Anti-Genocide Noise Brigade march planned to start on Capitol Hill

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.51.05 PMThey’ll miss one of the men their message is aimed at by a few days — President Obama leaves town Tuesday night. Protesters are planning an “Anti-Genocide Noise Brigade” rally and march starting on Capitol Hill Thursday:

Join others who refuse to allow the atrocities against the Palestinian peoples continue without LOUD RESISTANCE. Bring pots n pans, musical instruments, yourself! every week. We will march in solidarity with the Palestinian peoples resisting occupation by Israeli colonizers

The un-permitted march starts at Seattle Central Thursday, July 24th at 7:30 PM, according to organizers. No route for the march has been posted.

Aprie hunts trends to keep fashion selling on Broadway

aprie__DSC0252aprie__DSC0227Rayna Stackhouse contributed this report as part of the UW News Lab. She is joining CHS as our summer intern. Welcome Rayna!

Las Vegas’s hustle and heat happen to be the setting for the largest global fashion exchange called MAGIC. One weekend in August brings together more than 50,000 buyers, sellers, and designers, with $200 million worth of orders each day.

Among these buyers are Lizette Gutierre-Parker and Katrina Baker who work for the fashion boutique Aprie, on Broadway at Thomas.

Both agree that these buying trips are their favorite weekends on the job. But sometimes, things don’t always go smoothly.

“We do have very similar taste, we know what will sell here and we have a good grasp on our customers,” says Baker, “but we have been compared to an old married couple because I will like something she doesn’t… We have to stop and think, can we sell this?” Continue reading

Don’t do this on the First Hill Streetcar tracks

The First Hill Streetcar won’t start service between Pioneer Square, the International District, and Capitol Hill until this fall or later. We don’t suggest you borrow this idea from a project already well known to the Internet but new to us for putting tram, trolley, and streetcar lines to work for alternative purposes.

It’s surely dangerous and likely against the law. But it does stoke the imagination.

Hat tip to @mattargyle!

UPDATE: Seattle Bike Blog points out you also shouldn’t do this:

CHS Pics | Seattle Pride Saturday 2014 on Capitol Hill


Participants in the 2014 Seattle Dyke March


Drag Queen Story Time at PrideFest Family Day

A performer at the Capitol Hill Pride Festival on Broadway

A performer at the Capitol Hill Pride Festival on Broadway

Someday — maybe soon — we won’t be able to close down the street for a festival. But we’re fairly certain the Seattle Dyke March will parade down Broadway forever.

The Seattle Pride Saturday night tradition continued this weekend as the 2014 edition of the city’s LGTBQ celebration continued with a full day of activities and night of parties on Capitol Hill before Sunday’s downtown parade.

Nice shoes

Nice shoes

The Capitol Hill Pride Festival — now in its sixth year — again had Broadway restaurants, bars, and merchants spilling into the street with Pride patios and special food and drink offerings. Despite the occasional sprinkle, attendance was again strong for the  day of drag entertainment, pet fashion contests, singing, and dancing organized by Broadway merchants. Hopefully attendees got their fill. With the plan to extend the Broadway Streetcar targeting a 2017 start of service, construction of the line and changes in Seattle Department of Transportation policy could mean the end of closing off the street.

Meanwhile, PrideFest celebrated Family Day in Cal Anderson and filled 11th Ave near the park with food trucks in a new expansion of the Pride Saturday event. Kids enjoyed Drag Queen Story Time while in the background, the annual Prom Dress Rugby game played out on Bobby Morris Field.


More pictures of Pride Saturday on Capitol Hill, below.

Continue reading

First look inside new Cafe Solstice Capitol Hill

IMG_1568IMG_1575 Part coffeehouse, part bar, part bistro and grounded in Capitol Hill’s coffee pastCafe Solstice is officially open for business a block off Broadway at 10th and Thomas.

“It’s to bring people together, so in the morning people have coffee together and they talk, and at night they have a beer after work — they talk, they hang out,” Solstice general manager Sarah Schafer told CHS before the cafe’s summer solstice preview party last Saturday. “It’s about creating relationships.”

IMG_1576If you step in and think the new space nails the quintessential elements of current coffeehouse design, you’re not alone. One of the primary drivers of the buildout now works for Starbucks.

