Day of anti-police protests planned with marches on Capitol Hill’s East Precinct — UPDATE


UPDATE 4:18 PM by Sumedha Majumdar: A group of about 30 protesters marched from Garfield with chants of “Hands up, don’t shoot” and “Being black is not a crime” before assembling in front of the East Precinct around 4 PM. “We the community will police the police,” one speaker said, addressing the crowd and the group of police officers assigned to the protest. Streets in the area were partially closed but the rally has been peaceful and there have been no arrests.

"We belong together. We wanna be the the best we can be for you but when you start breaching the law and breaking the law, we have to do something. We can't just turn a blind eye and I hate to tell you this but this is what I tell my kids. Just because you're Black doesn't give you the right to do something wrong and then jump up and say they did this because I'm Black. We need more people who understand what is going on in the Black community." -- East Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis, addressing the crowd

“We wanna be the the best we can be for you but when you start breaching the law and breaking the law, we have to do something. We can’t just turn a blind eye and I hate to tell you this but this is what I tell my kids. Just because you’re Black doesn’t give you the right to do something wrong and then jump up and say they did this because I’m Black. We need more people who understand what is going on in the Black community.” — East Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis, addressing the crowd


Original report: The heartiest of activist souls will take to the drenched streets of Seattle’s Central District and Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon and into the evening as part of protests against “police brutality and harassment of youth of color in Seattle.” The Garfield High School Black Student Union’s March for Ferguson begins at the 23rd Ave school at 3:30 PM. Organizers tell CHS the plan is to march to SPD’s East Precinct headquarters at 12th and Pine. Meanwhile, the annual October 22nd anti-police rally and march will again gather at Seattle Central starting at 5 PM and also is planned to include a march on the East Precinct. Continue reading

‘As many authors as we can logically put on the physical map’ — Lit Crawl Seattle ready for a new march around Capitol Hill

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 2.29.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 2.23.48 PMIf you have a love for literature or perhaps even just a passing interest in the written word you may be wishing for the power to be in quite a few places at once in Capitol Hill and First Hill Thursday night. The third annual Lit Crawl Seattle requires you to make a few decisions — three, to be exact.

A fitting, albeit more densely packed, fall compliment to APRIL Festival’s early spring celebration of strictly independent literature, and punctuating a Seattle literary calendar already relatively rich with year-round activity, Lit Crawl Seattle will bring some 64 writers and artists out for 21 readings at venues across First Hill and Capitol Hill, along with a over a dozen more folks acting as hosts. The full schedule is here.

“It’s a festive, large event that is meant to provide a giant showcase of as many authors as we can logically put on the physical map in the time span that we have to play with,” co-chair of Lit Crawl Seattle’s board of directors Jane Hodges told CHS.

“We really think of it as sort of a buffet,” she said. “The literary community here is huge. We want to bring out people that have large followings because they’re out being social, as well as people you don’t see so often.” Continue reading

Is Capitol Hill’s Electric Tea Garden brewing a redux?


Thanks for the tip, Marley

Last November, the Electric Tea Garden held a “last blast” dance party in its second story club space above the American Artificial Limb Co. at 14th and E Pike. But on Wednesday night, just under one year after ETG’s final weekend, a sign of life appeared on the shuttered club’s front door: a notice that ETG was applying for a new liquor license.

ETG’s owner Bruce Mason and others associated with the club have not yet responded to CHS on what is in store for the space.

A neighboring business tells CHS that there are plans to reopen the dance club.

When the club closed last year, Mason told CHS that an impending rent increase and gentrification in the neighborhood had weakened the club’s long term prospects. Continue reading

Trumpet brings men’s shoes and fashions to Capitol Hill this winter

Artist rendering of the coming-soon Trumpet

Artist rendering of the coming-soon Trumpet

Aaron DelGuzzo and Daniel Carlson see a void in men’s shoe stores in the Capitol Hill retail scene, and they aim to fill it.

“The fact that there is nothing means that we need it,” DelGuzzo said.

The first-time business owners are opening Trumpet in a retail space inside the new Viva building at 12th and Union selling fashionable footwear and men’s fashion accessories.

They stressed the shoes won’t be athletic or urban, but fashion. The bulk will retail for between $100 and $400 a pair. While there will be some options that sell for much more, the duo also has plans for some pairs that will be less than $100.

“We believe that fashion footwear does not have to be expensive,” Carlson said. Continue reading

Got a Capitol Hill construction gripe? Growing city team makes sure developments follow rules

The dancing stop sign holder is part of the solution, not part of the problem (Image: CHS)

The dancing stop sign holder is part of the solution, not part of the problem (Image: CHS)

Good news. It appears the City of Seattle is no longer trying to kill pedestrians.

“We want to hear from people about what is working and what needs to be improved,” Brian de Place tells CHS.

And, by “people,” de Place says his hub coordinators also want to hear from you — whether you own a Capitol Hill business or not.

