Plan for a Capitol Hill doughnut bar gets one last push with Pettirosso pop-up

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.31.40 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.30.46 PMThe plan to bring a doughnut bar “inspired by Tom Waits and New Orleans nightlife
to Capitol Hill will get an extra push this weekend with a 9th & Hennepin pop-up at 11th Ave’s Cafe Pettirosso.

CHS told you earlier this month about the early plans from Justin Newstrum to create a joint serving fresh, hot doughnuts, coffee, and booze on Capitol Hill. The fundraiser behind the project stands at just under $5,000 with only a few days left to go on the $16,000 goal Newstrum is hoping to raise to fund the start-up of 9th & Hennepin. You can make your contribution here if you’re interested in helping get the business started and scoring one of the backer gifts.

Sunday night from 6 to 10 PM, you can meet the doughnut entrepreneur and sample his creations — and, hopefully, get inspired to add your dollars to the kitty:

As one last hurrah before my kickstarter ends, the fabulous ladies at Cafe Pettirosso have agreed to host a pop-up up night of fresh-fried donuts at their space on Capitol Hill this Sunday, November 2nd. Cafe Pettirosso will be open for their normal business hours Sunday night, serving their normal menu with Happy Hour all night long. In addition to that, we’re crafting a short menu of our donuts to fry to order. Donuts will be free, but *cash* donations will be accepted, to be donated to the kickstarter project. For those still on the fence about supporting the project this will be an excellent opportunity to come try a taste of what you’ll be getting when we open.

Capitol Hill theater group crowdfunding special effects for first production at 12th Ave Arts

Last week, we showed you inside the major Capitol Hill theater and development project opening this fall at 12th Ave Arts. One of the companies that will be resident in the 12th Ave Arts theater facilities is looking for community support for the high-concept live theater special effects planned as part of its first show in the Studio Theater. The $3,210 pitch from the Washington Ensemble Theatre is above. You can learn more and pitch in here:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 2.48.00 PMIn January 2015, The Ensemble will open the 12th Ave Arts building with the world premiere of Josh Conkel’s darkly hilarious Sprawl. Cornish alum and writer of The Ensemble’s eighth season smash success Milk, Milk, Lemonade, Conkel’s Sprawl nestles a group of friends and frenemies in a Washington suburban model home for a book club meeting only to have them witness the brutally campy end of the world. Part Mars Attacks and part Serial Mom, Sprawl reminds us that beneath suburban tranquility there are nasty secrets that are wickedly laughable. This production continues and expands The Ensemble’s legacy of big, wild design elements as it requires flying alien insects, battle robots, and crystals that sprout from the ground before our eyes! The questions is: how do we make this playwright’s vision come to life in the most thrilling way possible for our community? This November, the Ensemble will spend a week in a warehouse space experimenting with giant puppets, remote control robots, and motion capture video projection technology. Our goal is to develop new methods of integrating cutting-edge technology with existing theatre traditions, and we can’t do it without your help! With $3,000, we’ll be able to pay for the space, purchase robots, small drones, and reimburse our artists for their time.


Nuflours turns to the crowd to finance Capitol Hill cafe

The Nuflours crew (Image: Nuflours)

The Nuflours crew (Image: Nuflours)

In the wake of the successful SIFF campaign to reopen the Egyptian Theatre in what may have been the biggest crowd-sourced financing drive ever for a Capitol Hill project, 15th Ave E’s Nuflours gluten free bakery is also turning to the crowd for a much smaller loan.

We’re seeking community support in a form of loans which will be paid back based on revenue from our business. Your loan, in the form of a Square will supply the financial support needed for the construction and equipment for opening the retail portion of our store. Here is a link to more information about Community Sourced Capital and how you can help. Our campaign page is

The community loan process is done in $50 chunks — you put up $50 to help Nuflours finance its buildout and you get back $50 from the bakery’s revenue sometime over the next 18 to 36 months, according to the site’s documentation. Continue reading

With fundraising victory, Cappy’s Boxing Gym not going down without a fight

 Ravel Scheiner eyes her rival during a training session at Cappy’s Boxing Gym. (Photo: Peter Allen Clark)

Ravel Scheiner eyes her rival during a training session at Cappy’s Boxing Gym. (Photo: Peter Allen Clark)

After nearly 15 years of supporting Central Seattle’s boxing community, Cappy’s Boxing Gym asked for some online help in return. This summer, they go it.

After facing some recent financial setbacks, owner Cappy Kotz said his 22nd and E Union gym had joined a long line of businesses which have found the raised rents and changing social dynamics of Capitol Hill and the Central District difficult to weather.

So, in order to expand the business and prepare for the future, Cappy’s Boxing Gym began an Indiegogo fundraising project on June 1. The campaign asked for $15,000 to help “continue to produce Olympic caliber athletes and transform lives,” with much of the money going towards marketing. Last week, donors answered the call, raising just over $15,000 well before the July 1st deadline. Coach Ann Bailey said she was overwhelmed with the response.

“We kind of knew something special was happening,” Bailey said. “We were really moved by what people had to say about our gym.” Continue reading

Central Cinema kickstarts to stay indie, go *fully* digital

The Central Cinema crew needs your help to keep the good times rolling - Central Cinema w/ permission to CHS

The Central Cinema crew needs your help to keep the good times rolling – Central Cinema w/ permission to CHS

It’s a familiar situation for independent movie theaters that have stubbornly fought to remain free of Hollywood constraints but don’t want to be left behind by technology. 21st and Union’s Central Cinema plans to launch a Kickstarter this Saturday, and is looking to crowdsource $60,000 to catch up with the big studios, and ultimately, survive.

“The switch to DCP [high-tech projectors] is something that the movie studios are starting to force onto theaters,” Central Cinema owner Kevin Spitzer tells CHS.  The theater operating on one 35mm Blu-ray camera now needs $60,000 to upgrade to a DCP projector that Spitzer says in a year will become a necessity. Continue reading