Blotter | Police investigate Nagle Place beating — Plus, Seattle U bomb threat arrest

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  • Nagle beating: Police had just left the scene when the assailants in an early morning assault returned and beat and robbed their victim Thursday on Nagle Place, according to the SPD report on the incident and East Precinct radio dispatches.The victim in the April 16th attack around 1 AM on the street just off Cal Anderson Park suffered a head injury, cuts, and bruises in the attack that started as a seeming one-sided dispute outside the Rock Box:

    Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.49.47 AM

    Officers responding to the initial fight disturbance contacted the victim as the reported assailants fled the scene. The victim and two friends were walking to a nearby vehicle when the group and the main assailant returned. “You better keep walking,” the male in the gray shirt reportedly yelled. According to the police report, the victim stopped and asked, “What is your problem?” as the group punched and pushed the victim to the ground. After stealing the victim’s phone and doing $280 in damage to a business’s sign, the group fled the area southbound on 11th Ave. Continue reading

East Precinct’s new commander takes on Pike/Pine crime

Capt. Paul McDonagh in what we *think* was his first public appearance as the new East Precinct commander Friday morning (Image: CHS)

Capt. Paul McDonagh, speaking, in what we *think* was his first public appearance as the new East Precinct commander Friday morning (Image: CHS)

In a Friday morning meeting with business owners from Pike/Pine’s biggest clubs to its smallest and with representatives from retailers like Elliott Bay Book Company and local real estate development companies, East Precinct’s new commander Capt. Paul McDonagh addressed concerns that not enough is being done to police Seattle’s current busiest nightlife and entertainment district.

McDonagh, newly returned to the post he helmed for two and a half years starting in 2009, told the business owners and representatives that increased patrols are already underway and that detective work and investigations are already making a difference. “You’re not going to see officers on every block,” McDonagh said. “That doesn’t mean that we’re not working.”

The meeting came after a letter to city officials and the mayor from more than 40 Pike/Pine businesses in March calling for more cops to patrol the booming neighborhood. “Capitol Hill has a quickly increasing number of residents and people visiting it,” one portion of the letter said. “This increase needs to be met with an increased budget for policing and social services.”

According to details discussed at Friday’s meeting, six to eight officers are typically on patrol at any given time. Emphasis patrols essentially double the police force on the streets. “There will be nights where I put even more out,” McDonagh said. Continue reading

CHS Pics | International Pillow Fight Day on Capitol Hill

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

You might learn something about people from their art. But you might learn more from watching them pillow fight. Saturday, Seattle’s International Pillow Fight Day event made a sudden reschedule and called its hundred or so battlers to Cal Anderson Park. Turns out, when you give dozens of people pillows with which to pummel other people, people are nice and mostly gentle. Here’s a look at the madcap scene. We’ve posted more images from the fight on the CHS Facebook page.

IMG_3546 IMG_3456 IMG_3932

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CHS Pics | Cal Anderson DJ beats + Easter eggs


(Images: Alex “Bunny” Garland for CHS)

IMG_3120As Jake One points out, it’s not every egg hunt, indeed, where the kids get a DJ’s beat for their mad dash to clear the park.

But in Cal Anderson Saturday, the plastic eggs were plentiful and the beats were hot even if the spring breeze was a bit chilly.

Once again, Capitol Hill records were set as egg hunters cleared the fields in less time than it took moms, dads, etc. to unlock their mobile devices.

You can check out even more pictures of the 2015 hunt on the CHS Facebook page.

IMG_2876 IMG_2888 IMG_3081IMG_2914


In the spirit of Costco Coffee and Pine/Pike, Vulcan redeveloping Cal Anderson as ‘Entitlement Land’

CBhI8GWUkAAWuUfThere have been a few extra special Capitol Hill April Fool’s sign pranks over the years —

2015 brings a swipe at developer Vulcan and a farcical project for the development giant to redevelop Cal Anderson Park.

