On the List | Free weekend at SAAM before overhaul closure, Search for Meaning Fest, Town Hall history

This weekend across Capitol Hill brings you an opportunity to Search for Meaning, delve into the history of one major cultural center preparing for a big change, and visit another for the last weekend before a long break to make way for its own big changes. Here are the highlights from the CHS Calendar.

While the city sorts out the plan to overhaul and expand Volunteer Park’s museum, the construction process needs to begin now to safely move and protect the Seattle Asian Art Museum’s collections. The museum is inviting you to come say goodbye, for now, and enjoy a free weekend of activities in Volunteer Park:

Seattle Asian Art Museum closing weekend open house

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On the List | Holiday in the Park, Art Walk, Freakout Fest, V2 goodbye party

Best way to stay warm around Capitol Hill this weekend? Stay busy with the jammed full CHS Calendar.

There is plenty to do right off the start. Thursday brings a celebration of Belmont Ave-headquartered Freakout Festival at four venues clustered at the rockin’ intersection of 14th and Pike — Chop Suey, Bar Sue, Pony, and Lovecitylove. 11th and Pike venues are also banding together Thursday night for Kock’s Ball, a fundraiser to help a colleague pay for expensive medical care following a motorcycle crash. Ghost Gallery marks a remarkable decade of its annual Holiday Mini Art Exhibit with hundreds of small works all $250 and under starting Thursday night and on display — and for sale — through the holidays. Continue reading

On the List | November Capitol Hill Art Walk, ‘Love’ rally, Post Election Community Response Forum

The weekend around Capitol Hill brings plenty of ways to reenergize after the soul sapping fallout of the 2016 election. There is a night of local art, creation, and performance, a community gathering of “Love Over Hate” in Cal Anderson Park, and, for those of you who find power in planning, a community gathering Sunday night to talk about how to respond to Donald Trump’s victory.

Thursday, head out on an abnormally warm and dry November night for the monthly Capitol Hill Art Walk. Continue reading

On the List | Hilloween, Zombie Crawl, LitCrawl, Pike People Street, Weavers’ Guild sale

As usual, it will be difficult to sort out just exactly when Halloween begins and ends around Capitol Hill. With October 31st falling on a Monday, the party starts early and will likely run for days. Below, you’ll find highlights below from the CHS Hilloween Calendar including the return of the annual Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce carnival, a new Zombie Crawl. There are also plenty of none-Hilloween things to do on the plain ol’ CHS Calendar including Thursday’s return of LitCrawl Seattle and the annual Seattle Weavers’ Guild sale at St. Mark’s. Continue reading

On the List | Depressed Cake Shop, Pike People Street, ZeroLandfill upcycling

Capitol Hill is always and interesting place but this weekend it will be even more interesting-er with a CHS Calendar roster of not-the-first-thing-you-might-have-thought-you’d-have-fun-doing events.

First, get your uninformed voter butt more fully informed with a session with the League of Women Voters Thursday night digging into this November’s ballot initiatives. Friday, the do-gooding continues with a fundraiser and baby food drive for The Pledge program at E Jefferson’s Peloton.

Pike People Street Test #1

Friday night, things get weird. The first in a series of three test dates for Pike People Street concepts will close a portion of E Pike to traffic starting at 11 PM. Continue reading

On the List | Leviathan Helm in Volunteer Park, Park(ing) Day 2016, Eat Out, Art Hack Day

The weekend around Capitol Hill will bring art and creativity of all shapes and sizes — some monstrous. But first, make sure you stop by one of the 20+ locations participating Thursday in the Eat Out Seattle benefit for County Doctor community clinics.

Thursday through Tuesday, you can find artist Lauren Grossman and her Leviathan Helm creation installed at the top of the Volunteer Park water tower. “There will be mystery,” Grossman said. “A lot of people that will come up won’t be coming up to see the work. They’ll get sound and color as they come up the stairs. As they arrive, they’ll find a 50-foot wide installation. I don’t think it’s too scary.”

Friday and Saturday bring the return of Park(ing) Day to Seattle. The annual event celebrating street parks across the Hill and Seattle returns with a special two-day expansion in 2016.

