Another Capitol Hill office space project? Dibdesk coming to Broadway

Thanks to ongoing demand and key neighborhood resources like Capitol Hill Station, office space will be a Capitol Hill growth industry in 2019. CHS has learned of another work desk-related venture coming to the neighborhood, this one lined up for new construction at the corner of Broadway and Denny.

There are few public details around the Dibdesk project but the developers of the mixed-use 101 Broadway building say to stay tuned. Continue reading

Coworking giant WeWork coming to Capitol Hill in preservation incentive-boosted Kelly Springfield project — UPDATE

The future of 11th Ave is coworking (Image: Ankrom Moisan)

The preservation-incentive boosted development that is turning the old Capitol Hill Value Village space — and before that, REI, and before that, the Kelly Springfield Motor Truck Company — into an office and retail complex in the heart of Pike/Pine will be filled with desks from coworking startup WeWork.

The Puget Sound Business Journal broke the news Tuesday on the plans for the company to be the sole tenant in the five-story building, filing the project’s 70,000 square feet or so of office space with WeWork’s brand of glossy coworking space, entrepreneurial and “business incubator” services, and, maybe a WeWork company store. Continue reading

Creating Capitol Hill spaces for living — and business — a Q&A with Liz Dunn

(Image: Chophouse Row)

By Carolyn Bick

Much has been made of Capitol Hill developer Liz Dunn’s creation of not one but two preservation-friendly and small business-fostering developments in the neighborhood — the Melrose Market and Chophouse Row. But nearly as many businesses have also put another of Dunn’s creations to use in the neighborhood.

The Cloud Room above 11th Ave’s Chophouse Row restaurants and floors of office space isn’t founder Dunn’s first foray into coworking: she was part of the original Hub coworking space at King’s Cross in London, which inspired her to open Seattle’s Agnes Underground in 2012. But The Cloud Room isn’t meant to become one of many in a chain throughout the country. Dunn said The Cloud Room is more of a love letter to Capitol Hill and its specific energy.

Not every bit of love works out. City Arts Magazine, which sought refuge in The Cloud Room space as it settled in to the hard job of reinventing its business, announced last week it ceasing publication.

The privately owned coworking space is meant to knit together the area’s diverse community that ranges from writers and artists to software-minded techies and Microsoft employees seeking a break from the corporate feel of the office. Since opening in 2015, the nine-employee space currently serves roughly 220 members, not including some occasional drop-ins from corporate partners and businesses from Chophouse Row, which are considered affiliate members of The Cloud Room.

CHS talked with Dunn about her life as a developer on Capitol Hill and what she set out to make with The Cloud Room.

How did you get into development? I just love cities, and I always have. I had just spent 10 years in tech at the beginning of my career, and it was fun, and it was challenging, but it wasn’t really where my heart was, and I’d always wanted to be, I don’t know, an architect, or an urban planner. But the skills that I brought to it were more business skills with a kind of strong amateur skill set. I made it back to school to do different things, but architecture never ended up being one of them, and I think that’s because I accidentally got started on a couple projects, and then I was in it as a developer. Continue reading

You can cowork with Capitol Hill’s new Consulate of Mexico at the Harvard Exit

Monday, the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle opened for its first day of official diplomatic business in the overhauled Harvard Exit.

You can make the old theater your office, too:

The Harvard Exit building (807 E. Roy St) has Class A office space in the heart of Capitol Hill. Offices and dedicated workstations come fully furnished with desk, chair, three drawer cabinet, and desk lamp. The coworking space contains a conference room, kitchenette, bathrooms, shower, shared copier/printer/scanner, and WiFi. You’ll just need to bring your laptop and files.  You’ll have access to your office/workstation 24/7. Dedicated workstations are $600 p/month. Private offices range from $1,300 – $2,100 p/month. Move in on August 1.

If you’re interested, email


Office Nomads Spring Open House

Please join us for the Office Nomads Spring Open House!

  • Free drop-in coworking from 8:30am – 5pm (BYO laptop and/or other working supplies)
  • Group lunch (BYO or we’ll do a group order from a local spot) at Noon.
  • Happy Hour and conversation from 5-8pm.

If you’ve been meaning to check out your neighborhood coworking space, this is a great opportunity to visit Capitol Hill’s original coworking community. We look forward to seeing you there!

