Blotter | Man busted on Capitol Hill with car prowl booty

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(Image: SPD)

Five mp3 players?1?!? (Image: SPD)

  • Car prowl booty bust: A Monday arrest of a warrant suspect on E Olive Way turned up a trove of phones and credit cards police say were taken in car prowls across the city:
    Officers Chris Myers and James Olson were on bike patrol in the 800 block of East Olive Way around 2:30 PM when they spotted a 37-year-old man they knew was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant. After arresting the man, officers found two debit cards and several sets of house and vehicle keys in the man’s pockets. Inside the man’s backpack, police found three laptops, 14 cellphones, five mp3 players, nine different ID and credit cards, financial documents and mail addressed to residents in Capitol Hill, Sammamish, Bellevue and Vashon Island, WA.
    Police say several of the items had been taken in recent car prowls on Capitol Hill and Queen Anne. During the arrest, the man claimed he had swallowed heroin and was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he was examined, cleared, and then booked into the King County Jail for possession of stolen property and his warrant, SPD reports.
  • Neighbours alley beating: A man who woke up after he says he was beaten in the alley behind Neighbours after being denied entry to the club told police he believed he had also been robbed of his wallet and phone in the incident. According to SPD, the victim contacted police the day following the early morning March 11th beating to report the robbery. The victim and his friend told police they were intoxicated but don’t know why they were denied entry and why a bouncer allegedly dragged the victim into the alley. Neither witness could provide many details of what happened but the victim said he awoke after being knocked out and made his way home to recover. When he awoke that morning, he discovered his wallet and phone were missing. The responding police officer noted the victim had injuries to his face from an attack but said it was unlikely there would be any video evidence showing what transpired: Continue reading

Blotter | Weekend gun crimes, chaotic Pine stabbing response

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  • Weekend gun crimes: SPD investigated at least two gun violence incidents over the weekend. In the most serious incident, a male with a gunshot wound was dropped off at Swedish First Hill Friday night around 6 PM. Police were trying to determine where the shooting had occurred and had video of the car that delivered the victim to the hospital before fleeing the area. We do not know further details on the condition of the victim. Police say he was not from the Seattle area and was not forthcoming with more information about the shooting. Early Saturday morning just before 2 AM, police were called to the area around 23rd and Cherry after multiple reports of gunfire. Witnesses reported hearing six to ten shots and seeing people flee across the Garfield sports field. Meanwhile, another caller reported a vehicle had been struck by the gunfire near 23rd and Cherry. Police also found shell casings scattered south of the intersection. There were no reported injuries or arrests.
  • Pine stabbing: A chaotic stabbing scene outside a Capitol Hill nightclub Sunday ended up less serious than first feared. Police and Seattle Fire were called to the streets around the Baltic Room early Sunday morning just before 2 AM after a woman was reported stabbed outside the club. Due to large crowds of people and vehicles in the street leaving the club, Seattle Fire units were forced to wait nearby before responding to find the victim. Minutes later, according to SFD radio dispatches, the medic team reported a group was carrying the female victim to the waiting ambulance for treatment. Police were called to the ambulance at Pine and Boren to deal with friends and family of the victim who were trying to enter the vehicle with the victim. The female suffered non-life threatening injuries and was eventually taken to Harborview by private ambulance for treatment. Police were looking for a female suspect who was known to the victim in the crime. There were no immediate arrests.
  • ‘Bob the Builder Bandit’: Police are looking for help identifying the construction hat-wearing suspect involved in a chain of hold-ups around Seattle including this February 6th stick-up at Pike Grocery. If you can assist, call 911.

Blotter | State Patrol chases down suspected truck thief after Lakeview/Belmont crashes

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  • Belmont auto theft arrest: Police and the Washington State Patrol were busy Tuesday morning after an I-5 pursuit of a reported stolen vehicle turned into a series of crashes involving at least three different vehicles before ending just up the Hill from Lakeview and Belmont Ave E. There was one arrest. The incident began playing out at the base of Capitol Hill around 9:20 AM after WSP stopped a stolen pick-up truck and the driver fled the scene on foot. You can see the incident play out in this video posted to Reddit by a resident in the area. Seattle Police rushed to the scene and the suspect was taken into custody within minutes. Seattle Fire was called out to treat one occupant of vehicles involved in a collision with the stolen truck for what were described as minor injuries.

