Greek Dancing, Music, Meze @ Omega

You couldn’t get to Naoussa for Carnival (Mardi Gras but Greek!) so we brought the dancers to you!

Doors open at 5 and dancing begins at 7

$65 per person includes:

– a Pikilia Platter of delectable meze (Value = $30)

– a glass of beer, wine, ouzo or tsipouro (Value = $10)

– a $25 donation to St. Demetrios Greek Dance Program (Value Priceless)

In partnership with

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church &

Dance Director, Marty McAndrews

Seattle Swing Dance Club Presents NEW West Coast Swing Classes!

Join the Seattle Swing Dance Club, one of the country’s longest running dance clubs, for the new-and-improved West Coast Swing (WCS) class series! WCS is a modern and smooth form of swing dancing with roots in Blues and Lindy Hop. It focuses on improvisation and partner connection danced within a slot on the dance floor. WCS is popular for ability to many genres of music – contemporary, hip hop/R&B, rock n’ roll, lyrical, country and so much more! Check out this fun informational video: West Coast Swing – The Dance of Your Life

INSTRUCTORS: Rising Star Champion Lia Brown & All-Star Za Thomaier
DATES/TIME: Every Monday 7:30-9:30 pm starting February 18, 2019
COST: Junior (17 & under) $50 | SSDC or Affiliated Member $70 | Guest (Non-Member) $95

Please find more class descriptions and register at SSDC New WCS Class Series!

‘Merce 100’ celebrates past and future at Velocity Dance as director says goodbye

Merce Cunningham (Image: Merce Cunningham Trust)

Ella Mahler is lying on her back on the marley floor, stock-still, like a bear has been chasing her and playing dead is her last resort. But then, suddenly, she gets up and scurries across the vinyl floors of the back studio of Capitol Hill’s Velocity Dance Center. In hurried movements, she lifts her knees up, combat-style, only to later duck and then balance gracefully on one leg, outsmarting an invisible assailer purely with poise.

Mahler, a Seattle-based dancer, choreographer and Velocity’s 2019 Made in Seattle Artist, is running through the movements of her solo choreography Absolute. Less than two weeks to go before showtime, December 14th. Mahler is one of the nine dancers performing newly created choreographies for MERCE 100: Seattle Artists Respond to Merce, a four-day long, Capitol Hill-centered celebration of and response to the centennial of world-famous dancer and Washington native Merce Cunningham (1919 – 2009), running December 13th through 16th.

Cunningham, who was born in Centralia and studied at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century thanks to his radical, innovative approach to dance, for example by using dice and other chance-based processes to decide how his dancers would move. Continue reading

7th annual Leschi Art Walk

7th ANNUAL LESCHI ART WALK ; Celebrating Creativity and Community
SEPTEMBER 08, 2018 11AM-4PM
Leschi neighborhood on Lake Washington, street-side between
103 and 200 Lakeside Avenue and in Leschi Park in Seattle.
The Leschi Business Association and Leschi Community Council are proud to present local artists, craftspersons and businesses at the 7TH Annual Art Walk. Participating artists include photography, painting and graphics, jewelry, glasswork, and ceramics. There will also be local community groups represented.
In addition to the arts and crafts booths there will be children’s activities and a live music stage with 3 bands. New this year will be a creative dance class for kids in the park and a neighborhood dog tricks and costume contest.

Show and Tell with Ying Liu: Tiny, Trivial Thoughts — and Tails

In this show & tell, visiting experimental filmmaker Ying Liu shares screenings of seven of her films and performances with an audience at Northwest Film Forum:

A visit from Ying Liu, in two parts!

Aug. 25 at noon: Ying’s workshop, Ying of the Hill: A Site-Specific Theatrical Workshop in and about Capitol Hill,
Aug. 26 at 5pm: Ying’s artist show & tell session, Show and Tell with Ying Liu: Tiny, Trivial Thoughts — and Tails

About the event:

Ying Liu is an interdisciplinary time-based artist based in Brooklyn. For her first Seattle visit, Ying presents a workshop and a show & tell of her practice, with screenings of her films and excerpts of performances that fuse the mediums of theater, dance, video, and performance art. Her evening-length, hybridized works often mix consumer technology such as VR, GoPro and smart phones with DIY props and an exuberant sense of play. The diverse, multi-generational casts of her projects range from professional ballet dancers, sociologists, house music DJs, rappers, and filmmakers – sometimes all in the same performance. Highlighting the shifting, participatory nature of viewership, mediated in real time by our everyday use of technology, Liu’s practice reveals how experimentation is most fruitful when it escapes predetermination. Poking at the traditional boundaries between performer and spectator, she stirs together contradictory forces of memory, spatiality, and the inherent friction of sociality.

