CHS Pics | Here’s what the third annual Lusio in Volunteer Park looked — and sounded — like

Born in the park three summers ago, the Lusio light and sound event bloomed in Volunteer Park Friday night before fading away — again — until next year.

The annual free night of art and music drew what appeared to be its largest crowd yet. The word interactive gets abused so much that it means nearly the opposite but at Lusio, the term pays off: Continue reading

Here’s why there are ‘Black Teen Wearing Hoodie’ images up and down 12th Ave

The 12th Ave arts and business community has responded to an act of vandalism targeting a work exploring the visual legacy of the Black Panther Party by incorporating the image damaged in the attack into their storefronts and buildings.

12th Ave’s Photographic Center Northwest is at the center of the effort: Continue reading

With increased call for community say in redevelopment, mayor helps kick off Umoja Fest with ribbon-cutting at 23rd and Union

Mayor Durkan joined K. Wyking Garrett of the Africatown Community Land Trust at a Saturday ribbon-cutting (Image: City of Seattle)

Mayor Jenny Durkan joined with Africatown for the official ribbon cutting on the Imagine Africatown Pop Up Plaza and Art Installation to kick off Saturday’s 2018 Umoja Fest parade march in the Central District:

The Imagine Africatown Pop Up Plaza and art installation is located at Midtown Center on 23rd and Union, a longtime hub for African American small businesses that is slated to be demolished for redevelopment in 2019.

“Before the existing Midtown Center meets its fate with the wrecking ball, we are partnering to transform the site into a vibrant community activation space to host a wide range of events and activities aligned with the rich African American and African diaspora heritage of the neighborhood,” landscape designer and project lead designer Sara Zewde said. “The goal is to capture the community ideas about the potential for the future development at 23rd and Union, including space for gathering, Black and African diaspora identity, culture and Black-owned businesses.” Continue reading

New artwork in Chophouse Row builds on old foundations — the ‘ghost’ of a Capitol Hill farmhouse

The living and dead gathered together in Chophouse Row on Saturday for the unveiling of the “Ghost Cabin,” a new art installation that pays tribute to a house that once stood on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, the unveiling also commemorated the opening of the new headquarters for City Arts Magazine in the Cloud Room, a workspace and lounge above the 11th Ave development.

When Chophouse Row was being built, contractors had to excavate the foundations of the old buildings to create a footing for the new development. When they were doing that, according to Liz Dunn, the developer and owner of Chophouse Row, they struck the remains of house deep beneath the surface of the ground.

“They hit the foundations of the old farmhouse 25 feet down that we knew were there,” Dunn said. “The contractors were completely freaked out. They were like ‘oh my god, we hit grandma’s house. The ghost is going to haunt us for the rest of the project’ and, in fact, she did because it was a challenging project.”

Continue reading

Artist selected to lead AIDS Memorial Pathway project connecting Capitol Hill Station development to Cal Anderson Park

Image: Lost & Found 10′ x 30′ x 30′ Screen size: 8′ x 8′ Mixed-media installation. Single-Channel Video Projection on Silk Rose Petals and Red Thread. Image Gallery, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon An installation with projection and sound on a screen made of silk rose-petal and red silk thread. The projection is a series of portraits of Portland parents and their adopted Chinese children projected on an 8’x8′ screen; a soundtrack of a Buddhist chant plays softly in the background. The installation is a meditation on conflicting issues raised by trans-cultural adoptions: individuals and the collective, uniqueness and commonality, longing and belonging, loss and gain. The screen symbolically and literally stitched the family together, as the screen itself was communally constructed by families and friends over several weeks.

The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture ‏announced Friday that social practice artist Horatio Hung-Yan Law has been selected to lead a team of artists to complete the AIDS Memorial Pathway, a Seattle AIDS memorial planned for Cal Anderson Park and the plaza at the heart of the development set to arise around Capitol Hill Station:

A five-member, community-based selection panel reviewed the submissions and interviewed three finalists in June. The committee assisted by advisers, also community based, selected social practice artist Horatio Hung-Yan Law to lead a team of artists to complete the project. Law pursued at MFA at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. The impetus for his arts degree was his first-hand experience during the early years of the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

“Much of my work stems from my identity and experience as a gay US citizen of Asian heritage,” Law said in the announcement. “Social interaction and community participation are important aspects in my installation work and public art projects. I create work for regular people that examines issues of identity, memory, history and the meaning of community. As a public artist who is interested in socially engaged work, I value collaboration and partnership with community members through collecting ideas, cultural materials, and engaging residents in planning and production of public art.” Continue reading

Saint John’s Bar makes statement as Capitol Hill ‘queer, dinosaur eatery’

Michael Lee, co-owner of Saint John’s Bar and Eatery near the corner of E Pike and Harvard, was having a drink with a coworker named Lila when the two had an absurd idea: what if we painted a giant, dinosaur mural onto the bar’s interior wall? It would have vicious raptors with razor sharp claws, dinosaurs eating other, erupting volcanoes…the whole bit. After all, a collection of dinosaur figures and toys Lee collected over the last six years had been growing in a garden next to the back patio.

“I think we should fully commit to being this queer, dinosaur eatery,” Lee told Lila. “It’s absurd. That’s the point.” Continue reading

Othello Block Party: Celebrating South Seattle Art, Culture, and Community

What: Othello Block Party

When: Sat. July 28th 12pm-9pm

Where: Othello Station (42nd Ave. S & Othello)

Summary: Othello Block Party: Celebrating the art, culture, music, and community in the South End! OBP empowers artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, organizers and more by creating opportunities for building connections and lasting relationships.

