Bowers steps up effort to unseat Sawant with ethics complaint over Socialist Alternative influence

Allegations from the new complaint

Reporting by CHS and SCC Insight has led to a Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission complaint against Kshama Sawant from a political opponent seeking to unseat the Socialist Alternative veteran from her seat on the Seattle City Council.

“Kshama is using her office to do work on behalf of the Socialist Alternative organization and she appears to be attempting to shield that work from public disclosure laws,” Logan Bowers tells CHS about the new complaint.

In it, Bowers alleges Sawant “permitted the use of city funds and personnel by the Socialist Alternative party” and that she and staff “have been using 3rd party communications services to conduct City of Seattle business,” a violation of state law.

“While I expect that these apparent violations of city and State law will ultimately be adjudicated at the ballot box, I believe for the health our democratic institutions the voters of District 3 and Seattle deserve to know definitively the extent and legality of council member Sawant’s actions during her tenure in office,” Bowers writes. Continue reading

Spear still fired up in 43rd district race despite big hurdles in final month

Spear speaks with a supporter at a weekend rally on Capitol Hill (Images: CHS)

Spear speaks with a supporter at a weekend rally on Capitol Hill (Images: CHS)

Closing a 59 point primary gap would be a downright miracle in a political race, but Jess Spear is keeping the pressure on with one month to go in her bid to unseat longtime House Speaker Frank Chopp in Capitol Hill’s 43rd district.

On Tuesday night, Spear was fired up in her short appearance with Chopp at the Eastlake Community Council candidate forum. It was one of the few times both candidates have appeared together in the same room ahead of the November election, though the 20 minute session didn’t leave much time to get beyond the talking points.


Spear and Chopp at the Pocock Rowing Center for Tuesday night’s forum (Photo: CHS)

In the August primary Spear garnered just 20% of vote as Chopp took home 79%. Spear’s staff are quick to point out that Spear gave a strong showing given Chopp’s entrenched position in the district and in Olympia.

“Winning depends on our ability to reach people, and that’s what frustrates me about the limited candidate forums,” Spear told CHS heading into Tuesday night. Continue reading