Full Tilt has new plan for Capitol Hill shop

The plan to bring Full Tilt to Capitol Hill is again in motion. The White Center-born ice cream company announced Thursday that it will bump a global corporation from 15th Ave E as it expands to the neighborhood it has been flirting with in recent years:

In addition to furnishing 20+ Vintage Pinball Machines and classic arcade games, the Capitol Hill Location will be the first Full Tilt to offer all natural (non-powder) soft-serve ice cream made with fresh dairy and offering unique flavors. The Capitol Hill Full Tilt will also be the first location to make available a reservable Party Room. In preparation for the new location, Full Tilt will also be giving one lucky Capitol Hill resident free ice cream for an entire year. Capitol Hill Residents can enter to win already at www.MyFreeCone.com.

According to the announcement, the new Full Tilt shop will take over the 300 block 15th Ave E space that has been the longtime home of a Starbucks shop that at one time was part of the global coffee giant’s attempts at producing indie-styled cafes with unique — but scalable — identities. The 15th Ave Coffee & Tea experiment ended in 2011. According to Full Tilt, it will be moved into the space by January and ready to start the New Year on Capitol Hill.

In 2015, owner Justin Cline had plans to open a Full Tilt shop specializing in ice cream pops as part of the Uncle Ike’s complex at 15th and Republican but that plan was put on ice. “I’m more comfortable in that area than dealing with the bros in Pike/Pine,” Cline told CHS at the time. “We’re more about kids, family. A punk Chuck E. Cheese.”

The Capitol Hill shop will be Full Tilt’s fifth in the city. It will join nearby vegan sweet shop Sugar Plum in providing treats on 15th Ave E.

“We are very excited to be opening a location in Capitol Hill,” Cline said in the announcement about the new Capitol Hill project. “Our Ice Cream Shops are extremely family focused. We offer flavors that appeal to kids, Northwest Craft Beers that satisfy adults and Classic Games that everyone can enjoy. This location is off of the ‘Pike/Pine Drinking Corridor,’ and we intend to do some of the same popular events that our patrons in other neighborhoods appreciate like ‘2-Wheel Sundays’, neighborhood events, and live music! We will be announcing a special free music performance for opening day at the Capitol Hill location.”

Cline says three additional Puget Sound area Full Tilt Locations are in the works.

You can learn more at fulltilticecream.com.

Capitol Hill food+drink | Salt and Straw expanding to Seattle in Pike Motorworks

Back in the day before there was such a thing, the lack of Capitol Hill ice cream was a neighborhood meme. In 2017, the situation has changed. While there isn’t yet a scoop shop on every block, Capitol Hill is home to some of the city’s finest — and most interesting — ice creams and frozen treats. And now the you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream scene is about to get even more interesting.

Portland’s Salt and Straw has been flirting with Seattle since last summer. This year, CHS has learned the culinary-focused ice cream brand known fascinating flavors will continue its expansion beyond PDX and LA with a new shop on Capitol Hill at Pike and Boylston inside the preservation-friendly Pike Motorworks development that stretches a full block in the heart of Pike/Pine. Continue reading

Street Treats adding ice cream sandwiches, sweets to busy scene around 23rd and Union


(Images: Street Treats)

(Images: Street Treats)

It’s been a big week for change around 23rd and Union. How about some more ice cream?

“We’re going to do what we do everywhere,” Seattle food truck entrepreneur Diane Skwiercz tells CHS about her new Central District headquarters for Street Treats, one of the grandmamas of Seattle’s on-the-move food and drink scene.

The business moved into its new kitchen over the holidays at 24th and Union in The Stencil building. Come spring, the Street Treats counter will open offering scoops, ice cream sandwiches, and the cookies and baked goods that Street Treats has been featuring around the city for years. With the space inside dedicated to Street Treats’s kitchen needs, the new E Union sweets provider will be walk-up only. You can drop by the nearby parklet in front of Cortona if you’re looking for a place to sit.