Around the same time, artists and techies will be teaming up to create magnificent things inside 11th Ave’s V2. At Saturday’s Art Hack Day party, you can witness the glorious art hacking first hand.

There is plenty more to keep you busy around the Hill this weekend including the Pride Lives Walk, an SDOT meeting at Top Pot to discuss an expansion of RPZ 15, and the 15th Ave E Merchants Sidewalk Fest. You can find these and more — or add your own — on the CHS Calendar. Continue reading

On the List | Pizza Crawl 2016 starts at Denny and Nagle

13908858_10157195503120007_6742999140563242640_o (1)Along with a blast of summer heat, this final weekend of August also brings a big blast of summer happenings including an under the radar music festival, piglets on First Hill, a totem celebration, Shakespeare in Volunteer Park, and the last outdoor movie of the season in Cal Anderson. And there is more. Saturday, on the edge of Cal Anderson Park just up the stairs from the bustle of Capitol Hill Station, the cheesy mayhem of Pizza Crawl 2016 will unfold:

This is it: the third annual Pizza Crawl! For those who weren’t there with us in previous years: a pizza crawl is like a pub crawl, but instead of pubs we go to a string of pizza parlors. In-between the different pizza parlors you’ll witness some of our favorite musicians playing live guerrilla fashioned sets in select urban locations. Later on in the evening there is a secret after-party with more live music.

The initial meetup location will Denny and Nagle. An opening ceremony will be provided by the Calzone Revolutionary Marching Band. Continue reading

On the List | Linda’s Fest turns 7, Summit Block Party takes 2016 off


A Linda’s Fest moment past. Rock on. Etc. (Image: CHS)

Outdoor summer events on Capitol Hill roll on in August with an E Pine staple of stiff drinks and loud music. Saturday, six bands will take over the back parking lot of Linda’s Tavern for the 7th annual “raddest free rock show of the summer.”

Linda’s Fest goes down August 20th and features a slate from Seattle’s punk scene:

  • Fred & Toddy of Dead Moon
  • Acapulco Lips
  • Steal Shit Do Drugs
  • Sashay
  • Bad Future
  • World Bank

This year’s festival will also be the first to be surrounded by a fully occupied Pike Motorworks building. CHS previously wrote here about the flood of new apartments towering above Capitol Hill’s nightlife venues.

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Capitol Hill photographer captures ‘The Pretty and the Gritty’ of Seattle

Durkan on his Broadway home turf (Image: CHS)

Durkan on his Broadway home turf (Image: CHS)

The newest collection of Capitol Hill photographer Tim Durkan’s work can be seen at 12th Ave Arts this month, allowing the viewer to experience the evoked emotions of seeing Seattle both in its expected beauty of Space Needle moons and ferry boats, and the city streets in the raw. The show makes a good stop during Thursday night’s August Capitol Hill Art Walk.

“The show is really about the many sides of Seattle,” Durkan told CHS about the 12th Ave Arts exhibition in an interview at his regular hangout, Cafe Solstice at 10th and Thomas. “I’ve seen people say ‘hey, your pictures are beautiful, they’ve really helped me make up my mind and I’m going to move to Seattle.’ and that’s awesome, but there’s this other side of this city that’s important, that seldom gets told and that’s the gritty. Homelessness is an issue that I care a lot about, especially as it relates to addiction.” Continue reading

On the List | Woven art using human looms in Cal Anderson, Lusio light art in Volunteer Park


Get your weave on at Bonds. (Image: Mandy Greer via Instagram)

Yarn bombings have struck trees in Cal Anderson Park before, but human targets may be a first.

Fallow Collective, an art group organized by a trio of Seattle artists, is holding its inaugural performance of Bonds in the park Thursday evening. The project is not so much performed by the Fallow Collective artists, but on them. Any and all are invited to help “create weavings” on the bodies of artists from 5-8 PM in an undertaking with a”no-goal, no-skill, no-judgement framework.”

It’s a weekend of interesting art in the park around Capitol Hill. Saturday night brings the premier of the Lusio light art festival to Volunteer Park. Continue reading