IMG_1566The new 3,500-square-foot (plus mezzanine) Solstice serves breakfast and lunch/dinner cafe-style fare plus baked goods and coffee and beer (including more than a dozen on tap.) It’s open seven days a week from 6 AM to midnight on weekdays, 6:30 AM to midnight on the weekend. A tuna fish sandwich will run you $10. Fancier fare clocks in at a few dollars more. You can learn more at

The addition of Solstice to Capitol Hill’s cafe scene will soon be followed by another. Wylie Bush tells CHS his new Cafe Barjot coffee shop and juice bar on Bellevue Ave is on track for an opening next week. The website says July 1st but you’ll want to check for updates before making the stroll down from Bush’s Joe Bar.

Joe Bar’s Wylie Bush is planning to debut his new Cafe Barjot coffee shop and juice bar on Bellevue Ave.

With demand as high as ever, Pike/Pine parking rate likely rising to $2.50 in August

4583094410_4f570c0fe9_b-400x529If parking were a true market-based commodity, we might use the city’s networked system of parking pay stations to operate a real-time price exchange with rates calculated based on the number of spots available when you park.

For better or worse, the Seattle Department of Transportation uses a more blunt instrument: count the number of available spaces in a given area and adjust the rates annually.

Based on their 2013 parking count (PDF), SDOT is recommending a 50 cent raise to metered street parking in Pike/Pine, bringing the hourly rate to $2.50 an hour between 8 AM – 8 PM. Pending council approval, the new rates would begin in August.

With the new rates, SDOT is aiming to have 1-2 spots available on each Pike/Pine block throughout the metered parking times.

Despite previous rate increases and extending paid parking to 8 PM in 2011, parking in Pike/Pine is still a mob scene in the evening hours. According to SDOT’s 2013 Evening Paid Parking Study, average Pike/Pine parking capacity at 7 PM is at 104%, meaning all spaces are taken, plus some questionable parking decisions near intersections and fire hydrants.

That’s still a big improvement from 2010 when 7 PM capacity was pushing 120% as metered parking only went to 6 PM. Overall SDOT found that extended paid parking in 10 nightlife areas around the city lead to 20% more available spaces at 6 PM and 18% more available spaces at 7 PM.Screen-Shot-2014-04-27-at-6.24.51-PM-600x456

There are a slew of other parking rate changes and time extensions scheduled to take effect this year, however no changes are planned for the Broadway core. The other notable change on Capitol Hill is the planned roll-out of the city’s new parking pay stations.

CHS Pics | Drag queen record set — and then some — on Capitol Hill

IMG_9221There are times when more is too much — and there are times to pour it on. With a goal of honoring Seattle Pride’s 40th anniversary by bringing together a world record 40 drag queens performing on one stage, dozens of Seattle’s fiercest assembled on Capitol Hill at Neighbours Thursday night for “The World’s Largest Drag Queen Stage Show.” The 2012 record of 39 performers was crushed — 43 Seattle drag queens took the stage.

“We know Seattle has one of the biggest and best drag queen communities in the country, so bringing everyone together for this historic event just made perfect sense,” Adam McRoberts of Seattle Pride said in a statement about the world record attempt. A portion of the proceeds benefitted the Pride Foundation.

As much as the night was a giant, Pride-ful stunt, drag queen culture continues as a valued part of the Capitol Hill community and is an important player in the entertainment and nightlife offerings of Pike/Pine and Broadway where drag shows draw crowds. Continue reading

Cafe Solstice arrives — again — on Capitol Hill

2014.06 Cafe Soltice Capitol Hill the duo

Back to the Hill — Co-owners Joel Wood and Doug Sowers outside Cafe Solstice’s new location at 10th and Thomas.

Sowers and Wood working the Cafe Solstice cart in front of the current Jai Thai space, circa 1994 -- from: After 12 years, Cafe Solstice returning to Broadway (Image: Picture of picture courtesy Joel Wood)

Sowers and Wood working the Cafe Solstice cart in front of the current Jai Thai space, circa 1994 — from: After 12 years, Cafe Solstice returning to Broadway (Image: Picture of picture courtesy Joel Wood)

The story could be right out of the dreams of a Hill veteran jaded by change. More than a decade after their coffee cart left Broadway for an indoor space and the student-rich soil of the Ave, Joel Wood, Doug Sowers and Cafe Solstice are back on Capitol Hill with a vastly expanded operation just a block off Broadway.

