Blotter | Pike/Pine New Year’s Eve ‘red baseball cap’ assault reported

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  • Broadway burglar: A calm and cool thief made off with $2,700 in cash in a surprisingly easy heist at a 500 block Broadway E establishment last Saturday. Police were called to the location listed as a restaurant in the report to investigate the just before 6 PM ripoff. According to the report, the suspected thief walked in and asked if they had any televisions he could watch. When an employee broke the bad news about no screens at the establishment, the man said it wasn’t a problem and he was waiting to meet someone. Then he headed for the office and restaurant’s safe:screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-11-28-22-amSPD is investigating.
  • What kind of hat was it? Police investigated a reported New Year’s Eve assault at 11th and Pike involving a victim possibly targeted because of his “red baseball cap.” The victim told police he was standing outside his residence watching a “protest” when he was attacked by unknown assailants:
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Blotter | SPD releases video of not-so-slick thieves using van to rip off quick mart ATMs

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  • ATM bandits: SPD has released video that shows how thieves have targeted convenience store ATMs around the East Precinct including a November 26th break-in in Eastlake and a December 2nd heist (PDF) in Madison Valley. Police are hoping the public might help in identifying the thieves. In addition to providing a kind of how-to in not very efficient looking ATM thievery, the videos also prove you don’t have to be a criminal genius to get away with this kind of ripoff… for a while at least. Call 911 if you can help detectives bust these guys before the break up another neighborhood quick mart.

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Blotter | Tashkent Park drive-by, Pike/Pine street dancer gun threat

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  • Tuesday gunfire: There were no reported injuries and no damage was reported but police found evidence of a drive-by shooting incident near Tashkent Park early Tuesday morning. Several 911 callers reported hearing multiple gunshots near Boylston and Republican around 3 AM. An arriving officer found a witness who reported seeing an older model Honda leave the scene at a “high rate of speed” following the shot. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police found three shell casings near the intersection. There were no immediate arrests.
  • 13/Olive murder investigation: Detectives are looking for witness information in the November 13th murder of Jacob Osborne-Bash at 13th and Olive. The incident is part of an ongoing string of gun violence across Capitol Hill and the East Precinct.
  • Pike/Pine street dancer gun threat: A fun moment in the middle of Pike/Pine turned ugly in an early morning November 13th incident when a man who said he was messing around, dancing in the street, and blocking traffic told police things suddenly got serious:
    screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-59-47-amscreen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-59-54-amThe victim suffered swelling to his face but refused medical attention. There were no immediate arrests. Continue reading

Blotter | E Denny woman charged in child abandonment

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  • Abandonment charges: A 34-year-old woman has been charged with abandoning her children after police say she left her two-year-old twins alone inside a filth-covered Capitol Hill apartment, the Seattle PI reports. Tramaine Robinson has pleaded not guilty. Police say they found the children thirsty, hungry, and alone inside the Capitol Hill Housing managed Pantages Apartments on E Denny Way after being contacted by the building’s manager in September. A month earlier, police say the children had also been found wandering alone inside the building. Police say the kids were thirsty and had nothing in the filthy apartment but “Cheez-It crackers and fruit rolls.”
  • The great Ketel One backpack heist of 2016:

    Seen $2500 worth of this stuff around the Hill?

    A 19th Ave E resident and “brand ambassador” is looking for help tracking down $2,500 worth of swag ripped off from her apartment building’s storage:
    I’m on a ‘vigilante-esque’ mission to find out what happened in the storage unit of my apartment building over the weekend. This morning, I discovered that my storage unit in my apartment was robbed of nearly $2500 of Ketel One branded backpacks and golf shirts. I’m sure you’re curious why I had two grand worth of Ketel One paraphernalia in a storage unit, but that’s because I’m one of the Ketel One ambassadors for the city of Seattle. I feel like this kind of merchandise is easy to spot, but hundreds of eyes are better than two. I’d encourage local consignment shop owners/workers, and the general public to be vigilant about buying brand new Ogio backpacks and/or golf shirts especially if it is branded with Ketel One.
    Police were called to the building in the 400 block of 19th Ave E Monday morning to investigate the burglary. Victim KR tells us it wasn’t just her storage emptied in the burglary — at least six other units were hit, she said. If you have any information or found a bunch of Ketel One backpacks, let us know and we’ll connect you with KR. Continue reading

