Friday morning SWAT standoff locks down Melrose — UPDATE

Seattle Police and a SWAT team set off flash bombs and closed down city streets around the Denny Terrace Apartments Friday morning in an apparent standoff with a suspect believed to be in a unit inside the Seattle Housing Authority building.

We’re waiting for more information from SPD about what precipitated the standoff but residents in the area report hearing at least three loud bangs earlier this morning. As of 8:30 AM, Melrose was closed to traffic and pedestrians between Denny and John.

(Image: Bellevue Police Department)

The suspect was reportedly armed according to SPD radio dispatches. UPDATE 8:35 AM: According to police radio updates, the suspect has been found dead inside the unit. Seattle Fire has been called to the 9th floor apartment to respond to the reported death. The scene is still active so please wait for the official all clear from Seattle Police.

UPDATE 12:40 PM: The suspect found dead in the incident was identified in Seattle Police radio updates as Adam Anthony Gua. The 28-year-old had been the subject of a Bellevue Police bulletin issued Thursday calling Gua “a dangerous armed car prowl suspect.”

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CHS Pics | The 8th annual Pine Box Beer Can Derby

How much does Seattle love beer? Seattle Beer Week is actually 10 days. At Capitol Hill’s chapel to brew the Pine Box, an annual SBW tradition played out Saturday.

The 8th annual Beer Can Derby again brought Boy and Girl Scout level bravery and creative use of glue and graphite to the tracks inside the Melrose beer hall’s breezeway. Continue reading

Plymouth Pillars, music, and good dogs — Goodbye to the Mayor of Melrose

Jones in 2011 (Image: CHS)

Friends, family, and City of Seattle officials are remembering Patrick Jones, the “Mayor of Melrose,” and his outsized work dedicated to a small area of the city.

Jones died last week reportedly in his sleep. He was ready to turn 61 this summer.

Jones, with his story of recovery from addiction as a former Marine and hitting rock bottom before arriving in Seattle with almost nothing, is remembered for his dedication to the neighborhood near his Capitol Hill Housing home around Melrose Ave where he made it a point to be a friend to nearly every type of person — and good dogs, too. Continue reading

One shot in Melrose alley as spate of gun violence across Capitol Hill and the Central District continues — UPDATE

Photo from the scene posted by a CHS reader

One person was reported shot in the leg and police found multiple caliber shell casings and were searching for at least two suspects — one possibly also wounded — after a shootout Tuesday night in an alley off the 100 block of Melrose Ave E.

The incident was first reported just after 8 PM. Police found the wounded male and multiple scenes with shell casings and blood.

Police were searching the area for a vehicle and two suspects including one reported wearing a ski mask.

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One shot in Pine parking lot in bout of Capitol Hill nightlife gun violence — UPDATE

A victim arrived at Harborview with a reported gunshot wound to the head after a shooting reported early Saturday morning in a parking lot near Melrose and Pine.

The incident has not been announced by Seattle Police or Seattle Fire’s media officials. CHS discovered details of the shooting after reports of gunfire on social media. Seattle Police confirmed that a victim was shot but could not provide further information at this time.

UPDATE 4/22/2019 8:30 AM: Seattle Police say their gang detectives are investigating the shooting and tell CHS that the injuries suffered by the victim did not turn out to be life threatening. It appeared the victim was hit by a grazing shot to the head. He was reported as conscious and alert but SPD says he declined to speak with officers about the incident.

According to East Precinct radio, callers reported gunfire just before 1:30 AM around the surface parking lot just west of Melrose. About 15 minutes later, radio dispatches said a victim had arrived at Harborview with a life threatening gunshot wound.
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Seattle’s increasingly modest plans for new bike projects include seven across Capitol Hill, CD — UPDATE

This page from the council presentation on the bike plan implementation update oddly includes an image of a Capitol Hill rider on perhaps the most un-pedal friendly in the neighborhood.