Join Liu’s six-hour theatrical workshop on Saturday, August 25th! Details here >

In this show & tell, Liu shares screenings of 7 of her films and performances:

  • HANG OUT: An NYC public park is the stage for a 3-episode play, where unsuspecting park goers become performers and audience members, in a medley of VR stations, fashion shows, friend circle drama inspired by the stock market, and line dancing.
  • BREEZE: On the night of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in 2013, Liu and another artist attempted to stretch a piece of silver string across the surface of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in NYC’s Central Park. The idea was to create a gentle “breeze,” or to cut through the atmosphere of the water during a full moon.
  • NOW WE START FROM THE ARM: A performance experiment in human knotting based on four prominent motions from the history of dance: push, pull, drag, and lift.
  • DON’T BE SHY, MAN!: A hybrid show inspired by Stuart Sherman’s poetry, and oriented by a devotion to the infinite nature of artistic exploration and the modification of everyday objects to create alternative, non-utilitarian modes of being.
  • YOU AND ME ARE STITCHED: For this film, Liu developed a novel tattooing animation technique and used it to meld digital karaoke text with 16mm live action footage.
  • HAM OVER RICE: A mixed live action and animation film, deconstructing the Chinese myth of the god Houyi, an archer who saves the world but loses his immortality.
  • TAILS: Liu makes tails as metaphorical containers for her tiny, trivial thoughts and creativity.

About Ying:

I was born in Zhoushan Island China. Prior to moving to the States for grad school in film production at UT austin in 2007, I studied International Business Trading in China as an undergrad.

Going to Texas was my very first time abroad. When I landed I realized that I was setting foot on a continent where I knew absolutely nobody.

While at UT, by total accident I took performance art as my minor. That widened my horizon into art! I especially fell in love with Stuart Sherman’s work. So during summer vacations, I would visit Electronic Arts Intermix in New York and watch Sherman and other artists’ work in their viewing room.

When I graduated in 2011, I relocated to New York. I work in an array of media: film and video, performance, new media, sound art, design, installation, textiles, animation and choreography. Historic arts organization Emily Harvey Foundation has presented my work in numerous sold-out solo showings including screening (O Ppl Prefer) Techshting A(ny)way, Don’t Be Shy, Man! – a hybrid show inspired by Stuart Sherman’s poetry, and evening-length dance performance Now We Start from the Arm.

I am interested in jamming a large number of tiny thoughts into one work rather than beginning with a big idea. A method informed by my perception of the world. I trust that, with extensive layering, editing and sequencing, an order WILL emerge. And whatever that order might be, the work would come TOGETHER and further propel ITSELF into a system. By tattooing layers on top of each other, the found systems are able to find new meanings in their physical shape.

Research plays an essential role in my work. And my background as a filmmaker has informed the way I “edit” and compose my audiences and foster an open and inclusive community through diversifying my performers and collaborators. In summer 2017, I staged HANG OUT, a site-specific, three-episode play in Manhattan Chinatown’s Sara D. Roosevelt Park, which had extensive use of VR. Because VR is based on environments, part of my research dealt with architecture and architectural models.

MAKE A FOUNTAIN, a 302-page catalog accompanying and documenting these performances, was released in April 2018.

Seattle: Latin & Indian Night



(first 200 only, pre-register & enter club by 10pm, strictly one guest per e-mail address)

Jai Ho! Dance Party presents:


End Of Summer Party

You’ve enjoyed dancing to our Bollywood beats, now it’s time to get down to the hottest tropical tunes as we present to you a mashup of some world’s greatest dance music.