Blotter | Broadway bank robber police report: ‘I’m horrible at this’

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  • Broadway bank robbery charge: “I’m horrible at this,” police say Murtezan Bekteshi admitted to them after the 20-year-old was arrested and found carrying “bait bills” handed out in the October bank robbery at the Broadway Market Wells Fargo. Prosecutors have charged Bekteshi for the October 22nd hold-up. Prosecutors say the about to turn 21-year-old has a history of frequent run-ins with the law and had only been out of prison for two months before the latest allegation:
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Blotter | Pike/Pine robbery search, package theft video, policing survey

A scene from security video captured during a recent Capitol Hill package theft

A scene from security video captured during a recent Capitol Hill package theft

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  • Robbery suspect search: Seattle Police fanned out across Pike/Pine below Broadway after a woman reported being robbed by two men Wednesday afternoon. Seattle Fire was called to the scene in the 300 block of 10th Ave E around 1:30 PM to treat a female injured in the incident. Police were looking for two suspects that were reported to have been seen fleeing the area but it wasn’t clear if the search was on the right track after a vehicle found on Broadway believed to have been involved in the crime turned out to be unrelated. Police were also called to a location near where the robbery was reported on 10th Ave E to collect what was described as a large bag of marijuana dropped at the scene.
  • Package theft: A building manager at the Braeburn Condominiums sent CHS this video taken during a recent package theft at the 15th and Pine building. If you can help identify the people caught on video in the October 14th incident (below), call 911. Continue reading

Blotter | Seattle U warns on street groping sex assaults

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  • Sex assaults: Seattle U is warning students after a spate of reported sexual assaults involving a man groping female victims near the 12th Ave campus. In the most recent incident, a student was attacked by a suspect just before 8 PM on Thursday, October 6th on 11th Ave near E Columbia:
    The student was groped by a male on a bicycle while walking northbound on campus. The suspect is described as a male, wearing a white hoodie with the hood over his head, with a  green backpack riding a bicycle.
    A man fitting the same description was also involved in a similar incident on September 26 near 12th and Cherry in which the suspect was described as “a dark complexioned male, in his mid 30’s, riding a dark gray and black bicycle, wearing a construction vest, white hoodie and a construction hat.”  The Seattle U security bulletin states that the school became aware of the first attack after alerting campus to the October 6th incident. The university reports Seattle Police and Seattle U Public Safety have increased patrols around campus in response to the reports. If you have encountered this man or there are other incidents to report, call 911. UPDATE: Seattle U security says it has now received five reports about similar attacks in the area and provided a picture of the “subject” seen in the area:unnamed-100
    Seattle University has received five reported incidents of indecent liberties between Oct. 6 and Oct. 9. The male subject is apparently the same in each of the incidents. All incidents are very similar in nature. The male subject rides a bicycle, approaches the person from behind and touches or slaps their buttocks as he quickly rides by them and away from the area. The incidents have occurred between 4 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. The subject has been seen with multiple bicycles/mopeds as well as bolt cutters. He has been seen frequenting the 14th Avenue corridor between Columbia and Jefferson Streets, as well as the 12th Avenue and 11th Avenue, Broadway and East Cherry corridors. Public Safety is working with the Seattle Police Department to identify this person. Photos of the subject have been found and are being shared with the campus community in an effort to raise awareness of this person and to assist the Seattle Police Department in identifying the subject. UPDATE x2: Seattle Police say a man taken into custody Monday afternoon wanted on a felony warrant is being investigated in connection with a string of sexual assaults on the streets around the Seattle University campus. Continue reading

Blotter | First Hill robbery, minivan into building in CD, Montlake OD

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  • First Hill robbery: A woman calling from Harborview reported she was robbed at gunpoint just blocks from the First Hill hospital early Friday morning. Police were called to the area after the 4 AM robbery to search for two suspects described only as white males, one wearing red, who left the area in a sedan-type car. There were no reported injuries in the hold-up. The victim reported her purse and phone were stolen in the heist.
  • 23rd Ave crash:
    (Image: @SarasGabbery)

