Seattle has competing plans for two June 11th Pride Marches — both on Capitol Hill

Seattle-Dyke-March-2015-15 (3)

The Seattle Dyke March, so far, faces no competition in 2017 (Image: CHS)

There are currently two competing plans for a June 11th Seattle “sister march” in conjunction with the 2017 National Pride March in Washington D.C. And both are being planned for Capitol Hill.

Organizers of the Broadway-centered Capitol Hill Pride Festival are protesting a decision by Seattle PrideFest to hold a march planned to start in Cal Anderson on June 11th along with marches expected to take place in cities across the country. The Broadway festival organizers say their plans for the same date starting on Broadway have been in motion since January: Continue reading

‘Dress code’ opens up as the Seattle Red Dress Party comes to Capitol Hill



This year, for the first time, the Seattle Red Dress Party is being held on Capitol Hill. Seattle PrideFest is putting on the event in the Century Ballroom at 10th Ave and E Pine on March 31st.

“Especially with the massive development on Capitol Hill, I think queer people are feeling at times a little without a home,” Egan Orion, festival director for PrideFest told CHS. “Anything that we can do … to help them reassert their traditional home … that is part of our mission.”

Attendees of the Red Dress Party have worn red dresses, of course, but this year organizers have loosened the, um, dress code a bit. Orion said attendees are still encouraged to keep the tradition, especially cisgender men, but other fancy red attire (e.g. a suit) is allowed and welcomed. It is not meant to be a costume party Orion said, and red is the color of choice as it’s the international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Cupcake Royale effort to Make America Gay Again pays off with $8K check for National Center for Lesbian Rights

Cupcake Royale’s quest to Make America Gay Again had done more than provide a good, subversive chuckle of a response to the warped circus of the Donald Trump campaign. A portion of proceeds from sales of the hats and shirts and the bakery’s much-loved The Gay cupcakes during this year’s Pride was poured into a giant prop check and handed over Thursday night to Kate Kendell of the National Center for Lesbian Rights:

We did it! In June, with money raised from the sale of The Gay cupcakes and Make America Gay Again apparel, we (our whole community) raised $8000 for the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Come join us as we celebrate the NCLR and present them with this donation! Meet members of the NCLR and learn more about their work advancing the human and civil rights of LGBT people and their families.

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With the roar of Dykes on Bikes, love trumps hate at Broadway and John

DykeMarch2016- - 4
Saturday night’s Seattle Dyke March was the 22nd edition of the event — the march invited some new, well-known guests just in time.

For the first time, Dykes on Bikes, the “motorcycle honor guard responsible for claiming and holding space for dykes in the streets,” led the march. “We’ve heard for years that people want the Dykes on Bikes to lead the Dyke March,” organizer Whitney Fraser said. “The Dykes on Bikes really embody the energy and the excitement of our event, and command respect and attention in a way that no one else can.”

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Trans* Pride 2016 dances through the rain on Capitol Hill

TransPride2016- - 3

An incredible downpour didn’t stop Trans* Pride — but it definitely made more than a few people including Gender Justice League organizer Danni Askini consider calling it a night to head somewhere warm and dry. Instead, they danced:

Again in 2016, a few thousand members of the LGBTQ communities and their allies joined the Trans* Pride March, ending at Cal Anderson Park. This year, the event came under the shadow of violence both far — and right here on Capitol Hill. As volunteers scrambled to set up the Trans* Pride rally grounds in Cal Anderson, Askini answered questions and stood by beating victim Michael Volz who described a horrible assault Wednesday night by an anti-trans attacker. “Part of our efforts to do things like Trans Pride Seattle is to create community and solidarity so that people do not feel isolated,” Askini said at the media conference.

During the rally, District 3 representative Kshama Sawant recalled the start of Trans* Pride in Seattle. “I remember only 2013 I was a candidate for City Council running as a socialist. Everybody thought that was crazy,” Sawant said. “People also thought it was crazy that was there was the first year we had our first Trans* Pride march and rally. And there was not a single politician here.”

“This year we forced the Seattle City Council — the entire Council — to declare today officially as Trans* Pride Day.”

Friday night, marchers came to support each other, to be visible, and because some say Sunday’s official Seattle Pride parade is overcrowded, commercial, and exploitative. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Capitol Hill Pride colors 2016

Balcony, Flowers, Pride Flag, 2106 Seattle Pride

Nobody is foolish enough to believe that the display of the Pride flag at your local corporate grocery store isn’t marketing. But the rainbow flag can also be for the people who work there and shop — and for this Pride, with terrible violence far away and near, we might also recognize that with that marketing comes a relatively incredible act of defiance.

We don’t how much of all that big thinking goes into Kate Clark’s work — she mostly seems to just like to take pictures — but this year she has outdone herself with nearly 200 images of Pride from around the Hill. Here CHS Pics posts have become a tradition. To thank her, we’ll give to a good cause.

You can help by celebrating the flag and being part of Pride. You can also help us out with any rainbows we missed. Add your pictures with links in comments, send images to CHS, or add them to the Flickr Pool.

