In 2018, Sara Naftaly wants to make you crepes at Chophouse Row’s Petite Galette

Let us look ahead in hope to the future. 2018 should start out just fine. Sara Naftaly is going to make you crepes. Petite Galette is slated to open in January in the hidden away counter space inside 11th Ave’s Chophouse Row:

Petite Galette is a new crêperie inside Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row by Sara Naftaly of Marmite and Amandine Bakeshop. We will serve savory buckwheat crêpes (which will be gluten free) and classic sweet crêpes along with fresh squeezed juices. From our sister business Marmite we will be offering our chef Jason’s amazing kombucha as well as one of Bruce’s vegetable soups daily. While there will be seating at our counter and a few small tables, Petite Galette will mostly make our crêpes for take away. Tallulah Anderson, who currently works with the Naftalys at Marmite and Amandine Bakeshop is working the opening as well. We anticipate Petite Galette will begin service in January of 2018.

“We look forward to providing a warm and friendly space in the heart of Chophouse Row,” Naftaly said. Petite Galette, Naftaly says, will use “seasonal and local ingredients for our Breton style crepes.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Good Weather Bicycle & Cafe is now open

From Good Weather

Good Weather started in 2016 as a quirky second story shop above Purr is expanding into the heart of the Chop House Row. They’re serving simple food, beer, and wine while continuing to build and fix bicycles for people in Seattle. With a love for beautiful, long-lasting frames and the desire to make a place where people can share a slow moment, they’re excited to add something different to the ground floor.

Good Weather Bicycle & Cafe is now open at 1424 11th Ave in the back of The Chophouse Row.  Hours are 11-9:30 (Sundays till 7), Not Open Tuesdays.

It’s a collaboration between original owners Jason Marqusee & Brandon Waterman and Danielle Hammer is running the food side of things.

With grace and toughness, Honed brings custom jewelry to Chophouse Row


One of the smallest new shops on Capitol Hill also might be one of its sturdiest. Jewelry designer Claire Kinder Barrett’s newly opened Honed features works that seek balance between grace and muscle.

“I always try to design delicate pieces that are also strong enough to make it through life,” Barrett told CHS during a recent visit. Continue reading

Chophouse Row welcomes Cake Skincare, HONED jewelry, and neighborhood bodega Sundry

Katrina Rising, owner of Cake Skincare, stands in her new shop in Chophouse Row.

Katrina Rising, owner of Cake Skincare, in her new shop in Chophouse Row.

Cake Skincare has settled into its new Chophouse Row location and owner Katrina Rising is looking forward to meeting new clients.

“Now we are able to add on some more hours and that will give us some breathing room to play again with new people, which we’re so excited about,” Rising said.

Cake held its grand opening party in December and since the new year rolled in, the second location has hit a smooth flow, she said. The Capitol Hill location is the second Cake spot in Seattle with the first opening in Queen Anne in 2009 where Rising and her aestheticians have been building a reputation as the eyebrow experts of the neighborhood.

“The neighborhoods are different … and I really wanted each place to serve its neighborhood and have its own vibe of that neighborhood,” Rising said. Rising said Cake at Queen Anne was getting a bit squished. Now about half of Cake’s clients go to the Capitol Hill location for their beauty needs. “It really has been this pull, and I’m glad that we listened because people were really wanting us to come over here,” Rising said.

Along with Cake, two other new tenants also now call Chophouse Row home. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Soup’s on at Marmite in Chophouse Row

img_7003“The word for pot is… la-mar-meet… now, you try it…”

Chef Bruce Naftaly is already regarded as a brothy genius but he and wife and business partner Sara Naftaly should probably get some credit for their weather forecasting skills. Their soup-centric Marmite — oui, the French word for pot but, non, not that kind of pot — debuted just in time for a cold and icy snap in Seattle that is perfect for their “bone-warming” broths.

