In face of $40M suit, Sawant plans ‘Save the Showbox’ concert at Seattle City Hall

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Capitol Hill’s District 3 rep Kshama Sawant is soldiering ahead with a “Save the Showbox” concert and rally at City Hall despited a $40 million lawsuit against the city over a surgical preservation ordinance that has temporarily staved off the sale and redevelopment of the 1st Ave venue.

Seattle husband and wife rock band Smokey Brights will headline the Wednesday, September 19th, 5:00 PM “Concert/Rally” preceding a public hearing in Seattle City Council chambers. UPDATE: The bill has grown with Sol, Sassy Black, and Dude York joining the show.

CHS reported earlier on the Sawant ordinance passed by the council and at the heart of the $40 million lawsuit from the Showbox property’s owner, a Las Vegas company owned by Seattle strip club magnate Roger Forbes. Among the arguments in the suit are allegations Sawant and other council members “engaged in ex parte communications with Save the Showbox supporters but failed to disclose those communications as required by law” and that the ordinance represents an illegal “spot zone.”  Continue reading

E Madison towers not to blame for KEXP dead air

It was a failed memory card and not an issue on E Madison’s massive radio and TV towers that knocked Seattle’s ubiquitous independent music station KEXP off the air Tuesday morning.

“Our transmitter OS runs on a CompactFlash card,” Jamie Alls, KEXP chief engineer, told GeekWire. “It’s been there for 11 years, and it just chose this morning to crap out. Luckily we were able to get the backup transmitter working, and this issue shouldn’t come up again anytime soon.”

The period of dead air lasted only about two hours starting around 8:40 AM but it was a reminder for many how lonely your commute or your cafe could be without KEXP. It was also a reminder of the important role the E Madison towers play in the city’s communications. Continue reading

A lesson for Capitol Hill? What’s being saved when it comes to Seattle’s Showbox

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With reporting from Seattle City Council Insight

Mayor Jenny Durkan signed the “Save the Showbox” ordinance into law this week, adding the site of the music venue to the Pike Place Market Historical District for the next ten months. Though the venue is downtown and off the Hill, the efforts at City Hall will certainly ripple through the neighborhood given the importance of Pike/Pine’s remaining live music scene and the continuing pressures of redevelopment in Central Seattle. The episode might also present a framework for what needs to happen — or needs to not happen — the next time an important Capitol Hill cultural venue requires rescue.

So, what is actually being “saved” when it comes to the Showbox? Continue reading

Free and cheap weekend on Capitol Hill includes Linda’s Fest, Acoustic Festival, and cops making you hot dogs at the East Precinct Picnic

You’ve paid your dues on Capitol Hill this summer. Time to cash in. Last weekend brought the neighborhood’s free Mercer X Summit Block Party to the streets on the Hill’s western slope. There is more freebie — and cheapie — fun to come this weekend as Linda’s Fest is set to again rock E Pine, there’s a movie in Cal Anderson, and the cops want you to come to their picnic. Information on all of this and more, below. Continue reading

7th annual Leschi Art Walk

7th ANNUAL LESCHI ART WALK ; Celebrating Creativity and Community
SEPTEMBER 08, 2018 11AM-4PM
Leschi neighborhood on Lake Washington, street-side between
103 and 200 Lakeside Avenue and in Leschi Park in Seattle.
The Leschi Business Association and Leschi Community Council are proud to present local artists, craftspersons and businesses at the 7TH Annual Art Walk. Participating artists include photography, painting and graphics, jewelry, glasswork, and ceramics. There will also be local community groups represented.
In addition to the arts and crafts booths there will be children’s activities and a live music stage with 3 bands. New this year will be a creative dance class for kids in the park and a neighborhood dog tricks and costume contest.

CHS Pics | Mercer X Summit Block Party still free (unless you plan to attend Capitol Hill Block Party)


The old Summit Block Party is all growed up. Now branded as the Mercer X Summit Block Party, the 2018 edition that took place Saturday in the streets in the middle of one of the most densely populated centers of Capitol Hill featured bigger acts, deeper pocketed sponsors (thanks KEXP), and, still, no admission. Continue reading

District 3’s Sawant wants to ‘save the Showbox’ — UPDATE

(Image: The Showbox)

Capitol Hill’s City Hall representative Kshama Sawant is facing pushback on her proposed emergency resolution to extend landmarks and historical protections to downtown music venue, the Showbox.

“Some ask: aren’t the artists and community members wanting to #SaveTheShowbox simply being nostalgic, sentimental, and anti-change?,” Sawant wrote Monday morning on social media. “The problem is very little of the change in Seattle has been on our terms as ordinary working people — it favors big corporations and the wealthy.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | Capitol Hill Block Party 2018

Pike/Pine again swelled with thousands of music fans over the weekend for the annual Capitol Hill Block Party, one of the few music events in the world to turn a few city blocks into a fully-produced, lights + music + sound, big ticket musical festival. The 22nd year for the festival in its modern incarnation, the 2018 event was expected to again draw around 10,000 attendees per day. Gorgeously warm summer weather likely helped the gate. Some logistical issues with ticketing on day one did not. But barring a few cancelations and schedule changes, the rest of the event seemed to go smoothly. And even the loss of one repeat Block Party cancelation offender couldn’t dampen the mood — the loss of one big act opened the way for local talent Sam Lachow to take the main stage at Pike and Broadway with only a few hours notice Friday night. When you hold your event in the middle of one of the densest parts of a growing metropolis, the city’s talents are conveniently close at hand.

More pictures from CHS’s visit to CHBP 2018 are below. Thanks to photographers Nick Turner and Lisa Hagen Glynn for the shots. All other images are courtesy the Block Party. Continue reading

A John in the Morning cafe? Two first families of Seattle independent music team up for E Pike restaurant project

The future Pike Flats will also be home to a new restaurant project from Seattle music luminaries

It’s a Capitol Hill Block Party-worthy plan. A  project involving two Seattle music super couples will create a new restaurant — but not a new music venue — in the under construction Pike Flats at the corner of Pike and Harvard.

“It’s a project we’ve dreamed about and the stars aligned,” Steven Severin tells CHS. “It’s going to be so dope.”

Continue reading