Blotter | Broadway restaurant assault, Judkins Park shooting, Howe Street Steps fall

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  • Broadway restaurant assault: A man was arrested at the Broadway Tacos Guaymas Sunday afternoon after police say stabbed an employee in the hand during a struggle to remove him from the restaurant:

    Officers responded to a restaurant in the 1500 block of Broadway shortly after 3:00 pm Sunday. According to witnesses, the suspect entered the restaurant and began to act erratically. He demanded that employees give him money. The employees asked the suspect to leave, but he refused. The employees attempted to escort the suspect out of the restaurant, but the suspect grabbed a knife and stabbed one of the employees in the hand. The employees were able to hold the suspect down until police officers arrived and took him into custody.

    The 34-year-old was booked into King County Jail for investigation of robbery and assault. The employee’s injury suffered during the just after 3 PM melee was described as minor. Continue reading

Blotter | Gunpoint robbery on Broadway, Garfield High shooting threat arrest, 12th Ave DUI crash

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  • Broadway armed robbery: A victim told police about a gunpoint robbery early Wednesday morning on Broadway. According to East Precinct radio reports, the victim reported being robbed on the street near E Harrison just before 3 AM by a female suspect wearing a heavy green jacket and carrying a dark handgun. The suspect, described as a 5’5″ black female wearing “cold weather clothing,” was reported to have been last seen on foot northbound on Broadway. The victim went to a nearby apartment building to call police. Officers and a K9 unit searched the area but there were no arrests.
  • Garfield High shooting threat: KING TV reports that a Garfield High student has been arrested for threatening a shooting at the school just days following the Parkland, Florida mass shooting. According to the police report on the incident, students at the school persisted in reporting the suspect’s behavior even after reporting it to a teacher who took no action. The juvenile suspect was booked into the Youth Service Center for investigation of harassment. Continue reading

Blotter | Two-alarm fire on Cherry Hill, highway diamond heist, Comet beating

(Image: Seattle Fire)

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  • 15th/Cherry fire: Seattle Fire responded to a two-alarm fire Thursday just after 11 AM after a vacant structure at 15th and Cherry caught fire and the flames threatened to spread to neighboring buildings:
    Crews applied water on the fire and had it under control within 19 minutes. The fire was completely extinguished by 11:48 a.m. Seattle City Light was called for a live power line that had fallen across the Ladder 1 apparatus.
    SFD says the cause of the fire is undetermined. There were no reported injuries.
  • Comet beating: A man suffered serious injuries after he was beaten by an assailant who claimed he made him spill beer on himself at the Comet Tavern last Friday night. According to police, the victim said the suspect approached him from behind and began beating on him some 30 minutes after the beer incident. Police were not contacted that night and the victim did not seek treatment for his injuries. Monday, police were called to the Swedish Cherry Hill emergency room where the victim was being treated for “a broken rib, fractured nose, fractured eye socket, and a laceration on his eye ball.” Police are investigating the assault. There were no arrests. Continue reading

Blotter | DUI arrest after driver hits pedestrian at 11th/Pike

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  • 11/Pike DUI: Police took the 29-year-old driver into custody for investigation of DUI and false reporting after a pedestrian reported being hit in a slow-speed collision at 11th and Pike just before 10;30 PM Thursday night. According to Seattle Fire radio dispatches, the victim suffered only minor injuries in the collision. Seattle Municipal court records show the Tacoma driver was booked for being under the influence and false reporting before he was cited and released.
  • Harvard burglary: The report on a Sunday, January 28th 5:30 AM burglary arrest in the under construction building at Harvard and Pike is a sad read. First, officers found a couple seeking shelter from the soaking rain and moved them along without incident:
    Continue reading

Blotter | Violent 23rd/Pike street robbery, Harvard Market stairs assault, Neumos fire alarm

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  • Robbery and assault: Police are looking for the suspect in a Saturday night, January 6th incident in which a woman said she was followed, attacked, and threatened with sexual assault in an armed robbery reported at 23rd and E Pike. The woman said she was walking home from work just before 9 PM when she noticed she was being followed:
    The victim told police the attack quickly escalated: Continue reading

Blotter | Man says beaten in Comet assault for objecting to Trump ‘faggot’ slur

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  • Comet assault: A man told police he was beaten at the Comet Monday night in an altercation with a group of patrons who were yelling “‘faggot’ at the television when President Donald Trump was being shown.” SPD’s bias division is reviewing the case. According to the SPD report on the incident, the victim told police he was paying his tab at the Comet around 7 PM when he decided to intervene and tell the yelling group that using that word “in a public place out loud was not appropriate and that they should stop.” “The primary suspect then turned around and punched V/1 in the face with a closed fist. The five other suspects listed above then jumped on V/1, forcing him to the ground,” the report notes. The melee continued out of the bar and onto the sidewalk where the group of six continued to beat and chase the two victim and his acquaintance. Police say the Comet bartender could not provide many details but confirmed one patron “had been kicked out of the bar and was causing a disturbance with other customers but he did not see a fight or anyone being assaulted.” SPD reports that injuries suffered by the victims in the attack were minor. A friend of the victim who reported the incident to CHS tells said his friend suffered a broken nose and a concussion. SPD is investigating. Continue reading

Blotter | Cops seize ‘multiple firearms’ in Leschi domestic violence arrest

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  • Domestic violence arrest yields multiple firearms: Seattle Police confiscated a ridiculous number of rifles and handguns in a domestic violence investigation following an incident in the Leschi neighborhood Sunday night. SPD posted photographs of the firearms seized as part of the investigation and said the cache would be “placed into safekeeping while the investigation continues.”

