Here is why news is wrong about SPD’s Capitol Hill patrols

Seattle Police gang detectives believed they were circling in on suspects involved in Sunday morning’s drive-by shooting at Pike and Broadway as the investigation continued Tuesday but reports of increased patrols in the neighborhood in response to the incident are not accurate.

“In response to the shooting, police plan to increase nighttime foot patrols in the area,” the Seattle Times reported. Other media outlets have followed.

But a SPD spokesperson tells CHS that no actual increase in the number of patrol officers is hitting the streets in response to the shooting — ongoing weekend emphasis patrols started earlier this year to curb nightlife-related crime, however, will continue.

“We increased the number of officers on foot beats earlier this year and have kept them in place because we know they’re important,” a SPD spokesperson said in a statement.

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Developer abandons plans for The Stranger building after preservation board objections


(Image: CHS)

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.31.39 AM

After submitting three design proposals, developers will meet with the preservation board members about their latest design that leaves The Stranger building untouched (right).

“Our hope is that by developing the Value Village building mid block, its impact is much more acceptable to the neighborhood.”

It’s been almost a year since plans to redevelop the The Stranger and (former) Value Village buildings were stalled due to the 11th and E Pine buildings winning landmark status. Since then, developer Legacy Commercial has met twice with members of the Landmark Preservation Board to hammer out how its plans for an office and retail project can move forward while still complying with the landmark protections. It hasn’t been going so smoothly.

After two meetings with the Architectural Review Committee, preservation board members said Legacy was making little progress in addressing its concerns about the proposed preservation incentive-boosted 75-foot high office and mixed-use development incorporating the two auto row-era structures and a sunken parking lot. When Legacy submitted plans for a third meeting, they were turned away.

“The third briefing packet did not appear to contain any new information and I advised the applicant that another ARC could be scheduled when new alternatives or additional information was provided,” said Sarah Sodt, a coordinator for the Historic Preservation Program. Continue reading

As investigation continues, mayor, East Precinct commander address Broadway/Pike shootings

Mayor Murray and Capt. McDonagh spoke with QFC employees Sunday night (Image: CHS)

Mayor Murray and Capt. McDonagh spoke with QFC employees Sunday night (Image: CHS)

A still from the video appears to have captured images of the assailant's vehicle heading south on Broadway (Image via KIRO video clip)

A still from the video appears to have captured images of the assailant’s vehicle heading south on Broadway (Image via KIRO video clip)

Mayor Ed Murray and East Precinct commander Capt. Paul McDonagh stood at the corner of Broadway and Pike Sunday night just feet from where one of five victims injured in a drive-by shooting fell early that morning.

The officials said they believe the neighborhood remains vibrant and relatively safe as a police department “in transition” works to solve the crime and quell a rise in gun violence in Seattle.

Meanwhile, KIRO has posted a video from what appears to be a private vehicle’s dashcam that shows the graphic shooting scene that unfolded early Sunday morning.

The car used in the attack made a slow turn onto Broadway from E Pike as a string of at least a dozen shots began and people in a group standing on the corner in front of the grocery store flailed and fell to the pavement. Four people were shot in the chaos and one was injured so badly by the exploding glass of a shattered QFC door that medics first believed the woman had been shot multiple times in the chest. Seattle Fire said the five victims in the shooting suffered minor injuries — but concern remained high in the neighborhood.

“We do see an increase in gun violence in this city and cities around America,” Murray said Sunday night to a group of business and community leaders including representatives from the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and the Capitol Hill Community Council. “It’s concerning to us.” Murray told the group the situation “has all of our attention.”

Capt. McDonagh said gang detectives continue to investigate leads in the case following the 1 AM shootings and injuries near the Harvard Market shopping center and busy parking lots used by many nightlife revelers. Plywood covered the broken QFC door but a hole employees say was caused by a wayward bullet remained unpatched inside the market Sunday night. The precinct commander said he could not share any updates on the case but the mayor said he expected to hear more about what transpired at Broadway and Pike soon. Police were looking for information about the silver sedan where the gunfire came from that was reported to have immediately fled the scene following the shooting. Continue reading

Five injured in shooting at Broadway and Pike

UPDATE 11/22/2015 7:34 PMAs investigation continues, mayor, East Precinct commander address Broadway/Pike shootings

At least four people were reported shot in multiple bursts of gunfire near Broadway and Pike outside the QFC early Sunday morning. The store’s front door was shattered at the shooting scene. One victim was reported to have died by people at the scene but authorities say that the situation is not a homicide. Seattle Fire now says five victims suffered gunshot wound injuries or were injured by glass.

Police found multiple people injured and bleeding outside the QFC and near the upper level the parking lot in the incident just after 1 AM. One victim was also reported found inside the market with a gunshot wound to the leg.

UPDATE 8:40 AM: SPD has posted its report on the incident.

Gang Unit detectives are conducting the follow up investigation after four people were struck by gunshots.

At approximately 1:00 am, 0fficers responded to the intersection of Broadway and Pike, where  witnesses reported hearing an argument between a group of people just before shots were fired. Witness reported that the shots came from a silver sedan, that immediately fled the scene following the shooting.  Four people were struck by gunshots and one person was struck by  glass fragments from the nearby large glass windows from the grocery store that shattered.   Seattle Fire Department responded and transported the injured victims to Harborview Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries. Continue reading

A true Pike/Pine throwback, Rancho Bravo drive-thru now open

Rancho Bravo Tacos

We’re not sure how busy it will be on a November Friday night but we expect by summer it will be quite the scene — even if nobody you know has a car anymore. Earlier this week after months of preparation, Rancho Bravo’s drive-thru at E Pine and 10th became operational.