412 North 36th St, Seattle, WA


Hosted by the multi-talented & celebrated Bollywood Entertainer:

Prashant – Singer, Dancer, DJ

Hot Latin-Indian Mashup:





  • FREE entry till 10pm (200 passes, pre-register & enter by 10pm)
  • Dance Lesson at 10 pm
  • Special guest performance TBA
  • Henna by donation all night!
  • Dance all night to the best of Bollywood & Latin tunes


The Details

Doors open at 9 pm – 21+ w/ proper ID – Party till 1:45 am!

– 200 passes FREE till 10pm (pre-register)

– $8 (groups of 4+), $12 advance & $15 at the door (price subject to change after 11pm


TEDx Talk: Bollywood The Timing Is Right:

A one-of-a-kind Bollywood entertainer, Prashant is a singer, choreographer, MC & DJ with one simple agenda, to make people dance all night long to an irresistible blend of world’s greatest dance beats. Prashant’s effervescent personality & charisma instantly strikes a chord with audiences of all ages & backgrounds.

Through his energetic performances, Prashant has moved masses across both coasts of America & many places in between – including in Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago, Washington D.C., Bay Area, Los Angeles, Montana, Virginia, Idaho, Seattle and Portland. His interactive dance lessons in his DJ set transform any dance party into a full fledged Bollywood musical within minutes.


Facebook Page:

Instagram Page:


At the core of Jai Ho! Dance Party, we celebrate the values of inclusivity and sharing positive vibes by bringing the best of Indian culture to the dance floor. Our innovative themes that set Jai Ho! apart are transforming the nightlife culture of the west coast. With festive elements like Holi Colors & Dandiya Sticks, we create a celebration of music and dance like none other. We invite you to be goofy, smile, make friends on the dance floor, and of course, to sing and dance ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Jai Ho! takes place monthly in San Diego, San Francisco, Portland & Seattle. Jai Ho! Dance Party is a branch & creation of the production house-team, Bollywood Dreams Entertainment.



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Strictly 21+, please bring state issued ID or passport.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Plenty of street parking available.

Are tickets refundable?

No refunds are available, and all ticket sales are final.

Othello Block Party: Celebrating South Seattle Art, Culture, and Community

What: Othello Block Party

When: Sat. July 28th 12pm-9pm

Where: Othello Station (42nd Ave. S & Othello)

Summary: Othello Block Party: Celebrating the art, culture, music, and community in the South End! OBP empowers artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, organizers and more by creating opportunities for building connections and lasting relationships.

Mission: Provide an inclusive platform for youth, people of color, LGBTQ community members, immigrants, new and longtime residents alike to share their stories and their art; creating space for locals to organize and build together for equity and inclusion in the rapidly changing south Seattle.

Sponsors: MLK Business Association, Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods, South Seattle Emerald, Homesight, OnBoard Othello, UW Commons, and The Grocery, coordinated by Cafe Red & Artist Coalition for Equitable Development.

Quote from performer/co-curator Jerrell “Rell Be Free” Davis: “South End artistry is what sets the bar and creates the culture for ALL of Seattle – but rarely gets acknowledged for it. From music & poetry, to food, visual arts, dance, and beyond- and definitely their intersections with youth & social justice…the South End of Seattle is thee highest standard for culture in the whole northwest! And they aint sleepin on us, they just steal from us. They don’t doubt us, they jus don’t credit us. We ain’t on the come up, we’re already leading the pack. We been here!”

More Info on co-curators:

Concuss is a shadowy clan of musicians and makers creating art, media (Radio Concuss) and more from the epicenter of South Seattle. Expect the legendary Silas Blak, beats from the epic production squad Filthy Fingers United, and some special surprises.

Dani Tirrell (name as pronoun) is about creating space for Femmes and GNC bodies from the African Diaspora.

Jerrell “Rell Be Free” Davis is a seasoned hip hop artist and premier Educator from the South End of Seattle. Rell’s style incorporates a radical social consciousness with grit, energy, and an unmatched poetic flow and wit that has established him as one of the foremost lyricist of this generation. His set will bring town favorites like Yirim Seck along with rising stars like Esai.

Jade Dynasty is a national performing artist having been Seattle’s #1 booked performer in 2017. She has performed all over the West Coast and slowly making her way around the country. She is a leading pioneer for the Seattle Ballroom scene, trained voguer, erotic dancer, and over all boss bitch on the floor! Follow her at @Jadaraid!