Following its Christmas weekend debut, CHS stopped by earlier this week to see Marmite in motion inside the 11th Ave-fronting Chophouse Row restaurant space the Naftalys have nurtured back to health after a rough go for the short-lived former tenant. Starting in “pop-up” mode, a menu of daily soups and sandwiches awaits. Bowls — chicken, leek, buckwheat noodle and roasted root vegetable, when we visited — run $9. The question for the Capitol Hill ventures of $6 pizza and $9 soup is can the experience be special enough to justify the cost of craft and local, ethical ingredients as lunch morphs into what you might call an “affordable luxury.” Continue reading

Soup for you: Marmite’s brothy walk-up window makes holiday debut

Bruce and Sara Naftaly began ladling out the bone-warming goodness of Marmite, their new soup-centric project in Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row, on the quiet and cold Friday before Christmas.

After a Boxing Day break, the window will kick into action Tuesday with noon to 4 PM walk-up service Mondays through Fridays:

Ring in the season by welcoming Marmite’s take away window at Chophouse Row. Take home daily choices of stocks and soups – if the gods had enjoyed broth, this would’ve been their ambrosia. Uber sustenance for body and soul.

The larger Naftaly takeover of the former Chop Shop restaurant space will be rounded out when “intimate lounge” Spirit in the Bottle opens in “early 2017.”

CHS talked with Bruce Naftaly about Marmite — named for a French cooking pot not the sticky, salty spread — this fall as the veteran restaurateur broke the news about his expansion into the Chophouse Row’s centerpiece restaurant space. The Naftalys were already a central part of the project with Amandine Bakeshop’s 11th Ave streetfront presence featuring the work of macaron genius Sara and coffee from Empire Espresso. Marmite and its bar join a roster of food, drink, and retail tenants including farm-to-ice cream cone champion Kurt Timmermeister who has taken a 300-square-foot patch of space for his dairy-powered cream and cheese ventureKurt Farm Shop, and a new Upper Bar Ferd’nand.

Marmite’s opening in its early version adds another tick for the tally of 2016 debuts. CHS will be rounding up the year in food and drink across the Hill soon.

Marmite is located in the Chophouse Row at 1424 11th Ave. You can learn more at

CHS Pics | Shopping the night market at Chophouse Row

Wednesday nights, the bounty of Vashon Island and the fertile Skagit Valley is delivered to Capitol Hill. CHS stopped through the first ever Chophouse Row night market last week. You can now enjoy the new Capitol Hill farmers market every week, rain or shine.

“It’s mellow but that’s to be expected,” flower vendor Brita Fisher told CHS during our visit to the 11th Ave courtyard of the restaurant and office development just off E Pike.

“Especially in this part of the city where people are coming home from work, a lot of people live around here. It’s great,” another vendor selling apples said. Continue reading

Chophouse Row to launch year-round Wednesday night farmers’ market


Chophouse Row’s grand opening (Image: CHS)

Capitol Hill developer Dunn and Hobbes has announced a new year-round night market in Chophouse Row every Wednesday starting November 2nd.

Described as a “weekly farmer market” from 4 to 8 PM, the project will be “organized and curated” by Upper Bar Ferdinand owner Matt Dillon.

The market will feature “seasonal produce and other fresh farm products” in collaboration with the Puget Sound Food Hub farmers cooperative, according to the announcement. Continue reading

The Naftalys opening ‘soup-centric’ Marmite and sibling bar Spirit in the Bottle in Chophouse Row

The Chop Shop space will  only be a year and a half old by the time Marmite and Spirit in the Bottle put it back into motion (Image: CHS)

The Chop Shop space will only be a year and a half old by the time Marmite and Spirit in the Bottle put it back into motion (Image: CHS)

A major hole in Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row will be filled with a new restaurant and bar project from Bruce and Sara Naftaly. Perfect for our upcoming months of soggy wet days, much of that hole will be filled with soup.

“This sort of fell into our lap,” Bruce Naftaly told CHS Monday morning as word of the new project spread. “It made so much sense. In one building, you’ll have Almandine, Matt’s place, and then Kurt’s in the back. We’re all people who share a philosophical outlook on food.”

Marmite, named for the lidded French crockery essential to any good soup-y journey to your table, and its sibling bar Spirit in the Bottle will open this December in the space left empty in the 11th Ave office and retail project from Capitol Hill developer Liz Dunn when centerpiece restaurant project Chop Shop suddenly went out of business this summer. The closure has been one of the highest profile food and drink meltdowns in what has mostly been a wave of successful new openings across the Hill. Continue reading