Little Uncle is now closed — Here are five restaurants and bars ‘coming soon’ to Capitol Hill to cheer you up

There are some big holes in Capitol Hill food+drink real estate to fill — Sitka and Spruce’s centerpiece restaurant in Melrose Market will close on New Year’s Eve, the relatively giant space left behind by Trove on E Pike, and the biggest empty cafe on Capitol Hill where Starbucks pulled up the stakes on Roy Street Coffee in April.

And there is now a small one we knew was coming but still makes us sad to report. Continue reading

What’s more painful? Running for mayor of Redmond — or closing down your struggling Capitol Hill coffee shop?

Redmond City Council member Steve Fields should have bigger things to worry about than the closing of a Capitol Hill coffee shop his wife Ronni Fields has run for three years. He’s running for mayor of the Eastside city, the state’s 18th largest.

“I’m the grassroots candidate. My opponent is very well established with lots of support from developers.”

The political match-up, in a way, parallels the August shuttering of Harvard Ave’s tiny Down Pour Coffee.

Fields says the lessons from Down Pour are about making sure you remember you’re going up against a well established system when you’re chasing your dreams of small business ownership. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Tex-Mex bar and grill Rooster’s kisses Broadway — and ‘irrelevant and unnecessary’ critics — goodbye

(Image: Rooster’s)

There is another opportunity on Broadway opening up for a food and drink entrepreneur to make a big, comfortable splash on the neighborhood’s central drag.

After four years of Tex-Mex by way of Madison Park on Broadway, Rooster’s Bar & Grill is set to close at the end of the month.

Owners Stan Moshier and Lori Campbell announced the impending closure with a sign in the window of the north Broadway restaurant. Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Todd for the tip.  Continue reading

Adios: Tortas Condesa will soon make way for something new at E Olive Way walk-up

Monica Dimas is ready to pass along the late night eats torch on E Olive Way.

The restaurateur behind some of Capitol Hill and beyond’s best nook and cranny-filing food and drink goodness announced over the weekend that her walk-up Tortas Condesa will close at the end of the month. Continue reading

With a wave of January Capitol Hill closures, let’s get this out of the way: You have 294 days left at the Redwood

13344674_1183628921668766_2923853009373861798_nIt has been a month of closures across Capitol Hill food and drink. We think we know what the matter is. CHS waited too long to post about this, the final, this is really it, no we’re not kidding end of the Redwood:

Well its official, Devoted Redwood Regulars, and those who think we are closed already….Ive always promised a date of closure, and I could not give one as we were “waiting for wrecking ball” So, we have been going on 6 month lease extensions. (one of the reasons for it taking so long was the first developer sold it to another developer) It has been mind boggling for us to not really know but this has passed and we can now pick a date:
NOVEMBER 16TH 2017. Will be the official last day of the current Redwood and all its leaky charms and 12 years of history will stand. It kinda feels good knowing this, and its 10 months of knowing, so we hope to enjoy it to the max. Thank you all for the inquires and concerns and sticking by us and trying that handle to see if it still opened. We hope to see all good familiar faces from the past to say goodbye and hope to meet a bunch of new faces too! We can try to have a lot of fun in the next 10 months donchyathink? xxox

Continue reading

One last chance to say goodbye to the Capitol Hill Value Village

We said goodbye to its temporary incarnation as Capitol Hill Arts District community space V2 with a dance party. A fitting farewell for its funky fresh life as the center of Capitol Hill thrifting starts Tuesday and lasts three nights as the old Kelly Springfield Truck Company turned REI turned Value Village (with a lot of other bits and pieces in between) hosts the Punk Rock Flea Market for one last gasp of creosote and dust on 11th Ave:

Punk Rock Flea Market

CHS broke the sad news in October 2015 that the popular Capitol Hill location of the thrift shop chain was preparing to close after one final Halloween. Macklemore was devastated. The building owned by the Ellison family that founded the Value Village chain was lined to have the property developed by local real estate developer Legacy CommercialContinue reading

RIP, Ballet (which, it turns out, closed for good this summer and won’t get a Rancho Bravo-powered revamp)

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

As we tick off the new openings from our 2016 new bars and restaurants to come list and celebrate the not really death and really rebirth of Sur 16, there is a passing we failed to note this summer that has left a small hole on E Pike just as the street is filling in with new options.