CHS got word of the drive-thru’s opening earlier Friday when we talked to owner Freddy Rivas about his new venture around the corner on E Pike, Buddha’s Kitchen.

Rivas first told CHS about his hopes for reviving the last permitted restaurant drive-thru on Capitol Hill when he first took over the old Tricon Global-Kentucky Fried Chicken building years ago but it wasn’t until this spring that plans went into high gear.

Rivas, who manages his Seattle restaurants with a strong respect for efficient operations, said he waited to open the drive-thru until he was sure the ordering system was working smoothly and Rancho Bravo was ready to handle the extra load. He is also hoping signage and markings help keep the area safe for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers.

You might not remember when Pike/Pine was Seattle’s auto row but anybody old enough to remember the old Jack in the Box drive-in scene on Broadway on a Friday night knows what could be ahead for Rancho Bravo by the time summer rolls around. Expect some good times. Hours for the drive-thru are the same as the restaurant meaning there could be some late night, 2 AM taco cruises in your future. If only TNT was still around for some coffee.

Capitol Hill food+drink | Ballet revamp will become Buddha’s Kitchen

IMG_0006Freddy Rivas was already planning changes after reaching a deal to purchase E Pike’s Ballet. But the owner of Rancho Bravo and Freddy Junior’s is moving up the schedule.

Coming soon: Buddha’s Kitchen along with a revised menu and cleaned-up operation.

Rivas’s deal to buy Ballet from the family who ran the restaurant for 16 years was planned to include a smooth transition in which the affordable Thai joint slowly changed into its new incarnation along with its existing staff and menu. But after a health inspection of the old restaurant space turned up enough violations to warrant a closure Thursday, Rivas said the schedule has been stepped up. Continue reading

New Capitol Hill coworking space for artists is a Canadian import

Rather than scratching out their drawings in cramped apartments, local artists of all sorts can rent new studio space on Capitol Hill in an environment where they will be surrounded by other creative types.

Creative Blueprint, a concept first started in Toronto, Canada, has opened its doors on Capitol Hill.

“It’s really important to me to be able to provide access to affordable space,” said Ashley Proctor, the owner of the Capitol Hill coworking space.

Proctor has spent the past few months designing and renovating the Boylston Ave space, which will include nine studios, of varying sizes, and a large central area. The plan, said Proctor, is to allow artists to work in the studios, while leaving the central for events. Proctor worked with Boylston neighbors Office Nomads and founders Jacob Sayles and Susan Dorsch to create the new space.

Some at Creative Blueprint rent a studio long-term, while others might just want to book some space for a few days a week, while still others might want to book by the hour. Proctor hopes that different sorts of artists, visual, performing, or otherwise will use the space, and have a chance to meet and collaborate with others. Ideally, a painter might hear a song being played in the next studio nearby, while a sculptor catches a glimpse of that painting, and in the process the artists draw inspiration from each other.

“You want those happy little collisions to take place,” Proctor said. Continue reading

Meet the architect who wants to build a lidded park over I-5

(Image: Patano Studio Architecture)

We’d pay $5 to see the plans for this (Image: Patano Studio Architecture)

With Wednesday’s announcement of the $147 million sale of Convention Place Station and the end of buses in the transit tunnel by 2019, the way is now paved for the $1.4 billion Washington State Convention Center expansion to open in 2020. Another nearby project of even larger scope might soon take smaller steps toward joining the new convention center wing in improving the connection between downtown and Capitol Hill.

Small steps is the way architect Christopher Patano, the man who wants to put a lid over the I–5, believes the 45-acre urbanist’s fantasy park can eventually become reality. Patano believes crowdfunding is his next step.Seattle CAP2 Seattle CAP

Patano’s architecture studio is carrying forward the seemingly quixotic idea to construct a lidded park over the interstate. The plan would cover the stretch of I–5 from First Hill all the way up to the Roanoke exit with a public, two-mile park. Patano’s plan would also include an expanded meeting facility, a hotel and an arena.

Ever since he made the first pitch, Patano said that the response has been overwhelmingly positive and the studio is ready to move forward. The studio has the ideas — now it needs the money. Continue reading

The troubled birth, triumphant revival, and peaceful death of Capitol Hill steakhouse Manhattan

If you’re looking for signs of a neighborhood food+drink bubble, yet another death announcement for a Capitol Hill restaurant won’t provide much useful evidence. The story behind the Manhattan steakhouse is just too weird and its end, too calm, and controlled.

But here’s the real question — who gets the Peter Gronquist sculpture that has become the 12th Ave restaurant’s symbol and mascot?

“He’s probably going to go home with the owner,” a woman who identified herself as a spokesperson for Manhattan and owner Boyoon Choi tells CHS.

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Métier sets the pace as new cafe + bike gym + training center opens on E Union

While one of the area’s planned pack of bicycle-focused cafes is still working to open its doors and get into the race, the largest venture coming to the streets around Capitol Hill with a mix of bikes, beer, coffee, and gear is off to a solid start on E Union.

CHS stopped by Métier Racing and Coffee this weekend as the “new athletic training and lifestyle destination” celebrated its grand opening on the backside of Pike/Pine.

“We looked at many different options, and really wanted a central location. A good meet-in-the-middle place for people in Seattle, and those coming from the Eastside, too,” co-owner Todd Herriott said in the new facility’s announcement. “We found our ideal location on Capitol Hill and we are excited about being part of its growth.” Continue reading