CHS Pics | Sea Rose Knifeworks, Japanese water stones, and leather strops at Melrose Market

As the cost of doing business on Capitol Hill keeps climbing, many of the new faces in ventures of commerce and creativity in the neighborhood make their presence felt in short-term stays and creative use of space.

Saturday, knife expert Sasha Rosenfeld brought his Sea Rose Knifeworks to Capitol Hill’s Melrose Market for a day of grinding and shaving, with knives “sharpened by hand on Japanese water stones and finished on leather strops.” Continue reading

Japanese rice balls and natural wine at Sankaku and Marseille a match made in Melrose Market

Brandin Myett and Rie Otsuka at Melrose Market (Image: Margo Vansynghel)

Strings of red paper lanterns, some emblazoned with golden Chinese characters, hang from the ceiling. In the distance, a harmonica tune floats through the late-lunch atmosphere at Melrose Market, the indoor food and design mart also home to Sitka and Spruce and Glasswing. On the white marble countertop of Marseille, a wine bar and eatery named after the French port city, three carefully crafted onigiri Japanese rice balls sit under a bell glass.

Sure, we’ve heard of fusion before, but what is going on here?

“A coincidence,” says Brandin Myett, owner of Marseille. “A Lunar New Year office party planned for February 5th got rescheduled because of the snow. We decided to leave the lanterns up in the meantime.”

Myett opened his new natural wine bar and eatery last spring. The name, he says, is just a reference to something beautiful but rough-around-the-edges, like Marseille. “The French connection is not that important.” Continue reading