When we first reported on the melding of the business acumen behind Rancho Bravo with the location and history of E Pike dive Vietnamese restaurant Ballet, the pairing seemed like a most excellent recipe. But restaurateur Freddy Rivas said his overhaul of the old E Pike joint on the Comet Tavern’s block is not happening. It turns out Ballet closed for good with a quiet whimper this summer. Continue reading

Have a Jack Daniels and an Amstel Light to honor the passing of Don Stevens, owner of Bill’s off Broadway

Don Stevens -- many called him Bill (Images: CHS)

Don Stevens — many called him Bill (Images: CHS)

Before he bought it, kept it working, and navigated the waves of development crashing across Capitol Hill to keep it afloat and bring it back to its Harvard at Pine home, Don Stevens was a customer at Bill’s off Broadway.

Stevens died Monday, according to a message on the much-loved bar and pizza joint’s Facebook page:

It is with great sadness we note the passing of Don Stevens, co-owner of Bill’s off Broadway. Don passed away quietly in his sleep Monday morning. His passing leaves an immeasurable hole in our hearts. He was loved for his generosity and humor. He touched countless lives, and changed many for the better.
His wife Colleen would like to thank all of you for your kindness and support; Bill’s is a special family.

Arrangements for a PARTY in Don’s honor is forthcoming- because that’s what he wanted.

In the meantime, keep Don in your heart -and maybe have Jack Daniels an Amstel Light in his honor!

— Bill

Stevens would have turned 64 in October. Bill’s remains open and people have been gathering there to share memories, CHS is told.

The Facebook message from Bill’s was posted along with a picture we took of Stevens in 2012 as we spoke with the longtime owner about the impending development of the corner Bill’s had called home since 1980. The plan back then was to find a temporary location for Bill’s while its 30-year Capitol Hill home was torn apart and built back up as part of a preservation incentive-boosted, mixed-use development. Continue reading

Boom Noodle closes after decade at 12th and Pike

When Boom Noodle was born in 2007, the version of Pike/Pine’s entertainment district we know today was just beginning. Investments like Boom, for better and for worse, made it happen. Over the weekend, the chain concept that never really got off the ground closed for good after a decade of shifting concepts at 12th and Pike.

The farewell message was posted on Boom’s doors letting customers know that Sunday would be the last day of service for the Japanese fusion noodle house from the Blue C family of restaurants:

We’ve been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve the Capitol Hill and Seattle area for the past 10 years and it saddens us to announce that this weekend will be our last. Our lease is coming to an end and it’s time to bid our wonderful guests and neighbors farewell. Continue reading

The Old Sage closes after owner’s $2.4M bankruptcy filing

The $2.4 million bankruptcy of one of the pioneers of Pike/Pine’s explosion as a center of Seattle food and drink investment is behind the sudden closure of 12th Ave’s The Old Sage. While Brian McCracken’s neighboring Tavern Law has not made a similar announcement, rumors of a sale of the early player in Seattle’s renewed craft cocktail scene persist.

The bad news about The Old Sage bar and restaurant, as so much bad news does these days, came over the weekend via Facebook:

Friends of the Old Sage, its with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to you all tonight. We have had a amazing run and truly appreciate all the support you have given us over the years. Our entire staff invites you to join us tonight for one last get together. Come on down, drink some scotch, laugh with us, and lets give The Old Sage one amazing goodbye. 50% off everything we have left, CASH ONLY.

According to documents filed in Western District of Washington United States Bankruptcy Court, McCracken and his wife filed May 20th for chapter 7 protection over some $2.4 million in debts. Included in the filings are some $70,000 in taxes, nearly $50,000 in student loans, $10,000 for a 12th and Madison landlord, $38,000 owed to McCracken’s landlord in Belltown, $26,000 and change to AMEX, a whopping $218,439 to Gravity Payments, and $67,329 to something called Loan Me to go with $5,200 owed to the Money Tree.  Continue reading