Skwiercz tells CHS the search for a permanent home for Street Treats included more affordable neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and the Central District and Capitol Hill, “no offense,” wasn’t even an option. Still Skwiercz will be part of a growing business community in her new neighborhood. Neighbor Union Coffee — yes, from the Molly Moon’s ice cream family — opened in September and Feed Co. Burgers joined the building with a late October debut, and the Ponder pot shop opened just down the hill in 2015. Add the Midtown Center development and new buildings coming across the street at 24th and Union and another on the northwest corner at 23rd and Union. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Get happy at the Central District Ice Cream Company

Yeah, yeah, we got it. 23rd and Union’s Midtown Center is about to be rebuilt by a massive grocery and retail developer. Of more immediate concern is a much smaller project a few blocks away on E Union.

The Central District Ice Cream Company opened to help wrap up the last few weeks of 2016 as slightly less disastrous. If their selection of one-of-a-kind flavors and ice cream sandwich combos can’t make you happy, we have bad news about the next four years for you.

CHS broke the news last month on the new ice cream shop from Nate’s Wings and Waffles and Happy Grillmore food truck creator Darren McGill. “I’ve been making ice cream for years,” McGill said. “A lot of people were coming into Nate’s and asking for dessert.” The shop also features candy by the scoop and sodas.

Go get happy. Have some ice cream.

The Central District Ice Cream Company is located at 2016 E Union and opened Tuesdays through Fridays, 4 PM to 9 PM, and Saturdays and Sundays, 11 AM to 7 PM. You can learn more on their Facebook page.

Capitol Hill food+drink | First look at Frankie and Jo’s

Capitol Hill’s first plant-based ice cream shop is now open and CHS was there the Friday after Thanksgiving for its first hours of business to see what the hubbub was all about.

Let us introduce you to Frankie and Jo’s salty caramel ash so you can get acquainted:

grey ice cream? yep! we mix autumn’s famous dry-burned caramel with our cashew and coconut milk base, sea salt, and then fold in our activated charcoal caramel sauce called *moon goo.*

The new shop debuted Friday in the mixed-use, preservation incentive-boosted Broadstone Infinity development on E Union between 11th and 10th where it joins Soi and Rene Erickson’s battery of projects General Porpoise, Bar Mesuline, and Bateau as well as the new Capitol Hill location for Sweet Iron around the corner. Designed by H2 Design & Build, the new shop intends to bring a “Palm Springs-feeling” to this stretch of Union. Continue reading

Frankie and Jo’s, Capitol Hill’s first plant-based ice cream shop, opens Friday

Ice cream “churned” from plants. What will they think of next! The wonders never cease in Capitol Hill food and drink. Frankie and Jo’s, the plant-based ice cream shop from the Juicebox’s Kari Brunson and Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes, has announced Friday will be its official opening day.

The “most decadent dairy-free ice cream on the market” might be a good call after a Thanksgiving day of indulgence.  Continue reading

Chicken and waffle ice cream? The Central District Ice Cream Company says yes

Of course he’ll serve chicken and waffle ice cream. The food and drink entrepreneur behind Nate’s Wings and Waffles and the Happy Grillmore food truck is putting the finishing touches on his new candy and ice cream shop, The Central District Ice Cream Company on E Union near Hollow Earth Radio and 20/20 Cycle.

Darren McGill’s latest project has created a nice bit of buzz along the stretch also home to Katy’s Corner and Chuck’s. McGill said the buildout of the former pilates studio is nearly complete and he is hoping for an opening around Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Starbucks Roastery’s latest Capitol Hill innovation: ice cream + coffee is delicous

No this post is not an ad for Starbucks, they did not pay us to post this picture, and we are not (exactly) corporate shills (Image: Starbucks)

No this post is not an ad for Starbucks, they did not pay us to post this picture, and we are not (exactly) corporate shills (Image: Starbucks)

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room is already a people magnet drawing thousands of visitors a week to the base of Capitol Hill. Now it has ice cream.

