CHS Crow | SIFF opening weekend edition at The Egytian including the first in line guy and Purple Mark

Perhaps the most telltale sign that it’s once again SIFF season on Capitol Hill are the lines of filmgoers. It has become a symbol of the annual festival to see the crowd winding down Pine and up Harvard. Meanwhile, 2015 will bring the last SIFF lines — sigh — to E Roy for the Harvard Exit’s swan song before redevelopment. Here are a few of the people we found in line this weekend. CHS roster of SIFF 2015 Capitol Hill highlights is here.

Coming out of Love & Devotion at The Egyptian Friday night

  Ralph and Dan

Ralph (center) and Dan (right), with their friend Kap (left)What brought you guys out to the festival tonight?
You know just a wild hair for tonight. Because it was beautiful out. I kind of forgot about the festival because I’d been traveling. But, now, luckily I caught it on the first night. I’m gonna see a lot more.

Dan: He sent me an email with three different movies to choose from and, I don’t know, that got us to here. I’m glad though, it was an excellent movie. Continue reading

CHS Crow | Rebecca, Tal and Carly — Belle and Sebastian Dance Party edition

There was a whole lot of whimsical swaying going on — and a bit of wild gesticulating — when the CHS Crow stopped by Capitol Hill art gallery and bar Vermillion for Seattle’s very own Belle and Sebastian Dance Party. Say hey to a transplanted Northern California radio DJ, a host who says he’d do it all over again and a music teacher and real-life indie rocker who were all there helping celebrate the lyrical Scottish melody makers’ particularly danceable new release.


Who are you?
I was a DJ character. … I’m trying to figure out who I am in Seattle.

… where were you a DJ?
In Davis, California. I had a radio show for four years there. KVDS. And that’s how [Carly — below — and I] met. Her band played on my radio show. And I ended up moving up here. And we actually live 10 minutes away from each other in the CD. So we know each other.

Are you still working in radio?
Unfortunately not. I’m hoping to get involved somehow up here.

Live on Capitol Hill?
I actually just moved to Central District today. I just moved from Wallingford.

… what drew you to the area?
I’m working out in Issaquah, so it shortened my commute, and I have more friends who live in the Central District and it just made more sense to be closer to Capitol Hill. Continue reading

CHS Crow | Keoni, Sarah and Nick — ‘When you have all the eyes and ears on you, you have to deliver’

Music and community were in abundance at Scratch Deli when the CHS Crow stopped by during a Thursday night open mic at the 12th Ave eatery. Among the performers and attentive audience members — and there was significant overlap — the CHS Crow met three dedicated young Seattle musicians with day (and night) jobs, and loads of talent. Read on, and if you’re inspired to stop by sometime, do know that several regulars asked that people respect the special and supportive scene that’s been created at ‘Scratch.’

  Keoni, 21

Keoni and Lewis playing a rendition of “Rocks in my Bed,” written by Duke Ellington and famously sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

Who are you?
I was born in Hawaii, moved up here about a year-and-a-half ago. And I came up here to open myself to new opportunities, meet new people, have a little fun.

When I moved up here, the main event why I came up here was that, you know, I’m gay. Hawaii didn’t pass their same-sex marriage law until last winter. I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ So, I had my first Pride here with my boyfriend and a couple of his other friends. And it was so crazy, you know!? I didn’t know this whole thing happens — in downtown Seattle. Continue reading

CHS Crow | Shelita, Eric & Isaac — ‘I do it professionally, but it’s not what I do for a living’

Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 8.22.15 PMThis week, the crow learned that it feels pretty good to have made it through another Seattle winter. What did you learn?

 SHELITA, undisclosed

Shelita2May I ask your age?
That’s information I don’t reveal, but I can tell you it’s a prime number.

What are you up to tonight?
We just played a sold-out show at The Jewel Box theater.

Congratulations! Tell me about your music.
It’s hard to describe. It’s new, eclectic, soulful…

Do you sing or play an instrument?
I play instruments with an “s”—cello, guitar, bass. And I play my voice.

What’s the name of your band?
Paperwork. Continue reading

CHS Crow | Marina & Ranny, John & Craig, and Erin — ‘I’m a Buddhist and I work in IT’

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 5.02.30 PMThis week, the crow learned that Girl Scouts stop selling cookies on March 17th. What did you learn?

MARINA, 18 & RANNY, 16

marina&ranny2Based on the uniforms and the table full of cookies, I’m gonna guess you’re selling Girl Scout cookies. How’s it going?
Ranny: It’s going good, we’re
just trying to sell out the last boxes we have.

Marina: I’m the cookie queen. I always sell a bunch. Our troop just got back from New York City. We saw a bunch of things, and it was amazing.

And selling cookies helped you earn the money for the trip?

Marina: Yes, it was all through cookie sales.

I sold cookies when I was a Girl Scout, and I think it prepared me for most of the jobs I’ve had as an adult (all unrelated to cookies). What do you think you’ve learned from this experience?
Ranny: The money
management. At school I get to sell cookies and deliver cookies to students and teachers, and it’s taught me a lot about managing supply and money.

Marina: I feel more open. Now I can talk to people I don’t know and not be shy, but it was hard at first.

Do you have any favorite Girl Scout cookies?

Ranny: Thin Mints.

Marina: They discontinued my favorite, the Thank U Berry Munch. My second favorite would be the Tagalongs.

What are the most popular kinds?

Continue reading