Seattle is criss-crossed by 1,547 lane-miles of arterial streets and 2,407 miles of non-arteries. In recent years, the city has added new bike infrastructure to only about 10 miles of those streets per year.

Tuesday afternoon, the Seattle City Council will begin the latest process to shake out the next five years of Seattle bike infrastructure investments. Following the relatively paltry output of the last couple years, the proposed plan includes projects that will likely add up to even less than 10 miles per year. But there are still some new improvements on the list for Capitol Hill, the Central District, and the nearby. Continue reading

Melrose Ave man shot in reported ‘suicide by cop’ attempt charged with assault

Prosecutors say last Tuesday night’s Melrose Ave shooting in which a man opened fire on officers and was shot by police was a case of attempted “suicide by cop.”

Steel Maharaj, 37, has been charged with assault in the first degree after police said he fired a single shot from his 9mm Ruger semi-automatic pistol at officers responding to the report of an armed, suicidal male on Melrose in the just after 9:30 PM incident. According to prosecutors and police, Maharaj threatened to pistol whip his wife if she did hand over the gun’s ammo as he was preparing to leave their 1600-block Melrose Ave apartment. “Fearing for her safety,” police write, “she gave the defendant the ammunition.” Police say Maharaj’s wife called 911 to report her husband was depressed, suicidal, and armed. Continue reading

‘Nobody wants to shoot you’ — SPD releases bodycam video, new details from Melrose Ave ‘officer involved’ shooting

Seattle Police have released new details and officer-worn bodycam footage from the incident on Melrose Ave Tuesday night in which a reportedly suicidal man carrying a gun opened fire and was shot by officers.

The video shows a tense scene outside a Melrose Ave apartment building where the 37-year-old can be seen leaving the building carrying a pistol and later is confronted by police as he holds the weapon.

“Go ahead and shoot me,” the man appears to say. “Nobody wants to shoot you,” an officer yells back. “I just want to talk to you but I can’t talk to you with a gun in your hand.” As the officer trying to negotiate with the man yells “Do not point that gun at me,” a single shot rings out followed by a barrage of bullets as officers returned fire.

The man sustained serious injuries in the shooting and was taken to Harborview for surgery but we do not know his condition. SPD says his injuries are considered non-life-threatening. He has not yet been charged. Continue reading

Man shot by police after report of armed suicidal male on Melrose Ave — UPDATE

One person was reported shot in an incident involving Seattle Police on Melrose just south of E Olive Way,

Seattle Police were reporting one suspect was shot and down at the scene in a shooting involving at least three police officers, according to East Precinct radio dispatches. Seattle Fire was called to the scene just after 9:30 PM.

According to police radio, officers were called to the area minutes earlier Tuesday night to a report of a suicidal male armed with a gun. Continue reading

What’s next for Melrose Market under new owners? Tenants say maybe a breath of fresh air

A Melrose Market view (Image: Sitka and Spruce)

In Seattle, everything’s for sale.

With every new announcement of a longtime business or building selling or making way for apartment buildings, the sense heightens that nothing is sacred.

So it was no wonder that after CHS reported that iconic Capitol Hill property Melrose Market sold to Regency Centers, a Florida-based real estate investment trust, for $15.5 million, many feared the worst for the preservation and locavore focused retail development home to Sitka and Spruce and Terra Plata.

“I got so many texts, it wasn’t funny,” says Terra Plata chef/owner Tamara Murphy, who says she’s had to calm down many people. Murphy’s not stressed, she says. “They’re not going to turn into a shopping center, at least not in ten years,” Murphy noted that the tenants in the building are safe until their leases run out. Many of the building’s tenants have long-term leases with renewal provisions. “They can’t turn around and say we’re out.”

No, Melrose Market won’t be razed to make way for a new condo building, said Craig Ramey, Regency’s managing director for the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and Colorado. “That’s not anywhere in anyone’s plans. [Regency’s] core business is retail.”
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