Police pursuit of hit and run driver makes big scene on Broadway

Police took multiple people into custody including at least one at gunpoint in a hit and run incident that spanned Pike/Pine and Broadway Friday night.

With the first crash reported just before 9 PM, police began tracking the car carrying multiple people as it sped on Denny and then eventually to Broadway where the suspects appeared to make a run for it, fleeing the area on foot. Police detained at least four people on Broadway near the Shell station and at least one more was detained and taken into custody after being held at gunpoint on Nagle just off Broadway.

It’s not clear how many vehicles were struck but there were no reported serious injuries.

Police reported they had the driver in custody as part of the arrests.

The incident played out on on a busy night in the middle of the area’s nightlife district with police taping off the block to keep out crowds during the investigation. Emergency vehicles called for an unrelated medical issue at a nearby Broadway restaurant also added to the chaotic scene.

How a carding kingpin got caught and dealt a death blow to the Broadway Grill

Broadway without the Broadway Grill?

It was a summer day in Las Vegas. Inside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center during the annual hacker-focused conference Black Hat, the cybersecurity crowd found refuge from the scorching sun. From the podium in front of the darkened room, Norman Barbosa, a computer crimes prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle, tried to clear the air with some humor.

“The original title to this presentation was nixed,” he said of his talk, titled Ochko123 – How the Feds Caught Russian Mega-Carder Roman Seleznev. “I wanted to go with Ochko123 – Why you shouldn’t use ‘Butthole123’ as the password to your hacking empire,” he quipped. It doesn’t work well.”

“Ochko” means butthole in Russian. That’s not what makes it amusing. Something else renders Roman Seleznev the butt of this joke: The fact that Seleznev’s mega-carding empire, built on brute force password attacks of local businesses’ poorly secured point of sale systems, was exposed by poor security as well. He just couldn’t resist using one of his favorite  passwords, Ochko123, on his laptop holding hundreds of thousands of stolen credit card numbers. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Marketing is queen on Broadway with Glossier pop-up and a Game of Thrones visit at Ada’s

In the game of phones, you win — or you keep trying.

While Glossier’s New York headquarters hasn’t returned CHS’s calls — “Nobody in the company has a phone extension,” we were informed Tuesday — the company has confirmed our report from April. It is, indeed, opening one of its hotly hyped pop-ups right here on Capitol Hill — soon — in the Broadway retail space formerly home to American Apparel. Continue reading

Health officials: Man with measles visited Broadway minute clinic

A Canadian tourist’s stop at a Capitol Hill minute clinic is part of a roster of locations around Seattle and King County that health officials are warning about after the man was diagnosed with measles.

(Image: Immediate Clinic)

According to the announcement from King County Public Health, the infected man visited the Immediate Clinic in the 1500 block of Broadway between Pike and Pine on Friday, April 26th starting around 11 AM. “These times include the period when the person was at the location and two hours after,” the bulletin reads. “Measles virus can remain in the air for up to two hours after someone infectious with measles leaves the area.”

Officials says anybody at the clinic around that day and time should check up on their measles vaccination and “call a health care provider promptly if they develop an illness with fever or illness with an unexplained rash between April 27 and May 19, 2019.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | Seattle May Day 2019 marches for immigrants and workers — with stops at The Chateau, new youth jail… and the Broadway Whole Foods

With reporting and pictures by Alex Garland

With a third straight year of a mostly calm and peaceful day of awareness and protest, May Day in Seattle has evolved into an annual march for immigrants and workers mixed with a tour of the latest progressive hotspots around the Central District, Capitol Hill, and downtown like the The Chateau apartments, the county’s youth jail, and, yes, the new Amazon Whole Foods at Broadway and Madison.

2019’s May Day March for the Rights of Immigrants and Workers again crossed Capitol Hill and again brought out a massive and heavily equipped police presence, boarded up windows at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, and a small, mostly insignificant party of trolling “counter protesters to the neighborhood’s streets. But the years of clashes between protesters beyond the march and police that frequently ended up pushed back up Capitol Hill appear to be — for now — a thing of the past. Continue reading

Seattle May Day 2019 brings 20th annual march for immigrants and workers to Capitol Hill — and expectations for another ‘riot’-free year — UPDATE

Seattle’s 20th annual May Day March for the Rights of Immigrants and Workers will again cross Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon and — for a second straight year — it appears that any planned protests separate from the annual workers rights march won’t be taking place on Broadway.

