What you’ll find at Sea-Tac’s coming Capitol Hill Food Hall

Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Tis the season to begin thinking about your coming holiday air travel. By this time next year, you’ll be able to stop by a little bit of “Capitol Hill” on your way out of Sea-Tac.

The Capitol Hill Food Hall is slated to open by June 2019 as part of a massive overhaul of the busy Port of Seattle facility.

“Travelers to SEA are invited to immerse themselves in a bustling urban foodie market featuring some of the Seattle region’s best plates, drinks and gourmet food products,” the port promises.  Continue reading

Congratulations on your Spirit of the Hill award, Tracy Taylor — now tell us about about Elliott Bay Book Company’s coming Sea-Tac store

Mayor Durkan congratulates 2018 Spirit of the Hill winner Tracy Taylor

Last week, “work” came up a lot as the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce recognized Elliott Bay Book Company’s general manger Tracy Taylor with its 2018 Spirit of the Hill award. Taylor will soon have even more work to do as she helps the Pioneer Square-born, 10th Ave resident bookstore expand with a new presence at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

“This is an award that recognizes not only hard work and dedication but love and passion,” Jeffrey Pelletier, principal at 15th Ave architecture and design firm Board and Vellum and chair of the chamber’s board said at the organization’s State of the Hill event held last Wednesday night at Queer/Bar. Pelletier said the State of the Hill winner is usually “someone who works hard and cares and oftentimes does it without thanks.” He called Taylor a “tireless advocate” and “a voice for small business.”

“I look around this room and I see how much work everyone in this neighborhood does to make sure that our neighborhood is a wonderful place to live, to work, to run a business,” Taylor said upon receiving the award in the seventh year it has been handed out.

Taylor tells CHS that the new Elliott Bay venture at Sea-Tac is a partnership with the Hudson Book Group to operate an EBBC satellite for travelers at the busy airport. Continue reading

Checks and balances: Sea-Tac protest, courts snarl first hours of Trump immigration order


One week ago, months of shock and anger after Donald Trump’s victory inspired millions to take to the streets across the country including a march in Seattle that stretched from the Central District to the Space Needle. The latest stand against the new administration took only hours — and a few hundred rides out of Capitol Hill Station.

Protesters filled Sea-Tac airport Saturday night to push back against the president’s latest executive order barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days. Travelers across the country and the world were caught in limbo with the sudden executive action including six at Sea-Tac, according to officials — up to 13 according to lawyers and family members.

After five hours or protest, with two detainees reportedly released and four more sent back to “their place of departure,” the Sea-Tac crowd had swelled from a few dozen to more than 1,000 people. “No one leaves until the detainees are released,” the protesters demanded. UPDATE: The protest crowds thinned through the night and around 2 AM, police began forcibly removing remaining protesters using arrests and pepper spray. Early Sunday morning, the Port of Seattle announced it had been contacted by the Department of Homeland Security and that “individuals are no longer being detained at Sea-Tac”:

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