Mission: Provide an inclusive platform for youth, people of color, LGBTQ community members, immigrants, new and longtime residents alike to share their stories and their art; creating space for locals to organize and build together for equity and inclusion in the rapidly changing south Seattle.

Sponsors: MLK Business Association, Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods, South Seattle Emerald, Homesight, OnBoard Othello, UW Commons, and The Grocery, coordinated by Cafe Red & Artist Coalition for Equitable Development.

Quote from performer/co-curator Jerrell “Rell Be Free” Davis: “South End artistry is what sets the bar and creates the culture for ALL of Seattle – but rarely gets acknowledged for it. From music & poetry, to food, visual arts, dance, and beyond- and definitely their intersections with youth & social justice…the South End of Seattle is thee highest standard for culture in the whole northwest! And they aint sleepin on us, they just steal from us. They don’t doubt us, they jus don’t credit us. We ain’t on the come up, we’re already leading the pack. We been here!”

More Info on co-curators:

Concuss is a shadowy clan of musicians and makers creating art, media (Radio Concuss) and more from the epicenter of South Seattle. Expect the legendary Silas Blak, beats from the epic production squad Filthy Fingers United, and some special surprises.

Dani Tirrell (name as pronoun) is about creating space for Femmes and GNC bodies from the African Diaspora.

Jerrell “Rell Be Free” Davis is a seasoned hip hop artist and premier Educator from the South End of Seattle. Rell’s style incorporates a radical social consciousness with grit, energy, and an unmatched poetic flow and wit that has established him as one of the foremost lyricist of this generation. His set will bring town favorites like Yirim Seck along with rising stars like Esai.

Jade Dynasty is a national performing artist having been Seattle’s #1 booked performer in 2017. She has performed all over the West Coast and slowly making her way around the country. She is a leading pioneer for the Seattle Ballroom scene, trained voguer, erotic dancer, and over all boss bitch on the floor! Follow her at @Jadaraid!

Sistas Rock the Arts is a multigenerational artistic/social platform created by Brown and Black women to ensure we have a safe, respectful space to go for the arts. SRTA hosts a weekly live jam/open mic every Thursday at Rumba Notes.

Crash the Glass is a monthly femme showcase of talent at Columbia City Theater’s Bourbon bar. The incredible La Tanya Horace and Reese Tanimura will be colliding to bring our Block Party some of the best from each of these event series!

Bob Lovelace is a 37-year veteran musician who currently plays with Ayron Jones, Marmalade, Andy Coe and more. He’ll be bringing some youth from Seattle Drum School of Music to help kick off the Block Party, as well as some seasoned Seattle staples to bring us out with a live jam session.

Hosted by Ready Ron & Mario Casalini.

W/ DJs Melonic206, Zeta!, & Seabefore.

Cyphers with Alchemy Union & #GameOverFame!

Capoeira rodas w/ Seattle Capoeira Center!

Vendors & community info booths!

Live art w/ Poesia!

Sound and Stage by Revolution Staging.

Stay tune for more details coming soon!

To donate, volunteer, or vend, visit:

CHS Pics | Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale makes space for new neighbor Ghost Gallery

A space carved out of the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale has made a new home for longtime neighborhood art boutique Ghost Gallery.

“I got really scared once I started looking at spaces and price tags,” shop owner Laurie Kearney told CHS at the debut of the new space during Thursday’s Capitol Hill art walk. “I got really discouraged and freaked out. But then I got a phone call from Jody Hall.” Continue reading

Individual World Poetry Slam Qualifier ft. Allison Durazzi!

In the last 20+ years, Allison Durazzi has won over audiences with her poetry about family, gender, and power. She’s well-known in Seattle for her five-year stint as The Seattle Poetry Slam’s weekly emcee/organizer and co-directed the 2001 National Poetry Slam. Offstage, Allison has worked in marketing, communications, and public policy. This is her final Seattle performance before moving to Iowa for graduate school.

Thomas Hard is a writer whose work talks about the mundane—daily observations that are both heartbreaking and uplifting. He loves a good laugh and was unofficially The Seattle Poetry Slam’s Official Heckler and creator of the Slam’s official cheer. By day, he is an EMT. This is his final Seattle performance before moving to Iowa.

Join us Tuesday, July 10th at Rebar (1114 Howell St, Seattle WA)
**(Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 8:00pm)**
// $5 // 21+ (ID Required) // Rebar is a cash only venue //
Open Mic,
Farewell Send-off for featured poet Allison Durazzi,
and IWPS Qualifier #3


Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS) is a performance poetry competition, designed for an individual poet. Poets from all over the world compete in this competition. In these slams, poets have a different time limit in every round.

Poets must have a four minute, two minute, and one minute poems to compete. A ten second grace period is added to each limit.

The winner of the FINALS after these preliminaries will represent Seattle Poetry Slam at Individual World Poetry Slam in October!

An Afternoon of Sun and Stone

Join Northwest Stone Sculptors Association members for a pop-up sculpture showcase, picnic, and sale on the lawn between SAAM and the Conservatory in Seattle’s Volunteer Park. The sculptors will be showing over 50 of their works and will be onsite to discuss the stones, techniques, and set up the bbq.

Volunteer Park – Seattle
1247 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

This event is FREE to the public. Families are welcome, Picnics encouraged!

Mobius Owl by Monica Hawkinson