  • Reported hit and run: Seattle Fire and SPD were on the scene Monday night after a reported hit and run of a pedestrian at Bellevue and Pine but the circumstances of the incident remain murky. Emergency personnel arrived to find a woman in her 60s down in the street just north of the intersection on Bellevue with an injured arm. The victim said she had been hit by a driver who had left the scene. Police could find no witnesses to the collision and did not have a description of the vehicle to work with. The woman was transported to Harborview for treatment of her injuries. SPD says its traffic collision team did not investigate the incident.
  • UPDATE — Broadway mattress arson: Here’s a bonus blotter item for your Tuesday afternoon. Seattle Police were looking for a suspect seen running from the scene after a mattress was set on fire in front of the Broadway Performance Hall. Seattle Fire responded to the incident just after 2:30 PM after a 911 caller witnessed a male suspect spray paint something on the mattress, light it on fire, and take off running on Broadway. Police were looking for a suspect described as a white male, around 6-feet tall, wearing a black knit hat, grey jacket, and black pants. Seattle Central was able to provide surveillance video from the campus to police, according to East Precinct radio dispatches.

Blotter | 15th Ave E crash, QFC beer thief melee, three more driver vs. pedestrian incidents


A pedestrian was hit by a driver February 14th at Melrose and Pine (Image: SDOT)

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  • 15th Ave E crash: Police searched the area around Volunteer Park early Friday morning after a midnight crash left a Jeep Cherokee and a few parked cars mangled on 15th Ave E. According to police radio dispatches, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the crash. It was believed he may have suffered a serious injury due to the nature of the collision. While there were no immediate arrests, police have identified the registered owner of the vehicle. There were no other reported injuries.
  • Driver vs pedestrian incidents: Following the February 3rd collision that injured a pedestrian at the busy intersection of Broadway, John, and E Olive Way, this week brought a ripple of three more incidents in which a pedestrian was reportedly struck by a driver around the East Precinct. We’re still gathering information on the incidents which can take weeks due to the way collision reports are compiled and made available to the public. In the first incident, a pedestrian was reported hit by a driver on E Pine at Melrose just before 8 PM on February 14th. Just minutes and blocks away at Belmont and E Olive Way, Seattle Fire and police responded to another pedestrian hit by a vehicle. Details on the incidents are scant but Seattle Fire says the injuries were not life threatening. Meanwhile, a third incident was reported around 3:30 PM on Thursday afternoon on Boren at Seneca. We’re still gathering injury information on that incident and will request the collision report when it is available. Continue reading

Blotter | Police investigate ‘coordinated’ Broadway street team robbery

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  • Street team robbery: Police believe a street robbery at Broadway and Pike was perpetrated by a group of three males using a creative ruse to distract their victims. According to the report on the midnight January 21st robbery, the victim and his girlfriend were confronted by the thieves in what seemed like a drunken catcall:
    screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-1-18-57-pmPolice believe the thieves were playing parts in a caper that would make Quentin Tarantino proud:
    screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-1-19-06-pmThere were no arrests reported.
  • Police investigate Broadway/Pike rapper vs. hot dog vendor dispute: Just after 1 AM on January 15th, police were called to the Shell service station parking lot at Broadway and Pike… and a Callan Berry cartoon broke out. A rapper trying to film his video in the lot in the middle of the area’s usual weekend madness told police a neighborhood hot dog vendor had threatened him with a knife. As with most things Callan Berry and Pike/Broadway, there was more to the story: Continue reading

Blotter | Pike/Pine New Year’s Eve ‘red baseball cap’ assault reported

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  • Broadway burglar: A calm and cool thief made off with $2,700 in cash in a surprisingly easy heist at a 500 block Broadway E establishment last Saturday. Police were called to the location listed as a restaurant in the report to investigate the just before 6 PM ripoff. According to the report, the suspected thief walked in and asked if they had any televisions he could watch. When an employee broke the bad news about no screens at the establishment, the man said it wasn’t a problem and he was waiting to meet someone. Then he headed for the office and restaurant’s safe:screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-11-28-22-amSPD is investigating.
  • What kind of hat was it? Police investigated a reported New Year’s Eve assault at 11th and Pike involving a victim possibly targeted because of his “red baseball cap.” The victim told police he was standing outside his residence watching a “protest” when he was attacked by unknown assailants:
    Continue reading