    (Image: @SarasGabbery)

    The injured driver and at least one other occupant reportedly fled the scene after a minivan smashed into a townhouse building along 23rd Ave Wednesday night. Police and Seattle Fire responded but could not track down the vehicle’s occupants. Witnesses said the driver appeared to have an injured leg from the crash. Seattle Fire said nobody was home in the building on 23rd Ave near E Jefferson at the time of the crash just before 7:45 PM Wednesday. We’ve asked for more information about whether the Red Cross was called in to help provide housing for anybody affected by the damage but haven’t yet heard back.

  • $6k Boylston burglary: A business in the 100 block of Boylston described as a “club and recording studio” reported that some $6,000 worth of recording equipment was stolen in a break-in earlier this month:screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-11-58-20-amInside, police found a finger print on a knife with metal shavings that may have been used in the burglary.
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Blotter | Shopper says held up at gunpoint for Uncle Ike’s bag in 23rd Ave robbery

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  • 23rd Ave/Spring robbery: Police searched the blocks around 23rd and Union after a Sunday night robbery of an Uncle Ike’s shopper. According to SPD, police were called to the area after the victim retreated to the Central District pot store can called 911 to report the 10 PM robbery at 23rd and Spring. The victim said he was held up at gunpoint for his Uncle Ike’s bag by a suspect wearing a red bandana over his face and carrying a black handgun. Police searched the area and blocked off nearby streets searching for a male suspect in his teens but had little to go on other than the description of an unknown race male wearing a black jacket. A K9 search of the area was not successful. There were no arrests and no reported injuries in the hold-up. Police say the stolen bag contained “marijuana paraphernalia.”
  • First Hill hold-up: A man reported his son was robbed at gunpoint last Thursday afternoon around 4:15 PM in the 1200 block of University on First Hill. Police were looking for a suspect described as an Asian male with black, spiky hair, bad skin, and wearing black shorts. The suspect was armed with a black revolver with a wooden handle, the victims told police. The suspect was last seen fleeing toward Broadway. Police were not able to locate the suspect. SPD data shows that robbery reports in general across the city are down so far in 2016.

Blotter | Cal Anderson sex assault, crime stats, fireworks, elementary school poop ‘attack’

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  • UPDATE: Man struck at Belmont/Bellevue: A man in his 70s was reported unconscious and bleeding from the head after being struck by a driver as he walked in a crosswalk at Belmont Ave E and Bellevue Place E Wednesday morning. Police and Seattle Fire arrived at the scene of the 9:39 AM collision to block off traffic and provide treatment before taking the man to the hospital. According to Seattle Fire radio, the driver was traveling around 10 to 15 MPH when the pedestrian walking his dog was hit. The man suffered a laceration to his head and was rushed to Harborview. The dog was not injured and with Seattle Police after the incident. UPDATE: We don’t have any current information on the victim’s condition but SFD tells us he was considered to have suffered serious injuries including injuries to his head and legs in the collision.
  • Crime stats: The latest SPD SeaStat (PDF) statistical crime analysis public report has been released and it shows crime overall in the city so far in 2016 is up about 2% compared to the same period last year. The rise is driven mostly by big jumps in commercial burglaries, car prowls, and, worse, sexual assaults and domestic violence assaults. This month’s report also tallies how many firearms have been confiscated so far in 2016 — 698 — and shows that the most recent trend for gunfire reports in the city has shifted south from Capitol Hill and the Central District to South Seattle. Thursday brings this month’s EastPAC community crime meeting at Seattle U’s Chardin Hall.
  • Cal Anderson sexual assault: Seattle Police arrested a man Sunday evening for allegedly grabbing a woman’s breasts at Cal Anderson Park while yelling “rape culture is awesome.” According to police reports, the victim was taking a nap in the park around 7 PM when the 31-year-old suspect laid down next to her and grabbed her. The victim told police she did not know the man. Two friends of the woman tried to stop the suspect. One punched the man before police arrived. He was treated for injuries and booked into King County Jail. Continue reading