Some 10 months after CHS first broke news of the plans for Solstice’s expansion back to the Hill, and right in time for Summer Solstice (can’t get one by us!), the doors of the new location will open this Saturday for an open house. Wood says there will be coffee for a dollar and some free pastries, and that booze and kitchen items will be available for happy hour prices all day starting at 7 am. CHS originally reported that the new Solstice was hoped to be open before the end of 2013. However, a marathon DPD process and the challenge of building out a brand new space in a brand new building drew out the timeline for getting things off the ground, Wood said.

The cafe will close again following Saturday’s party for a few finishing touches during the week. Owners Wood and Sowers hope to have the cafe open in full capacity for Pride weekend, with a push to be at full throttle by Thursday, June 26th.

As close as it is to Broadway’s bustle, Solstice sits on a surprisingly quiet and green corner at 10th and Thomas, in the only commercial space on the backside of The Lyric building.

The new Solstice will serve a variety of uses throughout the day — and night. “It’s not a straight cafe, it’s not a straight bar, it’s for everybody,” Wood said.

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Broadway bikeway getting 500+ daily weekday rides thanks to commuters and warm(er) weather cyclists

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.15.46 PM

(Image: CHS)

For the first time since the Broadway bikeway partially opened in October, we’re getting a look at ridership data on Capitol Hill’s signature protected bike lanes. CHS recently obtained Seattle Department of Transportation’s Broadway counter data including hourly bike trip totals from January to May taken from a sensor located between Pike and Union.

Perhaps most interesting is the number of daily rides: In May, there was an average of 409 trips a day on the bikeway, including northbound and southbound rides. By the end of that month, weekday totals were easily approaching 600 rides. Weekday averages have climbed steadily since January, with a slight dip in February likely due to some hectic reroutes during construction of the Capitol Hill Station underground concourse:

Here are the Broadway bikeway weekday averages by month:

  • January: 270
  • February: 231
  • March: 276
  • April: 313
  • May: 464

The single most active day in the first five months of 2014 was May 14th, with 598 trips. Continue reading

Man stabbed after reported fight at Broadway and Pike

Seattle Police found a male victim with stab wounds to his back after a fight at Broadway and Pike early Thursday morning.

UPDATE: The 61-year-old stabbing victim was treated and released from Harborview on Thursday morning, according to a hospital spokesperson.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, officers were called to the area to a report of a group in an altercation at the intersection just after 2 AM. One person in the fight described as a white male possibly in his 40s was reported to have fallen to the ground before he got up and started walking southbound from the scene on Broadway. UPDATE: A report on the incident released by SPD Thursday morning says the victim is a 61-year-old man from out of state. Police say the victim reportedly got into an argument on E Pike and was stabbed in the back, beat with a skateboard and struck on the head with a bottle.

Police are looking for multiple suspects in the assault: Continue reading

One arrest after man stabbed inside E John apartment

One person was taken into custody at 13th and John -- thanks to a CHS reader for the photo

One person was taken into custody at 13th and John — thanks to a CHS reader for the photo

A male victim reportedly in his 20s was stabbed in the abdomen and chest in an incident inside an apartment building in the 1300 block of E John.

Police have taken one person into custody in connection with the Monday night incident.

Police were called to the Centro aPodment building around 10 PM and arrived to find the stabbed male inside one of the building’s microhousing units.

Seattle Fire reports that a male in his 20s with stab wounds was transported from the scene in critical condition.

Seattle Police confirmed that officers made an arrest in the stabbing but has not released more information yet on the incident.

UPDATE 6/17/14 9:20 AM: The person arrested in the stabbing is a 31-year-old woman. She was booked into jail for investigation of a domestic violence assault. Washington State court records show this to be her first significant brush with the law.

UPDATE x2: Here’s the report from SPD on what the department calls a “brutal” attack:

A woman was arrested last night for stabbing her boyfriend with an 8-inch kitchen knife. On 6/16/14, just before midnight, officers were dispatched to a report of a man and woman yelling inside an apartment in the 1300 block of E. John St. When Officers arrived, they heard the man yelling “Don’t kill me! Stop stabbing me!” Continue reading