Likelihood ‘men’s footwear and sneaker boutique’ opens on the backside of Pike/Pine

Daniel Carlson, left, and Aaron DelGuzzo of Likelihood (Images: CHS)

Daniel Carlson, left, and Aaron DelGuzzo of Likelihood (Images: CHS)

Pike/Pine’s entertainment district continues to seep south. With last week’s opening of the Chophouse Row development — where Kurt Farm Shop and Niche Outside are open and Chop Shop Cafe and Bar, Upper Bar Ferd’nand and Amandine Bakery/Empire Espresso are coming soon — and the Central Agency Building — with the new Lark (and friends) as well as Canadian sandwich import Meat and Bread — the blocks between Pike and Madison are moving into a whole new phase of gentrification where dilapidated apartment buildings, old garages used as art and music studios, and parking lots are giving way to ambitious mixed-use projects.

In the middle of all this comes Likelihood, a “men’s footwear and sneaker boutique” in the new Viva building at 11th and Union. Not that long ago, this was the home of the notorious Undre Arms apartments. Thursday night, the newly opened shop neighboring Inès Pâtisserie hosted a launch party for the Spring 2015 Maiden Noir Buddy Slipper Sneaker.IMG_6734 Continue reading

Startup FlyBuy building new mobile ‘curbside’ shopping service on E Pine

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.28.26 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.41.14 PMIf a new Capitol Hill-based startup has its way, nearly every storefront will be turned into a drive-through. Flybuy, a new mobile app company, is headquartered in an unassuming retail space on E Pine. Its business model is to help retailers and customers avoid the hassle of parking and be part of the next wave of online commerce.

screen322x572“It’s a 21st century drive through,” said Chapin Henry, the company’s chief operating officer.

There was huge buzz in tech media this week as an Uber co-founder unveiled details of Operator, a “shopping concierge” system designed to “unlock the 90% of commerce that’s not on the Internet.”

On E Pine near 14th Ave, Henry and Flybuy are making a push for similar turf. The app allows users to make orders for goods and services through participating retailers. The stores provide an estimate of how long it will take to fill the order. Customers can then drive to the store as the business is notified that the customer has arrived. An employee then meets the person at the curb for a quick pick-up. People pay through the app.

It might seem somewhat cumbersome but when the new turf of an Operator-type world of commerce starts to get claimed, there’s a good chance services like Flybuy could play a part. Continue reading

PUBLIC Bikes now open on E Pine

(Image: SBB)

(Image: SBB)

Scenes from construction on E Pine (Image: PUBLIC)

Scenes from construction on E Pine (Image: PUBLIC)

By Tom Fucoloro, Seattle Bike Blog — Special to CHS

In a storefront most recently home to an anarchist coffee co-op, PUBLIC Bikes shop opened Wednesday at Pine and Summit.

PUBLIC’s grand opening party planned for closer to June, said company VP Bryan Shawley.

The Seattle store is the company’s first location outside of the Bay Area. With a focus on stylish and mostly affordable bikes, Seattle has already proven to be a good market for the company with strong sales online and at Ride Bicycles on Roosevelt (a Seattle Bike Blog sponsor).

CHS reported on the Bay Area-based bike retailer’s plans for E Pine earlier this year. “We looked at several neighborhoods and Capitol Hill was always at the top of the list,” a company spokesperson said. “It’s central, bike friendly, and we love that our location is along the Pine Street corridor.”

The newly opened Seattle shop feels more like a boutique than a more typical parts garage bike shop. And don’t expect to take your non-PUBLIC bike there for a tune-up. At least at first, they are only going to be servicing PUBLIC brand bikes (though if you just need something small like a flat fixed, they can probably help you out).

(Image: SBB)

(Image: SBB)

PUBLIC Bikes will be open 11 to 7 Monday through Saturday, 11 to 6 Sunday.

The new location is well-positioned to take advantage of Capitol Hill’s bike shop desert still left dry since Velo moved from 11th and Pine to 6th and Blanchard. The closest shops are 20/20 Cycle in the Central District or REI and Play-It-Again Sports in South Lake Union.

Speaking of 20/20, owner Alex Kostelnik has some pretty cool plans for an electric cargo bike shop at 23rd and Union. Stay tuned for more news about Electric Lady.

