CHS Pics | A-Maze Balls — inside Smash Putt 23rd and Union

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Put your ball in the start point and turn the maze to guide your ball and achieve your score.

Like so many great games, this is a game of finesse.

Those are the “special rules” for A-maze Balls, hole #8 at the 2015 season of Smash Putt mini-golf at 23 and Union.

They are also words to live by.

CHS told you last week about the opening tee-off at the pop-up of the “MEGA Miniature Golf Apocalypse” in the old post office space at 23rd and Union. Here’s a look inside.

Tickets for the coming Friday and Saturday night are mostly sold out but you’ll find plenty of tee times on Sunday. Or, if you like, you can just hang out in the clubhouse sipping your Arnold Palmer.

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CHS Pics | Standard Brewing celebrates two years of award-winning beer at 25th and Jackson

Justin Gerardy, center holding the mash paddle, with Darren Archer, left, and  Dustin Scott, right (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Justin Gerardy, center holding the mash paddle, with Darren Archer, left, and Dustin Scott, right (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Coffee isn’t the only manufacturing industry left in Central Seattle. We also make fantastic beer. The Central District’s Standard Brewing celebrated its second anniversary at 25th and Jackson last Friday. Sorry, but its batch of 2nd Anniversary Ale is long gone.

In 2013, we talked with founder and CD resident Justin Gerardy as he made the big leap from homebrew to pro in a small-batch brewery. It’s been a busy time since:

It’s been 24 months since quietly opening the door at 25th and Jackson St with 8 taps and about 80 square feet of service area. Since then, we’ve expanded to 13 taps, doubled the space for folks to sit and drink, won a few awards, brewed over 60 different recipes, and shared a lot of good times with the neighborhood.

It’s an orbit newly opened 12th Ave brewery Outer Planet and coming soon E Union project Optimism Brewing would be happy to achieve. Hopefully, Anheuser-Busch InBev doesn’t notice.

In the meantime, watch for Standard beer night dinners at Capitol Hill’s Cafe Barjot.

Standard Brewing is located at 2504 S Jackson. Learn more at


No injuries, no arrests as SPD investigating another Central District gun battle — UPDATE

(Images: Casey Jaywork)

Seattle Police are investigating another chaotic gunfight in the Central District after reports of shots fired Wednesday afternoon. SPD says the incident stemmed from a car collision.

The shots rang out in quick succession at the corner of 26th S. and S. Washington in the Central District, a father huddled in his car, his toddler daughter in the backseat.

About 2:23 PM, a black Ford sedan crashed into a white Chevy SUV. About nine shots were fired into the driver’s window SUV; neither the father nor daughter inside the SUV were hurt. The assailants fled on foot, according Adele Botha, a nearby resident. Continue reading

23rd Ave builds up with second big project at Union, ‘missing tooth’ building at Madison

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.50.17 AMThe next wave in a tide of change around 23rd and Union will take shape Wednesday night as another mixed-use development planned for the intersection takes its first bow in the Seattle design review process. Meanwhile, the board will also take what could be one last look at a long-planned apartment project for another connective point between Capitol Hill and the Central District at 23rd and Madison

2220 E Union
Design Review Early Design Guidance application proposing a 6-story building containing 146 residential units and 11760 sq.ft. of retail. Parking for 88 vehicles to be provided at and below grade.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.50.37 AMIn November, CHS reported on the plan for Lake Union Partners to acquire and develop its second corner at 23rd and Union. Last spring, change dug in on the southwest corner as work finally began on a long-planned, six-story apartment and retail project. Continue reading

Police investigate after shootout at 15th and Cherry — UPDATE

Police investigated a string of gun-related crimes across the Central District and near the I-5 greenbelt Sunday night. In one incident documented in this account sent to CHS, an exchange of gunfire sent bullets into nearby residences at 15th and Cherry:

There was shooting incident yesterday in the Central District at 15th and Cherry at about 6 pm. Luckily, no one was hurt. About 10 gun shots rang out yesterday at the corner of 15th and Cherry. One assailant was hiding behind a car parked in the driveway. The other shooter or shooters were in the street. No shouting noise or cars were heard or seen and no other people were in the street during the time of the shooting. Three shots went through the parked car that the shooter was hiding behind. At least three others went into the neighboring house: one through the window, and two through the walls and into the house. Another stray bullet went into another neighbors upstairs window. An electrical line was also shot down. Additional gunfire was also reported shortly after on 14th between Columbia and Marion.

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Capitol Hill Housing will honor history of Central District development site with Liberty Bank Building

libertybankinterior11-300x294 (2)Capitol Hill Housing has announced it plans to honor the history of Liberty Bank by naming its planned development just east of 23rd and Union for the region’s first Black-owned bank.

In an announcement earlier this week, the nonprofit developer said its planned mixed-use, affordable apartment project at 24th and E Union will be called the Liberty Bank Building and will “feature multiple historical elements in the exterior design” as part of a set of recommendations from an advisory board convened by the developer “to learn more about community priorities for the site.”

“It is important that the story of Liberty Bank is told so that Seattle knows how a multicultural community came together and created an institution that allowed individuals to achieve economic independence and success,” Michelle Purnell Hepburn, daughter of Liberty Bank founders James C. and Mardine Purnell, said in the announcement. “The advisory board is very happy with the outcome of this process and is pleased with the work of Capitol Hill Housing.”

