesday night, you can help start work on redesigning the Neighbours Alley:

Neighbours Alley Workshop

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Neighbours alley lined up for ‘pedestrian-friendly, safer’ design

The alley between Broadway and Harvard Ave — aka, the Neighbours Alley (Image: CHS)

Part of the 2018 allocation of some $1.2 million in City Hall funding for neighborhood projects across Seattle will go to get the ball rolling on a project to make a surprising part of Capitol Hill “a more pedestrian-friendly, safer environment.”

In spring of 2010, CHS mused about an underutilized Capitol Hill asset — the neighborhood’s alleys:

Most of Seattle’s alleys are currently dark and spooky streets, left mainly to trash and rats. But in other places, alleys come to life and provide a uniquely pedestrian experience for locals and visitors alike. Continue reading