While the jokes seem mostly centered on Vulcan’s work in South Lake Union, locals might want to turn their attention to the company’s plans south of Capitol Hill where an executive recently predicted that Yesler Terrace in 10 years “is going to be kind of like South Lake Union.” Continue reading

Broadway’s Red Wall art coming down in preparation for opening of Capitol Hill Station

“Tim Marsden hands a section of Stefan Gruber’s artwork “Both Worlds” to an assistant. De-installation of artwork and dismantling of the red wall next to Cal Anderson Park continues over the next several weeks.” – (Images: Jennifer Babuca)

UPDATE 4/6/2015: See?!? :)

Piece by piece, Broadway’s Red Wall is finally coming down, we wrote last October. The comedown continues — and is picking up pace.

The giant wall surrounding the five-acre Capitol Hill Station site home to a well-regarded collection of public art projects is starting to be prepared for removal as construction on the light rail facility wraps up in preparation for a start of service in early 2016. Here is an update on one section of art recently removed from STart on Broadway’s Jennifer Babuca:

It’s a beautiful spring Thursday on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Tim Marsden of Sound Transit stands in the basket of a scissor lift, efficiently working an electrical screwdriver as artist Stefan Gruber looks on.  Starting on this sunny Thursday, the attached pieces of artwork and signage are being removed from the section of wall that faces Cal Anderson Park.
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CHS Pics | A Hugo House full of small press all-stars on Capitol Hill


(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

RJ Casey and Ann Casey of Yeti Press

RJ Casey and Ann Casey of Yeti Press

55 small press publishers, some producing as few as six works per year, some fewer, filled 11th Ave’s Hugo House Sunday afternoon for the APRIL Book Expo, the grand finale of the 2015 edition annual festival and one of many last bows for Hugo House as we know it before a planned, literary nonprofit-friendly redevelopment of the property.

During the week, CHS also stopped through a seance at the Sorrento Hotel and APRIL’s “offsite” with the Vignettes gallery. If you missed the event but are interested in learning more about the region’s small press publishers, here’s a roster of Sunday’s participants. You can learn more about the APRIL Festival at

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Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day 2015 is… Sunday, August 9th

Speaking of one person’s trash as another person’s come-up, we have a big announcement about this year’s Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day.

Last year’s move into Cal Anderson went swell! After lots of feedback, CHS and the Cal Anderson Park Alliance have decided to move CHGSD 2015 back in the summer to August. And we’re going to hold the annual day of yard sales, alley sales, sidewalk sales, apartment sales, front stoop sales, parking strip sales, and community lot sales on a Sunday to better line up with the weekly Broadway Farmers Market.

Mark your garage sale-ing calendars for Sunday, August 9th, 2015. More details, sign-up information, etc. to come.

2015 Capitol Hill egg hunts include 3rd annual Spring Bunny visit to Cal Anderson

(Images: CHS)

(Images: CHS)

8603137719_c32bd07d53_b-400x599The Capitol Hill Community Council is asking how you help contribute to the culture of the neighborhood. You can include volunteering to help make plastic egg-crazed children happy on your roster. Seattle Parks has put out a call for volunteers to help put on 2015’s third annual Cal Anderson Spring Egg Hunt on April 4th:

Volunteers are needed for the Cal Anderson Park 2015 Spring Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 4! We’re looking for people to help with face painting, to hide candy, to supervise the park, to monitor children in the hunt area, to clean up after the event and to hand out prizes. Volunteers need to arrive at the park at 9:15 a.m. The program ends at noon. To sign up, contact Faizah Osayande at 206-512-5256 or

For the young egg hunters in our audience, below is a roster of the public hunts we know about in Central Seattle this year. Here’s a look at the fun in 2012 and 2013 and 2014 to give you a sense of what you are in for, helpers of young egg hunters. Our only advice is don’t be late. Even the youngest wave of egg hunters, like a colony of swift hares, clear their field in around 60 seconds. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Water rockets above Cal Anderson, bridges across Seattle Central

Here’s some experimental inspiration. The kids of the Northwest Regional Science Olympiad Tournament took over Seattle Central and Cal Anderson on Saturday with science fair battles classic — the wooden bridge battle! — and newfangled — robot vs. robot! CHS was mostly an also-ran back in its high school science physics competition days though we did place well one year in the tennis ball catapult competition while gaining knowledge we can’t say we ever really put into use again…  yet. Happy science!

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