Sistas Rock the Arts is a multigenerational artistic/social platform created by Brown and Black women to ensure we have a safe, respectful space to go for the arts. SRTA hosts a weekly live jam/open mic every Thursday at Rumba Notes.

Crash the Glass is a monthly femme showcase of talent at Columbia City Theater’s Bourbon bar. The incredible La Tanya Horace and Reese Tanimura will be colliding to bring our Block Party some of the best from each of these event series!

Bob Lovelace is a 37-year veteran musician who currently plays with Ayron Jones, Marmalade, Andy Coe and more. He’ll be bringing some youth from Seattle Drum School of Music to help kick off the Block Party, as well as some seasoned Seattle staples to bring us out with a live jam session.

Hosted by Ready Ron & Mario Casalini.

W/ DJs Melonic206, Zeta!, & Seabefore.

Cyphers with Alchemy Union & #GameOverFame!

Capoeira rodas w/ Seattle Capoeira Center!

Vendors & community info booths!

Live art w/ Poesia!

Sound and Stage by Revolution Staging.

Stay tune for more details coming soon!

To donate, volunteer, or vend, visit:

Exit Interview: Velocity Dance’s Tonya Lockyer on 16 years in the arts on Capitol Hill

Tonya Lockyer (Image: Bettina Hansen with permission to CHS)

Tonya Lockyer began as a touring artist and educator, eventually finding her roots in Seattle after joining Velocity Dance Center as an artist and completing graduate school at the University of Washington. She went on to be Velocity’s programs and communications manager, and eventually its executive director.

In June, Lockyer announced she will be stepping down from her post this fall after 16 years with the organization.

Entering Velocity in a time of instability, debt, and amid an emergency capital campaign, Lockyer implemented operational and artistic direction and, in just two years, had Velocity operating in the black.

With accolades like the Mayor’s Artz Award, Tonya’s tenure has brought national visibility to the dance center and its residents, acting as the “portal to Seattle dance,” and a destination for touring choreographers. Her leadership influenced exceptional growth in audiences and artist residencies, with consistently sold-out community events and classes.

CHS spoke with Lockyer about how she got involved with Velocity and Seattle’s dance scene, her proudest moments as Artistic Executive Director, the importance of dance for our community, and what’s next for her.

How did you get involved with Velocity?: When I first moved to Seattle, I was teaching and I ran into a Seattle choreographer and said that I was moving to Seattle. She said, “Seattle is great, and my friend KT Niehoff needs someone to stay in her house!” So the very first place I ever lived was in the home of the co-founder of Velocity, KT Niehoff. Continue reading

Lush Sounds


LUSH SOUNDS is a 21+ summer music fundraising series at the beautiful Volunteer Park Conservatory.
Join us with all of your friends for early evening of unwinding to lush sounds in one of the most lush environments in Seattle.


Enjoy a glass of wine or beer while you wander and wonder at the magnificent gardens. Catch up with friends by the pond or have a dance to the sounds of local superstar dj’s in the Seasonal House. Enjoy a magical night after hours at the lush Volunteer Park Conservatory!!






Jenn Green
Jenn Green is a radio presenter based in Seattle. She hosts GREENHAUS RADIO, a weekly radio show that airs on RWD.FM on Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. EST. She also splits her time as in-studio hospitality at KEXP and as a DJ assistant at Hush Hush Records.

Baby Sam


* 21+ only
* Bar will be located in the Bromeliad House and Music in the Seasonal House- beer/wine tickets will be available
* No pets or outside food/drink is allowed in the Conservatory
* Please consider signing up as a member or becoming a donor for the Friends of the Conservatory. Members get discounts to events like this and more!
* Cash AND Cards accepted
*** Help us keep the Conservatory in pristine condition by using the trash/recycling receptacles and respecting the space.***

Your supporting dollars tonight is going to help The Friends of the Conservatory and will go towards fulfilling our mission!

“The mission of the Friends of the Conservatory (FOC) is to advocate and encourage preservation, public participation, and education with respect to the Volunteer Park Conservatory and its plant collection. ”

Brought to you by the Friends of the Conservatory
Curated by MOKEDO