The Seattle Department of Transportation manager says the biweekly Capitol Hill Construction Hub meetings are working to help bring neighborhood business owners and city officials — and, hopefully increasingly, residents and community members — together to keep pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicle traffic moving through the area even as the waves of continued development tear up streets, block sidewalks, and create myriad getting around issues expected and unexpected.

At one recent Friday morning meeting, the proceedings were interrupted by phone messages and texts after a chemical toilet contractor began its regular pump-out session in front of Bowie Salon just as the business’s owner described the very problem to SDOT representatives present at the meeting. Continue reading

‘Save Atomic Cosmetics’ — Dr. Jen makes $100K call for help to keep Capitol Hill business afloat

Atomic Cosmetics

(Images: CHS)

2369258_1413319550.0454_funddescriptionThe E Pike ‘House of Beauty’ Atomic Cosmetics has lit the glitter signal — Dr. Jen needs help.

As she heads into a third year of business with a brick and mortar shop, Jennifer Dietrich said financial difficulties could shut down her venture. She’s looking for $100,000 in donations to keep the business afloat:

Hello to all who love the Glitter Palace! We recently have hit a financial brick wall – a business loan, that we were expecting to secure, has fallen through. With these funds, we were going to be able to keep up with our growing demand, as well as expand our operations at our Capitol Hill flagship store. 

Without those funds, however, we’re in a place where we can’t afford our brilliant team, or to continue our mission. 

That’s where we need your help. Your donations via GoFundMe are immensely appreciated – and in exchange for your financial help now, we’ll give you a gift certificate for the same amount. Not in Seattle? Not a problem – we’ll give you a gift card with a custom coupon code to use online. Donate over $250, and we’ll not only give you a gift certificate for your donated amount, but will throw in an additional $25 gift certificate to use for yourself, or to give as a gift. Continue reading

SPD: Pike/Pine robberies decreasing with two-fold increase in weekend police patrols

Discussing Pike/Pine crime at the East Precinct (Image: CHS)

Business owners and community member discuss Pike/Pine crime at the East Precinct (Image: CHS)

A month of ramped-up of police activity to stamp out Capitol Hill robberies and assaults seems to be making an impact, or at least that was the consensus among Seattle Police top brass, including Chief Kathleen O’Toole, and a group of Capitol Hill business owners who met inside the East Precinct on Friday afternoon.

East Precinct Captain Pierre Davis said there has been a 42% decrease in street robberies over the past month as he’s doubled the weekend police presence in Pike/Pine. On Friday and Saturday nights Davis said he is now deploying up to 30 officers around the Pike/Pine area. The push required the support of the chief and Mayor Ed Murray to divert limited resources to patrolling Capitol Hill’s nightlife activity, Davis said.


By CHS’s count, combined robberies and pickpocket incidents across Capitol Hill fell from 38 reported in August to 16 in September. In 2013, the tally went from 21 to 11 in the same period. More of the latest Capitol Hill crime trend totals here

“Not everyone gets this,” Davis told CHS. ” We may have to look at making this permanent. That will take resources.” Continue reading

Lost Lake/Comet empire expands with new partnership, acquisition of Grim’s

Grim's in 2010 (Image: CHS)

Grim’s in 2010 (Image: CHS)

The princes of Pike/Pine are expanding their empire. Jason Lajeunesse and David Meinert and Lost Lake and Comet manager Joey Burgess have teamed up on a new partnership to purchase 11th Ave’s Grim’s and its upstairs dance and event venue The Woods.

“The move also marks the launch of their new restaurant, bar and entertainment group, Guild Seattle,” an announcement on the deal reads. Continue reading

Seattle Fire to rescue as garbage truck picks up person lying in Pike/Pine dumpster

Seattle Fire initiated a rescue response early Thursday morning after a person reportedly sleeping inside a dumpster was dumped inside a garbage truck at 11th and Pike.

According to Seattle Fire and East Precinct Radio dispatches, a person was believed to have been sleeping inside a large dumpster that was picked up and emptied by the truck just south of 11th and Pike. Workers realized there was a person inside the trash and reported the emergency around 5:30 AM.

We do not yet have specifics of any injuries suffered in the incident. Seattle Fire reported the person who was “alert and oriented” was able to be removed. UPDATE: Seattle Fire tells us the victim was taken to Harborview as a precaution and that fire units were called to the scene due to “the mechanism of event.”

2014 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival: 51 features, 112 shorts, 3 Capitol Hill screens

10689714_880557738622356_5567813280795476381_nAfter a celebratory grand re-opening weekend, SIFF Cinema Egyptian gets down to business this week as the centerpiece of Capitol Hill venues hosting the 2014 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

Poster art for webThursday, the 19th annual edition of the festival and first-year fest director Kathleen Mullen welcome Greg Louganis to kick off 11 days of LGTBQ-focused cinema with an Egyptian screening of Back on Board, a documentary about the life and legacy of the Olympic champion diver.

