Hate crime charge in Pike/Pine shattered glass stabbing attack

A 35-year-old man has been charged with a hate crime in the Sunday, July 22nd stabbing attack on two men during an altercation at 12th and Pine.

CHS previously reported on the attack here. The King County Prosecutor’s office has charged Caster Kwak with one count of malicious harassment.

According to police, the suspect stabbed one of his victims with broken glass as they wrestled in a fight started when Kwak saw the man and another man holding hands while crossing the street at 12th and Pine and started calling the men faggots. Continue reading

Saint John’s Bar makes statement as Capitol Hill ‘queer, dinosaur eatery’

Michael Lee, co-owner of Saint John’s Bar and Eatery near the corner of E Pike and Harvard, was having a drink with a coworker named Lila when the two had an absurd idea: what if we painted a giant, dinosaur mural onto the bar’s interior wall? It would have vicious raptors with razor sharp claws, dinosaurs eating other, erupting volcanoes…the whole bit. After all, a collection of dinosaur figures and toys Lee collected over the last six years had been growing in a garden next to the back patio.

“I think we should fully commit to being this queer, dinosaur eatery,” Lee told Lila. “It’s absurd. That’s the point.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | 11th Avenue Street Fair

An effort to highlight Capitol Hill’s creative spaces got started Sunday with the first-ever 11th Avenue Street Fair where painters, clothing designers, and all other types of artists came to display and sell their work.

Sponsored by the Capitol Hill Community Council, and street representative’s Vermillion, Blue Cone Studios, Imminent Mode, and John Criscitello Studios, the festival closed the street to traffic and let the artists mostly do their thing. Continue reading

11th Avenue Street Fair part of celebration of Capitol Hill’s creative spaces (and the creative people making them)

(Image: Sellen Construction)

Following the Capitol Hill Block Party by a week, it’s easy to draw comparisons with this weekend’s first ever 11th Avenue Street Fair but the focus should be on the diverse artistic community the street fosters, organizers say.

“[Capitol Hill] has its unique parts of being free and open, being able to create whatever type of art you want to create,” said Natalie Curtis, president of the Capitol Hill Community Council, one of the sponsor’s of the event. “We’re just hoping that people living in the area, working in the area, will come on a Sunday and hang out.”

11th Ave Street Fair

The fair will take place on 11th Ave between Pike and Pine from 1 to 9 PM Sunday, July 29. Curtis said you can expect a “nice, artsy flow of creatives” and “beautiful spaces with beautiful people.” Continue reading

11th Ave Street Fair

There’s a section of Capitol Hill that has quietly cultivated the most diverse artistic community in Seattle at the moment.

Please come to the inaugural
Sunday, July 29th. 1-9pm
Art! Music! Performance! Djs! Food Trucks! Kids Area! Family Fun! Live Painting!

The Seattle Department of Transportation with the aid of Casey Rogers put together a program called “People Streets” or specifically, “Pike People Streets” to encourage community involvement by providing pedestrian access to side streets in vibrant neighborhoods. This year the project has been scaled down to two dates and one block:
11th Ave between e, pike and E. Pine.
The first day is Sunday, July 29th from 1-9 pm. The street will be closed to traffic and parking from 10am-10pm. (More information about 8/9/18 closure tba.)

11th Avenue between E. Pike and E. Pine street is concentrated with businesses and art/music spaces that are predominantly LGBTQ & MWBE (LGBTQ & minority and women owned/operated business enterprises) that strive to represent and host underserved and QTPOC artists.

Sponsored by: CHCC Capitol Hill Community Council, Vermillion, Blue Cone Studios, Imminent Mode, John Criscitello Studios, Kwanchai Vodka.

CHS Pics | Buddy up with your bourbon at Heritage Distilling’s new Capitol Hill tasting room

Master distiller Justin Stiefel and Jennifer Stiefel bring their Heritage family to Capitol Hill

If you want to get intimate with your whiskey — right down to the molecular structure — master distiller Justin Stiefel and the latest new outpost of the Heritage Distilling family is for you.

The new Capitol Hill tasting room opened during Block Party. While the overlap in alcohol preference between the event’s average attendees and Heritage’s targeted customer base may not have a large amount of shared space, it was still an exciting weekend for the new venue. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Capitol Hill Block Party 2018

Pike/Pine again swelled with thousands of music fans over the weekend for the annual Capitol Hill Block Party, one of the few music events in the world to turn a few city blocks into a fully-produced, lights + music + sound, big ticket musical festival. The 22nd year for the festival in its modern incarnation, the 2018 event was expected to again draw around 10,000 attendees per day. Gorgeously warm summer weather likely helped the gate. Some logistical issues with ticketing on day one did not. But barring a few cancelations and schedule changes, the rest of the event seemed to go smoothly. And even the loss of one repeat Block Party cancelation offender couldn’t dampen the mood — the loss of one big act opened the way for local talent Sam Lachow to take the main stage at Pike and Broadway with only a few hours notice Friday night. When you hold your event in the middle of one of the densest parts of a growing metropolis, the city’s talents are conveniently close at hand.

More pictures from CHS’s visit to CHBP 2018 are below. Thanks to photographers Nick Turner and Lisa Hagen Glynn for the shots. All other images are courtesy the Block Party. Continue reading

The Pike/Pine fallout from Meinert rape accusations

Dow Constantine at 2011’s Capitol Hill Block Party with producer Dave Meinert (Image: CHS)

Clients and business associates are distancing themselves from Pike/Pine nightlife entrepreneur David Meinert in the wake of accusations of sexual misconduct and rape reported by KUOW.

“This situation is heartbreaking,” Joey Burgess tells CHS. “David has real issues and will be dealing with them.”

Burgess is co-owner of 11th Ave club Grim’s with Meinert and Jason Lajeunesse. Meinert, meanwhile, is also an investor in Burgess’s neighboring Queer/Bar. Continue reading

A John in the Morning cafe? Two first families of Seattle independent music team up for E Pike restaurant project

The future Pike Flats will also be home to a new restaurant project from Seattle music luminaries

It’s a Capitol Hill Block Party-worthy plan. A  project involving two Seattle music super couples will create a new restaurant — but not a new music venue — in the under construction Pike Flats at the corner of Pike and Harvard.

“It’s a project we’ve dreamed about and the stars aligned,” Steven Severin tells CHS. “It’s going to be so dope.”

Continue reading

‘A range of disturbing behavior’ — KUOW reports on sexual misconduct and rape accusations against Pike/Pine nightlife owner


Dave Meinert is facing accusations of sexual misconduct as reporter Sydney Brownstone has surfaced details of alleged sexual assault and rape from multiple women against the Pike/Pine nightlife entrepreneur.

The report details encounters between Meinert and five women “alleging a range of disturbing behavior by Meinert” over a fourteen year period between 2001 and 2015.

Brownstone, who left Capitol Hill-based the Stranger earlier this year to join the reporting team at KUOW, writes that the accusations include “two alleged rapes (one that was never reported to authorities, and one that prosecutors declined to charge) to a woman who said she had to physically push Meinert out of her apartment after she declined to have sex with him.”

Meinert, who denies the specific allegations of rape and sexual assault in the story, does not face criminal charges in any of the allegations and there is no record of any legal action currently underway in King County against the 52-year-old.

Continue reading