Blotter | SPD releases video of not-so-slick thieves using van to rip off quick mart ATMs

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  • ATM bandits: SPD has released video that shows how thieves have targeted convenience store ATMs around the East Precinct including a November 26th break-in in Eastlake and a December 2nd heist (PDF) in Madison Valley. Police are hoping the public might help in identifying the thieves. In addition to providing a kind of how-to in not very efficient looking ATM thievery, the videos also prove you don’t have to be a criminal genius to get away with this kind of ripoff… for a while at least. Call 911 if you can help detectives bust these guys before the break up another neighborhood quick mart.

Continue reading

Blotter | Tashkent Park drive-by, Pike/Pine street dancer gun threat

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  • Tuesday gunfire: There were no reported injuries and no damage was reported but police found evidence of a drive-by shooting incident near Tashkent Park early Tuesday morning. Several 911 callers reported hearing multiple gunshots near Boylston and Republican around 3 AM. An arriving officer found a witness who reported seeing an older model Honda leave the scene at a “high rate of speed” following the shot. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police found three shell casings near the intersection. There were no immediate arrests.
  • 13/Olive murder investigation: Detectives are looking for witness information in the November 13th murder of Jacob Osborne-Bash at 13th and Olive. The incident is part of an ongoing string of gun violence across Capitol Hill and the East Precinct.
  • Pike/Pine street dancer gun threat: A fun moment in the middle of Pike/Pine turned ugly in an early morning November 13th incident when a man who said he was messing around, dancing in the street, and blocking traffic told police things suddenly got serious:
    screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-59-47-amscreen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-59-54-amThe victim suffered swelling to his face but refused medical attention. There were no immediate arrests. Continue reading

Blotter | E Denny woman charged in child abandonment

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  • Abandonment charges: A 34-year-old woman has been charged with abandoning her children after police say she left her two-year-old twins alone inside a filth-covered Capitol Hill apartment, the Seattle PI reports. Tramaine Robinson has pleaded not guilty. Police say they found the children thirsty, hungry, and alone inside the Capitol Hill Housing managed Pantages Apartments on E Denny Way after being contacted by the building’s manager in September. A month earlier, police say the children had also been found wandering alone inside the building. Police say the kids were thirsty and had nothing in the filthy apartment but “Cheez-It crackers and fruit rolls.”
  • The great Ketel One backpack heist of 2016:

    Seen $2500 worth of this stuff around the Hill?

    A 19th Ave E resident and “brand ambassador” is looking for help tracking down $2,500 worth of swag ripped off from her apartment building’s storage:
    I’m on a ‘vigilante-esque’ mission to find out what happened in the storage unit of my apartment building over the weekend. This morning, I discovered that my storage unit in my apartment was robbed of nearly $2500 of Ketel One branded backpacks and golf shirts. I’m sure you’re curious why I had two grand worth of Ketel One paraphernalia in a storage unit, but that’s because I’m one of the Ketel One ambassadors for the city of Seattle. I feel like this kind of merchandise is easy to spot, but hundreds of eyes are better than two. I’d encourage local consignment shop owners/workers, and the general public to be vigilant about buying brand new Ogio backpacks and/or golf shirts especially if it is branded with Ketel One.
    Police were called to the building in the 400 block of 19th Ave E Monday morning to investigate the burglary. Victim KR tells us it wasn’t just her storage emptied in the burglary — at least six other units were hit, she said. If you have any information or found a bunch of Ketel One backpacks, let us know and we’ll connect you with KR. Continue reading

Blotter | Broadway bank robber police report: ‘I’m horrible at this’

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  • Broadway bank robbery charge: “I’m horrible at this,” police say Murtezan Bekteshi admitted to them after the 20-year-old was arrested and found carrying “bait bills” handed out in the October bank robbery at the Broadway Market Wells Fargo. Prosecutors have charged Bekteshi for the October 22nd hold-up. Prosecutors say the about to turn 21-year-old has a history of frequent run-ins with the law and had only been out of prison for two months before the latest allegation:
    screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-11-07-50-am Continue reading