In addition to gay and lesbian stars and subject matter, the festival continues to seek out the work of great LGTBQ filmmakers. “The films this year are outstanding with much of our strongest work from female and queer directors,” Three Dollar Bill Cinema director Jason Plourde said in a statement about the Capitol Hill-based group’s annual festival.

Overall, this year’s SLGFF includes 51 features and 112 shorts representing 32 countries, including 30 “Northwest premieres,” 5 West Coast premieres, and a world premiere. Venues include the Egyptian, Northwest Film Forum, Harvard Exit and Pacific Place. Ticket prices vary. A full festival pass will run you $225. You can see the full schedule and buy your passes here.

You can learn more at

With SPD pushing SeaStat data-driven policing, here’s a look at Capitol Hill 2014 crime trends

It's no SeaStat. But CHS has pulled together this look at  Capitol Hill crime trends

It’s no SeaStat. But CHS has pulled together this look at Capitol Hill crime trends — yup, there’s an uptick. More charts and tables, below (Source: SPD dispatch data)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.59.06 AMFriday, SPD brass will be back on Capitol Hill along with East Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis to update the Pike/Pine business community about the status of increased patrols in the area following a late-summer surge in street crime. The noon meeting follows weeks of “emphasis patrols” including deployment of gang units in Pike/Pine. It also caps a week of Seattle Police status updates as Chief Kathleen O’Toole — or Kathy as Mayor Ed Murray called her in a recent press conference — rolled out reports on her first quarter in command of the force and updated City Hall about her department’s new statistical approach to policing.

Monday in front of the Seattle City Council, O’Toole credited SeaStat, a newly purchased system used to map crimes and deploy officers, with putting the kibosh on what the chief said is a rising wave of crime in her new city. But she said community feedback is also driving the department’s decisions.

“We have to respond to community feedback,” she said.

“Although we’ve implemented the SeaStat system that does compile data, we’re also supplementing that with the info we get from the community.”

While we wait for SPD to update its official tallies for the first three quarters of East Precinct crime data, CHS has pulled from a dataset based on all reported incidents to compare crime around Capitol Hill through the first three quarters of 2014 vs. the same period in 2013. The good news: The overall total of reported incidents is almost exactly the same. The bad news: Things haven’t improved after 2013’s crime-y gains. Here are the totals for all East Precinct beats covering Capitol Hill.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.00.25 PM

Continue reading

In year marked by deadly hate crimes, SPD says will ‘err on the side of caution’ on bias

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.15.25 AMIn a year with two of the most horrendous hate crime incidents in the city’s history, Seattle Police officials provided their annual update on bias crime to the City Council Monday morning.

Assistant Chief Nick Metz told the council that directives at SPD have shifted to “err on the side of caution.”

“If somebody says they believe an action is biased related, we’re going to act on that,” Metz said.

The annual number of reported, investigated bias crimes in the city is relatively low compared to other types of assaults or threats.

In the East Precinct covering Capitol Hill, SPD says there have been 10 incidents investigated in the area with the majority of those happening in Pike/Pine.

CHS has mapped nine of the ten 2014 reports below. A tenth occurred in recent weeks in an incident at R Place that has not yet been widely reported. In that incident, Metz said a “young man” threatened patrons at the club, making “some threats” and “made gestures he had gun.” “Our officers immediately responded and made an arrest,” Metz said. UPDATE: More details on the arrest have been added to the end of this post.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.08.55 AM Continue reading

Go see some dandy Warhols at 10th and Pike

We'll sell this to you for $5,000

We’ll sell this to you for $5,000

We’re not sure where Andy Warhol would have hung out on today’s Capitol Hill but his works will be on display in a special “pop-up selling event” this weekend in the Sole Repair event space:

Admission is free and open to the public
1001 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
Friday Oct 3, 11am-8pm, cash bar happy hour 6-8pm
Saturday Oct 4, 1-5pm
Sunday Oct 5, 1-5pm
Monday Oct 6, 11am-5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 7-8, by appointmentScreen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.02.47 AM

Christie’s is pleased to announce a pop-up selling event in Seattle, as part of Andy Warhol at Christie’s, a multi-year, multi-platform partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. In collaboration with Wells Fargo, the selling event will be held October 3-8, at Sole Repair Shop. This exhibition will make available to the public a curated group of more than 40 photographs, prints and works on paper by the Pop Art superstar, with price points ranging from $2,500-$55,000, many of which have never been seen before. This exhibition is timed to coincide with the “Pop Departures” exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum, which features the work of Andy Warhol, among others.

Admission to see the works is free. “All works are drawn from the collection of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, with proceeds benefitting the Foundation’s grant-making programs,” the announcement on the event notes. You can learn more at

For more ideas on things to do around the Hill, check out the CHS Calendar.