Now the city just needs to accelerate plans for a protected bike lane on E Pike, which would open the bikeablity flood gates on Capitol Hill. Imagine a complete and connected bike facility from Pike Place Market to Broadway and beyond…

PUBLIC Bikes is located at 501 E Pine. You can learn more at

Tom writes about Seattle bikes and more at

Little Oddfellows a surprise chapter as Linda teams up with Elliott Bay Book Company

(Image: elisabethrobson via Flickr)

(Image: elisabethrobson via Flickr)

Little Oddfellows in, EBC out (Image: CHS)

Little Oddfellows in, EBC out (Image: CHS)

When Capitol Hill’s leading author of longterm food and drink success changes the plot of what she’s working on, it’s worth taking note.

Linda Derschang has put aside her stated commitment to focus on her existing six restaurants and bars and the 250+ employees that make them work to take on an irresistible “little” project too close to her Oddfellows nerve center to ignore. It will also give the nightlife maven another opportunity to fine tune her daytime game will collaborating with a major retailer in Elliott Bay Book Company, one of her favorite Pike/Pine businesses.

“There were no plans for The Derschang Group to open any new businesses in 2015 but the opportunity to team up with Elliott Bay Books was too exciting to pass up,” Derschang told CHS via email. “Elliot Bay Books is one of the best bookstores in the country — it’s definitely my favorite, and the current cafe needs little remodeling so it makes the project fairly simple which is appealing.”

Derschang’s surprise Little Oddfellows is planned to replace the Elliott Bay Cafe inside Elliott Bay Book Company this June as cafe creator Tamara Murphy said she has decided not to renew her lease for the space “so that we may pursue other interests and projects.”

“A heartfelt Thank you to (Elliott Bay Book Company owner) Peter Aaron, the bookstore staff, my employees, and of course our customers who made this a fun and interesting ride,” Murphy wrote. Continue reading

Ghost Gallery keeps its mix of art and retail visible with five years on E Olive Way


Kearney (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Kearney (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

When Laurie Kearney first came to town, the Ghost Gallery was a way to get her feet wet in the art business while meeting people. In 2006, she started a business of curating art shows at locations around the city. She didn’t have a space to call her own at the time, so she went with the name Ghost Gallery.

By 2010, she was ready to put down some roots and opened a proper gallery in a nook hidden behind a fence and through a courtyard at the corner of E Olive Way and Summit. Five years later, she’s surprised the Ghost has stuck around.

“It’s definitely exceeded my expectations,” she said.

The gallery had been home to a different gallery called Crawl Space, a sort of art collective. Kearney said she benefitted from coming in after Crawl Space had already established the location.

It was a bit of rough sledding at the start, Kearney noted 2010 was not an ideal time to open a business, but she’s been able to keep the gallery open, and thriving.

“It’s taken time for that visibility to grow,” she said. Continue reading

Which (relatively) giant retailer is coming to E Pike this summer?

IMG_5263Site Plan (3)

If you're looking for clues, this design rendering probably can't be trusted

If you’re looking for clues, this design rendering probably can’t be trusted

At 10,437 square feet, whatever new store is planned to open on E Pike in the new AVA Capitol Hill building this summer will instantly become one of the bigger retailers in the neighborhood.

But, so far, the building’s developers at AvalonBay Communities aren’t talking.

CHS asked the AVA folks about new permit paperwork that showed up earlier this month for a relatively huge new store fronting the 600 block of E Pike in the seven-story, 245-unit, mixed-use project under construction at the site of the former Phil Smart Mercedes dealership.

According to permits, the project’s plans for multiple retail units along the street have been pushed aside in favor of one combined “retail store” in the project. At just over 10,000 square feet, the store would be about half the size of Elliott Bay Book Company, for example, but twice the size of the still-empty OfficeMax that shuttered on Broadway earlier this year. The planned Broadway Whole Foods, on the other hand, will be four times larger than our new, unidentified Pike/Pine retailer.

For your speculating pleasure, 10,400 square feet is plenty of room for an Apple Store which reportedly were averaging around 8,400 square feet of store space a few years back. We have no idea how big a space Uniqlo needs, however.

The AVA Capitol Hill building is slated to open in August 2015.