Many more pictures, below. Continue reading

Police investigate E Pike beating following Orlando benefit show as anti-trans hate crime

Police are investigating the reported beating of a person leaving a Capitol Hill benefit for Orlando Wednesday night as as a hate crime.

Friends and supporters have donated more than $10,000 to help support Michael Volz during recovery from injuries in Wednesday night’s reported anti-trans beating at 11th and Pike:

Dear community, It is with a heavy heart, deep sadness, and great rage, that I let you know our dear friend Michael M Volz was assaulted last night on capitol hill. Michael, myself, and a group of friends attended the fundraiser to benefit the pulse massacre last night at Neumos. Michael left a little bit before everyone to walk to their car and get ready for work in the morning. As Michael was walking to their car, they past the rose, and were approached by a white man in an orange sweatshirt with scruffy brown hair. The man said to Michael, Happy Pride, and began to assault Michael. As he, was punching and choking Michael, he said, “show me your tits you tranny cunt” Michael some how made it back to their house. Michael contacted myself and their friend Sharon. Sharon drove Michael to the hospital and I met them at the Emergency Room. Currently, michael is home. They have some stitches, abrasions, and a lot of bruising. We will need food and people willing to spend time with Michael over the weekend. Currently, we have care situated until early tomorrow afternoon. If you are available to bring food or company please contact us!

Michael wanted me to attach pictures because this is what transphobia looks like. pictures in comments.

Queer Tears
Queer Rage
Queer Feelings
Queer Resilience

According to Seattle Police, officers responded to a vehicle carrying the victim to investigate the incident around 2:15 AM Thursday morning. Police records show the beating was reported to have happened around 11:30 PM Wednesday night near 11th and E Pike following the Let Your Love Shine: A Queer Benefit For Orlando at Neumos.

UPDATE 4:45 PM: At a Friday afternoon media conference in Cal Anderson before the start of the 2016 Trans* Pride rally and march, Volz, who was still showing wounds from the attack, was accompanied by around 100 supporters and said the attack is part of “a climate of hate” against trans people.

“This is not an isolated incident, this is something that happens to our community frequently and we’re not going to take it anymore,” Volz said.

Volz said they were encouraged by all the people who have offered support.

“It is what great sadness and anger, quite frankly, that I have to stand here,” said SPD Deputy Chief Carmen Best.

Volz was joined by trans activist Danni Askini,founder of the Gender Justice League, who called on people to reject anti-trans bills in the state.

“All of us are in shock and fearful,” Askini said.

“Part of our efforts to do things like Trans Pride Seattle is to create community and solidarity so that people do not feel isolated,” Askini said.

Best said police have not identified a suspect and there is no known video from nearby businesses showing the incident.

Despite the number of Safe Places near the location of the attack, Best said it was not a reflection that the LGBTQ safety program was not working.


UPDATE 12:40 PM: Police announced Friday afternoon that the FBI is assisting the investigation of the crime and provided new details of the attack: Continue reading

On the List | Punk Rock Flea Market and Capitol Hill Pride

The Punk Rock Flea Market has successfully recovered from an unexpected venue change that took a toll on finances, and will take place at Capitol Hill’s V2 on Pride Weekend, June 25th and 26th.

“We got ourselves into a mess at our last venue, the Lusty Lady,” said organizer Josh Okrent. “The V2 people came to our rescue.”

Okrent says the Capitol Hill edition at the old Value Village on 11th Ave will be the biggest ever PRFM with 120 vendors. The event will also have a full bar, a staffed kids’ area with a stuffed animal petting zoo, and a lineup of three bands on Saturday.

This is the first time the event has ever taken place on Capitol Hill. The flea market was planned for the old Lusty Lady building but safety issues forced organizers to scramble in search of a new home, putting PRFM in a financial hole. Okrent says PRFM has climbed out of that hole through an indiegogo campaign to raise funds, the sale of merchandise to benefit the flea market, and a 4Culture grant.

This is also the first time that PRFM has fallen on the same weekend as Pride, which Okrent says was a happy accident. There will not be a Pride-specific twist to the flea market, but Okrent says Seattle has a large openly gay punk rock scene. “We are proudly punk and we are proudly out and we are happy to be a part of Pride Weekend,” he said. Continue reading

Seattle mayor to activate emergency operations center for Pride along with stepped up patrols

Mayor Ed Murray said his increased public presence on Capitol Hill over the past week was intended to send a clear message: “We can’t be afraid.” As a longtime Capitol Hill resident and Seattle’s first openly gay mayor, Murray has struck a cautious but defiant tone as the city heads into this weekend’s Pride celebration in the wake of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

“There is a lot of grief and a certain amount of fear out there,” Murray told CHS “I thought it was important to be with folks in LGBT bars.”

In a first for Seattle Pride, Murray will activate the city’s Emergency Operations Center, which allows increased coordination between city agencies. Murray said it was part of the extra precautions the city is taking in the wake of the Orlando tragedy that left 50 dead. 

(Image: Kate Clark)

(Image: Kate Clark)

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