“There was a lot of coffee and ice cream drinking early in the day,” said Lillian Ontiveros, about the process of developing the ice cream centered coffee beverages the Roastery added to its menu. Like all good things Starbucks, be ready for whatever appears at the showcase cafes like the Roastery or Roy Street to eventually be rolled out globally at massive scale.

And we’ll call it… the Frappuccino!…

Continue reading

CHS Pics | Big turnout as Capitol Hill hosts first ever Seattle Ice Cream Festival


Ice Cream Festival 2016 - 15 of 17
Sunday’s first ever Seattle Ice Cream Festival might be the first when the exaggerated number of people claiming to be interested in a Facebook event may have been close to accurate.

It’s unlikely that 55,000 or even 15,000 attended — but if enthusiasm is any sign, the second festival might be a slightly larger production.

Sunday, a few thousand people stuffed 11th Ave and filled in the open marketplace of Chophouse Row to sample a taste or buy a scoop or three of the frozen treats from some of Capitol Hill and the city’s leading ice cream producers: Sweet Bumpas, Molly Moon, Bluebird, Cupcake Royale, Gelatiamo, Balleywood Creamery, Kurt Farm Shop, Full Tilt, Parfait, Half Pint, Trove, and Pink’s. Songs will be sung of the dozen first year providers who braved the pandemonium. Even neighboring doggie daycare Play on the Hill got in on the act with frozen treats for canine pals. Continue reading

A new life for Old School Frozen Custard on Capitol Hill

CJ and Meg Chaney (Image: F-Stop Seattle courtesy of Old School Frozen Custard)

CJ and Meg Chaney (Image: F-Stop Seattle courtesy of Old School Frozen Custard)

Like another cool character recently back from the dead, you might have some questions after this E Pine resurrection.

Where did you go? What did you see?

Capitol Hill’s Old School Frozen Custard is risen. With a week or so of quiet return to service under their belts, new owners Meg and CJ Chaney plan to bring cookie and software startup savvy to the “unpretentious flavors and big sundaes” of the creamy frozen treat hangout.

“We’re not changing the recipes,” CJ tells CHS. “We’re not touching anything on that side.”

But new things are ahead for Old School. The reboot is actually an acquisition. Meg’s Retro Cookies is taking over the company and now stands around 10 employees strong. CJ says the plan is to increase the presence of cookies and baked goods at the E Pike and 14th Ave shop. Increased cookie production is also on the horizon with baking already happening on site. CJ’s company Smartwhere, meanwhile, isn’t yet part of the Old School plans though we imagine its proximity marketing technology could be useful in alerting passersby to the frozen treats within. In the meantime, expect a lot of connection with followers through social media including new “fan flavors” on the Old School calendar.

The connections for Meg and CJ run deeper than the obvious business opportunity that presented itself with Rick Drouet and his business partners decided to hang up the Old School custard cutting scoop. CJ said Old School was the site of one of the couple’s first dates and they served the custard at their wedding.

CHS rather unceremoniously marked the closure of Old School in March buried in this post about the new “plant-based” ice cream shop Frankie and Jo’s coming to Pike/Pine. The shop opened as part of a small chain of Old Schools in the summer of 2009 back when frozen treats were still a rarity on Capitol Hill.

This Sunday, Capitol Hill will mark its ascendancy to the top of the city’s ice cream throne with the first ever Seattle Ice Cream Festival at Chophouse Row. Here’s the royal lineup: Sweet Bumpas / Molly Moon’s / Bluebird / Cupcake Royale / Gelatiamo / Balleywood Creamery / Kurt Farm Shop / Full Tilt / Parfait / Half Pint / Trove / Pink’s

While Old School won’t be scooping at Chophouse Row this weekend, they’re still ready for a crowd. CJ said he has been most surprised by how many fans the chain developed over the years and how many have been overjoyed to visit the reopened remaining Old School.

“There’s definitely an opportunity here. The amount of love for this IP is amazing,” CJ said, mixing a little software engineer into his new role as a frozen custard shop owner.

Old School Frozen Custard is located at 1316 E Pike. Learn more at facebook.com/OldSchoolFrozenCustard.