“This year we march once again to reclaim our struggles as immigrants, workers, and without borders,” organizers from El Comite write about the 20th year of the massive march. The crowds will begin gathering at noon on Dearborn before setting out on a trek across the city to downtown:

We are here because of the insecurity, crime, and corruption unleashed in our countries by bad governments with the support and intervention of the U.S. We are here because of political repression and exploitation of workers and the dispossession of our natural resources and territories. We are here refusing to be victims of the few who benefit from this system and the impoverishment, displacement and death that they wreak upon on our peoples.

Walk with me for justice,
Walk with me for immigrant rights,
Walk with me for labor rights,
Walk with me because this is our struggle!

A quick perusal of the latest edition of our latest this week in CHS history post will catch you up on the recent history of May Day chaos and violence that has broken out on Capitol Hill over the years, sparked by clashes between police and groups from beyond the workers and immigrants rights movements. Damage, injuries, and arrests were typically limited but ugly moments including vandalism against small businesses and the use of dangerous “flash bang” grenades by police left many in the neighborhood unsympathetic to any of the sides in the clashes. Continue reading

CHS Pics | After a decade on Broadway, it’s the last days of the Starbucks ‘indie’ cafe at Roy Street Coffee and Tea

These are your final days to enjoy a Capitol Hill peculiarity in the Starbucks global coffee empire. Sunday is slated to be the final day of business at Roy Street Coffee and Tea.

On our visit, CHS found some nostalgic chalkboard messaging and huge “for lease” posters in the windows. The rumor mill for what comes next has been pretty quiet and permit activity doesn’t yield any clues. Continue reading

Capitol Hill case at center of flap over judge’s cozy relationship with KOMO’s ‘Seattle is Dying’-themed coverage, political group — UPDATE

A call from the Seattle City Attorney for a municipal court judge to step down from his position leading the court over “apparent violations of the canons of judicial ethics” is also shining new light on Seattle media and activists who claim they are dedicated to shaping more accountable government in the city.

Pete Holmes and Anita Khandelwal, director of the Department of Public Defense, say in a letter released Wednesday that Seattle Municipal Court Judge Ed McKenna should step down as presiding judge and recuse himself from criminal cases after “predetermining harsh outcomes for defendants and advertising the sentencings to local media,” Crosscut reports.

The case at the center of the unusual courtroom activities has a Capitol Hill connection. The crime took place last November when an angry man punched a victim without provocation in the crosswalk at Broadway and Pine. The blow sent the victim’s headphones flying and left the shaken man with a swollen lip. It landed the assailant, Francisco Calderon, in jail and set in motion a bizarre episode in Seattle justice with a judge allegedly shaping his proceedings for a television reporter and a political group. Continue reading

Glossier pop-up set to fill a rare empty space in Broadway’s Capitol Hill Station-boosted core

If a start on a new life for the old Broadway Grill didn’t grab you and the addition of an axe-tossing bar doesn’t convince, maybe the arrival of a project from the hugely hyped cosmetics start-up Glossier will sell you. Broadway retail is looking good these days.

CHS has learned that the make-up and lifestyle brand launched as a style blog and grown into a direct to consumer retail juggernaut by entrepreneur Emily Weiss is sizing up Capitol Hill for its Seattle pop-up, the latest in a string of limited time only Glossier experiences following efforts in stylish cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and London. Continue reading

With Trailhead Direct, hiking season begins again at Broadway and Denny

It is the start of a new hiking season on Capitol Hill. Trailhead Direct bus service, paid for by the county, private sponsors, and the City of Seattle to help deliver outdoor enthusiasts to the region’s closest, most popular, and most parking constrained hiking destinations, begins Saturday.

“We’re bringing back Trailhead Direct with more routes to more trails in more communities,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said in the announcement of the second full season for the program. “Our popular transit-to-trails service has succeeded in many different ways. We have made our spectacular mountain forests accessible to more people, reduced dangerous overcrowding at popular trailheads, and made it easy to hike without having to drive or park.”

The 2019 season of Trailhead Direct has added more pick-up sites including the Tukwila International Boulevard Station with service to more trailheads, including Little Si near North Bend and the Sky Country Trailhead in Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. Continue reading