Liberty Bank Advisory Board members (L-R): Michelle Purnell-Hepburn, Derryl Durden, Merle Richlen, and Jocquelyn Duncan at the celebration on March 4th (Image: Joshua Okrent for CHH)

Liberty Bank Advisory Board members (L-R): Michelle Purnell-Hepburn, Derryl Durden, Merle Richlen, and Jocquelyn Duncan at the celebration on March 4th (Image: Joshua Okrent for CHH)

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Smash Putt tees off at 23rd and Union

(Image: Smash Putt)

(Image: Smash Putt)

Expect to hear a few golf claps around 23rd and Union starting Friday as Smash Putt mini-golf pops up inside the old post office space for a four-month season.

The boozy “athletic” event (and CHS advertiser!) has given us two sets of passes to give away for its upcoming March 22nd and March 30th industry nights. Add a comment below with your official mini-golf name and we’ll put you in the mix for the passes. We’ll notify the lucky commenters around 5 PM this afternoon (March 20th!). You can call CHS Sandy Wedge when we’re on the links.

Earlier this year, we talked to co-creator Mike McCracken about the ninth incarnation of Smash Putt. “We have to be opportunistic about space,” McCracken said. “We noticed (the Post Office space) because they were doing cool community things, like the Punk Rock Flea Market.” In 2009, Smash Putt first popped-up on 12th Ave where Rhein Haus stands today.

The weekend pop-up will be part of the scene in the Midtown Center strip mall through July. Its presence is part of a series of small changes from longtime property owner Tom Bangasser in an attempt to cut down on crime in the area after gunfire incidents near the center earlier this year.

In addition to the “MEGA Miniature Golf Apocalypse,” Smash Putt is also a bar. It’s free if you’d rather be a spectator, have a drink, and watch the action. Please, no wagering.

You can learn more and buy tickets ($15 to $20 depending on the time of your tee-off) at Sorry, kids. Smash Putt is 21+ only.

Ethiopian restaurateur organizes East African business association from 12th to MLK


Tsedalu (left), Messeret Habeti, and Messeret Ferede (Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

Messeret Habeti, co-owner of the Ethiopian restaurant Assimba at MLK and Cherry, wants to build an east African business association bringing together restaurants, shops, and more from 12th Ave to MLK. After a 2013 e coli scare made “Ethiopian” synonymous with “unsafe” in the ears of some, she told CHS, business slumped. By banding together, Habeti hopes to emulate the success of immigrant businesses in the International District.

“That’s why I want to create the… business association,” she said. “If we have association, no one will be interrogated” or bullied by government or media. She said she has talked to dozens of local businesses, and hopes have a formal association established by June. “I’ve been just walking around with all the information, explaining [to local business owners] why we need this, why now,” she said. “I have explain that this is the time that we need to be gathering together.”

“If you are formally associated,” said her husband and business partner Messeret Ferede, “we have one voice. That is the plan, to benefit for ourself by being together all at the same time.” Continue reading

Howard Schultz, Chief O’Toole host Central District forum on racism and policing


(Image: Casey Jaywork via )

Thursday afternoon, the 23rd and Jackson Starbucks was packed with people wall-to-wall: many of color, some white, lots of green-apron baristas, lots of navy-blue Seattle cops. And Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole were there, too, for a community forum on police and race.

“We all know that there are very serious problems going on in America today around racism, racial tension,” Schultz told the crowd. He said that with his company “heartbroken” over the tension between black communities and police, Starbucks has decided to use “our stores and our scale to elevate a national conversation” on the topic. Stay tuned, he added, for a big, related announcement sometime next week. There’s no word on if the 23rd and Jackson event’s “Coffee with a Cop” branding will stick.

UPDATE 3/17/2015: That “big, related announcement” has been made. With a new “Race Together” campaign, Starbucks reportedly “wants its baristas to talk about race in America.” It hasn’t necessarily got off to a great start.

Cops, baristas, and residents came together — via a couple cordless microphones and a YWCA facilitator — for an extended open discussion on the precise nature and potential solutions of the problems highlighted by the #BlackLivesMatter protests, which have rocked Seattle over the past half year.

Some pointed toward the economic context of crime. As one speaker put it: “When people steal and snatch iPhones and stuff like that, it’s usually to sell it to go get money to eat or whatever it may be. And so I think [we need to] focus on the economic opportunities [of young people]… When a person owns a business, they have a different relationship with the police.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Housing reaches agreement for 50 years of affordability in Squire Park Place deal

(Image: CHH)

(Image: CHH)

Capitol Hill Housing announced it has agreed with a Central District community organization to keep the rules governing affordable apartments in Squire Park Place for another 50 years in the building it acquired late last year.

CHS reported on non-profit developer Capitol Hill Housing’s plan to acquire the 18th and Jackson property last summer. Though the deal closed in December for $11.25 million, the, Capitol Hill Housing announced Wednesday it had reached an accord on a 50-year agreement “following several months of conversations” with the Central Area Development Association about “continuing the organization’s commitment to equitable development in the Central District.”

“Half of the apartments at Squire Park Plaza are reserved for working individuals and families earning between 50 and 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for King County,” the announcement on the agreement reads. “CHH will extend this affordability for a minimum of 50 years.” Continue reading