Pot shop The Reef ready to light up for Hempfest debut on E Olive Way

Signage coming soon to E Olive Way

The Reef, E Olive Way’s first legal pot shop and Capitol Hill’s third marijuana retail outlet, is preparing to make a Hempfest debut giving it a smokey head start on nearby rival Uncle Ike’s.

The annual celebration of cannabis takes place starting Friday along the waters of Elliott Bay in Myrtle Edwards Park just as the wildfire haze is forecasted to be clearing out of the city.

Joining its Bremerton-born sister location, the new Reef is positioned as taking “a tech-forward but high touch approach” at the intersection of John, Denny, and E Olive Way “on Capitol Hill’s ‘Amazon Slope'” — please direct all “Amazon Slope” hate mail to The Reef, thanks. Continue reading

Second pot shop approved by state for E Olive Way

Plans for a new pot shop at 1411 E Olive Way

Its future competitor may have won the race but the in-the-works E Olive Way pot shop related to the Uncle Ike’s chain of stores is also in the game as the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has approved its license for the winding Capitol Hill street.

The approved license for the venture means the project planned for the former law offices building at 1411 E Olive Way is cleared to join the under construction pot shop from The Reef being built out of the old Amante Pizza building. The Reef won the race in April to become the first retail pot shop licensed by the state for the E Olive Way expansion of available cannabis retail in Seattle. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale makes space for new neighbor Ghost Gallery

A space carved out of the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale has made a new home for longtime neighborhood art boutique Ghost Gallery.

“I got really scared once I started looking at spaces and price tags,” shop owner Laurie Kearney told CHS at the debut of the new space during Thursday’s Capitol Hill art walk. “I got really discouraged and freaked out. But then I got a phone call from Jody Hall.” Continue reading

On Capitol Hill corner with interior design and excellent window shopping history, Blu Dot Seattle now open

(Image: Nick Turner for CHS)

Seattle became better furnished this week when Blu Dot, a contemporary furniture retailer and global interior lifestyle brand, opened the doors of its new Capitol Hill location.

“We like the mix of all the different things going on in Capitol Hill,” said Maurice Blanks, COO of Blu Dot and one of the Minneapolis-headquartered company’s founders. “People live in the neighborhood. People shop in the neighborhood. We love the vibe of it.” Continue reading

Now with an Idaho commute, posterGiant guy adds Dark Side Comics & Collectibles to E Pike

If the goods inside E Pike’s newly opened Dark Side Comics & Collectibles shop look like the kind of stuff you might find in the office of the founder of Seattle’s most guerrilla of guerrilla marketing firms, you’re on the right track.

“We didn’t have iPhones. Didn’t have console video games. For me it’s nostalgic. Kids nowadays have so many options.”

Doug Cox, founder and COO of posterGiant, has moved out of Seattle and has a new home in Idaho. His new comics shop on E Pike just above 12th isn’t exactly the result of cleaning out his belongings before the move but a lot of the things on the shelves have personal connections to the collector and man still in charge of the notoriously aggressive Capitol Hill-based poster marketing concern. Still, when it comes to business, nothing can be too personal. Continue reading

CHS Pics | A Pike/Pine Record Store Day line

Somehow, someway, Record Store Day still means something on Capitol Hill. With so much brick and mortar retail fading away and streaming music services dominating the industry, it has got to be at least a little surprising to see record stores — shops that sell physical, hard format musical recordings — still spinning in 2018.

The stores clearly have their fans and RSD 2018 brought them out for the special pressings and treats that go along with the annual celebration of vinyl. Here is the line we found waiting outside 10th Ave’s Everyday Music Saturday morning. Continue reading

Broadway apartment tower home to Whole Foods to open this summer — but no shopping ’til fall

A view from the top of The Danforth (Image: The Danforth)

The 17-story Broadway apartment tower set to bring Amazon’s grocery chain Whole Foods to the border of Capitol Hill and First Hill has set a July opening. But you will have to wait until the fall to do your grocery shopping at the base of The Danforth.

The developer of the project is beginning the process of recruiting residents to fill its 260 or so units complete with “smart, sophisticated design,” “well-appointed” and “clean, contemporary aesthetic,” “A/C in all homes, USB outlets and pantries in every kitchen,” and where even the bathrooms “make a statement.” Continue reading

Grinding it out at Capitol Hill’s 35th North Skateshop

Tony Croghan

Tony Croghan has run 35th North at the corner of Pike and 11th since 2003. It’s a Capitol Hill institution and one of the only such shops in the city, hub for a generation-spanning pursuit that’s both sport and art. As the world of skateboarding prepares for its international debut in the Olympics in 2020, Croghan stays focused on the art and community it inspires.

“I think about a kid right now in middle school, an individual who might be artistic, who’s into music, but also likes to do activities and might be coordinated and athletic; that’s the skateboarder,” Croghan said. “If that kid is ever turned off by skating—‘That looks like a sport to me, I don’t wanna do it’—that would be a bad spot to be in.” Continue reading

From shadow of the Space Needle to Capitol Hill, Inform Interiors to join Blu Dot on E Pine

The overhauled former home of a longtime Capitol Hill vintage and design store will be home to not one but two new furniture retailers.

Seattle furniture boutique Inform Interiors is moving up the Hill to Bellevue and Pine to join “contemporary furniture” retailer Blu Dot with its coming soon Capitol Hill showroom in the historic Colman Automotive building.

“We’re excited to be moving to a more vibrant area but we know everything is an adjustment,” Inform sales manager Hillary Rielly.

Their once low-key home on Dexter is now lined up for redevelopment by Vulcan which prompted owner Allison Mills to look for a new interior for her interiors. Inform plans to open the new showroom by the first week of May in the renovated auto row-era building, a space with triple their current square footage. Continue reading

Dead Stock wants to make Capitol Hill center of Seattle’s designer sneaker consignment scene

You might have seen the long lines of hopeful shoppers queued up around Pike/Pine in the past week outside Likelihood and BAIT. They were hoping to get their hands — but not their feet — on a pair of Sean Wotherspoon-designed Nike Air Max shoes.

We don’t know why. But we do know you don’t want to wear those shoes if you’re hoping to make a buck in the collectors market. Discerning collectors don’t want your worn, stinky sneakers. They want never touched, never tried-on dead stock.

“I’m what the city has been missing,” the mostly modest but occasionally boastful Parris Johnson tells CHS about the next step for his growing sneaker fashion venture. Johnson’s Dead Stock sneaker consignment shop is planned to be open by summer above Broadway and Pike. Continue reading