The future of service in Pike/Pine -- here's what the AVA Capitol Hill will look like

The future of service in Pike/Pine — here’s what the AVA Capitol Hill will look like

Lifelong Thrift brings vintage Capitol Hill to new Broadway store

Lifelong Thrift's Tamara Asakawa (Image: CHS)

Lifelong Thrift’s Tamara Asakawa (Image: CHS)

The old sign will stay -- kind of. Watch for a LIFELONG update later this spring (Image: CHS)

The old sign will stay — kind of. Watch for a LIFELONG update later this spring (Image: CHS)

It fits like a hand in a glove. A second-hand glove. Lifelong Thrift is set to open on Broadway Wednesday morning bringing a most Capitol Hill next chapter to the former space home to Red Light Vintage.

“I feel like we’re a part of the old Capitol Hill,” Thrift’s director Tamara Asakawa told CHS Tuesday as she and her crew of 10 employees and a dozen or so volunteers put the finishing touches on the gigantic new home for the store.

The new Lifelong Thrift combines the spaces left empty by the departure of the much-loved Red Light and its sibling boutique Aprie and at 12,500 square feet and two levels will be almost three times the size of the thrift’s former E Union location.

In November, CHS reported that the prospect of higher rent combined with lower than needed sales was forcing the ownership of Red Light, acknowledged as the Hill’s oldest vintage clothing store, to leave Broadway. Lifelong Thrift was slated for an earlier opening but a complication over a move-in date caused a costly delay for the nonprofit. Asakawa said the pluck of her crew and volunteers helped keep things on track even with the added cost and work of dealing with storage and waiting for the spaces to open up for the buildout to begin. Changes inside are few — in fact, you’ll see many remnants of Red Light left behind. But you’ll also find an opened up space that better connects the two wings of the shop. Continue reading

Broadway Whole Foods project design — though ‘too timid,’ ‘too much a solid block’ — approved for next round in review process

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.39.02 PMDespite concerns from the board about the building’s unique combination of both bulk and height and with support but also questions from residents concerned about truck traffic and the building’s multiple visible facades, the design for the 16-story development planned to be home to a Whole Foods at Broadway and Madison was moved forward Wednesday night in its first step in Seattle’s design review process.

The review board felt the design presented Wednesday was “too timid” and “too much of a solid block” for such a large project on an important corner between Capitol Hill and First Hill. “I’m not seeing a gateway statement,” one board member said. But the board also agreed it could provide enough guidance to the architects and developers to move the project through to the final “recommendation” phase of the review process.

In making their decision, the board members said the project’s developers and designers needed to come to the next phase with a proposal that better mitigated the bulk of a 16-story, full-block building and create a larger plaza on the prominent corner. Continue reading

Station 7 boutique to join 15th Ave E in former home of Capitol Hill’s ‘last video shop’

Sorry to Ethan Stowell and the other food and drink barons of Capitol Hill on a seemingly neverending quest for new spaces to conquer — 15th Ave E’s old fire station will not be yours.

Station 7, a “really fun art gallery with furniture, jewelry, and home goods,” will open this spring in the ground floor of the brick building at 15th Ave E and E Harrison formerly home to On 15th Video.

“I really wanted it to be close to home,” Danielle Yoakum Tilden tells CHS. “I wanted it to be a neighborhood thing.”

Continue reading

Broadway Whole Foods and apartment development begins design review this week

(Image: Tiscareno Associates)

(Image: Tiscareno Associates)

We showed you what the Broadway Whole Foods building will look like the minute we got our hands on the plans back in February. This week brings the first public test of the design proposal to create a 16-story, 288-unit, mixed-use development with parking for around 350 cars at the corner of Madison and Broadway where Capitol Hill and First Hill with its high-er-rise zoning meet.

The early design guidance for the Columbia Pacific Advisors development designed by Tiscareno Associates is Wednesday night:

1001 Broadway/Design Proposal (84 MB)
Review Meeting: March 4, 6:30 pm
Seattle University
1016 E. Marion St
PIGT Room #304
Review Phase: EDG–Early Design Guidance
Project Number: 3019050 permit status | notice
Planner: Lindsay King

The project will include a two-level 40,000 square-foot street-level “urban grocery” from the Texas-based chain of markets “specializing” in organic food. The project is targeted for a late 2017 to early 2018 opening and will replace the 1928-built, three-story masonry medical building currently at the site.

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Whole Foods has cited the coming First Hill Streetcar line and proximity to First Hill’s hospitals and nearby Seattle University as important factors in choosing the Broadway and Madison location.

We’ve embedded the full design proposal, below. Continue reading