    Officers responded to a home in the East precinct Sunday at 8:50 p.m. for a report of a domestic violence disturbance. When officers arrived they spoke with a woman who said that she had just broken off a seven-year relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. The suspect, a 45-year-old man, had reportedly been drinking all day before he threw a flask hitting the victim. The man then made threats to shoot himself and to blow up the neighborhood.
    The suspect has not yet been charged.

  • Bus knife threats: Police armed with non-lethal weaponry took a man into custody who had been threatening people with a knife aboard a Metro coach in a December 21st incident. According to the SPD report on the arrest at E Thomas and Broadway, police were called around 10 PM and found that the incident had poured out of the bus and into the street where the reported assailant had been removed from the bus:
    Officers armed with a taser were able to take the suspect into custody without further incident. He was arrested and booked for investigation of assault.
  • St. Joe’s stabbing: Police and Seattle Fire were called to the area near St. Joe’s at the corner of 19th and Aloha on the night of December 21st after a stabbing at homeless shelter facility hosted by the church. According to the SPD report on the incident, the victim suffered a 2-inch gash to his face in an altercation with another man staying at the facility. Police took the suspect into custody and recovered a switchblade knife. He was booked into King County Jail.
  • 15th Ave E threats: Employees at a 15th Ave E store called police after being threatened with a knife on the morning of December 21st by a woman who has acted strangely with them in the past:
    The victims told police the woman pulled a knife when they asked her to leave the store. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.
  • E Pine body slam: A man reportedly harassing customers at an E Pine restaurant early on the morning of Christmas Eve got a rude gift. According to the SPD report on the 2 AM incident, police arrived to find the man down and bleeding from the head in the crosswalk at Boylston and Pine. According to a witness, a male was see “body slamming” the downed male before leaving the area. The injured man was taken to the hospital for treatment. There were no arrests reported.
  • CD crash and search: Police spread across the area around 29th and Washington in the Central District on the afternoon of December 29th after a suspect crashed a stolen vehicle and fled from police on foot. SPD officers and a K9 unit searched the area for more than an hour but were unable to track down the suspect. Two handguns were recovered from the crashed car. Detectives were also called in to investigate a large quantity of marijuana packaged for retail found in the vehicle.

Blotter | Deadly Columbia City shooting ends on First Hill

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  • (Image: @wspd2pio)

    I-5 fatal crash: Authorities believe this deadly crash on I-5 below Capitol Hill early Sunday morning may have been the result of road rage:
    The crash may have been preceded by road rage; Trooper Rick Johnson said the vehicle involved in the fatal crash, along with another unidentified red or maroon pickup truck, had earlier been reported in a road rage incident.
    The Washington State Patrol is investigating. UPDATE: WSP is asking for help from anybody able to provide information about a red Dodge Ram pickup with tinted windows believed to have been involved in the crash. WSP says the victim was identified as 20-year-old Taylor Hulsey.

  • Columbia City shooting ends on First Hill: A shooting near Columbia City turned a First Hill street outside Harborview Medical Center into an emergency room Friday afternoon:
    Continue reading

Blotter | ‘Thank you for your service’ assault, 12th Ave occupied carjacking, CD DDS burglary

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  • 12/Madison assault: A man suffered a serious cut to the face and one of his three attackers was arrested and booked for felony assault after police responded to a reported fight near 12th and Madison Saturday night just before 7 PM. According the victim, three males who appeared intoxicated were being verbally aggressive toward him as he walked in the area. He ignored their actions until one said he was in the Air Force. The victim told police that a “thank you for your service” retort sparked a violent street attack:

    Police say the victim’s eye was horribly swollen by the assault.
    One attacker was arrested and booked for the felony. Police say the other two males involved were identified and released.
  • 12th Ave carjacking reported: SPD was investigating the peculiar circumstances around a reported carjacking that started on 12th Ave near Seattle University early on the morning of Tuesday, November 28th. According to the SPD post on the auto theft, the victim had climbed into the back seat of his car to sleep — with the engine running: Continue reading

Blotter | Broadway parking garage shootout update, cop cars stuck in Cal Anderson, Boylston trash fire

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  • Cal Anderson incident: Reader Edwin Howard shared these pictures taken Sunday night in Cal Anderson after responding SPD officers got stuck in the mud in the park. Just before 7 PM, police responded to a reported fight disturbance involving people possibly armed with a knife and a golf club. Police arrived before the incident got out of hand but their cars didn’t come through so well. A tow truck arrived to remove the vehicles.
  • Broadway parking garage shootout update: The Sunday, November 19th shootout inside a Broadway parking garage that sent one man to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm started earlier in the night as a “rolling disturbance” at a Pike/Pine club, according to the SPD report on the incident:
    Police also identified a man wearing a puffy orange jacket as one of the shooters in the chaotic incident: Continue reading