CHS Pics | Early contender for saddest Capitol Hill story of the year

It’s only January 7th and we already have a contender for the saddest story in 2019 on Capitol Hill.

A new, heartbreaking flyer has joined the mix of lost dog and house cleaning service ads on utility poles around 19th Ave.

“First flight the plane took off and kept going!,” it reads. “We could see it high in the sky fly over Meany Middle School and it kept flying north.”

During the recent wind-whipped days, did you see a small, blue and white remote control airplane soaring tragically to the north?

You can make this possible saddest of 2019 into the happiest Capitol Hill story of the year. An image of the full flyer is here complete with contact info for the pilot’s crew.


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Capitol Hill Community Post | Lost dog: Whiskey — UPDATE: Found!

From Urban Animal

This dog has been missing since 9:15am Monday and was last confirmed seen at 18th and John. Her name is whiskey and she is very skittish, she’s 3 years old and likely does not have a collar on. If anyone has seen her they can call Urban Animal at 206-329-5337.

UPDATE 12/13/18: Urban Animal reports Whiskey is found!

HURRAY!!! We are happy to report that Whiskey has been found!!! 🎉🎉🎉She is fine and happy to be home! Thank you all for help! Xo”

KitKat, Capitol Hill’s Instagram cat, is missing

(Image: kitkatseattle via Instagram)

(Image: kitkatseattle via Instagram)

KitKat, Capitol Hill’s resident Instagram cat, has been missing for three weeks.

Edward, KitKat’s owner and a resident of Capitol Hill, first reported her missing via the Instagram account he created to follow her escapades around Seattle.

“She loves to be outside with a ferocity and a passion,” Edward tells CHS. “She’s just an extraordinarily friendly cat.”

In the post, he said that KitKat had not returned home for a few days and asked that anyone with information about KitKat’s whereabouts let him know. Edward got some responses: one person reported seeing her at the intersection of 12th Ave and E Olive St, and another said they had seen her roaming without her collar. However, those reports were two and a half weeks ago and Edward says he has not heard anything since.

KitKat is a three-year-old tabby/Bengal mix and has been an outdoor cat for her entire life. Edwards says often he would get several concerned calls from people who thought KitKat was lost when they found her roaming in the city.

“On a weekend night I would get three to four calls from people who were concerned about her,” said Edward. That’s when he decided to install a GPS tracker in her collar and create the Instagram account to record her adventures using the tag #kitkattravels.

Edward says that KitKat has roamed everywhere, including the insides of other people’s apartments through windows the unsuspecting homeowners left open. In her travels, KitKat collects notes on her collar from the people who’ve encountered her, many of which Edward then posts on his Instagram.

While KitKat has been gone overnight before, this is by far the longest time she has been away from home.

Edward says that although he’s been doing the standard things like checking the pound and the deceased animal reports and putting up fliers, he suspects that her collar fell off and someone took the extraordinarily friendly cat home, thinking she was a stray.

Anyone who has seen KitKat roaming Capitol Hill without her collar should let her owners know by contacting the @kitkatseattle Instagram account.

13267733_1181545188522234_7966481580105887173_nLost (and found!) pets
While CHS free classifieds are getting re-tooled, you can still put the site to use spreading the word about a lost pet or found critter with a CHS Community Post. Here are some recent notices — this kitty was found, this doggie is lost. Spread the word. Check out Lost and Found community posts here.