No winners, no losers, just true Fresh Ground Stories at monthly Capitol Hill event

(Image: Fresh Ground)

One by one, three men came forward to tell personal stories they hadn’t publicly shared in over fifty years. For five decades, no one had heard how Lance’s mother turned him into the recruiter’s office during the Vietnam War after dropping out of college. It was the first time Dave publicly shared how his relationship with his father changed after he refused to cut his hair. For a very long time, Bruce hadn’t told anyone about what what happened when he was put in charge of a boy scout troop on a campout some fifty years ago.

Last November, the three men found the courage to tell their stories in front of an audience of nearly 100 people at the Roy Street Coffee & Tea during the monthly storytelling event Fresh Ground Stories.

“Knowing that they haven’t shared these stories for all those years was very special. Where else would those people feel safe telling them?” says Paul Currington, organizer of the monthly event. Continue reading

Police search for suspects after deadly shooting in parking lot above Broadway and Pike — UPDATE

Police were searching for possible suspects after a shooting that left one person dead at the Harvard Market parking lot late Friday night above Broadway and Pike.

Officers were called to the area just after 11:30 PM to a report of shots fired in the area.and a male suspect with a gun seen in front of Bartell’s. Continue reading

Broadway home to Neighbours hits market for $6.9M

(Image: Nate Gowdy with permission to CHS)

There are a few things to remember.

Everything is for sale.

Capitol Hill is dying.


Add all of that up, and you have $6.9 million — the listing price for the 1911-built, 14,000-square-foot home to Broadway gay dance club legend Neighbours. Continue reading

Blotter | Police respond after cyclist slapped in Broadway bikeway argument

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  • Broadway bike lane fight: Tensions over a cyclist vs. food delivery driver incident in the Broadway bikeway boiled over into an argument and alleged assault Sunday afternoon. According to the SPD report on the incident, the event played out on the east side of Broadway in front of Panera starting around 2:20 PM as Sunday’s farmers market filled the area with trucks and vendor vehicles. According to the report, the driver told police she drove in the protected bike lane thinking she would be able exit the area after dropping off a meal delivery nearby. When she got back into her car and tried to start driving north through the bikeway, the driver said the bike rider road up in front of her car, and parked his bike. The cyclist reportedly was yelling at the driver and called her derogatory names. Police say a passerby joined the argument and then allegedly slapped the cyclist “on the left side of his face with his open hand.” An SPD spokesperson says the alleged assailant was not arrested but that the officer recommended charges of assault be filed by the City Attorney.
    Police say the rider told them he was tired of cars parking in the bicycle lane. The report says the rider was found with a “red mark on his face consistent with a punch or a slap.” He declined medical attention for the injury. Continue reading

Another Capitol Hill office space project? Dibdesk coming to Broadway

Thanks to ongoing demand and key neighborhood resources like Capitol Hill Station, office space will be a Capitol Hill growth industry in 2019. CHS has learned of another work desk-related venture coming to the neighborhood, this one lined up for new construction at the corner of Broadway and Denny.

There are few public details around the Dibdesk project but the developers of the mixed-use 101 Broadway building say to stay tuned. Continue reading

Save the Broadway Performance Hall? You have a few years but Seattle Central planning major overhaul

(Image: Broadway Performance Hall)

If Kshama Sawant wants to save a Seattle performance venue, we’ve found one closer to Capitol Hill than the Showbox to work on. Time is gradually running out for the Broadway Performance Hall at Seattle Central College. College officials hope to overhaul the building and end its days as a venue for local plays and performances, but state budgeting priorities mean construction isn’t likely to start for at least five or six years.

The building is more than 100 years old though it was “modernized” in 1979 and rates the lowest on the campus in terms of facilities, said Barbara Childs, spokesperson for Seattle Central. While it met standards when it was built, it is no longer up to code in terms of energy efficiency or seismic standards. Additionally, the sandstone keeps absorbing water, causing more problems, Childs said.

Beyond the need for physical upgrades, the school is in need of more library space, and more space for open studying, in order to meet accreditation standards. The school hopes to meet all of those goals with one large project. Continue reading

Blotter | Broadway frozen yogurt shop held up in ‘armed’ robbery

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  • Fro-yo holdup: Police are investigating a Friday night “armed” hold-up at Broadway frozen yogurt outlet Menchie’s. Officers were called to the 500 block Broadway E shop around 7:20 PM Friday to the reported hold-up. Police were told the suspect entered the shop, stuck his hand in his pocket, and implied that he was carrying a weapon. The suspect, described only as a black male around 6-feet tall and wearing a green puffy jacket according to East Precinct radio dispatches, fled with the shop’s tip jar. He was last seen headed south on Broadway. There were no reported injuries and no arrests.
  • Belmont /Mercer crash: Seattle Fire rescue crews had to cut the driver from a vehicle in a crash near Belmont and Mercer Friday afternoon. There were no serious injuries in the incident involving two vehicles — one carrying two occupants that reportedly smashed into a utility pole and the second that crashed into bushes trapping the driver in the car near a building at the intersection. Seattle Fire initiated a “rescue extrication” response to cut open the car. The driver was reported as conscious and alert and was out of the car within minutes. Continue reading

Giant crane returns to sky above Broadway as Capitol Hill Station housing and retail construction takes off

After a few years of rest there is a familiar scene rising above Broadway’s Capitol Hill Station. A massive construction crane has again risen above the land between John and Denny along Broadway.

The busy giant being put to use by lead contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis is a sign of new progress. After a June ribbon cutting — and a true groundbreaking in July — contractor crews have set in on creating an expanse of housing, retail and commercial space, community spaces, and a new plaza about the bustling subterranean station. Continue reading

Beep beep — There’s a new sound from riders tapping out at Capitol Hill Station

If like CHS, you can’t hear a beep, chirp, bleep, toot toot, or other rhythmic sound sequence without immediately mimicking it like your aunt’s canary, you’re about to get a new song as you enter and exit Capitol Hill Station.

To help clear up confusion when using ORCA fare cards, Sound Transit is changing the way its sensor beep — beep beep:

Link and Sounder fares are based on how far you travel. So we ask you tap your card before boarding the train and again when you get off so we know the correct fare to charge you or your employer that’s paying for your ride. Based on rider feedback like the tweet below, the ORCA readers will now beep twice when you tap off and end your trip. One beep to ride, two beeps to end your ride
Continue reading

Police search for driver of stolen pickup after woman struck at Broadway and Pine

Police were looking for a driver in a stolen Toyota pick-up who fled the scene after hitting a woman crossing Broadway only to crash and run away on First Hill minutes later Sunday night.

Emergency units were called to the busy Pine at Broadway intersection just after 8:30 PM Sunday to a report of a pedestrian stuck by the driver. Seattle Fire said the victim was a woman in her 20s transported to Harborview in stable condition. Continue reading