Mexican consulate makes July plans for Capitol Hill move-in

The flag still flies over 3rd Ave but will soon be coming to E Roy (Image: Consulado de México en Seattle)

The Consulate of Mexico in Seattle has announced its plans to move onto Capitol Hill this summer. CHS broke the news in February that a new facility for the country’s diplomats was under construction in the E Roy building previously home to the Harvard Exit movie theater.

In its announcement Thursday, the consulate reports that its final day of activity at its longtime 3rd Ave home will be June 22nd. No official opening date for the new consulate location was announced but it is expected to open in July. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church announces it is ending congregation

A sidewalk baptism on Harvard Ave (Image: Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church)

It’s not the typical Capitol Hill landlord and tenant situation we’re used to reporting here on CHS.

The Presbyterian church that has stood at the corner of Harvard and Howell for 95 years will soon be in search of a new congregation.

The Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church announced Wednesday morning that it is ending its congregation and will hold final services on Harvard Ave on June 24th and 9:45 AM. Continue reading

CHS Pics | A new trailhead on Broadway

The start of a pleasant Saturday hike

Every hour or so Saturday and Sunday morning starting this weekend, hikers could set out from Broadway on their start of a climb up the most popular trail in the region.

The Trailhead Direct service Saturday celebrated its expansion to Capitol Hill Station with a bus breaking through a ceremonial banner and a collection of urban hikers ready for a day on the mountain. You can now take the bus from Capitol Hill to Mt. Si and Mt. Teneriffe on weekends through October, weather permitting. Continue reading

With or without head tax cash, businesses make push for homelessness outreach on Broadway

(Image: Alex Garland/CHS)

Even with the city’s new head tax on the books, a group of Broadway businesses have decided not to wait for new funding streams to start — and their decision on how best to put the money to use shows how the priorities to the issue can differ in the distance between City Hall and Capitol Hill. The Broadway Business Improvement Area will fund its own outreach worker to help people experiencing homelessness and be available to area merchants when issues arise.

In past years, the city had run a program funding outreach workers to visit areas around downtown to assist the homeless population. That program was then expanded to the International District and then to Capitol Hill. That program, at least the Capitol Hill portion of it, lasted for about two years before closing in March.

At the time, the businesses which make up the BBIA began looking to find a way to allow the program to continue, and now that may be taking shape, said Egan Orion, administrator of the BBIA. Continue reading

First Look: Junkichi centers on fine meats, fresh fish skewered and grilled on Broadway

With several openings around the neighborhood taking on Asian flavors this year, here is the latest new example on Capitol Hill.

Junkichi debuted last month on Broadway but CHS wasn’t able to attend the grand opening so here’s a look inside.

With a menu also featuring Japanese Izakaya like sukiyaki and seared tuna, the centerpiece of Junkichi are the skewers — if its a fine meat, fresh fish, or seasonal vegetable, Junkich will stick it on the skewer and cook it for you over binchotan charcoal and hardwood on the robata grill at the middle of the action.

“What sets us apart is that we keep things very pure and simple,” Edward Wintermyer of Junkichi tells us.

Continue reading

On a Capitol Hill campus, a training ground for social justice

Vero Berrera-Kolb at work

Students at Seattle Central College got what they’ve been asking for this school year when the campus inaugurated a degree emphasis in Equity and Social Justice (ESJ).

“Students wanted to get credit for emphasizing on these issues,” said faculty member Vero Barrera-Kolb, who helped create the program. According to the SCC, achieving the emphasis will give students a demonstrated interest in subjects surrounding “human diversity, including race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, and more – with a focus on social justice and change.”

Clarissa Lunday, who was enrolled in LGBTQ studies class taught by Barrera-Kolb, was eager to be part of the new program. “One of my biggest goals is to become a lobbyist for women’s and sexual orientation rights and this emphasis will help with that,” she said. Continue reading

Olympia’s approach to Seattle’s homelessness crisis is focus on land and the longterm

In the U District, YouthCare manages University Commons in The Marion West, 20 units of permanent supportive housing for homeless young adults. The future of Broadway and Pine could eventually be home to a similar project.

By Iman Mohamed, UW News Lab/Special to CHS

It has been years since Seattle declared homelessness a state of emergency. A state of emergency should cause a sense of urgency. That was the theme last week at the April Capitol Hill Community Council meeting with Speaker Frank Chopp at 12th Avenue Arts.

Community members on the night suggested many solutions for the city’s crisis. Chopp said that his focus is on creating long-term resources. The main resource for housing developments is from the state, he said, which is why Chopp works on acquiring these lands so the development of housing projects and services can begin.

“The state level focuses on generating funding rather than focusing on temporary solutions like mobile vans,” Chopp said. “The biggest landowner in Seattle is the State of Washington and we are going right after them with these state-level legislations.” Continue reading

Añejo brings traditional flavors — and plenty of tequila — to Broadway

As work continues on the new north Broadway home for the Seattle Consulate of Mexico, an excellent place for the coming diplomats to have lunch and entertain dignitaries is now open just down the street.

Añejo Restaurant and Tequila Bar opened Monday at 11 AM sharp on Broadway in the large space formerly home to Dilettante. Owner Edgar Pelayo says he hopes his customers taste the effort behind Añejo.

“We don’t like to throw some fancy ingredients on top of a tortilla and call it a day,” the veteran restaurateur said. “It may look good, but in our opinion it’s not worthy.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | Pulling shots with Capitol Hill’s Babe Ruth of craft coffee

Founder — and one of the forefathers of Seattle’s craft coffee movement — David Schomer moved back behind the bar Wednesday to help celebrate Espresso Vivace’s thirty years on Capitol Hill.

The coffee expert — and metrologist and flautist — handled the lunchtime rush pulling free shots of Vivace’s Malabar roast and Ethiopian Sidamo at Vivace’s Brix location on Broadway. Thursday, he’ll join the crew at Vivace’s South Lake Union outpost.

Schomer’s technical approach to the art of coffee has earned him legendary status. If you have enjoyed a Schomer pull, it’s a little like getting to play catch with Babe Ruth.

“If you don’t thrill to make people happy with your art, find another job,” Schomer tells CHS, “because this is absolutely all about making people happy.”