Police called to help Broadway’s Nacho Borracho and Neon Taco boot Patriot Prayer

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson argues with Nacho Borracho security, right, in a 15-minute “Trump Supporter was illegally kicked out of Seattle Bar” video the group posted over the weekend

Police were called to Capitol Hill’s Nacho Borracho bar Friday night after a group told to leave because of their involvement with a far-right group refused to exit the Broadway bar and caused a more than 15-minute disturbance at the establishment.

Officers arrived on the 200 block of Broadway E just after 11 PM Friday after a report of five people involved with Patriot Prayer inside the business harassing staff and customers. The group was heckling people inside the bar, “trying to debate about tolerance,” and being disruptive, according to the SPD report on the incident.

The security guard who called police informed officers that ownership does not allow hate groups in the bar.

The incident reportedly involved pushing and shoving as security attempted to remove the group. There were no weapons reported to be involved and no injuries were reported.

One group member told police he attempted to hold onto a railing inside the bar as security pushed him out after he refused to leave. Police gave the group a “trespass admonishment” and the 35-year-old assured police he wouldn’t return to the bar. Continue reading

Trial set for boyfriend accused in Broadway apartment knife attack case

Miskell (Image via Linkedin)

Efforts to arrive at a plea deal have apparently fallen through and a trial date has been set in the case against Branden Miskell, the 31-year-old prosecutors say tried to kill his boyfriend in a bloody January 2018 knife attack inside their Broadway apartment.”

According to court filings following a conference hearing last week, the case is now slated to go to trial early in January though it could face further delays. The court’s setting of a date ends a series of sessions in recent months dedicated to updates in discussions between prosecutors and Miskell’s laywer Saad Qadri over a possible plea deal.

“As you know the case is set for trial, and we are currently considering all options,” Qadri tells CHS. “It is our hope we can reach an amicable resolution.” Continue reading

Plans for (another) Broadway development mixing hotel rooms and microhousing

(Image: Anew Apartments)

Another plan for a project combining a hotel and microhousing is being lined up for Broadway. This one — eventually — will mean the end of a popular little restaurant just south of E Cherry but, likely, a good deal for the restaurant’s ownership.

Developer Brad Padden of Anew Apartments is beginning the public process for the planned two-story hotel below five stories of Small Efficiency Dwelling Units and congregate housing set to replace the building home to the Cedars restaurant location in the 500 block of Broadway.

A public meeting part of the city’s new “Early Outreach for Design Review” process is slated for November 10th to discuss the project: Continue reading

First look: Whole Foods Madison Broadway

There is a new, upscale neighborhood, of sorts, at the corner of Broadway and Madison. Your new neighbors will celebrate the grand opening of their neighborhood grocery store Tuesday morning.

Whole Foods is continuing to open new stores in great locations,” Pacific Northwest regional president for the grocery chain Angela Lorenzen told CHS during a pre-opening tour of the store Monday as workers put on the finishing touches and stocked the shelves of the two-level, 40,000-square-foot supermarket.

Whole Foods Madison Broadway — diplomatically labelled so as not to play favorites with the First Hill and Capitol Hill neighborhoods it straddles — is set to open at 9 AM 8 AM Tuesday morning with a day of giveaways, and, of course, a DJ. “There will be a line — and lots of excitement,” Lorenzen said. Continue reading

‘You would be standing in a parking lot right now’ — Remembering the push for Broadway Crossing

A new message added to the Broadway Crossing building last week is a tribute to the community efforts — and one key community leader — who helped make possible the 2007-built, mixed-use affordable housing development rising above a Walgreens and forever shaped the edges of the waves of redevelopment that would follow over the next decade and beyond in the neighborhood. The addition of the small tribute precedes changes coming to the “Neighbours Alley” area around the building’s lobby that will further the efforts.

Ann Donovan, president of the Capitol Hill Community Council from 1999-2005, was honored last week during a small ceremony inside the lobby of the Capitol Hill Housing-built development at Broadway and Pine. The new etching on the glass of the E Pine entrance includes a quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead and a short tribute to the efforts of Donovan and others to help make the project possible: Continue reading

Last chance this year to hike from Broadway to the mountains

Sunday is the final day of service for the inaugural year of Trailhead Direct service from Broadway to hiking trails up Mt. Si and Mt. Teneriffe.

King County Metro is running a survey to get feedback on the service to help plan the 2019 season.

CHS reported here on the addition of service from Capitol Hill Station under the program created to help ease parking problems at the popular trailheads as the region’s population continues to boom.

Trailhead Direct includes 19 and 27-seat vans with capacity for two bicycles for each trip. Passengers pay a $2.75 flat fare under the public-private partnership between King County and the Seattle Department of Transportation. The 2018 season was also boosted with sponsor support by REI and Clif Bar.

Did you put the new service to use? Where’d you go?

Cheer up: Depressed Cake Shop returns to Capitol Hill

This weekend’s forecast calls for sunny skies but the frosting will be grey as the Depressed Cake Shop returns to Capitol Hill for the sixth year of the pop-up baked goods event created to encourage conversation about mental-health issues and to raise funds for NAMI Seattle:

Depressed Cake Shop

The local effort from the National Alliance on Mental Illness is a one-day, three-hour bake sale with somberly colored cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and treats donated by local bakers. “While they look sad on the outside, all the baked goods are colored on the inside to symbolize hope,” organizers say. They also encourage you to stop by early — the treats sell out every year.

Where, when, and why Capitol Hill calls 911

We’re #2!

Residents and businesses around Broadway and Pike/Pine have produced the second highest number of 911 calls so far in 2018 but a huge bulk of the calls on Capitol Hill and across the city involve traffic issues and disturbances involving noise or fighting, according to a newly available dataset from the Seattle Police Department.

SPD’s new online dashboard tracking the number of 911 calls it receives comes after years of complaints that the department’s focus on completed crime reports obscured the true levels of crime and safety issues in Seattle neighborhoods: Continue reading

New ‘Leaves of Remembrance’ mark Broadway with memorials for those who died homeless

The bronze Broadway Dance Steps have been a mostly fun reminder of joy and frolic on Capitol Hill’s main drag. They have now been joined by a more somber reminder of the people who have lived and died on the streets of the neighborhood.

Sunday, All Pilgrims Church hosted a dedication for six new “Leaves of Remembrance,” a Seattle-wide project to mark the city with small, leaf-shaped memorials for people who have passed away while dealing with homelessness. Continue reading

Atop a wave of poke options, Fresh off the Boat lands on Broadway

(Image: Fresh off the Boat)

With a wave of poke places washing across the Capitol Hill area, it might be difficult to pick one out of the pack, er, school but one of the newest in the neighborhood offers more than a few reasons to stop in.

“We offer many options,” Vincent Chen tells CHS. “14 different types of protein!”

Chen, his enthusiasm for “protein,” and family pride are part of what keeps his sister Hanny Ng’s Hawaii-inspired poke restaurant Fresh off the Boat cruising in Seattle with its expansion onto Broadway from its Blanchard Street start. Continue reading