Starting on Capitol Hill, The Riveter creating coworking spaces focused on women

When working mothers and friends Amy Nelson and Kim Peltola couldn’t find a workplace the provide support and resources that empowered women and helped them to balance careers and self-care, they decided to create that space.

Their new venture, The Riveter, a coworking, wellness, and community space that focuses on women, but welcomes all will open May 1st on 12th Ave between Pike and Pine. The very real venture will take over an office space that temporarily became the home to a set of reality TV show cast members last summer.

Nelson, a lawyer, and Peltola, a social worker, met about three years ago when both were new mothers. They bonded over the challenges of balancing parenthood, work, and self-care. Continue reading

Seattle Coworking Week

The Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance (SCSA) is thrilled to invite you to participate in Seattle Coworking Week, September 19-23, 2016. Mayor Ed Murray has issued a City Proclamation, which we will share at Coworking Day Out in the Park (12-2pm, September 20, at Seattle Center), and many other coworking events will happen throughout the week at collaborative spaces all over the city.

Seattle Coworking Week is a great opportunity to learn about all the coworking communities in Seattle.

  • WHAT: A week’s worth of free coworking events, open to the public to participate
  • WHEN: Monday-Friday, September 19-23, 2016
  • WHERE: Multiple coworking spaces in Seattle

See the full list of events on the Seattle Coworking Week page.

Work Better Together

Work Better Together

Office Nomads & Creative Blueprint Open House – A day of coworking, creativity, food, and friends!

For the past 10 years, Office Nomads and Creative Blueprint have been homes to diverse communities of creative, independent minds.

On June 24, we’re opening our doors for a special day of activities for anyone who’s interested in being a part of our communities.

If you work from home, work for yourself, or just want to find a new community to connect to, consider dropping by and getting to know us!

All events are free and open to the public.


Free Trial Day – 9:00 – 5:00
Cowork for the day at Office Nomads or Creative Blueprint.

Open House + Gallery Tours – 9:00 – 5:00
Visit Creative Blueprint’s studio and event space and learn more about how to get involved.

Community Lunch – 12:00 – 1:00
Bring lunch or chip in for a group order and get to know the ON & CB coworkers!

Coffee Break – 11:00 + 2:00
Take a break, grab a coffee and get to know your fellow coworkers.

Work Sprint – 10:00 + 3:30
Work sprints are simple way to get tons of work done in focused work sessions. We’ll gather in Office Nomads and get crackin’.

Art Sprint – 10:00 + 3:00
A creative work sprint session in the CB studios. Use your time for exploration, production or administrative work.

Beer Tasting – 4:00
The Beer Club at Office Nomads is meeting again, this time with the theme of Belgian Beers! Bring a bottle with you to share and enjoy tasting a variety of tasty brews at the end of the day.

Office Nomads and Creative Blueprint are communities for independent, creative people. Memberships are affordable and flexible; learn more at:

New Capitol Hill coworking space for artists is a Canadian import

Rather than scratching out their drawings in cramped apartments, local artists of all sorts can rent new studio space on Capitol Hill in an environment where they will be surrounded by other creative types.

Creative Blueprint, a concept first started in Toronto, Canada, has opened its doors on Capitol Hill.

“It’s really important to me to be able to provide access to affordable space,” said Ashley Proctor, the owner of the Capitol Hill coworking space.

Proctor has spent the past few months designing and renovating the Boylston Ave space, which will include nine studios, of varying sizes, and a large central area. The plan, said Proctor, is to allow artists to work in the studios, while leaving the central for events. Proctor worked with Boylston neighbors Office Nomads and founders Jacob Sayles and Susan Dorsch to create the new space.

Some at Creative Blueprint rent a studio long-term, while others might just want to book some space for a few days a week, while still others might want to book by the hour. Proctor hopes that different sorts of artists, visual, performing, or otherwise will use the space, and have a chance to meet and collaborate with others. Ideally, a painter might hear a song being played in the next studio nearby, while a sculptor catches a glimpse of that painting, and in the process the artists draw inspiration from each other.

“You want those happy little collisions to take place,” Proctor said. Continue reading

Creative Blueprint Seattle Town Hall

Creative Blueprint, an artist studio, gallery & event space in Toronto is expanding to Seattle! This is an exciting new addition for our neighborhood. Creative Blueprint is eager to get feedback from the community in order to design an inspiring and empowering new workplace and event space. All are welcome!