Portland’s Little Big Burger coming to Pike/Pine

If 2016 was the year of the Capitol Hill pizza boom, 2017 might be the year hamburgers broke. Portland export Little Big Burger is expanding to Seattle with a wave of 10 locations — including one being planned for 12th and Pike:

Like their Portland predecessors, Seattle’s Little Big Burgers will be all about truffle fries, tall but slender burgers made with a quarter pound of Cascade Natural beef, cans of beer—and let’s not forget the root beer floats made with Tillamook ice cream.

The chain expects to be open here on the Hill and at a new Green Lake location by spring. Judging by permits for the project on the ground floor of the Beryl Apartments project on the northeast corner of the intersection — there aren’t any yet — that will be a bit of a rush. Continue reading

Capitol Hill yoga business ready to stretch across state lines in 2015

Capitol Hill’s The Grinning Yogi has opened its first expansion just in time for the New Year’s resolutions — in Portland.

The neighborhood yoga studio has sat at the bottom floor of an older retail building on the corner of 15th Ave E and E Harrison for the past two and a half years. After its continued success, and some large life changes, owner Jamie Silverstein decided it was the right time to expand. She had a plan and everything.

“The plan was maybe to buy a condo here and open up another studio in Fremont,” Silverstein said. “The plan shifted slightly.”

The new plan found her moving down to Portland earlier this year and deciding to open up another Grinning Yogi studio there. With construction wrapping up, she planned the new studio to open in December with a formal grand opening in January.

“My sweetie is a doctor and residency is crazy,” Silverstein said of the match system that placed her fiancé in Portland. “It’s kind of all up to the fates.” Continue reading